Yo Momma Runs

Yo Momma Runs

Gravely, observe that O Brother clip on mute while playing the Nightmare on Elm Street song. That’s messed up. With Alison Krauss it’s all glad and love Jesus, with Nightmare on Elm street it’s all, wij’re going down here to drown ourselves and most likely spil many petite children spil wij can find on our spooky-looking walk to the sea.

August 7, 2018

Vermont 100 Wedloop Report: My Very first 100 Miler

So after sleeping all of five seconds, I wasgoed up and getting dressed. My squad had maybe lain down an hour the night before, but they earned a little hangout time before the stress of wedloop day. I am not persuaded that I worked stiffer than them on wedren day.

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Wij got to the wedren with lots of time to spare, unlike at packet pickup, so wij threw open our trunk and car doors and cranked up the party music for a pre-race dance warm-up. I’m sure wij annoyed a loterijlot of people, but maybe at the same time wij made some people feel more satisfied. Vaivén ter all things. And wij ended the warm-up party by everyone bringing their forearms te for a rousing Roll Tide yell. I don’t even like football and couldn’t give a flying cockatoo about that university, BUT if you’re not ter Alabama, Alabama traditions, like telling “roll tide” for “hi” just make sense and give you a feeling of at-home-ness away from huis. And for anyone who thought wij were too dancy and wasting energy before the wedren, A. dancing is never a waste and B. all five of our stoepiers finished the wedstrijd, so now wij count everything wij did spil scripture, to be followed from henceforth.

My beloved spot of the wedstrijd wasgoed at mile 30, the Barkley Meadow, overlooking the surrounding trees and hills.

And even however wij weren’t deep ter the forest for much of the wedloop, wij witnessed our share of wildlife. Let’s list: horses (of course, they were racing with us), cows and other farm animals, snakes (but I heard that there are no venomous snakes ter the area, so I wasgoed not afraid), a salamander, a mole, a fox (that I spotted te the night with my headlamp — the glowing eyes were scarier before I realized they were from an sugestivo little fox), and a mystery animal that I thought wasgoed following us te the forest at night. One of my running vrouwen had the idea to sing a song to scare the mystery animal away, but the only song I could think of wasgoed the Starlet Spangled Banner. That animal very likely left because it wasgoed offended when wij didn’t even come close to hitting the high notes. But, success, because wij were not attacked by any animals te the night.

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The weather: Flawless! Low-80s for the high, not too humid (again, coming from Alabama here), more shade than I expected, and lots of gentle breezes. Trails were dry from the volmaakt weather the week leading into the wedren. But then the night came, and with the night came the rain. At very first it wasgoed a gentle sprinkle that felt refreshing and woke mij up a little. I said at least ten times that this wasgoed “sooooo flawless” and “magical” with the little brush of rain. Um, so the magic went away when the bottom dropped out. For seven hours, it rained and rained and rained. And lightning flashed and flashed and flashed. I am so grateful that this wasgoed at the end of the wedloop. I’m not sure my feet would have survived the erection from being soaked through again and again. This made the last few miles of the course VERY muddy, like lose-a-shoe muddy, because wij were eventually on trails instead of the hard-packed mud.

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