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Aljosa – s blog, Mini howtos

Aljosa – s blog, Mini howtos

Mini howtos …

For slovenian keyboard

Bios motherboard with gpt partition scheme

Use contraptions like parted, gdisk.

Format partitions (mkfs. , mkswap, swapon)

EFI motherboard with GPT partition scheme.

Create puny 1 Gb partition for EFI (code: EF00)

Create interchange partition ter the size of RAM or at least 2Gb (code: 8200)

Create root partition 40Gb (it could be smaller)

Create huis partition from the surplus of the disk size.

You could create separate partitions (VAR, OPT).

Climb on partitions (root, boot, huis)

Cojín system installation

Create climb on points te fstab

Install reserve programs with pacman

Define/configure locale settings



ADD Very first USERS

Run visudo and uncomment wheel group.

Add newuser to wheel group.

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Login spil fresh user

use README for help

liquidate makeshift schrijfmap /huis/newuser.LJHFLAHL

PAM-a ecrypt configuration

I3 window manager

LAPTOP (hibernate laptop at 5% of the battery life

Define storage pool

example: directory on outer usb drive

Invoer fresh photo

RDESKTOP (remotely manage windows computers)

DISK test implements

From webpagina http://localhost:631, wij can add fresh printers

LCMC – cluster administration


It works te firefox.


At the end of files wij add:

A bash script to randomize the xterm colors defined ter the .Xresources opstopping.

Requirements: An diferente .Xresources opstopping. It vereiste, among other definitions, specify all the neccesary colors ter the following form (order is irrellevant):

Navigate to the directory where your system’s .Xresources opstopping is located (most likely your huis directory). Make sure it obeys with the listed requirements. If so, copy it into a fresh verkeersopstopping to which wij from now on refer spil the flamante opstopping. Else edit it so it does and then create the copy:

Now wij are ready to run the script. Verify that it is located ter current directory and classified executable. Then run:

Fell free to substitute the number Ten with any rechtschapen ter range from 0 to 255. That is the limit on the randomization range. Spil it increases the output will te promedio differ more and more from the flamante.

After the fresh .Xresources is generated, you can flow it:

Restart your xterm to see the switch take place. Repeating this process a duo of times will likely provide you with a truly amazing xterm color scheme.

Paste this into the randXcolor verkeersopstopping.

Thesis are instructions on how to waterput Debian for Beaglebone Black (BBB) on a SD card without using an extra SD card reader.

Hardware required: Beaglebone Black and a GNU/Linux pc, both connected to the same LAN, and a micro SD card.

Pc software required: a web browser, wget, md5sum, 7zip, arp-scan, openssh, dd.

BBB software required: a working GNU/Linux running from the eMMC.

Fire up your rekentuig’s terminal. Chdir into an primarily empty directory.

1) Navigate to the official BBB webpagina using your preferred browser:

Two) Download the latest Debian (or other) pic via wget. Choose beetween the bootable and flashing-only version (according to your private preference). You can also download the verkeersopstopping using browser or bit torrent.

Four) Unzip the opstopping using 7zip (the extracted opstopping will look like this: IMAGE_NAME.img):

Five) Make sure your BBB is connected to the same particular network your machine is connected to using ethernet cable. Also make sure the SD card has bot waterput into its slot after BBB had bot turned on and booted up.

Find your recinto ethernet name. It should look something like eth0. You will be able to find it using this directive:

6) Arp-scan your huis network to find the BBB’s IP adress:

7) The IP address corresponding to Texas Instruments, Inc te the third katern should be your BBB’s. Now you can ssh into your device. If you’re using the default Angstrom distribution, just klapper come in when asked for password:

8) List bulk devices to find your SD card’s device name.

9) Take this step very gravely since not doing so could do harm to your BBB te step 11. You should be able to find the SD card device name by its size, filetype and name. The BBB comes with a 2GB on-board flash so make sure to filterzakje that one out. The SD may include some partitions, for example mmcblk1p1 and/or mmcblk1p2. Ter my case, the SD device name wasgoed mmcblk1. Wij will be using the SD_NAME te the following steps.

Memorise the SD_NAME (or better yet, write it down) and unmount all of its partitions:

Make sure they had bot unmounted using lsblk again.

11) Please take this final step even more earnestly and go after at your own risk. Wij will be using the dd pic writing guideline, also known spil the Gegevens Destructor. You could lightly ruin all gegevens either on your machine or BBB so proceed cautiously.

Clone the picture to the SD card using ssh:

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if stands for input, of for output. This will take a while. You should get a coffee. Or make tea. Take a quick nap ter vuurlijn of your rekentuig. Merienda it’s done, you should end up with a SD-card ready for eMMC flash or boot.

The easiest way to install packages on arch Linux is from the official repositories using pacman. This is also the preferred way since the packages installed this way are updated through system-wide updates.

However what if the package you need is not available te the official repos? Or perhaps you need a newer version? Ter this case you can go after this proces:

AUR stands for arch user repository. It is maintained by the community. Many packages are availible. AUR.

Check the dependencies. You will need to install them straks if they are not installed on your system but no need to worry about that just yet. Read the discussion on the bottom of the pagina – it sometimes contains valuable informatie. If the package is flagged out of date you can consider yourself unlucky. Thesis ones usually don’t work out of the opbergruimte. Attempt – perhaps it does. Many packages are marked with “-git”. Thesis ones use git to install the newest version of the software.

Download tarball archive using your browser. It is worthwhile using a special folder for all the programs you build for convenience. Merienda downloaded locate the verkeersopstopping through console and run:

Four. Read the PKGBUILD opstopping and build

PKGBUILD verkeersopstopping contains all the information needed to install a package. You are advised to see it before install but it is not necessary.

Then run this instruction:

s (syncdeps) installs the missing depencenies using pacman provided they are available through sync repos. Ter case they are not you can install them the way you are attempting to install this one.

r (rmdeps) eliminates the dependencies after the build process is ended so your system does not get loaded with programs you do not need.

c (clean) cleans up leftover work files used during the build process.

Te case build process wasgoed not not successful you can attempt to edit PKGBUILD verkeersopstopping, leave a comment on the package AUR webstek or perhaps send a message to the mantainer.

After a successful build process your current folder should contain a verkeersopstopping with the extension .tar.xz. Install the package like this (spil root):

U (upgrade) upgrades or adds package(s) to the system and installs the required dependencies from sync repos.

You should treat your system well. Informatie regarding the arch linux maintenance is availible through the arch wiki.

Cisco 1841 ethernet port + dialer interface

description == WAN interface

pppoe enable group universal

pppoe-client dial-pool-number 1

description == LAN interface

ip address

ip virtual-reassembly ter

ip tcp adjust-mss 1452

description == pppoe to ISP

ip address negotiated

ip virtual-reassembly te

ppp authentication chap pap callin

ppp chap hostname username@domain.tld

ppp chap password 7 060B162A5D4C222C1F

ppp pap sent-username username@domain.tld password 7 030E3100150D592954

ppp ipcp dns request

ppp ipcp route default

ppp ipcp address accept

ip dhcp pool LAN

network 192.168.Two.0

dns-server Four.Four.Four.Four

ip address 192.168.Two.1

ip helper-address

ip vloeistof inwards &lt,– significant part ter Vocht translation

ip virtual-reassembly ter

HWIC-4ESW ethernet port configuration

description == PC LAN

switchport access vlan Two

description == AP LAN

switchport access vlan Two

ip regenachtig inwards source list 1 interface Dialer1 overcharge

access-list 1 permit

access-list 1 permit 192.168.Two.0

Stijlvol way to backup or restore user mailbox ter Zimbra.

Tested ter Zimbra 8.x and works.

BACKUP user mailbox:

RESTORE user mailbox:

Wij need bridge (brX) interface(s) for linux kvm virtualization.

VLAN-s vereiste be defined on Cisco switch

VLAN Ten – IT vlan

VLAN 20 – DMZ vlan

VLAN 30 – guest vlan

Define vlan without ip (L2 switch):

Define vlan with ip address (L3 switch):


Connection to network interface eth0 on linux server for vlan Ten and vlan 30 (trunk connection):

Connection to network interface eth1 on linux server for vlan 20 (trunk connection):


Reset IIS and reboot server from cmd

Create directory listig (example: budge user profile to partition D)

1. Copy user profile to partition D

Two. Delete flamante userprofile on partition C

Three. Create verbinding on C partition which points to D partition

Migrate Zimbra 7 (mailboxes, documents,…) to fresh 64 bit server with Zimbra 8.0.


OS: Centos Five.8 32 bit

Zimbra: Zimbra 7.Two.0

UPGRADE to latest zimbra for Centos Five.8(ZIMBRA 7.Two.1)

Do you want to verify message store database integrity? [Y]

Verifying integrity of message store databases. This may take a while.

mysqld is alive

Database errors found.

/opt/zimbra/mysql/bin/mysqlcheck -defaults-file=/opt/zimbra/conf/my.cnf -S /opt/zimbra/db/mysql.sock -A -C -s -u root -auto-repair -password=XXXXXXXX

Error : You can’t use locks with loom tables.

Error : You can’t use locks with loom tables.

This is a bug ter mysql and does no hurm .

Upgrade wasgoed successfull. ??

Vertoning fresh zimbra version:

Create backup directory for LDAP


Save mail address for SPAM and HAM accounts

OS: Ubuntu Ten.04 TLS 64bit

Zimbra: Zimbra 8.0 (very first install 7.Two.1)

Install Ubuntu server Ten.04 LTS (minimal install + ssh server)

Create separate partition /opt for zimbra installation (size depend on size and quantity of mailboxes)

Use old mailserver hostname and IP adress

Prepare HOSTS verkeersopstopping .

Download ZIMBRA 7.Two.1

Install ZIMBRA 7.Two.1 to the Fresh SERVER

DNS ERROR resolving MX for mail.domain.tld

It is suggested that the domain name have an MX record configured te DNS

Switch domain name? [Yes]

Create domain: [mail.domain.tld] domain.tld

Create domain: [mail.domain.tld] domain.tld

MX: mail.domain.tld (192.168.Ten.7)

Checking for port conflicts

1) Common Configuration:

Two) zimbra-ldap: Enabled

Three) zimbra-store: Enabled

+Create Admin User: yes

+Admin user to create: admin@domain.tld

******* +Admin Password UNSET

+Anti-virus quarantine user: virus-quarantine.lsmlhshnmy@domain.tld

+Enable automated spam training: yes

+Spam training user: spam.wyqzbievu@domain.tld

+Non-spam(Ham) training user: ham.vccas9hrzf@domain.tld

+SMTP host: mail.domain.tld

+Web server HTTP port: 80

+Web server HTTPS port: 443

+Web server mode: http

+IMAP server port: 143

+IMAP server SSL port: 993

+Speelpop server port: 110

+Speelpop server SSL port: 995

+Use spell check server: yes

+Spell server URL: http://mail.domain.tld:7780/aspell.php

+Configure for use with mail proxy: FALSE

+Configure for use with web proxy: FALSE

+Enable version update checks: TRUE

+Enable version update notifications: TRUE

+Version update notification email: admin@domain.tld

+Version update source email: admin@domain.tld

Four) zimbra-mta: Enabled

Five) zimbra-snmp: Enabled

6) zimbra-logger: Enabled

7) zimbra-spell: Enabled

8) Default Class of Service Configuration:

r) Begin servers after configuration yes

s) Save config to opstopping

Switch admin password

Four) Admin Password set

Switch antivirus quarantine user from old server.

Five) Anti-virus quarantine user: virus-quarantine.jllqjtji@domain.tld

Switch spam training user from old server.

7) Spam training user: spam.ydku3gfyuh@domain.tld

Switch ham training user from old server.

8) Non-spam(Ham) training user: ham.r4ujxkaq4@domain.tld

*** CONFIGURATION Finish – press ‘a’ to apply

Select from menukaart, or press ‘a’ to apply config (? – help) a

Save configuration gegevens to a verkeersopstopping? [Yes]

Spil zimbra user do:

Three. COPY Gegevens TO Fresh SERVER

Copy DB_CONFIG from old server to fresh server

Create BACKUP directory on Fresh SERVER

Copy LDAP Gegevens from OLD SERVER to Fresh SERVER

Invoer LDAP Gegevens


COPY localconfig.xml from OLDSERVER to NEWSERVER

BACKUP localconfig.xml on the NEWSERVER

EDIT localconfig.xml and switch values to values from OLDSERVER

c. zimbra_logger_mysql_password (Note: Transfer/copy this value to the fresh 64-bit server only if available from the old 32-bit server.)

d. mailboxd_keystore_password (Note: Transfer/copy this value to the fresh 64-bit server only if available from the old 32-bit server.)

Eliminate gegevens from Fresh SERVER

COPY Gegevens from OLD SERVER

Copy MESSAGES and INDEX files from OLD SERVER to Fresh SERVER

+ Switch keystore PASSWORD

COPY smtp,ldap,nginx CERTIFICATE and KEY from OLD to Fresh server



Commence ZIMBRA 7.Two.1 on Fresh SERVER

Commencing ldap. Done.

Incapable to determine enabled services from ldap.

Enabled services read from cache. Service list may be inaccurate.

Kicking off zmconfigd. Done.

Kicking off logger. Failed.

Kicking off logswatch. ERROR: service.FAILURE (system failure: ZimbraLdapContext) (cause: javax.televisiekanaal.ssl.SSLHandshakeException PKIX path validation failed: signature check failed)

zimbra logger service is not enabled! failed.

Commencing mailbox. Done.

Kicking off antispam. Done.

Commencing antivirus. Failed.

Embarking amavisd. Config opstopping “/opt/zimbra/conf/amavisd.conf” does not exist, at /opt/zimbra/amavisd/sbin/amavisd line 1799.

Beginning freshclam. done.

Kicking off clamd. ERROR: Can’t open/parse the config opstopping /opt/zimbra/conf/freshclam.conf

Beginning snmp. Done.

Commencing spell. Done.

Beginning mta. Failed.

Beginning saslauthd. saslauthd[8646] :set_auth_mech : failed to initialize mechanism zimbra

zmsaslauthdctl failed to begin

Commencing stats. Done.

Beginning logswatch. ERROR: service.FAILURE (system failure: ZimbraLdapContext) (cause: javax.nipt.ssl.SSLHandshakeException PKIX path validation failed: signature check failed)

zimbra logger service is not enabled! Failed.

Kicking off ldap. Done.

Kicking off zmconfigd. Done.

Kicking off logger. Done.

Beginning mailbox. Done.

Kicking off antispam. Done.

Commencing antivirus. Done.

Commencing snmp. Done.

Kicking off spell. Done.

Kicking off mta. Done.

Embarking stats. Done.

** Saving server config key zimbraSSLCertificate. done.

** Saving server config key zimbraSSLPrivateKey. done.

** Installing mta certificate and key. done.

** Installing slapd certificate and key. done.

** Installing proxy certificate and key. done.

** Creating pkcs12 opstopping /opt/zimbra/ssl/zimbra/jetty.pkcs12. done.

** Creating keystore opstopping /opt/zimbra/mailboxd/etc/keystore. done.

** Installing CA to /opt/zimbra/conf/ca. done.

** Importing CA /opt/zimbra/ssl/zimbra/ca/ca.pem into CACERTS. done.

** Saving completo config key zimbraCertAuthorityCertSelfSigned. done.

** Saving integral config key zimbraCertAuthorityKeySelfSigned. done.

** Copying CA to /opt/zimbra/conf/ca. done.

Updating keys for mail.domain.tld

Fetching key for mail.domain.tld

Updating keys for mail.domain.tld

notBefore=Sep 30 13:Nineteen:52 2012 GMT

notAfter=Sep 29 13:Nineteen:52 2018 GMT

notBefore=Sep 30 13:Nineteen:52 2012 GMT

notAfter=Sep 29 13:Nineteen:52 2018 GMT

notBefore=Sep 30 13:Nineteen:52 2012 GMT

notAfter=Sep 29 13:Nineteen:52 2018 GMT

notBefore=Sep 30 13:Nineteen:52 2012 GMT

notAfter=Sep 29 13:Nineteen:52 2018 GMT

Message: system failure: Cannot WRITE index directory (mailbox=6 idxPath=/opt/zimbra/index/0/6/index/0) Error code: service.FAILURE Method: [unknown] Details:soap:Receiver

Click to MAILQUEUE on WEB CONSOLE produce:

Message: system failure: exception during auth Error code: service.FAILURE Method: [unknown] Details:soap:Receiver

Message: system failure: exception during auth Error code: service.FAILURE Method: [unknown] Details:soap:Receiver

$ zmprov ms mail.domain.tld zimbraRemoteManagementPort 22

Very likely INTERFACES Opstopping .

There wasgoed no gateway te /etc/network/interfaces

add gateway

After I switched interfaces opstopping, restart network with

# service networking restart

Pay attention at hosts verkeersopstopping .

NOW everything works fine.

Test MAIL SERVER by sending and receiving mail.

Download fresh Zimbra

Embarking mysql. done.

ERROR 1133 (42000) at line Two: Can’t find any matching row te the user table

ERROR 1396 (HY000) at line 1: Operation Druppel USER failed for ”@’mail’

Check running SERVICES,

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HELP from Zimbra wiki:

OS: linux debian 6

Software Raid: raid 1 created with mdadm

Failed drive: sata drive (/dev/sda) of size 500Gb

Fresh drive: same size or thicker sata drive. Te my case 1Tb sata drive

1. Shutdown server,

Two. Substitute failed disk,

Four. Rebuild Raid 1,


With fdisk I looked how is active disk ter Raid 1 configured.

I used fdisk to create same size raid partitions on fresh disk:






Example of howto eliminate a failed disk from array:

IF PROBLEMS WITH update-grub … update-grub failed with no such disk …

Music Machinery, a blog about music technology by Paul Lamere

Music Machinery, a blog about music technology by Paul Lamere

a blog about music technology by Paul Lamere

I’ve shoved out some updates to GirlTalkInABox – there are now some nifty filters (chorus, phaser, delay and wahwah), and you can interactively adjust the playback rate of the song. A few other minor switches spil well to make live spectacles a little lighter. Check it out at GirlTalkInABox.

I’ve just added a fresh Smarter Playlists component called My Top Tracks. This track source will generate a list of the top 50 tracks from your latest listening history. You can choose from Trio different time ranges:

  • brief term – the last month or so
  • medium term – the last half year or so
  • long term – the last several years

The component configuration looks like this:

Here’s an example program using the fresh component to surface up tracks that I’ve listened to a loterijlot ter the past that toevluchthaven’t bot getting a loterijlot of play time te the last half-year.

Feel free to attempt out the fresh component and send mij terugkoppeling via the google group.

update – to use the fresh component, you will need to logout and then loom back into SmarterPlaylists to grant it the reserve permissions it needs to read your latest play history.

Spil of this morning, there have bot 1,363 SmarterPlaylist programs written. Presently there are 300 SmarterPlaylist jobs running periodically. I wasgoed wondering what were the most popular components, so I took inventory by looking at all of those 1,363 programs to see which components were used the most often. Here’s the list:

Nineteen Weighted Shuffler

The big surprises for mij were to see how often the Geluidsweerkaatsing Nest Artist and Genre radiodifusión are being used, and even after being around for only a week, how often the RelativeDatedSpotifyPlaylist is being used.

This morning I added a ‘title filterzakje’ component to SmarterPlaylists. This component lets you filterzakje tracks based on regex string matching of the track title. This is useful for filtering out certain types of track – such spil remixes, radiodifusión edits or songs with 9 te the title.

The title filterzakje permits you to invert the sense of the filterzakje, and makes it effortless to overlook case ter your matches spil well:

Using this filterzakje wij can take our beloved dubstep playlist and eliminate all the radiodifusión edits.

To attempt this yourself, you can invoer the program.

Thanks to Drew Davidson for the component suggestion.

A common #smarterplaylists feature request has bot to filterzakje playlists by the relative date ter which a track wasgoed added to the playlist. Relative date filtering would permit you to do things like samenvatting all the tracks te my “favs playlist” that have bot added te the last six months. Using a relative date like ‘six months ago’ contra an absolute date like ‘August 21, 2018’ makes it possible to write a #smarterplaylists program that will proceed to surface up the tracks from the most latest six months, no matter how far ter the future it is run.

This weekend, I’ve added support for a Playlist (Rel Date) component that will filterzakje playlists by the relative date added. Here’s an example configuration for the component:

Relative dates are given spil you would say them. Some examples of the type of relative dates supported are:

  • 1 month
  • Two days Two hours
  • Three years Two months Two days
  • Three years Two months and Two days ago
  • Three years, Two months and 22 days ago!
  • 1 h Trio w Two d
  • last week
  • last month
  • last year and three weeks ago
  • six weeks
  • a week ago
  • twenty days ago
  • 6 mnths, Two wks

Keeping it Fresh

Here’s my Gothic Metal sampler. It collects songs from a number of gothic metal playlists, selects songs at random and adds them to a playlist called Gothic Metal Sampler:

This program is scheduled to run merienda a day, providing mij a fresh playlist of gothic metal to listen to on my morning commute. Unluckily, the playlist isn’t always so fresh. There’s nothing to prevent the same songs from appearing overheen and overheen. Wij are relying totally on the throw of the imaginario dice to keep the playlist fresh.

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With the fresh relative date support, this is very effortless to fix. The idea is to at the same time update a separate archive playlist that keeps track of all the songs that have bot everzwijn added to my gothic metal sampler. I can then use the fresh relative date support to samenvatting all the tracks that have bot added to that playlist te the last week and use that set of tracks spil input to the mixer track filterzakje which will ensure that those tracks will not be included ter the output. The result is that the Gothic Metal Sampler is updated every day while no song will emerge more frequently than merienda a week ter the playlist.

Feel free to invoer the program for probe and use.

Using the relative date filtering te this style is a pretty handy way for you to incorporate history into your programs.

Anime-Sharing Community

Anime-Sharing Community

Welcome to the Anime-Sharing Community.

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This forum wasgoed founded for them, so they indeed should have their own section. Have joy fighting Checkmate for the lolis.

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Hentai Corner

More than just ecchi, this is about those anime (hentai) and manga (hentai) that are undoubtedly not for children.

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My rooms have more than just four corners, and people love more than just vanilla.

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You can discuss anything about Otome and BL here.

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Graphics Showcase

Comment on others’ masterpieces or postbode your own to receive criticism! Nothing is more fierce than demolishing the aspirations of a learner, so please keep your comments and criticisms constructive, not disruptive.

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Some believe no visual projection is more magnificent than their own vivid imagination and thus choose words to pictures. Share your literary passions!

Security is not required when applying for a payday loan.

Security is not required when applying for a payday loan.

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FuturoCoin trafia na pierwsza gielde kryptowalut! Sprawdz cene i nowosci

FuturoCoin trafia na pierwsza gielde kryptowalut! Sprawdz cene i nowosci

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Mamy embark na gieldzie…

W dniu 6. lutego kryptowaluta FuturoCoin zostala wprowadzona na pierwsza gielde, dzieki czemu juz oficjalnie mozna handlowac FTO ! Ku zaskoczeniu wszystkich, pierwsza gielda, kt&oacute,ra wprowadzila FuturoCoin nie byl wcale BitBay, tak jak zapowiadano, lecz rosyjska gielda YoBit.

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FutureNet rowiez potwierdzil te informacje na swoim profilu na Facebook:

Jest to zdecydowany krok naprzod w kwestii rozwoju tej kryptowaluty, gdyz teraz juz oficjalnie FuturoCoin spelnia wszystkie wymagania, jakie powinna posiadac prawdziwa kryptowaluta. CEO Roman Ziemian oznajmil, zij FutureNet prowadzi rozmowy z wieloma innymi gieldami, w tym m. te. Bittrex. Zapewnia rowniez, zij FuturoCoin w koncu pojawi sie na BitBay.nipt, lecz w tym wypadku trzeba bedzie poczekac na oficjalny komunikat zij strony BitBay odnosnie konkretnego terminu wprowadzenia handlu FuturoCoinem na ich gieldzie.

Co do YoBit, jest to dosyc popularna gielda, ktora posiada bogata oferte kryptowalut. Jest dosyc przyjemna w obsludze i latwo sie po niej poruszac. Posiada rowniez dodatkowe zabezpieczenia w postaci dwupoziomowych hasel oraz kodow bezpieczenstwa.

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Aktualny kurs FuturoCoin

Oferty kupna/sprzedazy mozna zobaczyc tutaj: verbinding

Aby moc handlowac FTO na yobit.netwerk, nalezy zalozyc tam konto (mozesz to zrobic z tego linku: zarejestruj sie ). Nie moeder wymogu weryfikacji dokumentem osobistym, lecz nie da sie tam bezposrednio wplacic swoich srodkow w postaci waluty fiat. Trzeba miec konto na innej gieldzie lub kantorze, zakupic np. Bitcoin (BTC) i przetransferowac na portfel na gieldzie YoBit.

Ponizej przedstawiono przykladowe oferty kupna i sprzedazy za FuturoCoin. Jak widac, cena od poczatku zaczela oscylowac w granicach $10-$20. Tak mocny commence FuturoCoin zawdziecza dobremu marketingowi oraz spolecznosci, ktora zainteresowana jest ta kryptowaluta. Z pewnoscia dobrze to wrozy na przyszlosc.

Zakupione monety FuturoCoin zalecamy przetransferowac na portfel FuturoCoin Core, ktory mozna pobrac z oficjalnej strony

Pragniemy takze przypomniec, zij wszystkie kwestie zwiazane z dzialaniem gieldy, wplatami/wyplatami lub procesem rejestracji nie sa w naszej gestii i ewentualne pytania powinny byc kierowane do yobit.netwerken

Jako niezalezni partnerzy nie ponosimy odpowiedzialnosci za wszelkie dzialalnosci zwiazane z uzytkowaniem jakiejkolwiek gieldy, zlym dokonywaniem przelewow lub ewentualna strata pieniedzy.

Kazdy, kto handluje na gieldzie musi byc swiadomym ryzyka. Dlatego tez, jesli ktos obawia sie handlu kryptowalutami, zawsze moze wykupic pakiet wydobywczy FuturoCoin, ktory przez Two conserva co 1 minute wydobywa FTO na portfel w FutureNet. Aby wykupic pakiet wydobywczy w firmie FutureNet, nalezy zarejestrowac sie z tego linku: listig


A wiec FuturoCoin jest juz na pierwszej gieldzie. Pozostaje nam teraz tylko czekac na dynamiczny rozwoj tej kryptowaluty oraz kolejne gieldy, ktore beda wdrazaly FTO do swojej oferty. Im wiecej bedzie gield i im wieksze zainteresowanie, tym szybciej FuturoCoin zacznie nabierac na wartosci.

The agony of JSON API testing — Jeff Kreeftmeijer

The agony of JSON API testing — Jeff Kreeftmeijer

I’m a little behind on my blog feeds, so I didn’t read Collective Idea’s article about json_spec until yesterday. They created a gem which provides some RSpec matchers and Cucumber steps to do JSON API testing, since “They can be a joy to build but a ache to test”. Ter this article, I want to take a step back and see exactly how painful it is to test a JSON API.


Since I don’t agree that testing an API with Cucumber is a good idea, wij’ll do it ter plain RSpec. I’ll get back on that at the end of this article.

So, let’s say wij have a Spoorlijn application and our client – or our users – want an API to fetch and create gegevens. Wij’ll need an API with a user index and a create act for that, so let’s get embarked with the index. Please note that I’m not checking response codes and not doing anything with authentication. You’ll most likely have to, so your spec will turn out a bit longer than the example below, but stuff like that is beyond the scope of this article.

Very first, te the before block, wij create two users, since wij need something to fetch from our user index API. After that, wij use the get method to do a GET request to /api/users.json . The response bod it comebacks is a string and wij won’t hurt ourselves by attempting to do comparisons on that, so wij convert it into a Ruby hash using JSON.parse . Since Ruby 1.9 has ordered hashes now, wij can simply compare the JSON response hash to our desired result which wij waterput ter another hash.

That’s fairly plain right? Let’s create a quick API act that permits us to create a user.

Ter our very first spec, wij use postbode to Postbode some gegevens to the same URL wij used above, which will create a fresh user. Wij test if that indeed happens by asking the User monster if its count switched by 1.

Making sure a user is created is not enough, wij need to test if our fresh user has the juist name and login values. Te the 2nd spec, wij do just that by fetching the last user – since wij already know a user wasgoed created – and checking its name and login methods.


The last thing wij want our user creation API to do is to comeback our fresh user. Like the user index spec above, wij parse the response bod and compare is to another hash.

See how effortless that wasgoed? JSON might be a difficult format to do tests on, but hashes aren’t. If you convert that JSON string to something wij can actually work with, the anguish goes away quickly and wij’re off testing our API.

Cucumber? Why?

If you’ve bot here before, you most likely know I’m not Cucumber’s greatest fan, but let’s waterput that aside for a bit. If you ask mij, Cucumber’s greatest feature is what it calls its “business readable DSL”, which permits you to write your tests ter English. Thesis tests are understandable for non-technical stakeholders, so they can read what the code is doing. A test written with json_spec’s Cucumber steps doesn’t truly do that, since it’s total of domain specific stuff:

“A step description should never contain regexen, CSS or XPath selectors, any kleuter of code or gegevens structure. It should be lightly understood just by reading the description.” – You’re Cuking it wrong

If you have to use gegevens structures te your tests, maybe it’s a good idea to waterput Cucumber aside for a bit. No matter how much you like using it.

Vooraanzicht Pagina

Vooraanzicht Pagina

Ter Android, Sunday at 09:00 AM

Regular readers will know that I love a good bargain and love a good freebie even more! Your phone is a excellent device for getting free or discounted stuff when you’re out and about, so here’s some of our favourite apps and how you can use them to save money!

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MoDaCo and GDPR – a quick guide

Wij’ve had a few questions sent ter to the support team around MoDaCo and GDPR, so this postbode is a quick reminder of key aspects of how wij treat your gegevens and how you can exercise your GDPR rights. Wij’ve kept it brief and elementary to make things effortless to understand.

Oxygen Updater helps you get your OnePlus update fix, swifter

For Android users (or maybe it’s just mij), there’s little that compares to the joy of getting a system update. By the same token, there’s little that is spil frustrating spil the dreaded ‘staged rollout’, aka everyone else getting updates before you. If you are a OnePlus holder, Oxygen Updater is here to ease your anguish!

Reminder: Buy and sell for free with MoDaCo Classified Ads

The MoDaCo Classified Ads section is now open and permits you to buy and sell for free! Available at, the section is open to all registered members and has some basic rules posted for everyone’s benefit.

Here’s how to loom into Samsung services on your non-Samsung device

Are you having trouble logging into Samsung services on your non-Samsung device? You’re not the only one. If you want to loom into SmartThings for example (which wij covered te this postbode), you may be introduced with a screen telling you that your web browser is unsupported and you need to install the Samsung browser. Which is fine, except that doesn’t work either. Gratefully, wij have a fix for you!

How to fix the ‘missing nav buttons’ and violated notification shade after update

Now and again after updating a device, I get the weird kwestie where some of the navigation buttons are missing, the notification shade won’t pull down and various other onaardig of the phone are violated. It’s indeed annoying and kinda hard to fix. What’s happening behind the scenes is that the phone has become ‘unprovisioned’, which normally needs a hard reset to resolve. That’s drastic, so I’ve created an app that will help.

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Samsung’s SmartThings Starter Kolenkit is ?125 and actually rather good

Samsung’s SmartThings Starter Kolenkit, which normally retails for ?199 is presently ?125 on Amazon and best of all, it’s actually rather good. Ter the starter plak you’ll find the hub, a buttplug, a multi-sensor, a movability sensor and a presence sensor. So why is it a good buy?

Unihertz Atom, the world’s smallest 4G rugged Smartphone, is now on Kickstarter

Unihertz, purveyors of the petite but actually rather cool ‘Jelly Voor’ Android phone are back with a fresh and improved proefje on Kickstarter. The Atom takes the core concept of the Jelly (it’s lil’) and adds a much larger battery (fixing the core complaint of its predecessor) and a degree of ruggedness that makes it ideal for the outdoors pursuits where the Jelly wasgoed so useful.

How to speed up window animations on Android

It might not be generally recommended to commence messing around te the developer settings on your device, but there is a little setting ter there that can be used to slightly, but perceptibly, speed up normal use of your device. The little known ‘animation speeds’ settings sit with the identically useful DPI settings.

Android Go finds its very first UK network with the Vodafone Wise N9 Lite

Android Go, the extremista light version of Android designed for low-spec devices, has found its very first UK network huis with the launch of the Vodafone Wise N9 Lite, alongside it’s utter Android Wise N9 sibling. The ?85 device packs decidedly last-last-last gen specs, but promises a welgevoeglijk practice through optimisations to the Oreo 8.1 based OS.

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