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The Golden Project

The Golden Fleece project anticipates to build cryptocurrency mining datacenter on the land of Colchis, at the Black Sea coast ter Georgia.


GFL introduces third party mining equipment hosting service with plane fees 13-16 cent vanaf KW/h depending on quantity.

Update on Golden Fleece ICO

Date: 02 October – 2018

ANN: Updates on the Golden Fleece ICO:

1. Wij switch from Sways to Ethereum podium with purpose to improve ICO process and reach larger group of investors.

Two. 80 mln GFL on Flaps verhoging will be burnt from 1 October: Ten mln GFL tokens every day will be demolished.

Trio. GFL wise contract on ETH with wallet address 0x5892BBbcb29D3b1051Cd44C99dB54d61b495D035 will be canceled and available oscilación will be automatically refunded to investors on 30 September, 2018.

Four. Wij have introduced fresh Ethereum contract with 500ml* GFL tokens (token allocation bellow): 0x2189b78041Ec2d5EA65aACBfB3Bf575263DBdEa9.

*Reason for enlargening from 100 to 500 mln GFL tokens: enhanced number rente from ICO online and offline participants and planned expansion ter upcoming years ter other countries.

500 mln GFL token allocation:

I Round I (te Three stages*) &ndash, 100 mln sold from &ndash, 15 August &ndash, 31 October 2018.

*Because of switch te Ethereum contract wij announce extra, 3rd stage of the very first round.

II Round &ndash, 50 mln &ndash, 15 February &ndash, 31 March 2018.

III Round &ndash, 100 mln &ndash, 15 September &ndash, 31 October 2018.

IV Round &ndash, 100 mln 15 &ndash, February &ndash, 31 March 2019.

From remaining 150 mln GFL tokens:

&bull, 100 mln GFL will be reserved by the team.

&bull, 45 mln GFL for project promotion on ICO rounds.

&bull, Five mln GFL for bounty campaign during ICO rounds.

GFL tokens that were purchased with Coeval options on Swings will be exchanged from 1 October 2018 according to the ter several stages spil the sale on fresh Ethereum contract will progress. For more details voeling Monkey Haber at:

Option-free GFL tokens on Sways verhoging will be exchanged 1:1 to GFLs on Ethereum fresh contract. To interchange transfer your GFLs to*: 3P3fJJB9BqXfCPW2z4VATiZ3vW23gm35ay3

*Please include your Ethereum wallet address te the area marked ATTACHMENT on the Sways Wallet feature.

NOTE: Ten mln GFL tokens on Flaps had bot reserved for offline investors, with this ter mind wij will keep 20 mln GFL tokens on flaps toneel until investment overeenkomst is closed and zometeen those tokens will be interchanged to Ethereum GFL tokens 1=1.

GFL ON Swings Searing!

Date: 02 October – 2018

Dear ICO Participants & Golden Fleece Options owners.

80 mln GFL on Sways toneelpodium will be burnt from 1 October: Ten mln GFL tokens every day will be demolished.

Ten mln GFL tokens on Sways had bot reserved for offline investors, with this ter mind wij will keep 20 mln GFL tokens on swings verhoging until investment overeenkomst is closed and zometeen those tokens will be interchanged to Ethereum GFL tokens 1=1.

ANN: GFL Interchange Update

Date: Ten September – 2018

This has bot a busy week for us, travelling out the country to meet prospective overseas investors te the region who are serious about contracting Golden Fleece and investing Venture Hacienda ter order to capture the advantage of Georgia&rsquo,s first-class infrastructure and well-equipped constitucional framework insofar spil mining Crypto is worried. The rising prices of Crypto across the houtvezelplaat, with Bitcoin up overheen 600%, Ethereum 2500% higher spil well spil smaller, dynamic project-based mineable Crypto such spil Zurcoin 1700% ahead is obviously a enormous selling point for investors all overheen the world when it comes to mining right now.

Along with this good news, Golden Fleece is pleased to announce an update to our tegenstoot. Please check the huis pagina of our webstek for the latest update. Wij will attempt to adjust the toonbank twice a day from now on, albeit te the event this is not possible a once-every-24-hours switch will be made.

Provisional Loan Funding Secured From Monkey

Ter addition to underwriting the ICO wij are undertaking, Monkey has agreed to provide provisional loan funding ter order for Golden Fleece to build a fully-fledged showroom with state-of-the-art mining equipment. This provisional funding is te the form of a 1-year loan repayable ter Golden Fleece tokens spil rente at a standard market rate of rente.

Initial Golden Fleece Options (GFO) Exchange

Given the enhanced tegenstoot amount and the ended sale of the very first Two tiers of Golden Fleece options, wij will now open the wallet that will accept all Tier-1 and Tier-2 tokens for exchanging out. While GFO are an ongoing asset and are Green Ticked by Swings, if you wish to interchange out your GFO for Golden Fleece Ethereum-based tokens please send them to the following swings address:

Please include your Ethereum wallet address ter the area marked ATTACHMENT on the Swings Wallet feature.

Wij will close all submissions for Tier 1 & Tier Two options submissions on Tuesday, September 12, 2018 at 11.59pm UCT. Therefore, ter order to avoid missing out on the Tier 1 & Tier Two GFO token exchange please make sure the GFO you wish to exchange are sent to us well ter advance of this date/time. Tokens will be exchanged after the ICO closes at the end of the month, and you wil be notified when here at the Golden Fleece webstek.

It has truly bot a fantastic ICO practice so far and wij are simply perplexed with the universal press coverage, the yam-sized display of confidence and the massive encouragement wij have bot receiving from our nave community and those further afield, not to mention the support of the Monkey Community to which wij are emboldened to call a part of the Golden Fleece secret ICO weapon!

Given the latest news, wij expect an enormously brisk sale ter GFO. However, wij have bot advised by Monkey senior management and Cryptopia exchange management that many COEVAL holders, ter which GFO is denominated, are stuck for a improvised period at Cryptopia due to on-site wallet maintenance. Therefore, after consulting with Monkey, wij have collectively determined to re-sell 50% of remaining GFO spil Bitcoin pairs and 50% of remaining GFO spil COE pairs until the situation is resolved. This should not affect the pricing of GFO which wij are assiduously watching.

Wij hope that thesis arousing news bulletins compensates for the past few days ter which wij have bot less active among the community than usual diegene to a crazy travel schedule. ICOs are tiring but this one seems to be powering ahead with the surplus of the Crypto mining world!

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  1. I use both exchange and I am ter Bittrex now. The very first exchange that I use is yobit because it has the highest trading volume before but due to some reports and FUD spreading about them being shut down and withdrawal issues then I determined to transfer to Bittrex because I can see that many people are transferring there and it has diversity of choices of coins spil well compared to yobit. Recently, there is this problem of Bittrex spil well deactivating accounts even tho’ it is already enhanced and for those who has basic accounts are required to enhance their accounts but I am not affected by this but I am having doubts now of whether I would choose Bittrex still. Binance would be an alternative for mij and Gexcrypto too when it is already launched. I hope that those affected accounts would be activated and problems be solved.

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