XDE II (XDE2) Dual Eagle coin

XDE II (XDE2) Dual Eagle coin

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“Its bot called the most beautiful crypto wallet everzwijn created”

Now before wij delve into XDE II , let mij be open and say this is my coin. I am the creator and proprietor of XDEII.

The llamativo XDE wasgoed released on August 13th, 2014.

The Innovador XDE wallet looked like this:

I wasgoed actually mining at the time and mined almost 1 coin of the total 100 coins available.

Because there were only 100 coins, and a very low POS prize, the price of XDE wasgoed very high.

If youve bot ter crypto long enough, you know that people ter crypto typically dont like expensive coins.

What I mean by expensive is anything overheen say 20,000 sats ( Five cents USD)

So XDE wasgoed requesting $4-5 a coin , which is finta unheard of. So nobody wasgoed buying it, and the coin began to lose rente and it failed.

Overheen the next Two years, many devs talent it an fair attempt to make it work. They made the wallet look better, raised the POS% , but people just were not buying, and the threads were dead.

There were 6 different major wallet releases for XDE.

Each one got better and better. Here is their final release of XDE:

Its a looker. I loved the vormgeving. There wasgoed a community behind it, BUT it still did NOT immovable its most major problem:

Extreme low coin count, and extreme high prices.

So the coin starts to fail.

XDE wasgoed liquidated from C-cex exchange for lack of volume.

I posted on the xde thread that they should list on Yobit spil yobit wont delist a coin because of lack of volume.

That wasgoed accomplished, but people STILL were not interested.

So one day I did a postbode to attempt to remedy the situation and explain what I thought wasgoed wrong.

I explained that the coin needed to be purposefully inflated to lower the price.

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I wasgoed then asked to takeover the coin.

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I Approached my team with my project and they liked it. I then posted on the XDE thread that I wasgoed taking overheen.

Well to make a long story brief, not every user of XDE wasgoed on houtvezelplaat, but wij moved forward anyway.

Swift forward to Jan 1st 2018. XDE II is born!

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  1. Customer Support: While none of thesis exchanges have anywhere close to ideal customer support, yobit seems to be particularly bad ter this area. Many yobit users have practices support tickets taking numerous months. Binance and Bittrex support is usually treated te a more reasonable time framework of a few weeks max.

  2. I think for almost 6 month yobit and Bittrex have same attitude lack of response the toegangsbewijs support, and I’m not use because of that issues.

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