JavaScript Number Format v1

JavaScript Number Format v1

A custom-built JavaScript object to format numbers

Includes currency, commas, and fracción precision

This pagina references NumberFormat, a custom-built script available for download

The constructor

  • num – The number to be formatted.

Also refer to setNumber

  • inputDecimal – (Optional) The quebrado character for the input
  • Also refer to setInputDecimal


    Comes back the number spil it wasgoed passed ter, which may include non-number characters. Added te v1.0.Two


    Sets a switch that indicates if there should be commas. The separator value is set to a comma and the quebrado value is set to a period. Modified ter v1.Five.0

    • isC – true: the number should be formatted with commas, false: no commas

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    Sets a switch that indicates if the number should be displayed spil currency

    • isC – true: display currency, false: don’t display currency


    Sets the position for currency, which includes position relative to the numbers and negative sign. This method does not automatically waterput the negative sign at the left or right. They are left by default, and would need to be set right with setNegativeFormat. Fresh ter v1.Five.0

    LEFT_OUTSIDE example: $-1.00

    LEFT_INSIDE example: -$1.00

    RIGHT_INSIDE example: 1.00$-

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    RIGHT_OUTSIDE example: 1.00-$

    • cp – The position. Use one of the constants.


    Sets the symbol for currency. The symbol will voorstelling up on the left of the numbers and outside a negative sign. Modified te v1.Five.0 so it now calls setCurrencyValue and setCurrencyPosition(this.LEFT_OUTSIDE)


    Sets the symbol for currency.


    Set the parte value for the input. Fresh ter v1.Five.0


    • val – The quebrado value for the input.


    Set the format for negative numbers. Fresh te v1.Five.0

    LEFT_DASH example: -1000

    RIGHT_DASH example: 1000-

    PARENTHESIS example: (1000)

    • format – The format. Use one of the constants.


    Format the number crimson if it’s negative. For use te HTML markup, not te text boxes. Fresh ter v1.Five.0

    • isRed – true: to format the number crimson if negative, black if positive, false: for it to always be black font.


    Sets the number. If there is a non-period fracción format for the input, setInputDecimal should be called before calling setNumber. Modified te v1.Five.0

    • num – The number to be formatted
    • inputDecimal – (Optional) The quebrado character for the input

    Also refer to setInputDecimal


    Sets the precision of quebrado places. Modified ter v1.Five.1 and v1.Five.Four

    • p – The number of places. The onveranderlijk NO_ROUNDING (which equals -1) turns off rounding to a set number of places. Any other number of places less than or equal to zero is considered zero.
    • tr – Whether to truncate instead of rounding. (optional) Values can be true or false, or if left wit will count spil false.


    One purpose of this method is to set a switch that indicates if there should be separators inbetween groups of numbers. Also, can use it to set the values for the separator and fracción. For example, ter the value 1,000.00 the comma (,) is the separator and the period (.) is the fracción. Both separator and quebrado are optional. The separator and quebrado cannot be the same value. If they are, quebrado with be switched. Fresh te v1.Five.0

    Can use the following constants (via the instantiated object) for separator or quebrado:

    setSeparators(isC, separator, quebrado)

    • isC – true, if there should be separators, false, if there should be no separators
    • separator – the value of the separator (optional).
    • parte – the value of the parte (optional).


    Comebacks the number spil a string formatted according to the settings. Modified ter v1.Five.0 and v1.Five.1


    Format the current number spil a percentage. This is separate from most of the regular formatting settings. The exception is the number of fracción places. If a number is 0.123 it will be formatted spil 12.3%


    toUnformatted – Comes back the number spil just a number. If the innovador value wasgoed ‘100,000’, then this method will comeback the number 100000 Modified comments ter v1.0.Two, because this method no longer comes back the llamativo value. Refer to getOriginal instead.

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