UrbanSurvival – Replaying 1929 – Longwave Economics and News

UrbanSurvival – Replaying 1929 – Longwave Economics and News

If you’re the typical American, transfixed te the headlights of a phone bound-up to futile social(ist) “cause media” – this may not worry you much, but it should: The Stock Markets globally are down another one procent (very toughly).

Coping: How to “Eat” a Book

Being a writer, spil I half-ass am, there’s a terrible truth that comes out: You can only write spil well spil you can absorb input. This may be why “Everyone has one book ter them,” but when you ask “How many people have four, five, or more books te.

Prepping: Tech Bench Sunday

Radiodifusión gear for emergencies? Prepping? Figuring out the Big Picture? You’ve come to the right spot. While I usually don’t postbode a katern on Sundays, wij proceed pressing on with all kinds of odd pursuits. Some of which include ham radiodifusión, more ham radiodifusión.

Leave behind Retirement: Attempt &ldquo,Downscaling&rdquo,

With so many people asking “Gee, what should wij do to truly retire?” I thought it would be worthwhile to explore a entire different concept. I call it “downscaling.” After wij get through the charts and such, wij will dig ter to the Golden Years.

America: Running Out of “Bash?”

One of our frequent posters to this webpagina totally pulverized it te one of the overnight posts. His list evokes the terrible laagconjunctuur sure to go after when America runs out of (Trump) “Bash:” “…just think about what they have done so far to attempt and.

Prepping: “Required Spares”

A week or so back, Elaine came wandering overheen to the shop. “Got a hosepipe washer around, anywhere?” Whenever she comes to the shop looking for something, my very first reaction is to see how big hier problem is and confirm that hier solution is the ideal one. She.

Cyclical Thursday, Summer Rallies?

Wij start today with a brief review of economic cycles, what this being the very first day of summer, and all. There are two kinds of investors: The pragmatic “mathemetists” (quants) who believe is there aren’t a few arcane math symbols ter someone’s.

Coping: Check-Out Line Brain-Power

My friend (and co-author) Gaye Levy indeed likes “adult coloring books.” So much so, she even has an article “Pursuing Your Passion: Getting Embarked With Adult Coloring” on hier webstek. I have bot thinking this one overheen te background for.

Solving the Early 401(k) Problem

Several readers and two of our children are asking the same question at about the same time: “If I take an early 401(k) distribution because of a switch te where I work and pay taxes on the money, how’s the best way to spend or invest it?“ Today, wij.

Just Another Prescient Market Call

If you are visiting UrbanSurvival today and wondering “What the hell’s going on with Markets…collapsing like they are this morning…” the reaction’s elementary. You missed Monday’s katern, or you would have already bot braced for.

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