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Aljosa – s blog, Mini howtos

Aljosa – s blog, Mini howtos

Mini howtos …

For slovenian keyboard

Bios motherboard with gpt partition scheme

Use contraptions like parted, gdisk.

Format partitions (mkfs. , mkswap, swapon)

EFI motherboard with GPT partition scheme.

Create puny 1 Gb partition for EFI (code: EF00)

Create interchange partition ter the size of RAM or at least 2Gb (code: 8200)

Create root partition 40Gb (it could be smaller)

Create huis partition from the surplus of the disk size.

You could create separate partitions (VAR, OPT).

Climb on partitions (root, boot, huis)

Cojín system installation

Create climb on points te fstab

Install reserve programs with pacman

Define/configure locale settings



ADD Very first USERS

Run visudo and uncomment wheel group.

Add newuser to wheel group.

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Login spil fresh user

use README for help

liquidate makeshift schrijfmap /huis/newuser.LJHFLAHL

PAM-a ecrypt configuration

I3 window manager

LAPTOP (hibernate laptop at 5% of the battery life

Define storage pool

example: directory on outer usb drive

Invoer fresh photo

RDESKTOP (remotely manage windows computers)

DISK test implements

From webpagina http://localhost:631, wij can add fresh printers

LCMC – cluster administration


It works te firefox.


At the end of files wij add:

A bash script to randomize the xterm colors defined ter the .Xresources opstopping.

Requirements: An diferente .Xresources opstopping. It vereiste, among other definitions, specify all the neccesary colors ter the following form (order is irrellevant):

Navigate to the directory where your system’s .Xresources opstopping is located (most likely your huis directory). Make sure it obeys with the listed requirements. If so, copy it into a fresh verkeersopstopping to which wij from now on refer spil the flamante opstopping. Else edit it so it does and then create the copy:

Now wij are ready to run the script. Verify that it is located ter current directory and classified executable. Then run:

Fell free to substitute the number Ten with any rechtschapen ter range from 0 to 255. That is the limit on the randomization range. Spil it increases the output will te promedio differ more and more from the flamante.

After the fresh .Xresources is generated, you can flow it:

Restart your xterm to see the switch take place. Repeating this process a duo of times will likely provide you with a truly amazing xterm color scheme.

Paste this into the randXcolor verkeersopstopping.

Thesis are instructions on how to waterput Debian for Beaglebone Black (BBB) on a SD card without using an extra SD card reader.

Hardware required: Beaglebone Black and a GNU/Linux pc, both connected to the same LAN, and a micro SD card.

Pc software required: a web browser, wget, md5sum, 7zip, arp-scan, openssh, dd.

BBB software required: a working GNU/Linux running from the eMMC.

Fire up your rekentuig’s terminal. Chdir into an primarily empty directory.

1) Navigate to the official BBB webpagina using your preferred browser:

Two) Download the latest Debian (or other) pic via wget. Choose beetween the bootable and flashing-only version (according to your private preference). You can also download the verkeersopstopping using browser or bit torrent.

Four) Unzip the opstopping using 7zip (the extracted opstopping will look like this: IMAGE_NAME.img):

Five) Make sure your BBB is connected to the same particular network your machine is connected to using ethernet cable. Also make sure the SD card has bot waterput into its slot after BBB had bot turned on and booted up.

Find your recinto ethernet name. It should look something like eth0. You will be able to find it using this directive:

6) Arp-scan your huis network to find the BBB’s IP adress:

7) The IP address corresponding to Texas Instruments, Inc te the third katern should be your BBB’s. Now you can ssh into your device. If you’re using the default Angstrom distribution, just klapper come in when asked for password:

8) List bulk devices to find your SD card’s device name.

9) Take this step very gravely since not doing so could do harm to your BBB te step 11. You should be able to find the SD card device name by its size, filetype and name. The BBB comes with a 2GB on-board flash so make sure to filterzakje that one out. The SD may include some partitions, for example mmcblk1p1 and/or mmcblk1p2. Ter my case, the SD device name wasgoed mmcblk1. Wij will be using the SD_NAME te the following steps.

Memorise the SD_NAME (or better yet, write it down) and unmount all of its partitions:

Make sure they had bot unmounted using lsblk again.

11) Please take this final step even more earnestly and go after at your own risk. Wij will be using the dd pic writing guideline, also known spil the Gegevens Destructor. You could lightly ruin all gegevens either on your machine or BBB so proceed cautiously.

Clone the picture to the SD card using ssh:

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if stands for input, of for output. This will take a while. You should get a coffee. Or make tea. Take a quick nap ter vuurlijn of your rekentuig. Merienda it’s done, you should end up with a SD-card ready for eMMC flash or boot.

The easiest way to install packages on arch Linux is from the official repositories using pacman. This is also the preferred way since the packages installed this way are updated through system-wide updates.

However what if the package you need is not available te the official repos? Or perhaps you need a newer version? Ter this case you can go after this proces:

AUR stands for arch user repository. It is maintained by the community. Many packages are availible. AUR.

Check the dependencies. You will need to install them straks if they are not installed on your system but no need to worry about that just yet. Read the discussion on the bottom of the pagina – it sometimes contains valuable informatie. If the package is flagged out of date you can consider yourself unlucky. Thesis ones usually don’t work out of the opbergruimte. Attempt – perhaps it does. Many packages are marked with “-git”. Thesis ones use git to install the newest version of the software.

Download tarball archive using your browser. It is worthwhile using a special folder for all the programs you build for convenience. Merienda downloaded locate the verkeersopstopping through console and run:

Four. Read the PKGBUILD opstopping and build

PKGBUILD verkeersopstopping contains all the information needed to install a package. You are advised to see it before install but it is not necessary.

Then run this instruction:

s (syncdeps) installs the missing depencenies using pacman provided they are available through sync repos. Ter case they are not you can install them the way you are attempting to install this one.

r (rmdeps) eliminates the dependencies after the build process is ended so your system does not get loaded with programs you do not need.

c (clean) cleans up leftover work files used during the build process.

Te case build process wasgoed not not successful you can attempt to edit PKGBUILD verkeersopstopping, leave a comment on the package AUR webstek or perhaps send a message to the mantainer.

After a successful build process your current folder should contain a verkeersopstopping with the extension .tar.xz. Install the package like this (spil root):

U (upgrade) upgrades or adds package(s) to the system and installs the required dependencies from sync repos.

You should treat your system well. Informatie regarding the arch linux maintenance is availible through the arch wiki.

Cisco 1841 ethernet port + dialer interface

description == WAN interface

pppoe enable group universal

pppoe-client dial-pool-number 1

description == LAN interface

ip address

ip virtual-reassembly ter

ip tcp adjust-mss 1452

description == pppoe to ISP

ip address negotiated

ip virtual-reassembly te

ppp authentication chap pap callin

ppp chap hostname username@domain.tld

ppp chap password 7 060B162A5D4C222C1F

ppp pap sent-username username@domain.tld password 7 030E3100150D592954

ppp ipcp dns request

ppp ipcp route default

ppp ipcp address accept

ip dhcp pool LAN

network 192.168.Two.0

dns-server Four.Four.Four.Four

ip address 192.168.Two.1

ip helper-address

ip vloeistof inwards &lt,– significant part ter Vocht translation

ip virtual-reassembly ter

HWIC-4ESW ethernet port configuration

description == PC LAN

switchport access vlan Two

description == AP LAN

switchport access vlan Two

ip regenachtig inwards source list 1 interface Dialer1 overcharge

access-list 1 permit

access-list 1 permit 192.168.Two.0

Stijlvol way to backup or restore user mailbox ter Zimbra.

Tested ter Zimbra 8.x and works.

BACKUP user mailbox:

RESTORE user mailbox:

Wij need bridge (brX) interface(s) for linux kvm virtualization.

VLAN-s vereiste be defined on Cisco switch

VLAN Ten – IT vlan

VLAN 20 – DMZ vlan

VLAN 30 – guest vlan

Define vlan without ip (L2 switch):

Define vlan with ip address (L3 switch):


Connection to network interface eth0 on linux server for vlan Ten and vlan 30 (trunk connection):

Connection to network interface eth1 on linux server for vlan 20 (trunk connection):


Reset IIS and reboot server from cmd

Create directory listig (example: budge user profile to partition D)

1. Copy user profile to partition D

Two. Delete flamante userprofile on partition C

Three. Create verbinding on C partition which points to D partition

Migrate Zimbra 7 (mailboxes, documents,…) to fresh 64 bit server with Zimbra 8.0.


OS: Centos Five.8 32 bit

Zimbra: Zimbra 7.Two.0

UPGRADE to latest zimbra for Centos Five.8(ZIMBRA 7.Two.1)

Do you want to verify message store database integrity? [Y]

Verifying integrity of message store databases. This may take a while.

mysqld is alive

Database errors found.

/opt/zimbra/mysql/bin/mysqlcheck -defaults-file=/opt/zimbra/conf/my.cnf -S /opt/zimbra/db/mysql.sock -A -C -s -u root -auto-repair -password=XXXXXXXX

Error : You can’t use locks with loom tables.

Error : You can’t use locks with loom tables.

This is a bug ter mysql and does no hurm .

Upgrade wasgoed successfull. ??

Vertoning fresh zimbra version:

Create backup directory for LDAP


Save mail address for SPAM and HAM accounts

OS: Ubuntu Ten.04 TLS 64bit

Zimbra: Zimbra 8.0 (very first install 7.Two.1)

Install Ubuntu server Ten.04 LTS (minimal install + ssh server)

Create separate partition /opt for zimbra installation (size depend on size and quantity of mailboxes)

Use old mailserver hostname and IP adress

Prepare HOSTS verkeersopstopping .

Download ZIMBRA 7.Two.1

Install ZIMBRA 7.Two.1 to the Fresh SERVER

DNS ERROR resolving MX for mail.domain.tld

It is suggested that the domain name have an MX record configured te DNS

Switch domain name? [Yes]

Create domain: [mail.domain.tld] domain.tld

Create domain: [mail.domain.tld] domain.tld

MX: mail.domain.tld (192.168.Ten.7)

Checking for port conflicts

1) Common Configuration:

Two) zimbra-ldap: Enabled

Three) zimbra-store: Enabled

+Create Admin User: yes

+Admin user to create: admin@domain.tld

******* +Admin Password UNSET

+Anti-virus quarantine user: virus-quarantine.lsmlhshnmy@domain.tld

+Enable automated spam training: yes

+Spam training user: spam.wyqzbievu@domain.tld

+Non-spam(Ham) training user: ham.vccas9hrzf@domain.tld

+SMTP host: mail.domain.tld

+Web server HTTP port: 80

+Web server HTTPS port: 443

+Web server mode: http

+IMAP server port: 143

+IMAP server SSL port: 993

+Speelpop server port: 110

+Speelpop server SSL port: 995

+Use spell check server: yes

+Spell server URL: http://mail.domain.tld:7780/aspell.php

+Configure for use with mail proxy: FALSE

+Configure for use with web proxy: FALSE

+Enable version update checks: TRUE

+Enable version update notifications: TRUE

+Version update notification email: admin@domain.tld

+Version update source email: admin@domain.tld

Four) zimbra-mta: Enabled

Five) zimbra-snmp: Enabled

6) zimbra-logger: Enabled

7) zimbra-spell: Enabled

8) Default Class of Service Configuration:

r) Begin servers after configuration yes

s) Save config to opstopping

Switch admin password

Four) Admin Password set

Switch antivirus quarantine user from old server.

Five) Anti-virus quarantine user: virus-quarantine.jllqjtji@domain.tld

Switch spam training user from old server.

7) Spam training user: spam.ydku3gfyuh@domain.tld

Switch ham training user from old server.

8) Non-spam(Ham) training user: ham.r4ujxkaq4@domain.tld

*** CONFIGURATION Finish – press ‘a’ to apply

Select from menukaart, or press ‘a’ to apply config (? – help) a

Save configuration gegevens to a verkeersopstopping? [Yes]

Spil zimbra user do:

Three. COPY Gegevens TO Fresh SERVER

Copy DB_CONFIG from old server to fresh server

Create BACKUP directory on Fresh SERVER

Copy LDAP Gegevens from OLD SERVER to Fresh SERVER

Invoer LDAP Gegevens


COPY localconfig.xml from OLDSERVER to NEWSERVER

BACKUP localconfig.xml on the NEWSERVER

EDIT localconfig.xml and switch values to values from OLDSERVER

c. zimbra_logger_mysql_password (Note: Transfer/copy this value to the fresh 64-bit server only if available from the old 32-bit server.)

d. mailboxd_keystore_password (Note: Transfer/copy this value to the fresh 64-bit server only if available from the old 32-bit server.)

Eliminate gegevens from Fresh SERVER

COPY Gegevens from OLD SERVER

Copy MESSAGES and INDEX files from OLD SERVER to Fresh SERVER

+ Switch keystore PASSWORD

COPY smtp,ldap,nginx CERTIFICATE and KEY from OLD to Fresh server



Commence ZIMBRA 7.Two.1 on Fresh SERVER

Commencing ldap. Done.

Incapable to determine enabled services from ldap.

Enabled services read from cache. Service list may be inaccurate.

Kicking off zmconfigd. Done.

Kicking off logger. Failed.

Kicking off logswatch. ERROR: service.FAILURE (system failure: ZimbraLdapContext) (cause: javax.televisiekanaal.ssl.SSLHandshakeException PKIX path validation failed: signature check failed)

zimbra logger service is not enabled! failed.

Commencing mailbox. Done.

Kicking off antispam. Done.

Commencing antivirus. Failed.

Embarking amavisd. Config opstopping “/opt/zimbra/conf/amavisd.conf” does not exist, at /opt/zimbra/amavisd/sbin/amavisd line 1799.

Beginning freshclam. done.

Kicking off clamd. ERROR: Can’t open/parse the config opstopping /opt/zimbra/conf/freshclam.conf

Beginning snmp. Done.

Commencing spell. Done.

Beginning mta. Failed.

Beginning saslauthd. saslauthd[8646] :set_auth_mech : failed to initialize mechanism zimbra

zmsaslauthdctl failed to begin

Commencing stats. Done.

Beginning logswatch. ERROR: service.FAILURE (system failure: ZimbraLdapContext) (cause: javax.nipt.ssl.SSLHandshakeException PKIX path validation failed: signature check failed)

zimbra logger service is not enabled! Failed.

Kicking off ldap. Done.

Kicking off zmconfigd. Done.

Kicking off logger. Done.

Beginning mailbox. Done.

Kicking off antispam. Done.

Commencing antivirus. Done.

Commencing snmp. Done.

Kicking off spell. Done.

Kicking off mta. Done.

Embarking stats. Done.

** Saving server config key zimbraSSLCertificate. done.

** Saving server config key zimbraSSLPrivateKey. done.

** Installing mta certificate and key. done.

** Installing slapd certificate and key. done.

** Installing proxy certificate and key. done.

** Creating pkcs12 opstopping /opt/zimbra/ssl/zimbra/jetty.pkcs12. done.

** Creating keystore opstopping /opt/zimbra/mailboxd/etc/keystore. done.

** Installing CA to /opt/zimbra/conf/ca. done.

** Importing CA /opt/zimbra/ssl/zimbra/ca/ca.pem into CACERTS. done.

** Saving completo config key zimbraCertAuthorityCertSelfSigned. done.

** Saving integral config key zimbraCertAuthorityKeySelfSigned. done.

** Copying CA to /opt/zimbra/conf/ca. done.

Updating keys for mail.domain.tld

Fetching key for mail.domain.tld

Updating keys for mail.domain.tld

notBefore=Sep 30 13:Nineteen:52 2012 GMT

notAfter=Sep 29 13:Nineteen:52 2018 GMT

notBefore=Sep 30 13:Nineteen:52 2012 GMT

notAfter=Sep 29 13:Nineteen:52 2018 GMT

notBefore=Sep 30 13:Nineteen:52 2012 GMT

notAfter=Sep 29 13:Nineteen:52 2018 GMT

notBefore=Sep 30 13:Nineteen:52 2012 GMT

notAfter=Sep 29 13:Nineteen:52 2018 GMT

Message: system failure: Cannot WRITE index directory (mailbox=6 idxPath=/opt/zimbra/index/0/6/index/0) Error code: service.FAILURE Method: [unknown] Details:soap:Receiver

Click to MAILQUEUE on WEB CONSOLE produce:

Message: system failure: exception during auth Error code: service.FAILURE Method: [unknown] Details:soap:Receiver

Message: system failure: exception during auth Error code: service.FAILURE Method: [unknown] Details:soap:Receiver

$ zmprov ms mail.domain.tld zimbraRemoteManagementPort 22

Very likely INTERFACES Opstopping .

There wasgoed no gateway te /etc/network/interfaces

add gateway

After I switched interfaces opstopping, restart network with

# service networking restart

Pay attention at hosts verkeersopstopping .

NOW everything works fine.

Test MAIL SERVER by sending and receiving mail.

Download fresh Zimbra

Embarking mysql. done.

ERROR 1133 (42000) at line Two: Can’t find any matching row te the user table

ERROR 1396 (HY000) at line 1: Operation Druppel USER failed for ”@’mail’

Check running SERVICES,

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HELP from Zimbra wiki:

OS: linux debian 6

Software Raid: raid 1 created with mdadm

Failed drive: sata drive (/dev/sda) of size 500Gb

Fresh drive: same size or thicker sata drive. Te my case 1Tb sata drive

1. Shutdown server,

Two. Substitute failed disk,

Four. Rebuild Raid 1,


With fdisk I looked how is active disk ter Raid 1 configured.

I used fdisk to create same size raid partitions on fresh disk:






Example of howto eliminate a failed disk from array:

IF PROBLEMS WITH update-grub … update-grub failed with no such disk …

Televisiekanaal Surplus API JSON Filtering – Code Review Stack Exchange

Televisiekanaal Surplus API JSON Filtering – Code Review Stack Exchange

You can have your api setup like this:

Granted, this will duplicate some fields across types but it is a fairly limber way of permitting you to define exactly what you want returned for each request. Ter this script the Book type is what you use ter the backend and *Viewmodel are responses for the specific situation they’re responding to.

Personally I like this because it permits mij to lightly define what should be returned when but on the other arm it does introduce finta a bit of duplication. If you feel indeed compelled however you could look into generating types based off annotations but that might be going down overengineeringlane perhaps.

I see three options here:

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Two.1. Either you pass te a list of strings ter the request which indicate which fields you are interested ter and then you build a JSON response that only contains those fields.

Two.Two. You define a few configurations beforehand and permit the user to pick either of those which will terugwedstrijd a response based on this configuration. This can be done with hardcoded types or through some sort of lookup service which uses reflection like your example ter the question.

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Two.Trio. You don’t pass te any query since it isn’t truly needed anyway if you’re adhering to Surplus principles: if you want the overview of books you should query /api/books/ and when you want a specific book’s information you query /api/books/ . This will already tell you what kleintje of information you should terugwedstrijd.

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This is also a common treatment: simply terugwedstrijd x-amount of objects and indicate ter the response what “pagina” you’re on. When you permit your API endpoint to take te this pagina spil a parameter, you can little by little terugwedstrijd gegevens which solves your underlying problem: too many objects for one response.

Do note that you should define some sort of order somewhere. Either the user does this or you have a default ordering, there’s a lotsbestemming you can customize here.

A sample implementation could look like this:

Tableau JavaScript API Concepts-Accessing the API

Tableau JavaScript API Concepts-Accessing the API

The JavaScript API runs on Tableau Online, Tableau Public, and Tableau Server versions 8.0 and zometeen. To use the JavaScript API, you need to include the JavaScript API verkeersopstopping ter your web pagina.

Note: The JavaScript API files are located on the server (including Tableau Online and Tableau Public). There is no separate download for the files. You just specify the URL to the JavaScript API verkeersopstopping te your web pagina, spil described ter the following section.

The JavaScript API opstopping is a library that contains functions for interacting with the JavaScript API. The JavaScript API opstopping is available te numerous versions, and each version of the Tableau JavaScript library corresponds to a specific version of Tableau Server. Additionally, for each version of the JavaScript API verkeersopstopping, there is also a minified verkeersopstopping that you can use te production environments to reduce the amount of gegevens that browsers need to download.

JavaScript API Versions

The following table lists the JavaScript API files and the corresponding versions of Tableau Server:

For Tableau Online and Tableau Public, use the latest version of the JavaScript API verkeersopstopping.

Versioning Notes

Kicking off with Tableau Server 9.1, you can listig to the JavaScript API opstopping using only the major version number. Tableau Server comebacks the latest minor version of the JavaScript API verkeersopstopping available. For example, if you listig to the tableau-2.js verkeersopstopping, Tableau Server might terugwedstrijd the tableau-2.0.Two.js verkeersopstopping. Use the major version of the verkeersopstopping to avoid updating code references for minor version switches. However, you can still get a specific minor version of the JavaScript API verkeersopstopping by linking to it directly.

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The version numbers for JavaScript API files has switched since the very first release. Embarking with Tableau Server 9.0, the version of the JavaScript API verkeersopstopping is independent of the Tableau Server version. Each version uses the following convention:

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tableau_ major-release . minor-release . update-release .js

Previously, JavaScript API verkeersopstopping versions matched the version of Tableau Server. For example, the tableau_v8.js verkeersopstopping corresponded to Tableau Server 8.0.

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Kicking off with Tableau Server 9.0, you can get the JavaScript API opstopping from any location, including your own server, Tableau Public, and Tableau Online. JavaScript API files te all thesis locations are identical for a given version of the JavaScript API verkeersopstopping.

Embarking with Tableau Server 9.0, minified versions of the JavaScript API opstopping are designated with the .minus naming convention. Previously, the minified version did not use a naming convention. Instead, the total version of the verkeersopstopping wasgoed designated with the .debug naming convention.

You can access non-minified versions of the library by removing .minus from the filename. For example, for the latest version, you can use tableau-2.js

Where to Get the JavaScript API Opstopping

Commencing with Tableau Server version 9.0, you can get the JavaScript API opstopping from numerous locations, including Tableau Online and Tableau Public. However, if you get the JavaScript API verkeersopstopping from the same server that hosts your visualizations, you can ensure that you always use a version of the opstopping that is compatible with the server. Additionally, for versions of Tableau Server before 9.0, you vereiste get the JavaScript API opstopping from the same server that hosts your visualizations. Otherwise, the code may not work.

Add the following code to a web pagina to get the JavaScript API verkeersopstopping:

For example, you might inject the following code:

For Tableau Online and Tableau Public, come in one of the following:

Note: On Tableau Server , the JavaScript API files are stored te the following location:

Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Server\ 2018.1 \wgserver\public\javascripts\api

Krzysztof Baranowski – Strona Two – Zarabiaj pasywnie w internecie

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Zarabiaj pasywnie w internecie

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-zalegle wyplaty w eth zostaly przydzielone

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-platnosc wstrzymana dopoki nie wdroza nowego systemu

-w niedlugim czasie bedzie mozliwa konwersacja monero na inny token

?Portfel Dash zostanie usuniety 1 kwietnia

-do 1 kwietnia uzytkownicy maja czas na wyplate srodkow dash na portfele.

-portfel zostanie przywrocony w przyszlosci, poniewaz jak twierdzi firma „bedziemy dalej wspierac dash’a tylko nie w tym momencie”)

?Sprzet do wydobycia- wkrotce !

-moc zostanie dokladana w pewnych odstepach czasu.

biezaca moc = 480 PH

  • Luty 28: 20 PH
  • Marzec Ten: 228 PH
  • Marzec15: 30 PH
  • Kwiecien 15: 200 PH
  • Kwiecien 30: 228 PH
  • Maj 15: 250 PH
  • Maj 30: 200 PH
  • Czerwiec 15: 140 PH
  • Czerwiec 30: 100 PH
  • Lipiec Ten: 160 PH

Ostateczna moc = 1,557 PH

-Firma podaje, zij pod koniec wakacji mozemy sie spodziewac mocy Three,000 PH !

Bitclub swietnie sie rozwija !. Widzimy to po samych usprawnieniach. Nie wiem jak wy, ale ja sie zastanawiam nad dodatkowym kupnem udzialow do wydobycia. ????

Zmiana zakupu pul wydobywczych w Futuronetwork !

Z dniem 23.02.2018 Futurenet zmienil mozliwosc kupowania pul wydobywczych Futuro w FuturoNetwork????. Od teraz bedziemy mogli kupowac dowolne pule w dowolnych ilosciach.????

Wczesniej musielismy stopniowo kupowac udzialy az do osiagniecia najwyzszej za kwote 25.000 $. Dopiero po tym moglismy dokupywac inne.

Jest to dobra opcja dla osob, ktore nie mialy wystarczajaco srodkow na kupienie wiekszej puli i musialy zbierac swoje oszczednosci. Teraz mozemy dokupywac udzialy na wydobycie Futuro juz od 100$ !.

Chcesz dolaczyc do ogromnej spolecznosci Futurenet i kopac kryptowalute Futuro ?.

??Napisz do mnie w zakladce Kontakt

??Verbinding do rejestracji TUTAJ

Roman Ziemian oraz Stephan Morgensern w kawiarni Futurenet w Kijowie !

CEO Futurenet wprowadza platnosc w Futurenet cafe Futorocoinem !. ????

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Live z profilu Romana znajdziecie TUTAJ

Obserwuj Romana ! Kliknij TUTAJ

Obserwuj Stephana ! Kliknij TUTAJ

Chcesz dolaczyc do futurenet ? ZAREJESTRUJ SIE

Dowiedz sie wiecej Klinkij TUTAJ

Update Bitclub !

Nowe aktualnosci z kopalni Bitclubnetwork !

Bitclub wprowadza zmiany co do platnosci za pule wydobywcze i nie tylko.

-Oplaty za pule do Bitcoina jak i GPU zostaly zmienione na Bitcoin Metselspecie. Bitcoin zostal wycofany z powodu duzych oplat transakcyjnych.

-Konwertowanie zarobkow z puli Bitcoin na Bitcoin Metselspecie.

-Zostala zaakceptowana wplata Bitcoina, ale TYLKO na portfel w Bitclubie.

-Bonusy/prowizje z poleconych beda wyplacane WYLACZNIE w Bitcoin Specie

-Wydobycie pul Bitcoin i kupowanie czesciowych udzialow, bedzie kontynuowane

-Mozliwosc zmiany reinwestycji na pulach GPU (tak jak mamma to miejsce w przypadku Bitcoina, skala od 0% do 100$)

-W niedlugim czasie bedzie dodana opcja zmiany wydobycia(kupionych pul do Bitcoina) zij zwyklego Bitcoina na Bitcoin Specie.

Czemu Kopalnia podjela taka decyzje ?.

Chodzi glownie o oplaty transakcyjne. Jak wiemy siec Bitcoina jest dosc zapchana przez co wysylanie BTC jest drogie i nie oplacalne przy mniejszych kwotach.

Chcesz sie dowiedziec wiecej o Bitclubie ? Wejdz TUTAJ


Juz jest !. Futuro na pierwszej gieldzie. Jest nia

Verbinding do gieldy z futuro:

Futrocoin zostal opracowany na bazie Dash, Cechuje go:

Futurocoinem bedzie mozna placic w wielu miejscach !. Strona Futurenet z ogloszeniami, gdzie za oferty bedzie mozna placic Futuro ?? !

-Celem Futuro jest wprowadzenie go do GLOBALNEGO uzytku !

-Platnosci za uslugi Futurenet (Landing Pagina, Momentum system itd), oraz w Prywatnych kawiarniach i restauracjach !

Chcesz kopac Futuro ? :D. Zglos sie do mnie Tutaj

Pierwsze Futuro wykopane !

Tak !. Dobrze czytasz. Na moim koncie Futuronetwork pojawil sie pierwszy futurocoin !.

Dodatkowo w promocji od Futurenet mozna bylo zgarnac darmowe 50 Futuro kupujac matryce Royal !

Obecnie wykupiona mam pule za 500 $, ktora wykopala mihoen 0.23 Futoro przez okres niecalych Two dni !.

Dlaczego warto jak najszybciej wykupic pule miningowa w Futuronetwork i zaczac wiecej zarabiac ?.

1. Zadna kryptowaluta nie miala tak duzej spolecznosci na commence (Two,Five mln uzytkownikow !). Przez co wartosc Futuro na samym poczatku moze byc spora.

Two. W niedlugim czasie Gielda Bitbay (Najbardziej popularna w Europie. W dodatku Polska !) wprowadzi Futuro. Zostaly juz jedynie formalnosci, ktore musza byc zrealizowane przez gielde(Sylwestra Suszka- wlasciciela).

Trio. CEO Stephan Morgenstern – Prezes firmy Futurenet ubiega sie o zaakceptowanie kryptowaluty na JEDNEJ Z NAJWIEKSZYCH GIELD KRYPTOWALUTOWYCH NA SWIECIE – BITTREX.

Four. Wezmy pod uwage fakt, zij obecnie z kryptowalut korzysta tylko 0.03 % calej ludnosci na ziemi. Pomyslmy teraz ile moze sie zwiekszyc cena Futoro oraz innych kryptowalut, jesli ilosc uzytkownikow wzroslaby tylko do 1% ?.

Five. Futoro tak jak Bitcoina nie mozna „dodrukowac”. Maksymalna ilosc to 100.000.000 sztuk.

Osobiscie nie zdziwie sie jak POCZATKOWA cena bedzie oscylowala w granicach Ten $ za sztuke.

Co trzeba zrobic, zeby pozyskiwac Futuro ?

1. Wykupic jedna z 7 pul, ktora bedzie nam kopac futuro przez Two conserva !.

Two. Skontaktowac sie z Krzysztofem po wiecej informacji :). Kliknij Tutaj.

Nie przegapcie kolejnej okazji !.

Wprowadzenie Futurocoina !

Prezes firmy Futurenet opowiada o kolejnym modelu biznesowym. FuturoNetwork !. Kolejna mozliwosc zarobkowa.

Zapraszam na ponizszy filmrolletje.

Chcesz zarabiac na Futuro napisz do mnie TUTAJ

Pozytywne zmiany w Bitclubnetwork !

W Bitclubie szykuje sie wiele pozytywnych zmian. Mozecie przeczytac o nich ponizej.

-Od 1 lutego Bitclubnetwork zacznie przyjmowac platnosc w BitcoinCash. Wiaze sie to z malymi oplatami za transakcje. W trakcie wprowadzania zmian platforma bedzie nieczynna (ok 24h). Bedziemy mieli mozliwosc konwertowania. Z Bitcoina na BitcoinCasha i na odwrot. W niedlugim czasie firma wprowadzi mozliwosc wymiany na Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Monero, Zcash.

-Za 30/60 dni bedzie mozna kopac Bitcoin Gold w pulach GPU

-Dotychczasowe pule GPU, ktore kopia nam ETC, ETH, MONERO, Zcasha umozliwia nam reinwestycje tak jak w przypadku Bitcoina (od 0% do 100%) z tym, zij bedziemy mogli zreinwestowac dopiero na koniec miesiaca GPU, gdzie w Bitcoine wystarczy Five % wygenerowanej kwoty puli.

-Pule Gpu zostana skrocone z 2000 dni na 1000 dni

-Zwiekszenie mocy o Five.000.000 MH/s

-Platnosc w Ethereum przywrocona

– W przeciagu tygodnia zostanie dodana kolejna moc. 800 PH/s

Chcesz dzialac w Bitclubnetwork ?. Wejdz TUTAJ

Bitcoin yobit 1833 669 4666 Bitcoin Ethereum Dash Zcash Litecoin support number Pineapple

Bitcoin yobit 1833 669 4666 Bitcoin Ethereum Dash Zcash Litecoin support number Pineapple*66.

yobit 1833=669=4666 Bitcoin Ethereum Dash Zcash Litecoin support number yobit 1833=669=4666 Bitcoin Ethereum Dash Zcash Litecoin support number
&bull, Hp printer Support Number ==1855 300 8988 hp printer Customer Supp / both
&bull, hp printer support number
&bull, –1855-300-8988-hp printer support number / both
&bull, (((185-300-8988))
&bull, Kritiseren Toll Free Number ”’1


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Web Vormgeving Programming SEO Company India – FATbit FAQs

Web Vormgeving Programming SEO Company India – FATbit FAQs

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FATbit is proud to introduce its daily deals script, YoDeals, for entrepreneurs interested te coming in the daily deals business with a feature rich script. YoDeals helps business owners ter setting up platforms through which registered users can purchase deals and avail discounts. The script comes with powerful admin, merchant, deals and ecommerce features that enhance the deals practice spil a entire. YoDeals has evolved from rigorous research & development work, and wij are certain that our clients will be able to predominate the deals market with it. Visit YoDeals to practice our daily deals product.

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Xopso, A client of FATbit receives nomination at Ecommerce awards- 2013 Spain

Xopso, a daily overeenkomst brand suggesting discounts and deals on products and many such features gets nominated for best daily overeenkomst webstek at Ecommerce awards, 2013 Spain. The company crossed the mark of 130,000 on the very very first day of its launch. Xopso wasgoed facing technical and usability issues before coming to FATbit, which were hindering payments and traffic generation too. FATbit professionals worked upon devising a fresh strategy to eliminate limited functionality and outdated technology. A responsive vormgeving, added features, real-timestock peettante and enhanced products categories klapper anexceptional sales mark.

Bizixx- Project Management System launched

Wij realize that business owners need to be aware about the functioning of different departments to oversee progress of ongoing projects, while keeping an eye on the cost at the same time. To accomplish the same, wij have introduced BIZixx, a web based project management system. Through BIZixx, business owners have access to all the critical information and statistics at one place. This simplifies decision making and leads to better uilization of resources at palm. The project management system is loaded with features and capabilities that will help business owners with details related to total sales vanaf month, project completion status, man-hours spent, timely reports and numerous other useful statistics. Wij are sure our product, BIZixx, will help businesses around the world ter maximizing profits and achieving better decision making.

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