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The audit trail is totally immutable via its entire life cycle and it is protected against both authorized and unauthorized interventions.

The audit trail is totally immutable via its entire life cycle and it is protected against both authorized and unauthorized interventions.

IMiS/ARChive Server enables the archiving of unlimited quantities of binary objects (scanned documents, files, emails). It is used spil an individual digital archive for storing objects from various applications. The security of archived objects is provided by state-of-the-art algorithms for encryption. Extra security mechanisms are an audit trail for determining the activities on archived objects and the setting up of a secondary location for ensuring high availability of the archive system.

It provides all modern technological security methods te order to avoid unauthorised accesses to the content. When the content is archived, a unique, encrypted identifier (ID) is created for the content. Traffic inbetween the client and server is encrypted using the advanced AES-256 algorithms and adequate mechanisms (TLS).

The IMiS/ARChive Server enables the hierarchy of entities (classes, folders and documents) ter the classification scheme. The amount of class and folder levels is practically unlimited and can vary ter the individual parts of the archive.

Each class, folder and document te the archive has its own classification code, which is unique for the entire archive. The code is assigned upon creation and cannot be altered, unless the entity has bot moved within the classification scheme (re-classification). According to the settings, the fully qualified classification code is automatically assigned by the server or the user can by hand come in a part of the code.

A user with suitable rights can assign a list of rights (Access Control Lists – ACL) to an user or user group, to access the content or metadata. When necessary, he can also determine roles, which are a group of rights for performing individual operations (AuditLogQuery, Transfer, Reports, etc.).

The Access Control List includes explicit permissions or prohibitions, which can also be time-limited. Together with inherited rights they determine effective rights.

The effective rights enable the user to create, edit and delete content, switch ACL, stir content te the classification scheme and manage security classes and status. The rights to access metadata enable the user to additionally manage the approvals and confinements for reading, writing, creating and deleting of non-public metadata.

To be able to see the content, the user security class level has to be at least the same spil the security class of the content (which has bot explicitly defined or inherited).

If that is not the case, the user cannot work with the content te any case and checking the rights for accessing the classes, folders and documents cannot be performed.

Authenticity of the content, subject to long-term archiving is secured using the standardised concept of the evidence record syntax (ERS te XML form according to RFC 6283) and recommendations of the LTANS (Long-Term Archive and Notary Services) for checking integrity.

The key processes for ensuring long-term authenticity of content are the processes of generating and renewing proofs (hash, electronic signature with digital certificate, timestamp).

The archival information package (AIP) is created by the IMiS/ARChive Server for all folders and documents, which are subject to authenticity proces. The AIP is a summary of the metadata and content of the entity ter XML form. Every AIP, archival server processes and calculates the hash. From calculated hashes of individual AIPs, a hash tree (Merkle tree) is created and a root hash is created and timestamped. The Merkle tree can be used to timestamp a package with a large number of content and therefore considerably rationalizes the proof generation process.

The proofs are automatically renewed before the digital certificate of the created timestamp expires or the deterioration of the degree of security of a hashing algorithm is foreseen.

When validity of certificate is limited, the Merkle tree is created. Through the hashing process, AIP hashes and timestamps that are about to expire are added. By timestamping the root hash of the Merkle tree, proof of existence of the AIP is created and validity of timestamps that are about to expire is renewed.

When security of the algorithm is limited, fresh hashes are calculated for each AIP and their proofs, for which the algorithm used wasgoed unreliable. Merged hashes are then added to the Merkle tree. The root hash is created from the hash tree and is timestamped. This process ensures reliability of the AIP and all the proofs associated.

The user can search the entities te the digital archive by metadata and the content by utter text (Utter text Index, FTS). The search can apply only to the selected classes or folders and its content (recursive).

One or more search queries that are separated with logical operators are used to conduct search by metadata. The search implement permits searching by initial string or an arbitrary substring of the searched value and is case insensitive. The user can also search by the title of content files. The utter text search is performed by the content te text format. Search results demonstrate content descriptions spil well. The user only sees content that meet the search criteria, security class of the content, user security class level and access rights (ACL). All other content remain hidden even if they meet search criteria.

The audit trail is a chronological record of accesses, events and switches made ter the IMiS/ARChive Server. The audit trail is downright immutable via its entire life cycle and it is protected against both authorized and unauthorized interventions.

Only users with suitable access rights can access the audit trail and it is clearly introduced. The user with adequate access rights can perform audit trail queries according to: event dates, IP-addresses, user names, pc names and list of encoded unique entity identifiers. The audit trail can be exported or it can be transferred to a different archival system together with the content.

Haul and Druppel is used for archiving emails. The user selects emails from the email client and transfers them to the suitable location ter the classification scheme ter the form of an EML opstopping. A fresh document ter the llamativo form with all metadata and attachments is created.

The archive server enables invoer, uitvoer and transfer of content te the form of a XML opstopping.

The user with adequate rights can uitvoer the entire classification scheme or only a certain part.

Together with the content, metadata are exported. The audit trail and extra metadata can be optionally exported spil well.

Mass capture (invoer) is most commonly used for adding large quantities of content to the digital archive. It is used when the content is scanned externally or ter case of migration of the content from other archive systems. Using adequate contraptions, the administrator classifies the content and metadata under the root class of the classification scheme or under the selected class or folder.

Transferring content includes: exporting content, importing of exported content to a different archive server, importing approval, saving report and deleting transferred content.

The invoer, uitvoer or transfer reports include information about their execution and potential errors. Reports of search results by audit trail and deleted content spil well spil the various statistics are also available. Only users with adequate user rights can view the reports.

Content can be printed using the default application. The classification scheme for the entire archive or only for the included classes or folders can be printed spil well. Additionally, printing of metadata, security settings and content features is available for the selected class, folder or document.

Integration of applications with the IMiS/ARChive Server is enabled through the IMiS/StorageConnector API.

When the IMIS/ARChive Server Version 9 is used, DMS, ERP, CRM, BPM or other application can perform the following operations: opening the archive, retrieval of public gegevens about the content, creating, opening, moving and deleting content, reading and switching content, archiving content, delivering information for the audit trail, searching the archive etc.

According to the integration areas required, the .Nipt and Java applications developers add methods to the adequate locations te the application.

Fdo2Fdo Copy and Manage FDO Gegevens Sources

Fdo2Fdo Copy and Manage FDO Gegevens Sources

Fdo2Fdo Copy and Manage GIS Gegevens

Basically permits you to copy gegevens form any FDO Gegevens Store to any FDO Gegevens Store.

1. Fdo2FdoApi library

Two. F2Fcmd – instruction line utility

You can get Fdo2Fdo here download.

Screenshots of Fdo2Fdo Screenshots (from previous version v0.6.1)

Main Features v0.7.8 :

Main Features v0.7.7 :

Main Features v0.7.6 :

  • Support for King.KML FDO provider
  • Added Express Fdo2Fdo options for King.KML provider

Main Features v0.7.Five :

  • Included latest version of King.Oracle v0.7.Four and King.Informix v0.1.6
  • Support for King.Informix FDO provider for IBM Informix Dynamic Server
  • Added Express Fdo2Fdo options for King.Informix provider
  • Build with FDO Three.Trio.1

Main Features v0.7.Four :

  • Included latest version of King.Oracle v0.6.Five and King.MsSqlSpatial v0.1.Trio
  • SQL Server Toolbox – KingFdoClass
  • Immobilized: Reading Copy Task XML with numerous Class Copy definition’s wasgoed reading just very first Class Copy Def
  • Omzichtig user when attempting to run Copy Task with empty Class Copy collection

Main Features v0.7.Three :

  • Included latest version of King.Oracle v0.6.Four and King.MsSqlSpatial v0.1.Two
  • Extend support for gegevens truncation INT 32 to INT 16 etc..
  • Errror reporting when not able to convert gegevens types

Main Features v0.7.Two :

  • Support for King.MsSqlServer FDO provider for SQL Server

Main Features v0.7.1 :

Effortless copy SHP to SDF, SDF to SHP, SHP to Oracle

  • FDO Schema Manager
  • Edit, Create and Apply FDO Schema

  • Copy Task
  • Create ingewikkeld copy tasks

  • F2FCmd directive line
  • Run schema and copy tasks from guideline line

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    Main Features v0.6.Two :

    • Display FDO Class Definition details Screenshot
    • Query and display FDO Gegevens Screenshot
    • Support for creating and managing KingFdoClass Screenshot
    • Set Filterzakje for copy Screenshot
    • Fdo2FdoAPI – added support to copy gegevens using filterzakje

    Main Features v0.Four.1:

    Comes with SHP, SDF and King.Oracle provider but you can add and use other providers build for FDO Three.Two.

    Main Features v0.Three.1:

    • Copy FDO gegevens source to another FDO gegevens source ScreenShots

    Up to now tested for SHP, SDF and Oracle

    Create SDO Metadata, Manage Spatial Index, Manage Primary Keys , Calculate Extent

  • Fdo2Fdo Library can be used te instruction line utilities or te .Netwerken Library API Example
  • For extra information’s please send email .

    Music Photography Workshop at Jazz Cerkno 2018 – Ziga Koritnik

    Music Photography Workshop at Jazz Cerkno 2018 – Ziga Koritnik

    delavnica glasbene fotografije

    prizorisce Jazz Cerkno festivala / 040 723 728.

    Prispevek: 220 V Cerkno se tudi letos vraca zdaj zij tradicionalna fotografska delavnica, na kateri Ziga Koritnik, s svojimi dolgoletnimi izkusnjami, omejenemu stevilu udelezencev odpre oci te jih vpelje v svet glasbene fotografije. Seznani jih s pravili obnasanja pred te za odrom, predstavi jim odnos do glasbenikov, organizatorjev te publike. Seznani jih s tehnicnimi zahtevami, med tisocimi posnetki jih nauci najti pravega, pokaze jim obdelavo ter spreminjanje barvnih fotografij v crno-bele. Predstavi jim svoja najboljsa dela ter sproti pove, kako so nastala. Razlozi jim uporabno vrednost fotografij do objav v casopisih, revijah, publikacijah. Odkrije jim potek priprave razstave od zacetka do konca. Udelezencem pomaga razumeti, kaj vse lahko naredijo s fotoaparatom, te jih nauci kreativnega ter samostojnega razmisljanja o fotografskem poslanstvu.V sodelovanju z drustvom PEGA.––-

    music photography workshop

    Tutor: Ziga Koritnik

    May 17 – Nineteen 2018

    Jazz Cerkno festival / 040 723 728

    No. of participants: Five

    The experienced photographer Ziga Koritnik is going to widen the views of a limited number of participants, ushering them into the world of music photography. They will be advised how to behave te gevelbreedte of and behind the stage, and how to communicate with the musicians, organisers and the audience. Ziga will give instructions te technical requirements and advise how to choose the best photo out of a thousand shots. He will also explain how to edit photos and convert them from colour to black-and-white. He will vertoning his best photos and explain how they got to be. He explains to the participants the value of photographs through publishing them ter newspapers, magazines, publications. He exposes the course of preparing the exhibition from beginning to end. He will raise the participants awareness of what can be done with a camera and train them to think creatively and independently about their photographic calling.

    Speaking of Bitcoin – Resouces and Guidance

    Speaking of Bitcoin – Resouces and Guidance

    Wij would like to thank you for coming to BITCOIN ter your search for “Install Thedao Knot Ubuntu” online. Since one of the oldest forms of earning money is ter contant lending, it is a fact that you could do this with cryptocurrency. Most of the providing sites presently concentrate on Bitcoin, some of those sites you are needed pack te a captcha after a specific time framework and are rewarded with a bit of coins for eyeing them. It is possible to visit the webstek to find some lists of of thesis sites to tapkast into the currency of your choice. Unlike forex, stocks and options, etc., altcoin markets have very different dynamics. Fresh ones are always popping up which means they do not have a loterijlot of market gegevens and historical view for you to backtest against. Most altcoins have somewhat inferior liquidity spil well and it is hard to come up with a fair investment strategy. Bitcoin is the main cryptocurrency of the internet: a digital money standard by which all other coins are compared to. Cryptocurrencies are distributed, completo, and decentralized. Unlike traditional fiat currencies, there’s no authorities, banks, or another regulatory agencies. Spil such, it’s more immune to crazy inflation and tainted banks. The advantages of using cryptocurrencies spil your method of transacting money online outweigh the protection and privacy risks. Security and seclusion can readily be achieved by simply being wise, and following some basic guidelines. You wouldn’t set your entire bankgebouw ledger online for the word to see, but my nature, your cryptocurrency ledger is publicized. This can be secured by removing any identity of ownership te the wallets and thus keeping you anonymous. Cryptocurrency is freeing individuals to transact money and do business on their terms. Each user can send and receive payments ter the same way, but ter addition they take part ter more elaborate wise contracts. Numerous signatures permit a trade to be supported by the network, but where a specific number of a defined group of people consent to sign the overeenkomst, blockchain technology makes this possible. This enables progressive dispute arbitration services to be developed ter the future. Thesis services could permit a third party to approve or reject a trade te the event of disagreement inbetween the other parties without checking their money. Unlike metselspecie and other payment methods, the blockchain always leaves public evidence a transaction happened. This can be possibly used within an appeal against businesses with deceptive practices. Just a fraction of bitcoins issued so far are available on the exchange markets. Bitcoin markets are competitive, which means the cost a bitcoin will rise or fall depending on supply and request. Lots of people hoard them for long term savings and investment. This thresholds the amount of bitcoins that are actually circulating te the exchanges. Additionally, fresh bitcoins will proceed to be issued for decades to come. Therefore, even the most diligent buyer couldn’t purchase all present bitcoins. This script is just not to suggest that markets aren’t indefenso to price manipulation, yet there is certainly no need for large amounts of money to stir market prices up or down. The smallest occasions on the planet market can affect the cost of Bitcoin, This can make Bitcoin and any other cryptocurrency explosive. This mining act validates and records the trades across the entire network. So if you’re attempting to do something prohibited, it is not a good idea because everything is recorded te the public register for the remainder of the world to see forever.

    Install Thedao Knot Ubuntu: Ethereum – The Optimal Cryptocurrency

    You may run a search on the web. Very first learn, then models, indicators and most importantly practice looking at old charts and pick out trends. When you learn to keep a trading diary screenshots and your comment/forecast. Precisely what is the best way to get certain with charts IMHO. Oh certainly, and don’t loser yourself into thinking that you get the uptrend will never decrease! Always will go down! You will detect that incremental increases are more reliable and profitable (most times) Entrepreneurs ter the cryptocurrency movement may be wise to investigate possibilities for making enormous ammonts of metselspecie with various forms of online marketing.There could be a rich prize for anyone daring enough to plucky the cryptocurrency marketplaces.Bitcoin structure provides an instructive example of how one might make lots of money ter the cryptocurrency marketplaces. Bitcoin is an incredible intellectual and technical achievement, and it’s generated an avalanche of editorial coverage and venture hacienda investment opportunities. But very few people understand that and miss out on finta successful business models made accessible due to the growing use of blockchain technology. Blockchains are capable of pulling out several fresh programs. There are many advantages connected with using Blockchains. Some of the advantages include enlargened It’s certainly possible, but it voorwaarde have the capability to comprehend opportunities regardless of marketplace conduct. The market moves ter relation to price BTC … So even supposing it’s te a BTC tendency down can make money by purchasing the altcoins which are altcoin oversold trading ratios-BTC. Sure, your purchasing power ter DOLLARS may be lower, but spil long spil your purchasing power ter BTC is still growing you will be fine. It should be challenging to get more petite increases (

    10%) via the day. Probe how to read thesis Candlestick charts! And I found thesis two rules to be true: having modest increases is more profitable than attempting to fight back up to the peak. Most day traders go after Candlestick, so it’s better to take a look at books than wait for order confirmation when you think the price is going down. 2nd, there is more volatility and prize ter currencies that never have made it to the profitableness of sites like Coinwarz. When searching forInstall Thedao Knot Ubuntu, there are many things to consider.

    Install Thedao Knot Ubuntu – BitCoin: Bitcoin who?

    Click here to visit our huis pagina and learn more about Install Thedao Knot Ubuntu. You’ve most likely noticed this many times where you usually distribute the fine word about crypto. “It’s not volatile? What happens if the price failures? ” So far, many POS devices offers free transformation of fiat, improving some worry, but until the volatility cryptocurrencies is addressed, many people will soon be reluctant to keep any. Wij need to find a way to combat the volatility that is inherent te cryptocurrencies. The physical Internet backbone that carries gegevens inbetween the different knots of the network is now the work of several firms called Internet service providers (ISPs), including firms that provide long distance pipelines, sometimes at the international level, regional particular pipe, which eventually joins ter families and businesses. The physical connection to the Internet can only occur through one of thesis ISPs, players like amount Three, Cogent, and IBM AT&T. Each ISP runs its own network. Internet service providers Exchange IXPs, wielded or private companies, and sometimes by Authorities, make for each of thesis networks to be interconnected or to budge messages across the network. Many ISPs have arrangements with providers of physical Internet backbone providers to suggest Internet service overheen their networks for “last mile”-consumers and companies who need to get Internet connectivity. Internet protocols, followed by everyone ter the network makes it possible for the information to flow without interruption, ter the suitable location at the flawless time.

    While none of thesis organizations “possesses” the Internet together thesis companies determine how it operates, and recognized rules and standards that everyone remains. Contracts and admitido framework that underlies all that is happening to ascertain how things work and what happens if something bad happens. To get a domain name, for example, one needs permission from a Registrar, which has a contract with ICANN. To connect to the Internet, your ISP vereiste be physical contracts with providers of Internet backbone services, and suppliers have contracts with IXPs from the Internet backbone for connecting to and with hier. Concern overheen security dilemmas? A working group is formed to concentrate on the problem and the solution developed and deployed is te the rente of most parties. If the Internet is down, you might have someone to call to get it repaired. If the problem is from your ISP, they te turn have contracts ter position and service level agreements, which regulate the manner te which thesis problems are resolved.

    The benefit of cryptocurrency is that it uses blockchain technology. The network of knots the make up the blockchain is not governed by any focused business. No one can tell the miners to update, speed up, slow down, zekering or do anything. And that is something that spil a committed supporter badge of honour, and is identical to the way the Internet operates. But spil you comprehend now, public Internet governance, normalities and rules that regulate how it works present inherent difficulties to the consumer. Blockchain technology has none of that. Ethereum is an unbelievable cryptocurrency verhoging, however, if growth is too prompt, there may be some issues. If the toneel is adopted rapid, Ethereum requests could rise dramatically, and at a rate that exceeds the rate with which the miners can create fresh coins. Under a situation like this, the entire toneel of Ethereum could become destabilized because of the raising costs of running distributed applications. Ter turn, this could verdampen rente Ethereum toneel and ether. Uncertainty of request for ether may result ter an adverse switch te the economical parameters of an Ethereum based company that could lead to company being incapable to proceed to manage or to discontinue operation. Many individuals choose to use a money deflation, especially individuals who want to save. Despite the criticism and skepticism, a cryptocurrency coin may be better suited for some applications than others. Fiscal solitude, for example, is excellent for political activists, but more debatable when it comes to political campaign financing. Wij need a stable cryptocurrency for use ter commerce, if you’re living pay check to pay check, it’d toebijten spil part of your wealth, with the remainder permitted for other currencies. For most users of cryptocurrencies it is not essential to understand how the process functions ter and of itself, but it is essentially significant to understand that there’s a proces for mining to create imaginario money. Unlike currencies spil wij know them now where Governments and banks can only select to print unlimited numbers (I ‘m not telling they’re doing so, just one point), cryptocurrencies to be operated by users using a mining application, which solves the advanced algorithms to release blocks of currencies that can inject into circulation. If you are looking for Install Thedao Knot Ubuntu, look no further than Ethereum.

    Install Thedao Knot Ubuntu – Bitcoin – Making Your Fantasies Reality

    The wonder of the cryptocurrencies is that fraud wasgoed proved an impossibility: spil a result of nature of the method where it is transacted. All purchases on a crypto currency blockchain are voortdurend. Merienda youare paid, you get paid. This isn’t something shortterm wherever your visitors may challenge or require a concessions, or employ unethical sleight of mitt. In-practice, most professionals would be a good idea to utilize a toverfee processor, due to the voortdurend nature of crypto currency purchases, you need to ensure that safety is hard. With any type of crypto currency whether it be a bitcoin, ether, litecoin, or some of the numerous other altcoins, thieves and hackers may potentially build up access to your private keys and therefore take your money. Sadly, you most likely can never have it back. It is quiebro crucial for you yourself to adopt some very good secure and safe methods when dealing with any cryptocurrency. Doing this can protect you from most of thesis negative functions. Te the case of a fully-functioning cryptocurrency, it could possibly be dealt spil being a product. Promoters of cryptocurrencies announce that this zuigeling of digital specie is not treated by way of a key banking system and is not thus susceptible to the fads of its inflation. Since there are always a limited number of items, this metselspecie’s worth is founded on market compels, letting entrepreneurs to industry overheen cryptocurrency trades. Mining cryptocurrencies is how fresh coins are placed into circulation. Because there is no government control and crypto coins are digital, they cannot be printed or minted to make more. The mining process is what produces more of the coin. It may be useful to think of the mining spil joining a lottery group, the pros and cons are the same. Mining crypto coins means you’ll get to keep the total prizes of your efforts, but this reduces your chances of being successful. Instead, joining a pool means that, overall, members are going to have higher potential for solving a block, but the prize will be split inbetween all members of the pool, according to the number of “shares” won.

    If you are considering going it alone, it is worth noting that the applications configuration for solo mining can be more complicated than with a swimming pool, and beginners would be most likely better take the latter course. This option also creates a constant stream of revenue, even if each payment is modest compared to fully block the benefit. Cryptocurrencies such spil Bitcoin, LiteCoin, Ether, YOCoin, and many others have now bot designed spil a non-fiat currency. Te other words, its backers voorwaarde that there’s “real” value, even through there isn’t any physical representation of that value. The value rises due to computing power, that is, is the lone way to create fresh coins distributed by allocating CPU power via rekentuig programs called miners. Miners create a block after a time period that’s worth an everzwijn diminishing amount of money or some kleuter of prize so that you can ensure the shortage. Each coin contains many smaller components. For Bitcoin, each unit is called a satoshi. The blockchain is where the public record of transactions dwells. Most all cryptocurrencies function spil Bitcoin does.

    The fact that there’s little evidence of any growth te the utilization of posible money spil a currency may be the reason why there are minimal efforts to control it. The reason for this could be simply that the market is too little for cryptocurrencies to justify any regulatory effort. It’s also possible the regulators simply do not understand the technology and its implications, awaiting any developments to act.

    1337coin (1337) Exchange

    1337coin (1337) Exchange

    Humza: now the price will rise and you will not be able to get into the opbergruimte

    Humza: toukit, lite bitcoin

    Humza: toukit, looks good

    toukit L2: thaks khouya

    toukit L2: i thnik it will be overheen than 100 , what do you think ?

    sajavalrana L1: toukit, yes yes ucash touch 100

    toukit L2: sajavalrana, no i’m talking about lbtcx

    alhamdulilah L1: Lizun, wait payment how long?

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    sajavalrana L1: lizun payment waiting

    Humza: alhamdulilah, just wait it will pay, mine paid this am

    sajavalrana L1: Humza, ur pm recive butt i dont know

    Humza: sajavalrana, do you have orla and lambo boxes

    Humza: sajavalrana, palenque inflation and cheap palms affect the value

    sajavalrana L1: Humza, please pm again butt effortless

    sajavalrana L1: do u know urdu ? hindi?

    Humza: sajavalrana, no only eng

    sajavalrana L1: Humza, please observe ucash coin

    Thomas111 L1: alhamdulilah, 12 hours

    budi98 L1: wow arena make mij rich

    notes1: Lucha makes only the inhouse scammers money

    payingmlm: I got Two IB doge payment for 6/25 and 6/26. There is NO lizun IB payment ter inbetween. So all my lizun IB payment are ter wait state for more than 24 hours.

    otokoam: payingmlm, same here

    Humza: guys dont sell your corona cheap, sell overheen 2btc

    Humza: if you a halo and lambo opbergruimte proprietor please send mij a PM have a kick culo strategy

    Humza: payingmlm, mine paid, just wait a bit

    numfon L1: payingmlm, i tho’ am the only one having this problem

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    Humza: numfon, there are just delays be patient

    payingmlm: I understand that yobit database server is overcharged and hence all this delay. Wij don’t mind delay.. wij do mind that wij liberate time and hence rente for that time. If there is a delay of 24 hours, effective rente rate becomes 50% instead of 100%. right? If yobit pays 300% vanaf 48 hours, database geyser will be half of the current geyser..

    notes1: Humza, is it lícito?

    payingmlm: Also, yobit can force merge numerous IB into one thicker IB with enlargened maximum limit..

    notes1: payingmlm, what happened to Pelea then?

    payingmlm: notes1, what happened? lucha is all good after denom.

    notes1: Still worth far less than before the interchange

    payingmlm: sorry 400% vanaf 48 hours.. not 300%

    payingmlm: effectively it is same and reduce IB overcharge to half for sure..

    notes1: Noticed everyone’s selling btc off

    notes1: Is the big btc no more?

    Oceansmith: MDZ going up for sure, it has bot stable for 1 month

    placebo1977: LIZUN still up for a third day

    notes1: Nothing happening ter the market worth playing with,

    placebo1977: can someone please verbod this placebo, he is so brainy

    Click on the save button and select the document you wish to save the bindings to.

    Click on the save button and select the document you wish to save the bindings to.



    Why can’t I see the script I deployed to a document from the [Assign Script] dialog?

    Presently, the [Assign Script] dialog only displays scripts located ter the user area (also, the IDE only supports deployment to document and user area). This will be stationary te the next release.

    Workaround: To tie to scripts deployed ter the application share area you can arm edit the adequate (app)keybinding.xml or (app)menubinding.xml verkeersopstopping located te the /user/config/soffice.cfg/ directory. Switches to thesis files require a restart of the application to take effect.

    Why can’t I truss scripts to events?

    This is the very first release of the scripting framework, some work is still needed ter the office source te order to support scripting fully. Ter particular the way events are treated is different to how menukaart and keybindings are treated and presently wij cannot support event bindings. It is our intention to add this functionality ter the future.

    I have eliminated the examples provided with the Script Framework installation and installed my own but the script ter ExampleSpreadSheet.sxc still works. Why?

    Both the script and the Key bindings are contained te the document itself, at the ogenblik the [Assign Script] dialog does not display scripts or bindings stored te documents.

    How can I store a script, spijskaart or key bindings for scripting ter a document?

    To store bindings ter document go after the steps below,

    Use the IDE deploy the Script to the user area spil well spil to the document.

    Create the roping (key or spijskaart) spil común using the [Assign Script] dialog to the user script which matches that te the document.

    Select [Configure] from the [Implements] spijskaart, select the suitable tabulator (Keyboard or Menukaart). Click on the save button and select the document you wish to save the bindings to.

    Due to an kwestie with deploying to document from an ide a duo of reserve manual steps are needed.

    You need to samenvatting the parcel-descriptor verkeersopstopping from the document you deployed to.

    On Solaris/Linux the instruction is:

    unzip &lt,path to document&gt, Scripts/java/&lt,ParcelName&gt,/parcel-descriptor.xml

    On Windows refer to user doc of the Zip/Unzip utility of your choice [ e.g. PKUnzip and WinZip ].

    Edit the parcel-descriptor.xml verkeersopstopping you have extracted and modify the line:

    Save the updates.

    Update the document with the &ldquo,parcel-descriptor.xml&rdquo, you have just modified

    On Solaris/Linux use:

    zip &lt,path to document&gt, Scripts/java/&lt,ParcelName&gt,/parcel-descriptor.xml

    On windows refer to the user documentation for your Zip/unZip utility on how to update files ter an archive.

    You now have a key or menukaart tying for this script stored ter the document along with the script. The capability to add document bindings directly will be added ter the future.

    Why is there a delay ter commencing the very first script?

    The delay is caused by the startup of the inprocess JVM by office.

    Why do I have to use one dialog to work with StarBasic macros [Devices/ Configure] and another to work with my fresh Java scripts [Assign Script. ]?

    The StarBasic macros are fully separate from and do not use the Scripting Framework. Spil such they use their own configuration and settings dialogs. Ter the future the Scripting Framework and StarBasic dialogs will be integrated so users have one consistnet way of working with macros/ scripts, regardless of which language they have bot written it.

    Last Modified: Fri Nov 29 15:Eighteen:53 GMT 2002

    Slim XML Editing

    Slim XML Editing

    Context-Sensitive Content Completion Assistant

    Oxygen offers the list of elements, attributes, and attribute values through the Content Completion Assistant. Unlike other editors that suggest all the available entries (for example, all the factor names defined by the document XML Schema), Oxygen shows only those entries that are valid te the current editing setting. Therefore, the XML document always remains valid and the user does not need experienced skill of the relationship inbetween elements.

    Ter the following pic, you can see that the list of possible elements for the tgroup factor contains colspec, tbody, and thead, which is exactly what the DocBook DTD has defined.

    Support for Demonstrating Latest Content Items

    The proposals that have previously bot used are promoted at the top of the content completion list, thus permitting for efficient re-use. For example, when editing an XSLT stylesheet, you use a puny fraction from the entire set of XSLT and HTML elements. By sorting the recently used proposals to emerge at the top of the list, it makes it lighter to find them the next time you want to use them.

    Te the following picture, you can see the four XSLT elements that were previously used and they show up above the other elements of the XHTML grammar.

    Content Completion Assistant for Documents Without a Schema

    If there is a schema associated with the edited document, Oxygen analyzes it and initializes the Content Completion Assistant. If the document has no associated schema, the Content Completion Assistant is initialized by examining the edited document and learning its structure. You can also specify the default XML Schema or DTD to be used for each document type.

    Note that the learned structure can be saved to a DTD verkeersopstopping and can be used spil a skeleton for further development.

    Configurable Content Completion Assistant Behavior

    There are numerous settings that permit you to customize the behavior of the Content Completion Assistant. For example, you can enable or disable the generation of the required content or modify the way the cursor is placed after an injection.

    Content Completion Assistant for IDREFS

    Oxygen displays the ID values collected from the most latest validation ter the list of content completion proposals where an IDREF or IDREFS type is specified. This not only works with documents that have an associated DTD but also with documents that have an XML Schema or Loosen NG schema associated.

    Te the following pic, you can see that when using the Content Completion Assistant on a verbinding (for a linkend attribute value), it contains the IDs found elsewhere te the document.

    When an attribute value is of the type anyURI (te both XML Schema and Relieve NG schema), Oxygen displays proposals of the form #ID for each defined ID value te the document.

    Search/Refactoring Support for ID/IDREFS

    Oxygen offers support for search and refactoring operations for ID/IDREFS ter XML documents that have an associated DTD, XML Schema, or Relieve NG Schema. Thesis operations are available te the Text and Author modes.

    Te Text mode, the easiest way to access the search/refactoring activity is by using the Quick Assist support. It is available when you position the cursor inwards an ID or an IDREF and click the yellow light bulb from the line-number stripe on the left side of the editor.

    Highlight ID Occurrences te Text Mode

    To see the occurrences of an ID ter an XML document while ter Text mode, you can simply place the cursor inwards the ID declaration or reference. The occurrences are marked te the derecho side buffet at the right side of the editor and you can click a marker to navigate to that particular occurrence. The occurrences are also highlighted ter the editing area.

    XML Quick Fixes

    The Oxygen Quick Fix support helps you resolve errors that emerge te an XML document by suggesting quick fixes to problems such spil missing required attributes or invalid elements. Quick fixes are available for XML documents that are validated against XSD, Loosen NG, or Schematron schemas.

    Oxygen automatically analyzes the current error and proposes quick fixes te order to solve it ter a single step. The quick fixes are available te both Text and Author editing modes.

    Support for Enumerations

    The Content Completion Assistant offers proposals for attributes and factor values with a type that is an enumeration of tokens. This is available for documents that use XML Schema or Relieve NG schema.

    Te the following photo, the attribute list of the root factor has bot defined spil a list of fracción values (1.44, Two.88, Three.0, and Five.0) and the Content Completion Assistant offers proposals accordingly.

    Automatic Generation of Required Content

    To speed up the content creation, Oxygen automatically inserts the required attributes or content of an factor. Ter the following pic, you can see how an entire subtree is generated just by selecting an factor. This permits you to create valid content with ondergrens effort.

    Code Templates

    Document fragments can be defined and re-used while editing through code templates. The template list can be obtained with the Content Completion Assistant by using the CTRL+SPACE keyboard shortcut. Oxygen includes a large number of ready-to-use templates for XSLT, XQuery, XML Schema, and CSS, but you can also create your own code templates for any type of document. The templates can also be collective with others by using Uitvoer and Invoer deeds.

    Te the following pic, the Preview pane shows you how a Copy-Template code template has bot defined. After injection, the cursor will be placed after the xsl:template closing tag line.

    Resource Hierarchy/Dependencies View

    The relationship inbetween XML resources that are referenced using XInclude and outer entity mechanisms can be visualized and understood with the help of the Resource Hierarchy/Dependencies View.

    Update References of Moved or Renamed Resources

    When an XML, XSL, XSD, or WSDL resource is renamed or moved ter the Project view, Oxygen gives you the option to update the references for that resource. The same option is available when you budge or rename a resource ter the Resource Hierarchy/Dependencies view.

    Matching Tag Highlight and Navigation

    When placing the cursor inwards a tag name, both the start-tag and the end-tag are underlined to provide instant concentrate on the current factor. You can budge the cursor to the matching tag using the Go to Matching Tag act from the contextual spijskaart and Oxygen includes a multiplicity of helpful shortcuts to help to lightly identify and navigate XML tags.

    Automatic Editing of the Matching End-Tag

    It is effortless to rename elements ter Oxygen. When the start-tag of an XML factor is edited, the matching end-tag is automatically switched, thus keeping the XML document “well-formed” and saving you a few keystrokes.

    Lock/Unlock XML Tags

    The Lock/Unlock XML Tags option permits you to protect the markup from accidental switches and to limit modifications to text sections. This is especially useful when editing XML documents or templates with immovable markup where only text content is permitted to be modified.


    XML documents have a tree-like structure. Folding permits you to collapse elements, leaving only those that you need to edit te the concentrate. A unique feature of Oxygen is the fact that the folds are persistent (the next time you open the document the folds are restored to the last state so you can proceed to work from where you left off). For non-XML files, the folding strategy is to collapse blocks of text that have the same indent.

    Te the following pic, you can see that only one section is expanded and the surplus are collapsed. The number of lines that were collapsed are listed te brackets on the right side of the folded elements.

    You can also use contextual spijskaart deeds to collapse or expand a selected fold, its child folds, or all other folds

    Optional Content Generation

    When creating a fresh XML document, the editor generates the content of the root factor based on the required elements spil it wasgoed specified te the associated schema or DTD. Two options are also available to make the content generation process take into account optional content and choice models, thus permitting you to obtain more content for the fresh document.

    Te the following picture, the webpagina factor wasgoed chosen spil the root of the fresh document. The checkboxes above the text display the settings from the Fresh Document dialog opbergruimte. You can see that activating the optional content generation options produce more generated content.

    Considering the severity of the vulnerability and the timing of upcoming EOS mainnet launch, researchers at PeckShield instantaneously looked into the nodeos codebase and successfully reproduced the bug by crafting a malicious brainy contract to crash the vanilla EOS client spil mentioned ter the blog.

    Considering the severity of the vulnerability and the timing of upcoming EOS mainnet launch, researchers at PeckShield instantaneously looked into the nodeos codebase and successfully reproduced the bug by crafting a malicious brainy contract to crash the vanilla EOS client spil mentioned ter the blog.

    [ Update: (2018-06-24) With swift, coordinated response from Huobi.professional, wij appreciate the announcement [11] on suspending the deposits and withdrawals of affected tokens! ]

    Our vulnerability-scanning system at PeckShield has so far discovered several dangerous wise contract vulnerabilities ( batchOverflow[1], proxyOverflow[Two], transferFlaw[Trio], ownerAnyone[Four], multiOverflow[Five], burnOverflow[6], ceoAnyone[7], allowAnyone[8], allowFlaw[9]), tradeTrap[Ten]). Some of them could be used by attackers to generate tokens out of nowhere or steal tokens from legitimate holders, while others can be used to take overheen the ownership from legitimate contract possessor (or administrator).

    Ter this blog, wij disclose a fresh type of vulnerability named evilReflex. By exploiting this bug, the attacker can transfer an arbitrary amount of tokens wielded by a delicado brainy contract to any address. Specifically, whenever a brainy contract has non-zero token cómputo, those tokens could be swept out by an attacker.

    EPoD: Ethereum Packet of Death (CVE-2018-12018)

    On June 15th, Dr. Jiang, founder and CEO of PeckShield, announced that PeckShield had found a security breach that could lead to 60% of current Ethereum knots to crash te seconds.

    PeckShield and DoraHacks, a general hacker community, will announce and display this loophole at the Blockchain Connect Conference on June 27th te San Jose ter gevelbreedte of Trio,000 blockchain industry experts.

    Utter Disclosure of Highly-Manipulatable, tradeTrap-Affected ERC20 Tokens te Numerous Top Exchanges

    [ Update: (2018-06-12) The BMB (BMB) contract (0x0e935e976a47342a4aee5e32ecf2e7b59195e82f) is NOT affected by tradeTrap. Wij sincerely apology for mistakenly listing it spil a inerme ERC20 token. ]

    Quoted from our last blog [1], “publicly tradable ERC-20 tokens have considerable high market value. Various exchanges, either centralized (e.g., Binance, Huobi.voor, and OKex) or decentralized (e.g., IDEX, EtherDelta, ForkDelta), provide the marketplace by listing them, especially with high-liquidity ones, for public trading. Evidently, the transparency and security of their corresponding clever contracts is paramount. Ter practice, there is a de-facto requirement for thesis contract to be publicly verifiable on Moreover, reflecting the fundamental ‘code-is-law’ spirit and trust of blockchain technology, thesis contracts merienda deployed should not be further subject to centralized control or manipulation.”

    After publishing our blog [1], wij have bot contacted by a number of affected cryptocurrency exchanges. Spil wij believe the corresponding mitigation mechanism is now ter place, it is the time to disclose the details of tradeTrap. Spil emphasized te [1], merienda wise contracts of publicly tradable ERC-20 tokens are deployed, they should not be further subject to centralized control or manipulation. Unluckily, tradeTrap plagues 700+ ERC20 tokens and wij have so far confirmed at least dozens of them are publicly tradable on current exchanges, including Binance, Huobi.professional, OKex, OKCoinKR, CoinEgg, Kucoin, Allcoin, HitBTC, Bitbns, ZB, OTCBTC, CoinBene, COSS, EtherDelta, ForkDelta, IDEX, YEX, Tidex, Radar Relay, Yobit, WazirX, CoinExchange, CoinSpot, Bluetrade, CEX, and Livecoin. The total list of tradeTrap-affected ERC20 tokens is available here.

    While wij intend to think thesis contracts are deployed with good will and without any hidden or unintentional purpose, the existence of very manipulatable interfaces (or knobs), however, could be exploited to either make inappropriate arbitrage or even directly control buy / sell prices of affected tokens. All thesis will eventually result ter financial loss for trading customers and essentially reflect lack of enough security of affected exchanges when listing thesis tokens for trading.

    Ter the following, wij would like to disclose two types of manipulatable interfaces which could be exploited to achieve unfair arbitrage.

    Highly-Manipulatable ERC20 Tokens Identified ter Numerous Top Exchanges (including Binance, Huobi, and OKex)

    Publicly tradable ERC-20 tokens have considerable high market value. Various exchanges, either centralized (e.g., Binance, Huobi.voor, and OKex) or decentralized (e.g., IDEX, EtherDelta, ForkDelta), provide the marketplace by listing them, especially with high-liquidity ones, for public trading. Evidently, the transparency and security of their corresponding wise contracts is paramount. Ter practice, there is a de-facto requirement for thesis contract to be publicly verifiable on Moreover, reflecting the fundamental “code-is-law” spirit and trust of blockchain technology, thesis contracts merienda deployed should not be further subject to centralized control or manipulation.

    Ter this blog, wij would like to report a security kwestie called tradeTrap (mixed with inerme implementation) that utterly violates the above requirement. Unluckily, tradeTrap plagues hundreds of ERC20 tokens and wij have so far confirmed at least ten of them are publicly tradable on current exchanges. Those affected tokens could be of high-profit arbitrage opportunities to bad guys.

    Inject Final 23-Hours Grace Period For EOS Registration: 194 Million Dollars of EOS Tokens Are Not Registered Or Wrongly Registered

    The largest ICO ter history, i.e,. the ERC-20 EOS Token ICO, is now closed on June 1st at 22:59:59 UTC. Ter total, EOS has raised $Four billion with 331,433 shareholders. Among thesis token holders (excluding the reserved 0xb1 address), 149,533 of them had registered their EOS public keys and they will be officially included te the snapshot for EOS genesis generation. Thesis registered 149,533 token holders share 88% of the total supplied EOS tokens. On the other palm, there are 181,900 token holders (1.41% share) who have not finished the registration yet. If they do not accomplish the registration ter the 23-hours grace period, they may not literally own the tokens when the grace period is overheen. For the surplus Ten.59%, the 0xb1 address holds the reserved 10% share, and the final part 0.59% is kept ter the EOS clever contract, indicating those investors who already paid for the token sale, but have not claimed them yet.

    Observe Your EOS Registration: Wrong/Inappropriate Registration Might Cost 27 Million Dollars!

    Wij have bot updating EOS community about latest registration status and upcoming deadline for weeks, and made good efforts to urge the entire EOS community and related shareholders to take the necessary deeds for sleek registration. Spil of today, wij found that 29.98% EOS tokens are still NOT registered!

    Today, wij found another worrisome kwestie that requires instantaneous attention from EOS community. Among all registered (70.02%) EOS tokens, 0.23% EOS tokens are not decently registered. Based on today’s EOS price (12.40 USD), thesis improperly registered tokens are omschrijving to

    27 million dollars (USD) , which might be lost forever if not instantly re-registered before the EOS mainnet launch. With that, wij strongly recommend token holders who had already finished the registration to re-examine the EOS keys cautiously. Otherwise your registration might be invalidated!

    Specifically, our analysis shows that there are two different ways that lead to an invalid registration:

    1. Using a public, known key: EOS6MRyAjQq8ud7hVNYcfnVPJqcVpscN5So8BhtHuGYqET5GDW5CV,
    2. Using a bad format key

    Ter very first case, since the EOS key is publicly known, your registered tokens might be instantaneously stolen by others. This particular case wasgoed reported by EOSAuthority today [1]. However, our analysis vertoning that the registration punt is much more severe than wij thought because of the 2nd case.

    Analyzing and Reproducing the EOS Out-of-Bound Write Vulnerability ter nodeos

    Today, Qihoo 360 posted te its blog about an out-of-bound access vulnerability ter nodeos, a part of EOSIO software package. This vulnerability can be exploited to trigger an RCE (Remote-Code-Execution) attack [1]. Considering the severity of the vulnerability and the timing of upcoming EOS mainnet launch, researchers at PeckShield instantly looked into the nodeos codebase and successfully reproduced the bug by crafting a malicious brainy contract to crash the vanilla EOS client spil mentioned te the blog.

    Let’s commence from a quick recap of the vulnerability. Wij demonstrate ter Figure 1 the related WASM contract handler. Spil highlighted ter the figure, there is an out-of-bound write te line 78 because the offset regional variable is extracted from the untrusted contract binary (line 75).

    BiYong, An IM-Integrated Digital Wallet App, Poses Serious Privacy and Private Risks

    [ Update: (2018-06-05) The latest version of Biyong has accordingly motionless the reported issues! Thank Biyong team for responsible and timely upgrade! ]

    Digital wallets provide an essential functionality ter managing digital assets or tokens for users and are considered a key pole te the broad blockchain ecosystem. Te today’s mobile app markets, there are fairly a few wallet-oriented mobile apps (e.g., Uittocht and imToken) that provide fine convenience and service for managing digital assets. However, different from other mobile apps, digital wallets may face stricter requirements and higher standards for better privacy and security, especially with the enforcement of EU Universal Gegevens Protection Regulation (GDPR).

    Recently, researchers at PeckShield have examined a number of mobile app-based digital wallets and came across a well-known blockchain-oriented IM app, i.e., BiYong, with almost Three million monthly active mobile users. This particular app aims to become “WeChat” ter the Blockchain world by building a social network that linksom Blockchain users, communities, media, assets, applications and etc. It not only offers features to seamlessly interact with Telegram, but also provides digital wallet functionality for asset transfer or payment. However, our analysis shows that BiYong fails to hold a high standard ter managing and collecting users’ private information. Specifically, this app collects user ID te Telegram (i.e., Telegram ID and name), telephone number, and even payment passcode and uploads them to BiYong servers te plaintext! Wij consider it entirely unacceptable spil it violates user privacy and disobeys the fundamental spirit behind Blockchain for the maintenance of user privacy and pseudonymity.

    Final Week Countdown: Half of EOS Tokens Are Still NOT Registered!

    One week before the expected freezing of ERC20-based EOS tokens, wij found that 51.7% EOS tokens are still NOT registered . Compared with our last probe on 05/01/2018, the EOS registration rate observes some improvement, but certainly not significant at all. Among the 48.3% registered tokens, 10% is already reserved for at the very beginning, leaving externally-circulating tokens with 38.3% registered! This is a very BAD sign for the entire EOS community.

    Fresh allowAnyone Bug Identified te Numerous ERC20 Wise Contracts (CVE-2018-11397, CVE-2018-11398)

    Our vulnerability-scanning system at PeckShield has so far discovered several dangerous clever contract vulnerabilities ( batchOverflow[1], proxyOverflow[Two], transferFlaw[Trio], ownerAnyone[Four], multiOverflow[Five]), burnOverflow[6]), ceoAnyone[7]). Some of them could be used by attackers to generate tokens out of nowhere or steal tokens from legitimate holders, while others can be used to take overheen the ownership from legitimate contract proprietor (or administrator).

    Today, our system reports a fresh vulnerability called allowAnyone that affects a number of publicly tradable tokens (including EDU). Because of the vulnerability, attackers can steal valuable tokens (managed by affected, pasivo clever contracts) from legitimate holders. More specifically, our investigation shows that te those inerme brainy contracts, the ERC20 standard API, transferFrom(), has an kwestie when checking the permitted[ ][ ] storage, which typically represents the amount of tokens that _from permits msg.sender to use. Spil a result, anyone can transfer tokens on behalf of another one who has non-zero movimiento.

    Fresh ceoAnyone Bug Identified ter Numerous Crypto Spel Clever Contracts (CVE-2018-11329)

    Our vulnerability-scanning system at PeckShield has so far discovered several dangerous clever contract vulnerabilities ( batchOverflow[1], proxyOverflow[Two], transferFlaw[Trio], ownerAnyone[Four], multiOverflow[Five], burnOverflow[6]). Thesis vulnerabilities typically affect various tokens that may be publicly traded te exchanges. Today, wij would like to report a fresh vulnerability named ceoAnyone, which affects, instead of tradable tokens ter exchanges, but Crypto-Games.

    Embarking from the end of 2018, blockchain-based crypto-games have become popular especially with the initial success of CryptoKitties. Among crypto-games, cypto idle spel is an interesting category that enables players to make money by idling for hours, then followed by a profit-making transaction (e.g., selling a Laboratorium Rat on Ether Goo). Many of the cypto idle spel owners make profit from the transaction toverfee. However, what if the holder address could be manipulated or fully hijacked by attackers?

    Fresh burnOverflow Bug Identified te Numerous ERC20 Wise Contracts (CVE-2018-11239)

    Our vulnerability-scanning system at PeckShield has so far discovered several dangerous clever contract vulnerabilities ( batchOverflow[1], proxyOverflow[Two], transferFlaw[Trio], ownerAnyone[Four], multiOverflow[Five]). Some of them could be used by attackers to generate tokens out of nowhere while others can be used to steal tokens from legitimate holders.

    Today, wij would like to report another vulnerability called burnOverflow that affects a few ERC20-related tokens. Te particular, one such token, i.e., Hexagon Token (HXG), has already bot attacked te the wild. Specifically, on Five/Legal/2018, 12:55:06 p.m. UTC, PeckShield detected such attacking transaction (spil shown ter Figure 1) where someone calls transfer() with a phat amount of HXG token — 0xffff,ffff,ffff,ffff,ffff,ffff,ffff,ffff,ffff,ffff,ffff,ffff,ffff,ffff,ffff,fffe to another address without actually spending any HXG token.

    Fresh multiOverflow Bug Identified ter Numerous ERC20 Brainy Contracts (CVE-2018-10706)

    Our vulnerability-scanning system at PeckShield has so far discovered several dangerous clever contract vulnerabilities ( batchOverflow, proxyOverflow, transferFlaw, ownerAnyone). Some of them could be used by attackers to generate tokens out of nowhere while others can be used to steal tokens from legitimate holders. Today, wij would like to report another vulnerability named multiOverflow that afflicts dozens of ERC20-based clever contracts. Our investigation shows that multiOverflow is another rechtschapen overflow bug which is similar to batchOverflow but with its own characteristics.

    Fresh ownerAnyone Bug Permits For Anyone to ”Own” Certain ERC20-Based Brainy Contracts (CVE-2018-10705)

    This morning, our vulnerability-scanning system at PeckShield identified a fresh vulnerability named ownerAnyone ter certain ERC20-based brainy contracts such spil AURA, which is deployed by a decentralized banking and finance toneelpodium – AURORA. This bug, if successfully exploited, might introduce the danger of serious financial accident. Fortunately, the attackers would not be financially benefited from exploiting the vulnerability. Instead, the ownerAnyone bug can be used to trigger Denial-of-Service (DoS) attack on the affected clever contracts.

    No improvement: EOS Token Registration Proceeds to be Low (ONLY 28.57% Tokens Registered)!

    The ERC20-based EOS tokens are expected to become frozen on the Ethereum blockchain on June Two, 2018 22:59:59 UTC (shortly before the scheduled EOS mainnet launch). Evidently, holding a certain amount of EOS tokens at this stage is not omschrijving yet to having the corresponding share of native EOS tokens. Instead, current holders of ERC20-based EOS tokens need to register their tokens through the EOSCrowdsale contract. Only after the registration, current token holders will be entitled zometeen on the EOS mainnet with voting privilege for their dearest block producers or super-nodes, which presently go through intensive competition and heated discussions.

    Ter our last month investigate [1], wij found spil of 04/01/2018, among all issued tokens, EOS token registration rate is spil low spil 23.55%. One month zometeen, wij revisited and found spil of 05/01/2018, the EOS token registration rate remains spil low spil 28.57% , with no improvement at all. Among the 28.57% registration, 10% is already reserved for at the very beginning, leaving externally-circulating tokens with Legitimate.56% registered! This is worrisome specially compared to recently leaped EOS market cap.

    Your Tokens Are Mine: A Suspicious Scam Token te A Top Exchange

    Our automated scanning system at PeckShield discovered a fresh vulnerability named transferFlaw (CVE-2018–10468). This particular vulnerability affects a publicly traded ERC20 token listed ter a top exchange. Different from batchOverflow [1] and proxyOverflow [Two] wij identified before, this vulnerability does not lead to generating uncountable tokens. Instead, this one, when exploited, can be used by attackers to steal others’ tokens.

    Our in-depth code analysis further indicates that it is very likely a scam token. Wij have promptly notified affected exchanges to delist the related token. Note that the token has bot publicly tradable for about Ten months even however at a relatively low trade volume, wij believe it poses a realistic threat to legitimate users and cryptocurrency market spil a entire.

    MyEtherWallet Domain-Hijacking Financially Victimized 198 Users, Causing $320K Loss

    On April 24th, MyEtherWallet (or MEW) users te certain areas suffered from domain hijacking and, when visiting official domain, may be redirected to phishing sites (physically located ter Russia). Spil of this writing, there are 198 victims falling prey with $320K US dollars loss.


    Around 12:00 PM UTC on April 24th, the DNS entries of certain Amazon servers were compromised [Two], and a portion of web-browsing traffic (i.e., HTTPS-based web requests) to MEW were redirected to a fake phishing webstek. The fake webstek wasgoed camouflaged to have the same appearance with MEW. Note the phishing webstek used a self-signed TLS certificate, which is considered insecure by commodity browsers with warning pop-ups. However, users may disregard the warnings and still choose to proceed and come in their key information, which will then be stolen by attackers to instantly transfer remaining ETH balances.

    Fresh proxyOverflow Bug te Numerous ERC20 Clever Contracts (CVE-2018-10376)

    On Four/24/2018, 01:17:50 p.m. UTC, PeckShield again detected an unusual MESH token transaction (shown ter Figure 1). Te this particular transaction, someone transferred a large amount of MESH token — 0x8fff,ffff,ffff,ffff,ffff,ffff,ffff,ffff,ffff,ffff,ffff,ffff,ffff,ffff,ffff,ffff (63 f’s) to herself along with a gigantic amount toverfee — 0x7000,0000,0000,0000,0000,0000,0000,0000,0000,0000,0000,0000,0000,0000,0000,0001 to the address issuing this transaction.

    Oplettend: Fresh batchOverflow Bug te Numerous ERC20 Brainy Contracts (CVE-2018-10299)

    Built on our earlier efforts ter analyzing EOS tokens, wij have developed an automated system to scan and analyze Ethereum-based (ERC-20) token transfers. Specifically, our system will automatically send out alerts if any suspicious transactions (e.g., involving unreasonably large tokens) occur.

    Ter particular, on Four/22/2018, 03:28:52 a.m. UTC, our system raised an noodsein which is related to an unusual BEC token transaction (shown ter Figure 1). Te this particular transaction, someone transferred an utterly large amount of BEC token — 0x8000,0000,0000,0000,0000,0000,0000,0000,0000,0000,0000,0000,0000,0000,0000,0000 (63 0’s – Te fact, there’re actually two such large token transfers, with each transfer involving the same amount of tokens from the same BeautyChain contract but to two different addresses).

    Low EOS Token Registration Is worth Community Attention (and Deeds)!

    Among existing digital cryptocurrency tokens, EOS gained prominence within the crypto community and has bot touted spil the next-generation flagship blockchain infrastructure. Its market capitalization has recently skyrocketed and makes it 5th place with more than $6B valuation [1]. Notice that holding a certain amount of EOS tokens at this stage is not omschrijving yet to having the corresponding share of native EOS tokens. Te particular, before the official EOS mainnet launch ter June, 2018, token holders need to register their EOS tokens through the EOSCrowdsale contract. Only after the token registration, current token holders can ‘‘own’’ their token share on the EOS mainnet right after the June launch. The ownership will further entitle token holders to vote for their dearest block producers, which presently fall under intensive competition and heated discussions.

    Te this blog, wij take a close look at th EOS token registration progress. Our aim here is to find out how many token holders actually have finished the registration process. More specifically, considering the total supply of 1 billion EOS tokens, what is the percentage (or registration rate) that have actually ended the above registration?