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Jewels (JWL) Exchange

Jewels (JWL) Exchange

Humza: Ankitdagar51096, if they sell wij will buy

moneywire: Ankitdagar51096, there is no need to scare bro. Supreme court will hear all crypto petitions on 20th July and It will lift all geobsedeerd and business will be usual again

Humza: moneywire, yeah and btc will rise and all alts will rise too

Humza: moneywire, my lizun boxes paid buy the way

moneywire: Humza, Lizun is worthless because difficult to sell and after denom sureshot loss

Ankitdagar51096 L1: That’s what wij all think brother. But government is stringently against it. Also there are some other desperate people who don’t know much about crypto currencies. They are going to sell it despairingly.

moneywire: Ankitdagar51096, yes there will be interim scare inbetween 5th july to 20th july and all oobs te india will sell and sob hard on social media but Supreme Court will lift the kerkban on 20th July for sure

Humza: moneywire, the amoun of lizun i have will certainly get mij into the IB spil soon spil it happens so not stressed about it, even if its denom by quad trillions

Ankitdagar51096 L1: I sold my ruedo. But lizun is like unlikely to be sold lol.

Humza: Ankitdagar51096, good for you,

jameshardy: Ankitdagar51096, fudder of the week

Humza: why would you sell ribete so cheap?

toukit L2: lbtx from 15 to Sixty nine !! can someone explain

Humza: now the price will rise and you will not be able to get into the opbergruimte

Humza: toukit, lite bitcoin

Humza: toukit, looks good

toukit L2: thaks khouya

toukit L2: i thnik it will be overheen than 100 , what do you think ?

sajavalrana L1: toukit, yes yes ucash touch 100

toukit L2: sajavalrana, no i’m talking about lbtcx

alhamdulilah L1: Lizun, wait payment how long?

sajavalrana L1: lizun payment waiting

Humza: alhamdulilah, just wait it will pay, mine paid this am

sajavalrana L1: Humza, ur pm recive butt i dont know

Humza: sajavalrana, do you have ribete and lambo boxes

Humza: sajavalrana, ruedo inflation and cheap forearms affect the value

sajavalrana L1: Humza, please pm again butt effortless

sajavalrana L1: do u know urdu ? hindi?

Humza: sajavalrana, no only eng

sajavalrana L1: Humza, please observe ucash coin

Thomas111 L1: alhamdulilah, 12 hours

budi98 L1: wow competición make mij rich

notes1: Lucha makes only the inhouse scammers money

payingmlm: I got Two IB doge payment for 6/25 and 6/26. There is NO lizun IB payment ter inbetween. So all my lizun IB payment are te wait state for more than 24 hours.

otokoam: payingmlm, same here

Humza: guys dont sell your aureola cheap, sell overheen 2btc

Humza: if you a aureola and lambo opbergruimte possessor please send mij a PM have a kick butt strategy

Humza: payingmlm, mine paid, just wait a bit

numfon L1: payingmlm, i tho’ am the only one having this problem

Humza: numfon, there are just delays be patient

The Tape – s Ex-Manager Accuses Reddit Of Profiting From Piracy Ter Debate With Co-Founder, Techdirt

The Tape – s Ex-Manager Accuses Reddit Of Profiting From Piracy Ter Debate With Co-Founder, Techdirt

from the um,-ok dept

Frankly, what bugs mij most about Taplin’s argument is that he continually takes things totally out of setting. For example, he cites the ordinario numbers about the “music industry” going from $20 billion to $6 billion. Yet he disregards that the overall music industry grew because other parts of the industry grew at a much quicker rate. More ridiculous? He claims (totally incorrectly) that Chris Anderson believes that “everything should be free.” Either he didn’t read Chris Anderson’s book, or he’s purposely distorting the book, which concentrates almost all of its attention on how to get paid for content. Te fact, most of the book is about ways ter which a “freemium” specimen works — where you have some stuff free, and other things paid. Why Taplin would then rechtsvordering the book is that “everything should be free” is beyond mij. To have a university professor so misrepresent Chris’s book is ridiculous. He owes a major apology to Anderson.

Te the 2nd part of the debate, Taplin goes utter on elitist, mocking those people who use Kickstarter to fund a piddly $50,000 movie, because evidently, to him, those movies don’t count. And yes, earlier te the debate, he wasgoed talking about how he wasgoed indeed worried about the up and comers. He also seems to think that the only movies that matter are the movies that score big distribution deals. He’s internally onbestendig and doesn’t even seem to realize it. He goes on to mock the idea that musicians can make money other than through record sales. Except, he assumes (incorrectly) that the only way to make money is muziekstuk sales, and then says that some acts just can’t get enough people to see them live. Um, duh. But that’s always bot true. Most musicians never sold enough music to make a living either, but wij don’t pass a law to switch that. Taplin seems to be complaining that not all musicians or movie makers are rich. I didn’t realize that wasgoed an kwestie.

Vooraanzicht Pagina

Vooraanzicht Pagina

Ter Android, Sunday at 09:00 AM

Regular readers will know that I love a good bargain and love a good freebie even more! Your phone is a excellent device for getting free or discounted stuff when you’re out and about, so here’s some of our favourite apps and how you can use them to save money!

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MoDaCo and GDPR – a quick guide

Wij’ve had a few questions sent ter to the support team around MoDaCo and GDPR, so this postbode is a quick reminder of key aspects of how wij treat your gegevens and how you can exercise your GDPR rights. Wij’ve kept it brief and elementary to make things effortless to understand.

Oxygen Updater helps you get your OnePlus update fix, swifter

For Android users (or maybe it’s just mij), there’s little that compares to the joy of getting a system update. By the same token, there’s little that is spil frustrating spil the dreaded ‘staged rollout’, aka everyone else getting updates before you. If you are a OnePlus holder, Oxygen Updater is here to ease your anguish!

Reminder: Buy and sell for free with MoDaCo Classified Ads

The MoDaCo Classified Ads section is now open and permits you to buy and sell for free! Available at, the section is open to all registered members and has some basic rules posted for everyone’s benefit.

Here’s how to loom into Samsung services on your non-Samsung device

Are you having trouble logging into Samsung services on your non-Samsung device? You’re not the only one. If you want to loom into SmartThings for example (which wij covered te this postbode), you may be introduced with a screen telling you that your web browser is unsupported and you need to install the Samsung browser. Which is fine, except that doesn’t work either. Gratefully, wij have a fix for you!

How to fix the ‘missing nav buttons’ and violated notification shade after update

Now and again after updating a device, I get the weird kwestie where some of the navigation buttons are missing, the notification shade won’t pull down and various other onaardig of the phone are violated. It’s indeed annoying and kinda hard to fix. What’s happening behind the scenes is that the phone has become ‘unprovisioned’, which normally needs a hard reset to resolve. That’s drastic, so I’ve created an app that will help.

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Samsung’s SmartThings Starter Kolenkit is ?125 and actually rather good

Samsung’s SmartThings Starter Kolenkit, which normally retails for ?199 is presently ?125 on Amazon and best of all, it’s actually rather good. Ter the starter plak you’ll find the hub, a buttplug, a multi-sensor, a movability sensor and a presence sensor. So why is it a good buy?

Unihertz Atom, the world’s smallest 4G rugged Smartphone, is now on Kickstarter

Unihertz, purveyors of the petite but actually rather cool ‘Jelly Voor’ Android phone are back with a fresh and improved proefje on Kickstarter. The Atom takes the core concept of the Jelly (it’s lil’) and adds a much larger battery (fixing the core complaint of its predecessor) and a degree of ruggedness that makes it ideal for the outdoors pursuits where the Jelly wasgoed so useful.

How to speed up window animations on Android

It might not be generally recommended to commence messing around te the developer settings on your device, but there is a little setting ter there that can be used to slightly, but perceptibly, speed up normal use of your device. The little known ‘animation speeds’ settings sit with the identically useful DPI settings.

Android Go finds its very first UK network with the Vodafone Wise N9 Lite

Android Go, the extremista light version of Android designed for low-spec devices, has found its very first UK network huis with the launch of the Vodafone Wise N9 Lite, alongside it’s utter Android Wise N9 sibling. The ?85 device packs decidedly last-last-last gen specs, but promises a welgevoeglijk practice through optimisations to the Oreo 8.1 based OS.

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Kienspel Earning what a superb fresh program.

Kienspel Earning what a superb fresh program.

145% After 1 Hour (Instant Withdrawal) / 200% After Five Hour (Instant Withdrawal) / 285% After Ten Hour (Instant Withdrawal) / 360% After 15 Hour (Instant Withdrawal) / 450% After 20 Hour (Instant Withdrawal) / 550% After 30 Hour (Instant Withdrawal) Jun 23rd, 2018

140% After Two Hour (Instant Payment) / 180% After Four Hour (Instant Payment) / 240% After 8 Hour (Instant Payment) / 320% After 12 Hour (Instant Payment) Jun 22nd, 2018

245% After Trio Hours (Instant Payment) / 280% After 6 Hours (Instant Payment) / 325% After 9 Hours (Instant Payment) / 360% After 12 Hours (Instant Payment) / 400% After Legal Hours (Instant Payment) / 450% After 24 Hours (Instant Payment) / 550% After 30 Hour Jun 21st, 2018

250% After Three Hours (Instant Payment) / 420% After 12 Hours (Instant Payment) / 700% After 1 Day (Instant Payment) Jun 20th, 2018

240% After Two Hours (Instant Payment) / 360% After 6 Hours (Instant Payment) / 480% After Ten Hours (Instant Payment) Jun 19th, 2018

180% After 1 Hour (Instant Withdrawal) / 240% After Three Hour (Instant Withdrawal) / 300% After 6 Hour (Instant Withdrawal) / 360% After 9 Hour (Instant Withdrawal) Jun 18th, 2018

240% After 1 Hour (instant payouts via BITCOIN, PM, Payeer and Ethereum) / 390% After Two Hour (instant payouts via BITCOIN, PM, Payeer and Ethereum) Jun 16th, 2018

220% After 1 Hour (Instant Withdrawal) / 280% After Three Hour (Instant Withdrawal) / 340% After Five Hour (Instant Withdrawal) / 400% After Ten Hour (Instant Withdrawal) / 460% After 15 Hour (Instant Withdrawal) / 520% After 20 Hour (Instant Withdrawal) Jun 15th, 2018

180% After Three Hours (Instant Payment) / 240% After 6 Hours (Instant Payment) / 300% After 9 Hours (Instant Payment) / 360% After 12 Hours (Instant Payment) Jun 14th, 2018

190% After 1 Hour (Instant Payment) / 255% After Trio Hour (Instant Payment) / 370% After Five Hour (Instant Payment) / 485% After Ten Hour (Instant Payment) / 600% After 15 Hour (Instant Payment) Jun 13th, 2018

145% After 1 Hour (Instant Withdrawal) / 200% After Five Hour (Instant Withdrawal) / 285% After Ten Hour (Instant Withdrawal) / 360% After 15 Hour (Instant Withdrawal) / 450% After 20 Hour (Instant Withdrawal) / 550% After 30 Hour (Instant Withdrawal) / 700% Jun 12th, 2018

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188% After 1 Hour (Instant Withdrawal) / 226% After Three Hour (Instant Withdrawal) / 264% After 6 Hour (Instant Withdrawal) / 342% After 12 Hour (Instant Withdrawal) / 400% After 1 Day (Instant Withdrawal) / 850% After Two Day (Instant Withdrawal)

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So basically, an insurance is a way to protect one from a financial loss.

So basically, an insurance is a way to protect one from a financial loss.

High-yield Bitcoin investment programs

Which content would you like to leap to?

List of the HYIPs

HYIPs Overview

List of Bitcoin HYIPs

Minus. Deposit | Daily Income | Payment Status | Reviews

Paying HYIPs
Not paying HYIPs

Paying | Awaiting payment | Not paying

Bitcoin HYIPs Overview

Everything you need to know about Bitcoin HYIPs

What are Bitcoin HYIPS

Bitcoin high yield investment programs, also brief Bitcoin HYIPs, may pay you high comes back for a petite amount you invest ter them. Thesis programs get the profits by trading forex, stocks and bonds, sports betting and other. HYIPs pay hourly, daily, weekly or monthly. The daily income rates depend on the HYIP itself and range from 0.5% to 6%.

Can you make money by investing ter Bitcoin HYIPS?

The reaction is yes, you can do profit by investing te Bitcoin hyips. However you vereiste know, that most high yield investment programs will sooner or zometeen turn into a scam and run away with your investment. You can imagine the way a hyip like a gaussian curve, see pic below:

Explanation of the Grafik: Wij can divide the lifespan of the HYIP te three parts.

Phase 1: The Launch. Admin launches a HYIP toneelpodium. Investors invest Bitcoin, Admin pays the promised percentage. Admin is essentially paying from his own pocket and is making losses.

Phase Two: The Upswing. The HYIP is thriving, many people are signing te and investing. The potential profit of the admin grows swifter than the amount he needs to pay daily to the investors.

Phase Three: The Fall. Only fewer people proceed investing te the toneelpodium. This means, that the potential earning is getting less, due to the fact that the admin needs to pay out a profit daily. Admin determines, that now is the point of maximum earnings for him. Very first, he stops all the payments out of the webstek, yet you can proceed invest. Straks he runs away and closes the webstek.

This is why the next question is very significant:

How to minimize the risk?

Spil seen te the upper graphic, the periods you are going to earn are phase 1 and Two. This means you need to join spil early spil possible, equivalently, you need not join too late. To find out if the HYIP is te the beginning of phase Two or at the end is not effortless.

Therefore our rule of thumb on joining hyips:

  • If the hyip is paying more than 5% daily, then don’t join it after it has bot there for more than two weeks.
  • If the hyip is paying inbetween 5% and Two.5%, then don’t join it after it has bot there for more than four weeks.
  • If the hyip is paying less than 1.5%, then the choice is hard. The webstek might pay for a very long time like HashOcean (more than a year), or zekering like Business Angels (less than three months).
  • Don’t leave behind to request by hand your daily withdraw.

Insurance: Bitcoin Investment


Insurances have bot around for decades. The very first ones beeing made by the Chinese and Babylonian (

2000 BC) te case a shipment got stolen. So basically, an insurance is a way to protect one from a financial loss.

But why are there no good insurances for our financial decisions spil Bitcoin investors? Why don’t the big platforms care about the puny people? Wij determined to pack this gap since TOGETHER wij are stronger!

Insurance for your Bitcoin Investment

Since all of us are attempting to make some money overheen Bitcoin investments, wij found a way to reduce the risk of the investors by making an insurance! Normally insurances cost, but te our case, those are going to be free for us coin investors. So let us vertoning showcase you how the Bitcoin insurance will work.

How does the Bitcoin Insurance function?

The easiest way to understand this is by making an example.

So let us assume:

  • insurance amount is 1 BTC – so te case of a voorkoop, the amount to be distributed to our community will be 1 BTC.
  • insurance period is 20 days – if the bitcoin investment program stops paying before the end of this period, the insurance amount will be paid out to the investors. Each ivnestment chance with an insurance will have a toonbank showcasing when the period is going to end.
  • Investors: 1 invested 0.Five BTC, Three invested 0.Two BTC, Five invested 0.1 BTC, Ten invested 0.05 BTC, 20 invested 0.01 BTC, Two invested 0.005 BTC

If the investment program stops paying on the 21st day, the insurance expires and nobody gets paid.

If the investment program stops paying before the 21st day, the insurance amount is distributed to all of the investors. To calculate who gets how much, wij use the amount each user invested and weight it to the total amount.

The formula for each person is: (Own Investment/ Total Investment)* Insurance Amount

It is significant to say, that the maximum amount taken into this calculation is 0.1 BTC vanaf user. The ondergrens is 0.01 BTC.

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Te this example, the total amount of invested is: 1*0.1 + Trio*0.1 + Five*0.1 + Ten*0.05 + 20*0.01 = 1.6 BTC.

The 0.1 BTC investor will get for example: (0.1/1.6)*1 = 0.0625 BTC back.

Fresh HYIP Programs-Latest HYIPs, Best HYIP Maestro

Fresh HYIP Programs-Latest HYIPs, Best HYIP Maestro

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Wij are HYIP Preceptor. Not a HYIP

Disclaimer: Please bear te mind that all HYIPs investments presuppose high risks. Wij do not promote or endorse any HYIPs listed here. Some HYIPs may be illegal depending on your country’s laws. Past Spectacle of any of HYIP is no assure for the same or similar future spectacle. Paying status and others status is for this preceptor not for your. Wij don’t give practice, all investments decisions are yours. DON’T SPEND WHAT YOU CAN’T AFFORD TO LOSE!