Click on the save button and select the document you wish to save the bindings to.

Click on the save button and select the document you wish to save the bindings to.



Why can’t I see the script I deployed to a document from the [Assign Script] dialog?

Presently, the [Assign Script] dialog only displays scripts located ter the user area (also, the IDE only supports deployment to document and user area). This will be stationary te the next release.

Workaround: To tie to scripts deployed ter the application share area you can arm edit the adequate (app)keybinding.xml or (app)menubinding.xml verkeersopstopping located te the /user/config/soffice.cfg/ directory. Switches to thesis files require a restart of the application to take effect.

Why can’t I truss scripts to events?

This is the very first release of the scripting framework, some work is still needed ter the office source te order to support scripting fully. Ter particular the way events are treated is different to how menukaart and keybindings are treated and presently wij cannot support event bindings. It is our intention to add this functionality ter the future.

I have eliminated the examples provided with the Script Framework installation and installed my own but the script ter ExampleSpreadSheet.sxc still works. Why?

Both the script and the Key bindings are contained te the document itself, at the ogenblik the [Assign Script] dialog does not display scripts or bindings stored te documents.

How can I store a script, spijskaart or key bindings for scripting ter a document?

To store bindings ter document go after the steps below,

Use the IDE deploy the Script to the user area spil well spil to the document.

Create the roping (key or spijskaart) spil común using the [Assign Script] dialog to the user script which matches that te the document.

Select [Configure] from the [Implements] spijskaart, select the suitable tabulator (Keyboard or Menukaart). Click on the save button and select the document you wish to save the bindings to.

Due to an kwestie with deploying to document from an ide a duo of reserve manual steps are needed.

You need to samenvatting the parcel-descriptor verkeersopstopping from the document you deployed to.

On Solaris/Linux the instruction is:

unzip &lt,path to document&gt, Scripts/java/&lt,ParcelName&gt,/parcel-descriptor.xml

On Windows refer to user doc of the Zip/Unzip utility of your choice [ e.g. PKUnzip and WinZip ].

Edit the parcel-descriptor.xml verkeersopstopping you have extracted and modify the line:

Save the updates.

Update the document with the &ldquo,parcel-descriptor.xml&rdquo, you have just modified

On Solaris/Linux use:

zip &lt,path to document&gt, Scripts/java/&lt,ParcelName&gt,/parcel-descriptor.xml

On windows refer to the user documentation for your Zip/unZip utility on how to update files ter an archive.

You now have a key or menukaart tying for this script stored ter the document along with the script. The capability to add document bindings directly will be added ter the future.

Why is there a delay ter commencing the very first script?

The delay is caused by the startup of the inprocess JVM by office.

Why do I have to use one dialog to work with StarBasic macros [Devices/ Configure] and another to work with my fresh Java scripts [Assign Script. ]?

The StarBasic macros are fully separate from and do not use the Scripting Framework. Spil such they use their own configuration and settings dialogs. Ter the future the Scripting Framework and StarBasic dialogs will be integrated so users have one consistnet way of working with macros/ scripts, regardless of which language they have bot written it.

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