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ThunderHawk the Legend – Caucasian Ovcharka Blog

and left, I cried for hours. Mittens wasgoed my very first cat and the song rings true,

‘The very first cut is the deepest’. When my very first dog died, I wasgoed bedridden for

three days and off schoolgebouw for a utter week. I don’t have children, so when I lose

an animal I liken it to losing a child. I refused meals and didn’t want to leave

my bloembed. Yes, overheen a cat. But not just any cat – MY cat.

When a pet dies, I believe that the remaining pets need to see the bod to

understand what happened. TF and I literally have a wake when a dog passes,

where each dog comes ter one at a time to say their goodbye. Some of the

reactions are heartbreaking, but I believe that it’s significant for them to

understand why their friend is gone. Everybody gets some pan-fried chicken

livers, because even dogs need convenience food.

I told Paul to take Jade and Barristan to the webpagina where he found Mittens so

that they could understand. I’m told that they sniffed very solemnly before

heading huis. Nice ground beef overheen their kibble for dinner.

Unluckily, while I wasgoed able to be good and upset about Mittens’ passing,

Paul had to proceed on with his schedule of wake up, take care of the dogs, go

to work, visit mij, go huis, take care of the dogs, keep up with all the bills

and housework. It’s hard to be stuck ter a fresh routine that involves visiting

someone who’s sick, especially when you’re used to watching that person so total of

vitality, even MORE so when it’s your fucking partner. Hospitals suck, but I can’t

imagine how crappy it is to have to see a shell of the person you love so much,

and bear the entire flow that comes with running a household. He’s got

superpowers, that Paul!

mechanic), he wasgoed greeted at the gate of the in-and-out kennel by Barristan. I

should mention that all COs have white bellies, and most have white chests.

Barristan’s chest wasgoed sodden ter blood , but he wasgoed wriggling with excitement.

Horrified, with visions of massive vettig bills dancing through his head, Paul

hopped out of the truck and ran overheen to the vulpen. Inwards the schrijfstift, he found the

remains of a very lush fisher, ripped into three chunks, the head dragged overheen to

the gate of the schrijfstift. Barristan had not only killed the fisher that came into his

vulpen, he wasgoed presenting the corpse to Paul like it wasgoed a kingly bounty. Paul

instantly went overheen Barristan with a fine-tooth comb, to find a tuft of hair

missing off his shoulder. That’s IT. He called TF to tell hier what happened, and

she advised him to call the Ministry of Natural Resources, who desired the

animal’s head to do testing. To willingly climb a six-foot fence into a schrijfstift with

a 170lb dog just to steal some kibble, it had to be sick or demented right?

NOPE. All tests came back negative. Just a bold S-O-B.

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Wij pieced the story together and figured it voorwaarde’ve gone like this: Barristan

vereiste have bot asleep te order for the fisher to get into the schrijfstift. When he

smelled it, he awoke and engaged the fisher, likely killing it with “the death

jiggle”. There were no signs of Barristan having eaten any of the fisher, just

ripped it to shreds and dragged the head to the gate so that there wasgoed no way

“Daddy” could not see what a good job he had done! “LOOKIT WHAT I DID,

all critters. TF and I don’t even kill spiders or flies, and both get teary-eyed

overheen roadkill. But if Barristan killing that fisher wasn’t poetic justice, I

don’t know what is.

Surplus te Peace Mittens, I’ll see you at the Rainbow Bridge.

Would also like to publicly thank the staff at Kingston Común Hospital for taking such good care of mij during my stay. I’m well on my way to being 100% well again.

Medical Manipulation

&quot,Wow, what zuigeling of dog is THAT?!&quot,

Te Need of a Forever Huis!


Duo of Couch Potatoes.

&quot,Yo, you got a problem, BUD?!&quot,

Paul bought mij a camera for Christmas. Onslaught of pictures!

FAQ #Two

TF and I get lots of e-mails a month, where nosey dog people and potential puppy homes send us questions about COs, whether it is concerning physical characteristics, temperament and their protection abilities. Wij’ve gotten numerous e-mails asking a few of the same questions, so here are the answers:

Very first, see FAQ #1 and JJ’s story. Yes, wij crop all puppies&rsquo, ears before they go to their fresh homes. Being that wij do it so early, and that the crop is not for cosmetic purposes, there is no wound care/dressing/ taping (like Briefs, Danes and Dobies) that fresh owners have to overeenkomst with. The cuts have long healed by the time wij ship the puppies.

Wij ship puppies no sooner than eight weeks of age – this is non-negotiable.

Albeit pups are weaned from their dams sooner than that, it is significant for puppies to remain with their littermates and stuw ter order for the puppy to develop a good understanding of how canine social structures work, ter addition to the health confinements that come with possessing a kind puppy. Things like understanding that if you pester Mom long enough, she’ll juist you! They learn about living within a pecking order, and it instructs them how to read other dogs decently. Te my practice, almost every dog (of any breedgeschouderd) that wasgoed homed earlier than eight weeks has behavioural problems, mostly when interacting with other dogs. For example, reminisce our friends’ Boxer yearlings from a previous story? Littermates taken from their stuwdam at six weeks of age had no concept that Jade’s growl meant that she wasgoed getting sick of their pestering, and were fully dumbfounded when Jade snarled and nipped. ” Wait, you DON’T want to play with mij?! Huh?! ” Back to pestering, overlooked the growl, then a snarl and nip. ” Wha. Hmmmmm. “

While you may not live te the suburbs and have your CO sniff noses with the neighbour’s Labradoodle every so often, good canine social development is significant, even if you live out te the middle of nowhere and never, everzwijn have your friends’ dogs overheen. If you get a CO before 8 weeks of age, best case script (IF you are a very experienced dog person, with an excellent understanding of canine behaviour) he will be slow to understand that YOU are the boss, YOU are to be minded. It can also delay housebreaking, kennel training and obedience training.

Very first of all, Canada isn’t permanently covered ter snow. It does get hot here!

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With that out of the way, the response is that COs treat the fever about spil well spil any double-coated dog – it slows them down a lotsbestemming, but it is doable. Jade’s sister, Astral, lives out ter the Utah desert with hier holder, so housing a CO te warmer climates can be done with good prep work. Obviously if you&rsquo,ve got air conditioning, Cos will love to spend time sprawled out on a nice tile floor. If the dog is to spend any vivo time outdoors spil a working dog, you HAVE to have a few things ter place:

Very first, let your breeder know that you live te a warmer climate, spil it may be possible for you to get a pup with a shorter decorate.

2nd, spil with any dog te the warmth, you need to provide lots of drinking water from at least two sources. Wij always have the buckets tied to something (postbode, fence) that makes it difficult for the dog to overturn the bucket and dump the water.

Third, some kleuter of shade &ndash, grove of trees, roof of a vulpen, doghouse &ndash, the dog Voorwaarde have the option to get out of the zon.

Fourth, their natural decorate. Sounds crazy, I know, but it protects the CO from sunburn and biting insects. DO NOT Trim IT OFF.

Fifth, creativity. What do YOU like to do when it&rsquo,s insanely hot out? For mij it&rsquo,s a pool and a cold drink. Go out to your almacén hardware store and buy a kiddie pool, pack it and your CO will go to town te it! Another excellent idea that I stole from the keepers of the Toronto Zoo &ndash, bloodsicles! Freeze cubes of ground beef and its juices ter an old ice cube tray and feed spil treats &ndash, the carnivores at the zoo just love them!

Very first of all, be clear with your breeder that you may some day want children. If he or she is an ethical breeder, he/she will be glad to support you across the process. 2nd of all, NEVER LEAVE A CO OF ANY AGE UNATTENDED WITH INFANTS AND Youthful CHILDREN. Everzwijn.

Think ahead to what your life WILL be like with children – while you may not have visitors now, you certainly will have an influx when kind arrives and grows. This is where a CO’s sociability level (preparedness to accept strangers AND their love of people) comes into play. A well-bred low sociability dog, upon being decently introduced to a stranger might permit the person to touch them, but will not seek out attention from the stranger. This is Jade to a T- even if she likes you, it’s zonderling that she’ll stick around for more than a minute of pets before descending into a state of peaceful watchfulness. Strange children are tolerated, she doesn’t particularly want their attention (unless they have food). A well-bred high-er Sociability dog will be friendly and possibly even affectionate to someone decently introduced. This is like Jade’s sire, Vellikhan, who has bot known to give face licks and rear end ‘hugs’ to people that wij’ve established are not a threat. He loves being around children, whereas Jade is mostly ambivalent – think of the dog’s happiness when choosing a pup.

Merienda you get a pup, whether it is high or low sociability, you need to socialise the heck out of it, specifically with kid-oriented things when it’s youthfull. Golden Rule of raising a CO: Anything you make your CO accept spil a puppy, it will accept spil an adult. Get your dog used to being surrounded by children – see about picking up your niece from schoolgebouw with the puppy, and permit all the children to pet him spil they come out. PRAISE PRAISE PRAISE (and treats!) for good behaviour, and onberispelijk him for mouthing or scraping (even if it’s just to get closer to eat someone’s face!). He will learn that GOOD THINGS Toebijten when he is gentle around children! Bring your puppy to the playground on weekends and do the same – let the parents know that you are specifically socialising your pup to love kids (lest they think you’re a ontvoerder!). Again, PRAISE PRAISE PRAISE for good behaviour and onberispelijk for roughness.

Te a ideal world, you would purchase your puppy at the same time that you have a zuigeling – Reminisce the Golden Rule! – but that’s just not how things work out te life. Let’s say you have a year old CO of medium sociability and you’ve done all my homework regarding kids and socialization. Note that you should use EXTREME caution when introducing any dog to an infant. I would even say to enlist the help of a professional dog trainer that is descendiente with protective dogs.

This is how I would go about it:

Do not introduce the dog the minute you walk ter the om from the hospital. I would say to begin introductions when mom feels well enough. Take it slow. While your attention will be on mom and kindje’s health, carve out some time where one fucking partner can spend with the dog – maybe a nice joy walk with dad while mom sleeps. You’re doing this to stem the onslaught of jealous feelings, Your CO will see it spil ” kindje smells = mom and dad don’t pay attention to mij = bad “, so make some time for your dog. Make sure mom and kind are both te good health before your CO meets the zuigeling.

Have the more experienced dog handler inbetween the two of you hold onto your tethered dog. Make your dog sit or lie down before bringing te your fucking partner holding the zuigeling. Have your playmate hold the kind tightly to his/hier assets, wrapping his/hier arms around the child exposing spil little of the zuigeling and swaddling clothes spil possible – You shouldn’t expose enough so that your dog could nip the kindje. Ter addition to protecting the kindje, this mixes up kindje’s odor with your fucking partner’s and can help your dog associate zuigeling spil something that belongs to you and your playmate and spil something that should be accepted.

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Have your fucking partner walk into the slagroom leisurely, and praise your dog for remaining seated. See your dog closely, he should be interested but not focused on your playmate (like a predator on prey), you should be able to bring his attention back to you at any time. If at ANY point your dog seems too focused, too predatory or gives any sort of grumble, have your playmate budge back and give the dog a strong correction – this is not a negotiation. Praise the dog for keeping a soft expression, panting, tail wagging and keeping some of his attention on you. If it’s going well, you can have your fucking partner treatment leisurely, all the while praising your dog for good behaviour. He is permitted to smell the kindje THROUGH your fucking partner’s arms from his sitting position for just a ogenblik before you get your playmate to take the kindje away. Never permit the dog to sniff the kind’s face at this point. Praise for soft expression, tail wagging and lip smacking – thesis are all enslaved behaviours. You need to give strong corrections for cracking his sit position, being TOO interested te zuigeling, or attempting to bump your fucking partner with his head or nose. While you might think it’s nice that your dog seems to want to get closer to your kind, more likely he thinks that the zuigeling is prey.

The very first time you do this, likelihood is that your dog will remain seated but WILL be a bit too interested ter zuigeling -trust your instincts, they are keurig. If this happens, bring his attention back to you with a correction and praise him heartily for looking away. You can attempt one more time before you will need to give your dog a pauze. Make him do something effortless before you go for a pauze, something that he will get praised for – a trick or a directive. You want him to make the connection that kind belongs to mom and dad and is not to be touched, but that good things toebijten when kind is around.

Very first if at all possible, get a CO puppy because of the GOLDEN RULE: Anything that you make your CO accept spil a pup he will accept spil an adult . COs do not come out of the womb spil ferocious defenders, they have to mature into it. Provided that your existing dog accepts the fresh puppy without kwestie, the CO will grow up with the existing dog spil sibling/pack mate rather than a potential threat.

2nd, how your existing dog reacts to the fresh addition. Well, very first of all you should consider this BEFORE you get a CO &ndash, is old Fortunate getting cranky and short-tempered ter his old age? Tread lightly. If your dog is a &lsquo,more the merrier&rsquo, type, or has an unfulfilled materno instinct, then getting a fresh puppy might be feasible for you. That being said, jealousy is something that you have to observe out for and nip ter the bud whenever possible.

Do expect some sibling spats spil your CO matures, and use toegevoegd caution if you own a puny or fucktoy veelzijdig. While wij&rsquo,ve all seen the little Chihuahua send the Superb Dane hiding behind its mom, you have to recall that one day your CO will be meaty, powerful and protective. Just spil an older sister torments a junior brother only to wake up to find that lil&rsquo, bro is 6&rsquo,Four&rdquo, and 220lbs, you need to be aware if your CO is developing any resentment towards your little dog and nip it ter the bud spil well.

Even if you do all of your homework, your dog loves the puppy, there&rsquo,s no sibling resentment building, you Voorwaarde use caution when leaving your CO with your little dog. COs play rough, and little bones can&rsquo,t always stand up to rough housing. When your CO matures into his protective instincts there is the kwestie of aggression frustration &ndash, meaning, that if you have a fresh mailman and your CO can&rsquo,t get through the doorheen to &lsquo,eat&rsquo, him. Even the best trained CO will voorstelling frustration when they can&rsquo,t get to the &lsquo,threat&rsquo,, whether it be by snorting (Jade), eating (Vellikhan) or tearing exclusief a fucktoy that&rsquo,s close by (Chakotey), and you need to take steps to ensure that Fluffy isn&rsquo,t the closest object to your CO at that time. Many pets have bot killed by their long-time canine friends because of aggression frustration. Your breeder or dog trainer (specialising te protection breeds) will be able to help you devise a strategy to combating this.

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