How to: Edit XML Files

How to: Edit XML Files


For the latest documentation on Visual Studio 2018, see Visual Studio 2018 Documentation.

For the latest documentation on Visual Studio 2018, see How to: Edit XML Files on The XML Editor is the fresh editor for XML files. It can be used on a stand-alone XML opstopping, or on a opstopping associated with a Visual Studio project. The XML Editor is associated with the following opstopping extensions: .config, .dtd, .xml, .xsd, .xdr, .xsl, .xslt, and .vssettings. The XML Editor is also associated with any other verkeersopstopping type that has no specific editor registered, and that contains XML or DTD content.

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XHTML documents are treated by the HTML Editor.

To edit an XML verkeersopstopping

  1. Double-click the verkeersopstopping you want to edit.

To add a fresh XML opstopping to a project

Inject the filename ter the Name field and press Add.

The XML opstopping is added to the project and opened te the XML Editor. The verkeersopstopping contains the default XML declaration, &lt,?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″ ?&gt, .

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To add an existing XML opstopping to a project

From the Project menukaart, select Add Existing Voorwerp.

The Add Existing Voorwerp dialog opbergruimte shows up.

Select an XML opstopping and press Add.

To create a fresh XML or XSLT opstopping

The Fresh Opstopping dialog opbergruimte shows up.

Select XML Verkeersopstopping to create a fresh XML verkeersopstopping, or, select XSLT Verkeersopstopping to create a fresh XSLT style sheet.

To create a project for XML files

The Fresh Project dialog opbergruimte emerges.

Select the code language of your choice, select Empty Project, and click OK.

Add XML files to the project.

The XML Editor finds the schemas you add to this project and uses them for validation and IntelliSense ter any XML, schema, or XSLT files that you edit while this project is open.

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