Huis, BTCDraft – The crypto gaming toneelpodium

Huis, BTCDraft – The crypto gaming toneelpodium

BTCDraft provides users with the chance to use their abilities te games focused primarily on the skill of arcade and gokhal games. The sports gambling verhoging, and subsequent efforts, including the auction house and a fully functional gokhal, will be available. Integral to the concept of BTCDraft, is a fresh cryptocurrency designed specifically for our crypto gaming verhoging. The currency will be used to play games on the webpagina – it’s called DraftCoin [DFT].

BTCDraft is the very first crypto-currency to have a gaming podium built on top of a blockchain. Along with the use of DFT spil the spel’s webstek currency, wij also project to take advantage of the blockchain technology to store player stats and high scores. Wij will be providing the highest scoring system possible and strive to provide the best gaming practice to all our users.

So spil the price of Bitcoin moves against the dollar, it will do the same with DFT. To protect our users from currency value fluctuations, DFT will be fully tradeable directly on, spil well spil a number of other cryptocurrency exchanges.

From our News Section

DFT is Live for trade on te BTC, DOGE and USD markets

DraftCoin is now trading on

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DFT coming to Bitexlive Exchange

DFT is being welcomed to Bitexlive for trading this week. Sign up for today.

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WIPO Decision – BTCDraft Inc gets

DFT Available for purchase on

SimpleSwap is a ordinary and easy-to-use toneelpodium for cryptocurrency exchanges that works without registration and thresholds. offers a limitless exchange more than 100 coins. Also wij are pleased to list fresh coins appearing on the market. All te order for you to switch what you want, when you want and spil much spil you… Read more &raquo,

Knock Out Games

Most of the multiplayer games on will be setup te a “knock out” format. The last player standing will win the Jackpot.


Auction House

Our very own auction house will permit users to buy and sell items and hardware ter exchange for DFT. Weekly jackpots give you a chance to win toegevoegd DFT!


Spel Developers

Games developers rejoice! If you created a spel and want to be added to our selections of games, get te touch today and get paid when users play your spel.

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Community Contests

Wij soon will opoffering contests and promotions at BTCDraft for all our users to participate te. You get the chance to win some Draftcoin (DFT).


Spil mentioned ter the Huffington Postbode – Click to read more

DFT Coin

BTC Draft has launched with no ICO! A total of 20,000,000 DFT coins were created and Ten,000,000 DFT coins are held offline for future use ter the gokhal using a multi-signature secure wallet. 7,500,000 DFT coins are for public sale on the blockchain and the final Two,500,000 DFT coins will be used for werkonderbreking prizes. Draftcoin is a PoS (Proof of Stake) crypto-currency used exclusively on the BTCDraft verhoging. You can stake DFT te your recinto wallet and earn up to 12% APY on your balanceo.

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