Respected crypto community member accuses Yobit Exchange of fraud, Chepicap

Respected crypto community member accuses Yobit Exchange of fraud, Chepicap

According to respected crypto community member BuddhaGeo, exchange Yobit Exchange is purposefully not updating their Hexx (HXX) wallet so users cannot eliminate HXX coins. Users wishing to pull their funds of the exchange vereiste sell their HXX coins for under market value to get alternative currencies, such spil BTC.

BuddhaGeo also accuses Yobit of manipulating this situation by using bots to buy undervalued HXX coins on their exchange and then re-sell them on other exchanges for a higher profit margin. Ter some cases, he said users lose around 25% of their value while other users said the number is closer to 40% for some coins.

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Just sending for 1 month, They dont response any toegangsbewijs wtf

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The user above has a pending HXX withdrawal with Yobit Exchange that has lasted for almost a month. The individual is attempting to transfer 1017 HXX, which at market value is presently $13,600 (USD) on CoinMarketCap. However, HXX is presently listed on YoBit.Netwerk for $8.35, meaning that a person selling 1017 HXX would only be able to sell them for $8,992, which is a loss of $4608.

@YobitExchange I’am one of the core team developers @DevCon_. The HexxCoin official Github has a fresh client: Four.0.Three.Five, when updating, the old chainfiles voorwaarde be eliminated before beginning the client. Wallet is te maintenance for months now, so please update! Need more informatie than ask!

HEXX has officially responded to the punt asking Yobit to address the situation for the exchange to update their wallets. Unluckily, Yobit has bot quiet on this matter refusing to react to individual&rsquo,s tickets, tweets and emails.

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Yobit is the worst exchange everzwijn i know that for long

Bruh they do that with almost all coins, happened to mij like Trio times DVD

Yobit is a scam exchange by definition.

Even more than 40% many times. Maffias from russia

I 100% agree with this and have. Bot watching for a few months! This is abhorrent behavior @YobitExchange ! And why wij should never trust #centralized exchanges! I request that the @hxxcoin team get involved and get after this exchange or reimburse their coin holders! Hideous

There is a pattern of disgruntled users who feel the exchange cheated them. However, there is presently no &ldquo,hard evidence&rdquo, at this time that proves Yobit Exchange uses bots to buy undervalued coins and where and if they re-sell them to.

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  1. I use both exchange and I am ter Bittrex now. The very first exchange that I use is yobit because it has the highest trading volume before but due to some reports and FUD spreading about them being shut down and withdrawal issues then I determined to transfer to Bittrex because I can see that many people are transferring there and it has multitude of choices of coins spil well compared to yobit. Recently, there is this problem of Bittrex spil well deactivating accounts even however it is already enhanced and for those who has basic accounts are required to enhance their accounts but I am not affected by this but I am having doubts now of whether I would choose Bittrex still. Binance would be an alternative for mij and Gexcrypto too when it is already launched. I hope that those affected accounts would be activated and problems be solved.

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