Splash of sea water magnified 25x, photo by David Littschwager.

Splash of sea water magnified 25x, photo by David Littschwager.

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Dolphins swimming ter bioluminescent plankton

Butterfly wings photographed with a macro objectief by Linden Glenhill

Candy-eating French Bees – Bees ter France eating sugar from a nearby M&M factory began producing blue honey

Zuigeling snail te its egg before hatching

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Heart On Your Sleeve by Kevin Van Aelst, 2009, digital C-print

Every autumn millions of monarch butterflies migrate overheen Two,000 miles from Canada to Mexico ter order to escape the freezing winter climate.

Pictures of overheen Ten,000 galaxies captured by the Hubble Space Telescope. Each speck of light signifying a galaxy contains millions of starlets.

Truly puts into perspective how lil’ our own galaxy is relative to everything else out there.

Splash of sea water magnified 25x, photo by David Littschwager.

When you guzzle sea water you might just be gulping crab larvae, fish eggs, marine worms, cyanobacteria, and more spil shown te this photo.

What tree rings sound like when played on a record player.

Obstructed artery. The stenosed section of artery is represented by the pauze ter the dark crimson vessel at top center.

Foods imaged with a scanning electron microscope. Guess what foods they are. Click on the photos for the answers. (via)

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A monument at the Institute of Cytology and Genetics to all laboratorium rats used for DNA research (via)

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Aqua regia, literally meaning &ldquo,King&rsquo,s water&rdquo,, is a very corrosive combination of acids, it is the only combination of acids that can dissolve gold.

Hungarian chemist George den Hevesy dissolved the nobel prizes of his peers te aqua regia during the German invasion of Denmark ter WWII to prevent Nazis from looting the prizes. He placed the liquid solution of gold and aqua regia te plain glance where it wasgoed overlooked. After the war had ended, den Hevesy returned to precipitate the gold out of the combination. He then returned the gold back to the Nobel Foundation where it wasgoed then personages back into its diferente form. (img)

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