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You can now play Pokemon on the blockchain Developers are finding fresh joy ways to test blockchain technology.

You can now play Pokemon on the blockchain Developers are finding fresh joy ways to test blockchain technology.

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Expiring statuses! Better DMs!

Google Assistant’s Continued Conversations feature makes voice guidelines less awkward

Spil it promised at its I/O Conference last month, Google has now enabled Continued Conversations ter its voice-activated Assistant, .

Microsoft relaunches its news app to take on Google and Apple’s offerings

Reminisce It’s still around – and Microsoft is attempting to bring it back by relaunching its mobile apps with a fresh .

Sorry Instagram, I don’t want a erecto YouTube

At very first glance, a YouTube competitor that lives within Instagram seems like a brainy idea. It’s not. Or, it might be. I don’t .

IGTV is Instagram’s response to YouTube

Instagram is making a play for YouTube’s movie throne with the launch of IGTV, a fresh app where users can upload movies longer .

Google’s no frills Podcasts app is the begin of something beautiful

Google is announcing the launch of Podcasts for Android. Eventually, there’s a very first party solution for podcast listeners on .

Adobe’s Project Rush is a fresh all-in-one app for movie creators

If you’ve everzwijn had to work on movie project, the wealth of options can be frustrating. Software like Adobe’s Premiere and .

Yelp uses machine learning to create Popular Dishes list

Yelp’s latest update will compile a list of Popular Dishes for each restaurant, using AI to figure out what everyone chooses .

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EOS freezes 7 accounts te disturbance of its own constitution

EOS is struck with another controversy just days after the launch of its blockchain. The 21 block producers (BPs) of the .

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You can now play Pokemon on the blockchain

Developers are finding fresh joy ways to test blockchain technology. Software engineer Joao Almeida has created Poketoshi, .

Uber is experimenting with cheaper fares for those willing to wait

An account executive at Uber may have prematurely let the cat out of the bag about a fresh feature that prizes patient passengers. Uber .

Microsoft brings SwiftKey to Windows, hinting at dual-screen laptops

When Microsoft bought popular keyboard app SwiftKey, it seemed likely some of the keyboard’s features would make their way .



your wallet gets locked after each send transaction or reopen (uitgang),

dont leave behind to unlock it for werkonderbreking !

no, most of the time wij have max. 16 connections, sometimes a bit more sometimes a bit less, sometimes wij even liberate

all connections for an hour (wij are on wifi (wlan) internet) – thats all no problem for volmaakt sprouting !

it doesnt say when you will get your next sprout exactly – it tells the promedio time you will sprout, based on your coetáneo

beanweight and the contemporáneo sprouting difficulty. it can toebijten that your next sprout will come ter a numerous of expected time

but on longer term you will get your promedio sprouts .

sprouting is designed to create one fresh block on the blockchain every minute – thats about 525000 fresh blocks a year, thats

about 525000000 fresh beans a year, so the max coinsupply will be reached ter about 90 years

you can backup the opstopping blk0001.dat and the folder txleveldb from your beancash-app-folder and use them if you have to

install and synchronize a fresh wallet for some reason te future

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when you get a fresh sprout a &quot,block of beans&quot, is used for it – thesis beans will surplus for 6 hours before they can embark sprouting

again, and after that it takes another 6 hours till the weight of thesis beans will have bot added fully to your beanweight

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of your wallet wich is used for sprouting.

the same time ( 6+6 hours ) it takes for fresh beans you send to your wallet or beans you send inwards your wallet to yourself.

the numbers for the &quot,bean specie network&quot, ter your wallet are rebaño if the amount went down and they are black if it went up,

and they are displayed te lean black if they stayed the same.

uitgang your wallet. substitute the old opstopping blk0001.dat and the old folder txleveldb ter your beancash-app-folder with the fresh ones.

commence your wallet. (if you installed a fresh wallet, run it merienda to let it create the app-folder)

there is a daily media of about 40 generated but not accepted blocks and 1650 generated and accepted blocks.

so you can expect Two,3% of your sprouts to show up spil orphans. wij see a much higher percentage ter our wallet but

nevertheless a high sprouting percentage because the beans used by an orphan are not eliminated from your beanweight.

what wij see te the worst cases is up to Five times the &quot,expected time to earn prize&quot, !.

keep ter mind that the expected time shown te the wallet has itself a daily fluctuation rate of +/- 30% (same spil the difficulty)

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if you have a fortunate flow it can toebijten that Trio sprouts roll te 1/Five of expected time ,)

sometimes you get sprouts close behind one another, sometimes waiting can let you go crazy . .

the more sprouts you get the more it averages out, wij see a good accurate percentage after lets say 50 sprouts, maximum.

1 pack bean seeds (50 seeds, special combination of climbing varieties of beans wij cultivate since many years) : 1000 beancash

Litecoin Specie Fork: Fresh Coin Hits $Five Mark ter Very first Day of Trading, The Market Mogul

Litecoin Specie Fork: Fresh Coin Hits $Five Mark ter Very first Day of Trading, The Market Mogul

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Two minus read / February Nineteen, 2018

On Sunday evening, the Litecoin Metselspecie fork took place, creating a fresh tradeable cryptocurrency from the Litecoin (LTC) blockchain.

Litecoin Specie (LCC), which began trading at 20:00 GMT at $1.40 has leisurely enhanced ter value, reaching a high of $Five at 23:00. Originally, LCC had a trading volume worth $36,161, this has now enhanced to just overheen $1m according to cryptocurrency exchange, YoBit.

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The fork, which happened when the Litecoin toneelpodium reached block 1371111, has bot the subject of controversy with some high-profile figures denouncing it spil a scam.

Trevor Gerzt, CEO of the cryptocurrency investment fund CoinIRA said Litecoin Contant served little purpose spil Litecoin already has quick transaction times, unlike Bitcoin Specie, which helped to speed up Bitcoin’s notoriously slow speeds.

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Charlie Lee, who founded Litecoin ter 2011, also tweeted following the very first announcement that he thought the Litecoin Metselspecie fork wasgoed a scam and urged users not to relinquish their private key to secure LCC tokens.

The Litecoin Specie development team said that Litecoin holders would automatically build up ten LCC tokens for every LTC they possessed but this required investors to use Litecoin wallets that permitted access to their private keys.

Since on the topic of scams, any fork of Litecoin, calling itself Litecoin something or other, is a scam IMO. Litecoin Metselspecie, Litecoin Plus, Litecoin *… all scams attempting to confuse users into thinking they are Litecoin.

This also applies to all Bitcoin forks attempting to confuse.

Litecoin wasgoed the last major cryptocurrency to practice a hard fork from its blockchain toneel and at present, is only tradeable on Yobit. Other exchanges Trade Satoshi and Mercatox are also expected to embark trade pairs with LCC. Presently the coin is trading at just under $Two.80.

Following the announcement of the hard fork the price of Litecoin rose spil investors were attracted by the idea of receiving Litecoin Specie tokens through possessing LTC. Following the flagrante hard fork on Sunday, Litecoin’s price fell by almost $15 from $229 to $215. The coin has since recovered to $225.

LCC, which uses the SHA-256 algorithm instead of Litecoin’s Scrypt, is a Proof of Work (PoW) coin which enables older mining equipments, such spil GPUs, to be reused to mine the coin.

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