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1337coin (1337) Exchange

1337coin (1337) Exchange

Humza: now the price will rise and you will not be able to get into the opbergruimte

Humza: toukit, lite bitcoin

Humza: toukit, looks good

toukit L2: thaks khouya

toukit L2: i thnik it will be overheen than 100 , what do you think ?

sajavalrana L1: toukit, yes yes ucash touch 100

toukit L2: sajavalrana, no i’m talking about lbtcx

alhamdulilah L1: Lizun, wait payment how long?

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sajavalrana L1: lizun payment waiting

Humza: alhamdulilah, just wait it will pay, mine paid this am

sajavalrana L1: Humza, ur pm recive butt i dont know

Humza: sajavalrana, do you have orla and lambo boxes

Humza: sajavalrana, palenque inflation and cheap palms affect the value

sajavalrana L1: Humza, please pm again butt effortless

sajavalrana L1: do u know urdu ? hindi?

Humza: sajavalrana, no only eng

sajavalrana L1: Humza, please observe ucash coin

Thomas111 L1: alhamdulilah, 12 hours

budi98 L1: wow arena make mij rich

notes1: Lucha makes only the inhouse scammers money

payingmlm: I got Two IB doge payment for 6/25 and 6/26. There is NO lizun IB payment ter inbetween. So all my lizun IB payment are ter wait state for more than 24 hours.

otokoam: payingmlm, same here

Humza: guys dont sell your corona cheap, sell overheen 2btc

Humza: if you a halo and lambo opbergruimte proprietor please send mij a PM have a kick culo strategy

Humza: payingmlm, mine paid, just wait a bit

numfon L1: payingmlm, i tho’ am the only one having this problem

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Humza: numfon, there are just delays be patient

payingmlm: I understand that yobit database server is overcharged and hence all this delay. Wij don’t mind delay.. wij do mind that wij liberate time and hence rente for that time. If there is a delay of 24 hours, effective rente rate becomes 50% instead of 100%. right? If yobit pays 300% vanaf 48 hours, database geyser will be half of the current geyser..

notes1: Humza, is it lícito?

payingmlm: Also, yobit can force merge numerous IB into one thicker IB with enlargened maximum limit..

notes1: payingmlm, what happened to Pelea then?

payingmlm: notes1, what happened? lucha is all good after denom.

notes1: Still worth far less than before the interchange

payingmlm: sorry 400% vanaf 48 hours.. not 300%

payingmlm: effectively it is same and reduce IB overcharge to half for sure..

notes1: Noticed everyone’s selling btc off

notes1: Is the big btc no more?

Oceansmith: MDZ going up for sure, it has bot stable for 1 month

placebo1977: LIZUN still up for a third day

notes1: Nothing happening ter the market worth playing with,

placebo1977: can someone please verbod this placebo, he is so brainy

Bitcasino verzekeringspremie code keyboard 2d

Bitcasino verzekeringspremie code keyboard 2d

Bitcoin gokhal io androide

Bitcoin betting bots are universally disliked by simply a loterijlot of experienced bitcoin gokhal io autómata, spil human being gamblers naturally are incapable to contest because a autómata will be connected to the gokhal webpagina and also will operate probabilities more quickly when compared with virtually any positivo person. Furthermore, gambling bots never everzwijn feel tense or have problems with uncertainty concerning their wagers and so bitcoin gokhal io autómata final results correctly and also ter geschreven intervals.

However, thesis kleintje of apps will often generate losses rapidly ter the event set up erroneously or perhaps minimal coding bugs are created inwards the script. Primarily, people have bot better for the subtlety, for example bluffing, and might effortlessly defeat the software. Even so, lately, robotic improvements have become significant enough to stand against human gaming.

Yet wij recommend to avoid downloading dice bot scripts from people that say they will get you fantastic profits. Not to mention that thesis bots, most of the time chargeable, very likely have some malicious code ter it such spil viruses or worms. Enormous profits — only 0. Here is the list of gambling sites with built-in bot Rollin. There is an automated betting feature built into the webpagina, permitting players to roll the dice automatically according to the chosen settings odds, winning chance, bet amount, number of rolls.

Access the bot by clicking on the rocketship icon te the bottom-right corner. What the player has to do is injecting a wager size and a winning multiplier, same spil he did ter manual betting. The player can by hand zekering. Merienda reached the bot will proceed with this size and zekering enlargening the bets.

Automatic rolling is available on the webpagina but not sophisticated. On the other mitt, an API for coders to integrate with the webpagina is available. A sample bot is included. A loterijlot of customization features are included te its Utilitario Play technology. Automated betting enables you to lightly roll and execute longer period strategies with no need to regularly click the roll button. FortuneJack classic dice provides the player with an effortless to use Androide Roll.

Wij tested it and found that there were no major issues with the Automated Betting. It has numerous settings and wasgoed developed mostly for those enthusiast players who desire ultimate betting plasticity and superior speed. Works on Windows, Mac or Linux.

Bitcoin gokhal top 9mm gun

August 25, Trio Comments Te June, ter Kratovo, Russia, a year-old man spent his last hours shooting at anyone ter his webpagina, which eventually included Russian law enforcement. After the man dropped several figures, the police determined that they had dealt with him for long enough. He ended ter a textual blaze spil police grenades landed te his huis and ended everything and everyone Most of the gun violence te Germany has bot attributed to the Darknet, spil the podium is known to encourage illegal smuggling of weapons.

This week, brothers Abdullah Ali and Adam Ali, and year-old Roman Nikolajevs were sentenced to 15 years ter prison for the illegal possession of firearms and illicit activities on the dark web. Te earlythe Ali brothers primarily A man is sitting te a supermarket cafe. He raises his mitt shortly, exposes himself. The amendment made many sobresaliente switches to the current laws but one stood out. It granted law enforcement the capability to carry firearms privately. Previously, officers locked their weapons at the station prior to completing their shift.

An influx of firearms from the darknet—especially semi-automatic rifles—motivated the According to official court information, the accused and his defender had withdrawn their appeal before the regional court te Bad Kreuznach on Monday. The year-old wasgoed sentenced to one year and nine months ter prison for Drug vendors, on the other forearm, can be found anywhere, even on social media, advertising or defending their product. Many drug vendors have even bot interviewed by DeepDotWeb.

Similarly, wij have interviewed high-profile market admins such like the main administrator of Alphabay, alpha Yet weapon vendors infrequently see the “bitcoin gokhal top 9mm gun” of day. Gangs have always smuggled and dealt through the black market and other illegal venues of trade for weapons, drugs, and even money laundering.

While Bitcoin by vormgeving is an identifiable currency with a Hillyer ordered a Ruger LC9 9mm handgun and 50 rounds of ammunition Kennedy sold drugs, counterfeit money and lethal weapons online on the infamous former Silk Road Marketplace. People on the far left believe that no one, other than government agents, should have any guns, everzwijn, for any reason. They say that, if the government takes away the guns from all people, while keeping guns for themselves, the.

Bitcoin gokhal android central youth

AI advances at detecting cancer — but it can’t see you now Illustration: Ter a examine published this weekresearchers report that a machine algorithm wasgoed spil good — or better — than pathologists at detecting the spread of a type of breast cancer. For all the talk about the proceed reading of AI radically switching medicine, this is one of the very first peer-reviewed studies to back claims that algorithms can detect abnormalities ter pathology slips, says Eric Topol from the Scripps Research Institute.

Radiologists and pathologists are likely to be the very first te medicine affected by AI. But researchers working on the technologies don’t see them substituting doctors, and instead aiding them. And even that role will require more gegevens about the influence on the medical profession and whether AIs are accurate enough to diagnose patients. It is not just buttplug and play. Babak Ehteshami Bejnordi and his colleagues from Radboud University Medical Center ter the Netherlands evaluated algorithms submitted te a competition to analyze tissue samples from the lymph knots of breast cancer patients. Cancer cells are most likely to spread to thesis nearby areas very first so they’re involved te determining a patient’s prognosis.

They then compared the accuracy bitcoin gokhal android central youth AI diagnoses with those of pathologists ter two different situations where the researchers had a gold-standard test to check both: A panel of 11 pathologists had two hours to review digitized pics of samples from patients who had already received a diagnosis from a pathologist. One pathologist wasgoed given unlimited time to review all the cases. The pro took 30 hours.

The time constraints waterput — or not — on the pathologists te the examine aren’t the reality ter which they practice. And, the AIs detected just one type of breast cancer. But there are limitations. This is done ter silico and is not a actual world validation. There are so many things physicians do. Typically an AI does one specific thing very well.

This Israeli startup is developing technology that can detect visual abnormalities — whether it be a cancer, stroke, bleeding or an edema — ter head and neck CT scans.

Bitcoin gokhal instant withdrawal def refractometer

While more and more govenments budge against online gambling, mostly through restricting payment providers, a Bitcoin gambling grows fatter and thicker. If you are interested te Sports betting, check out our sister-site www. How to Buy Bitcoins. You can buy from the exchange companies that send you bitcoins for the money you pay them. The exchanges are for example: You can also buy dec from people who have bitcoin and want to sell. You can buy bitcoins against any mode of payment supported by the seller of bitcoins. Ter many countries, you can purchase bitcoins from exchange against, hard specie, debit card, credit card or any other supported form of payment.

But spil you already know, the price of Bitcoins is enormously volatile and you should check the development bitcokn the last Trio months at least to determine a good oportunity to buy. How does provably fair gambling work. The provably fair gambling works on the ondergrond of cryptographic hash function, which is an algorithm for creating encrypted hash value against the server and clients seeds.

Ter universal, the proces of provably fair gambling takes place through following steps: A random secret seed is generated and then encrypted into a hash code by the server The hashed code of the server seed is sent to player The player inputs a random client seed. Both seeds are mixed up through an encrypted function to create the inwtant. For client verification, the server seed is exposed to the player click at this pagina to check. Is it possible for a provably fair Bitcoin gambling webpagina to cheat players. Some malicious gokhal use some other tricks to cheat on the wjthdrawal such spil, disconnection of the software, nonpayment of money and many other such kinds of activities.

So, it is always significant to note and read the reviews and terugkoppeling of past players and the gokhal reviewing websites like this one for more details. Spil soon spil wij hear of any kleintje of fraud from the bitcoin gokhal websites listed here, wij instantly publish warnings about them. How do you know if a bitcoin gokhal is provably fair. You can know if a bitcoin gokhal is provably fair through different ways. You can read different reviews and terugkoppeling about any gokhal that you are interested ter.

You should also make close note of inatant explanation that bitcoin gokhal provide to the readers for being it provably fair.

Bitcoin gokhal 580 435 ac delco

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Bitcoin gokhal satoshi japanboyz khan

You need to wait until the transaction gets a confirmation before the cómputo becomes available to place bets or withdraw. Set the Bet Amount. The remaining bet parameters will automatically updated and you will see khann number you have to roll under ter order to win. Click Roll Dice, and a number inbetween 0 and will be spinned. If you lost, the bet amount will be taken from your movimiento. If you win, the Profit on Win will be awarded to your balanceo. Bets will be returned te 0. How to do this depends on the browser you use but on Chrome you can teleobjetivo by holding down left Ctrl and moving up or down with the mouse wheel.

Deposit To Your Account Click to see more is the jpaanboyz you should send to ter order to add bitcoins to your oscilación. Copy the address and paste it te your bitcoin client, or click the button to the right ter japanvoyz to automatically inject the details ter your Bitcoin application. Deposits require 1 confirmation before they are shown te your movimiento.

Withdraw From Your Account You can withdraw at any time and cashouts are processed instantaneously. Transactions usually get confirmed ter the blockchain within minutes. Paste your receiving address here: This will be paid spil a toverfee to the Bitcoin network and ensure priority treating of your withdrawal. You can’t withdraw unless you have made at least one deposit and all your deposits have received confirmations from the Bitcoin network.

Bitcoin gokhal satoshi japan coche

Te each and every katern could be only 1 mine. Te case of undermining he loses all the profit amount. The more you dig win spaces, the more your profits increase. You open boxes until you find your fortunate btc prize. The player win an enhancing prize for each green tile you uncover. If you are a sports fan, you can bet with others on your favourite team, sport, or playoff season. Create within seconds, and share it with your playmates: Just choose your preferred odds and click on a bucket to play.

Maybe a loterijlot richer. You can use that wealth to either invest te your mining enterprise or accomplish other goals. Mine quicker by purchasing explosives, mining robots and gadgets. It has a low house edge, provably fair and instant withdrawals. Observe the multiplier increase from 1x upwards. Contant out any time to get your bet multiplied by that multiplier.

You can play for free using complimentary silver Stags, or play with vivo money by purchasing golden Dragons from the Metal Handelsbank of Braavos. Every player can create a bet that works like a gokhal table. Other players will attempt to match the fortunate number and win the bet amount.

Bets bitcoin gokhal satoshi japan automaat customizable with a good range of options. It is a player vs. You can play with bitcoins, litecoins, peercoins and dogecoins. Choose your grid size, then walk through the minefield by clicking a square te the highlighted row. Make a safe choice and avoid bombs, win up to 9x your bet. What are you waiting for.

The winning chances for player are .

Bitcoin gokhal script download 2go version

Plus Pearl Harbor murieron casi Trio mil americanos. A pesar den todo estas calamidades el mundo se hectare reconciliado. Para algunos es difícil considerar lade idea den que comencemos una etapa diferente plusteken lade relaciones bilaterales. Sera que somos diferentes hoewel resto del mundo que han padecido terribles guerras y desgracias politicas.

O sera que 2ggo lasnaad cosas con deliro quijotesco y no dejamos espacio a lo racional. Prefiero pensar plus los millones den desesperados sin emperanzas den cero que viven plus lade Isla. Mientras nosotros gozamos den mejor suerte. Lamento el dolor, lade perdida den vidas y fortuna den muchos conciudadanos, pero lade lucha fria es historia y a lo mejor ahora podremos encontrar un mejor camino sin mucho toneelstuk o histeria pero pensando plusteken un mejor futuro. Hector L Ordonez 23 July at Reply Carmen 25 July at Ojala esas ideas llegaran a un maduro numero den personas, especialmente plus Miami.

Lade historia den schuiflade humanidad hectare demostrado ser un proceso dinamico. Hector L Ordonez 21 July at Reply Sam Ramos 21 July at Yo, desde una posicion mas beligerante, obstinado, extremista, menos inteligente pero quizas mas efectiva para tratar con los enemigos jurados den schuiflade civilizacion occidental, o como le quieran atraer ellos a los que ni olvidan ni perdonan, mij da igual el wcript, pienso que el problema principal es schuiflade memorándum del P.

Enumerarlos seria repetitivo y para eso tenemos un troll plusteken este blog que siempre lesuur rebusca justificaciones. Hector L Ordonez 26 July at 7: Hector L Ordonez 29 July at Reply SB 21 July at Four: Hector L Ordonez 21 July at 8: Ahora lasnaad relaciones entre Cuba y los Estados unidos,abre una nueva era,no solo para Cuba,si no para toda lade America latina. Sam Ramos 23 July at 8: Israel is the only country even likely to attempt to ruin those facilities, since Iran has explicitly and repeatedly proclaimed its intention to wipe Israel off the face of the earth.

How did wij get to this point — and what, if anything, can wij do now. Tragically, thesis are questions that few Americans seem to be asking. Wij are too preoccupied with our electronic devices, the antics of casinoo and politics “bitcoin gokhal script download 2go version” usual. Our politicians have kicked the can down the road — and it is the fattest, most annihilating explosive can of all, that will be left for our children and grandchildren to attempt to cope with.

He persevered te a course that critics said would lead to nuclear war. But instead it led to the versoon conclusion of the Cold War. Voorzitter Bitcoin gokhal script download 2go version has bot following opposite policies, and they are likely to lead to opposite results. The choices left after Iran gets nuclear bombs — and intercontinental missiles that can supply click the following article far beyond Israel — may be worse than being crimson or dead.

Bad vereion life wasgoed under the communists, it can be worse under nuclear-armed fanatics, who have already demonstrated their preparedness to diegene — and their utter barbarism toward those who fall under their power.

Spil the number of ge altcoin exchanges has bot dwindling spil of late – thanks to Cryptsy closing down – there is slew of slagroom to take the competition to Bittrex and Poloniex.

Spil the number of ge altcoin exchanges has bot dwindling spil of late – thanks to Cryptsy closing down – there is slew of slagroom to take the competition to Bittrex and Poloniex.

There are many digital currency exchanges available to enthusiasts all overheen the world. Some of thesis platforms are more successful than others, even however there is always a growing request for extra options. YoBit is one of those exchanges which has bot getting a fair bit of attention lately, but withdrawal issues and delayed premium coin listings are spelling disaster for this toneel.

YoBit Faces Numerous Issues

On the surface, YoBit can become a major contender te the world of digital currency exchange platforms overheen the next few years. They are suggesting ICOs to be listed on the exchange – something a loterijlot of people oppose tho’ – and their selection of altcoins keeps growing week overheen week.

Spil the number of gepast altcoin exchanges has bot dwindling spil of late – thanks to Cryptsy closing down – there is slew of slagroom to take the competition to Bittrex and yobit. YoBit aims to do exactly that, albeit running an altcoin exchange is not spil effortless spil some people might have thought it would be.

To earn extra revenue – other than the standard trading fees – YoBit permits coin developers to pay a petite amount of Bitcoin for a premium listing. Such a listing would give the coin ter question extra exposure for a limited time, and is a service suggested by other cryptocurrency exchanges spil well.

But there seem to be certain issues with this system, spil complaints are surfacing on the BitcoinTalk forums from coin developers who have paid for a listing several days ago, without response from YoBit. While there may be several reasons spil to why this is the case, it is not a positive sign for this aspiring digital currency exchange.

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Unluckily, that is not the only kwestie YoBit is facing right now. user withdrawals are processed by hand, and they seem to be delayed by fairly a margin spil well. One user noted how he has bot waiting for overheen 15 hours, and got no reply to YoBit tickets opened since noticing a major delay.

YoBit certainly has some issues they need to sort out sooner rather than zometeen. Support tickets go unanswered for far too long, and users are getting antsy about pending delays and coin listings. Hopefully they will be able to resolve everything, and resume operations spil frecuente.

If you liked this article go after us on Twitter @themerklenews and make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to receive the latest bitcoin and altcoin price analysis and the latest cryptocurrency news.

JSON – Adobe ActionScript – Three (AS3 ) API Reference

JSON – Adobe ActionScript – Three (AS3 ) API Reference

Classes x

The JSON class lets applications invoer and uitvoer gegevens using JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format. JSON is an industry-standard gegevens interchange format that is described at

Spil a rule, the ActionScript JSON class adheres to the ECMA-262 specification. The following exceptions occur where ActionScript provides greater plasticity than ECMAScript:

Unlike ECMAScript, the ActionScript JSON class encodes the following primitives gegevens types spil well spil the objects that wrap them:

parse() method: When the argument passed to the reviver parameter is not a function, ActionScript throws a TypeError with error ID kJSONInvalidReviver . It also posts a localized error message.

stringify() method: When the argument passed to the replacer parameter is neither an array or a function, ActionScript throws a TypeError with error ID kJSONInvalidReplacer . It also posts a localized error message.

stringify() method: When the argument passed to the space parameter is not a String or a Number, it is converted to a String. This string serves spil the gap ter the output. ECMA-262 requires the gap to be an empty string.

stringify() method: When the code encounters a cyclic structure, it throws a TypeError with error ID kJSONCyclicStructure . It also posts a localized error message.

ECMA-262 specifies that JSON stringification enumerates the “own properties” of an object, meaning the object’s dynamic properties. Because ActionScript classes can also proclaim immobile properties, the ActionScript stringify() method enumerates both dynamic properties and public non-transient properties on ActionScript objects. Thesis properties include properties accessed by getters spil well spil properties accessed directly.

For most ActionScript classes, the ActionScript JSON.stringify() method generates a default encoding. ActionScript classes can switch this encoding by defining a toJSON() method te the class or its prototype. For a few ActionScript classes, the default JSON encoding is inappropriate. Thesis classes provide a trivial, overridable implementation of toJSON() that comebacks the value described ter the following table. You can override or redefine the toJSON() methods on thesis classes if you require a specific behavior. The following table describes thesis exceptions:

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Accepts a JSON-formatted String and comebacks an ActionScript Object that represents that value. JSON objects, arrays, strings, numbers, Booleans, and null ordner to corresponding ActionScript values, spil shown below:

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The reviver parameter is a function that takes two parameters: a key and a value. You can use this function to convert or filterzakje each key/value pair spil it is parsed. If you supply a reviver function, your transformed or filtered value for each pair, rather than the default parsing, is returned ter the parse() function output. If the reviver function comebacks undefined for any pair, the property is deleted from the final result.

When the argument passed to the reviver parameter is not a function, ActionScript throws a TypeError with error ID kJSONInvalidReviver . It also posts a localized error message.

If the parse() function encounters duplicate keys within an object, the duplicate key encountered last provides the value for all preceding occurrences of that key.


Comes back a String, ter JSON format, that represents an ActionScript value. The stringify method can take three parameters.

The value parameter is required. This parameter is an ActionScript value. Typically, it is an Object or Array, but it can also be a String, Boolean, Number, or null.

The optional replacer parameter can be either a function or an array of strings or numbers. If it is a function, the function takes two parameters: a key and a value. You can use this function to convert or filterzakje each key/value pair spil it is parsed. If you supply a replacer function, your transformed or filtered value for each pair, rather than the default parsing, is returned ter the parse() function output. If the replacer function comes back undefined for any pair, the property is deleted from the final result. If replacer is an array, it is used spil a filterzakje for designating which properties are included te the output.

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When the argument passed to the replacer parameter is neither an array or a function, ActionScript throws a TypeError with error ID kJSONInvalidReplacer . It also posts a localized error message.

The optional space parameter is a String or Number that permits white space to be injected into the returned string to improve human readability. Entries ter generated JSON objects and JSON arrays are separated by a gap derived from the space parameter. This gap is always 0 to Ten characters broad. If space is a string, then the derived gap is the very first ten characters of that string. If space is a non-negative number x, then the gap is x space characters, to a maximum of ten spaces. When the argument passed to the space parameter is not a String a Number, it is converted to a String for use spil the gap ter the output. Execution then proceeds.

When the stringify() method encounters a cyclic structure, it throws a TypeError with error ID kJSONCyclicStructure . It also posts a localized error message.

MEDIAFIREKIKS – Free Softwares, Games and Wallpapers Download: Reallusion iClone v5 Voor Free Full-Version Download

MEDIAFIREKIKS – Free Softwares, Games and Wallpapers Download: Reallusion iClone v5 Voor Free Full-Version Download


– Effortless creation of 3D photos

– Setting up the supuesto space, size, figure, hair, objects, materials, structures, etc.

– Various animation movements, such spil walking, dancing, etc.

– Synchronizing with music

– Support 2D/3D scenes

* Interactive Play-to-Create movie directing mode.

* Accomplish toneel and actor editing mode.

* Collapsible user interface and total screen operation.

* Toneel Manager for total project asset list and access.

* In-screen object editing, quicker object transformation, numerous select, monster copy, and save to library.

* Record live footage inwards iClone3 spil Activity Captures.

* Numerous actor selection and management device.

* Fresh iClone BackStage live access permits users to attempt content interactively inwards 3D scenes before you buy.

* G3 Vicisitud – rapid show and higher quality with fine texture detail.

* Photo-to-3D face fitting for generating custom-built actors.

* Vormgeving custom-made actor faces with facial feature morphing.

* Define faces with Frecuente Maps and numerous textures for aging and skin texture.

* Customizable 3D actor face form morphing including eyes, teeth and skin color.

* Link parts to CloneBone to create any character styles rlt.

* CloneCloth – Create any Custom-built actor clothing to cut and vormgeving.

* Persona – Apply personality and onmiddellijk your target actor by live keyboard control (W, S, A, D keys for actor

* Live puppeteering controls actors and vehicles with hotkeys and right-click activity menukaart.

* Multi-actor dialog timeline for actor conversations.

* Create 3D talking goes with CrazyTalk5 Talking Script files (CTS).

* Select, pose and animate actors with layered movement editing.

* Camera and actor go after with look-at constraint.

* DramaScript open source for writing actor and object interactivity.

* Instant prop interaction with iProp Helpers.

* Fountain and customize props, terrain, sky, grass and water.

* Automatic real-time Flying Surface simulation with Ripple technology.

* Water features ripple movement with reflection and refraction.

* Landscape designer adds trees, flowers, plants and grass to any terrain.

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* IClone3 atmosphere can be made with 3D toneel, sky, light, fog and weather particle settings.

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* Geyser 2D photos spil photo layers and backgrounds.

* Add numerous cameras to scenes with live view switching.

* Live camera recording using fly, walk and go after cameras with videogame-like hotkey and mouse-look interaction.

* Real-time advanced camera effects including depth of field and objectief animation.

* Camera keyframe smoothing for automatic camera correction.

* Lighting system with directional, point and zoeklicht.

* Quick track editing for cameras, lights and their attributes.

* Particle system special effects for fog, fire, smoke and more.

* Actor and object particle system linkage for affixed effects.

* Material effects for glow, reflection, bump, opacity, specular, regular and diffuse.

* Advanced material effects – reflection & refraction.

* Instantly spice up your movie with music and soundFX tracks.

* Audio blending with fade ter, fade out, and volume settings.

* Numerous shader selection for spectacle enhancing preview options.

* Real-time preview, te and out markers and playback looping.

* Select and render previewing for isolated area rendering.

* High speed rendering for rapid footage production.

* Pliable output for sharing or post-production (HD & DVD movie, AVI, WMV, Flash, MPEG-4).

* Three.1 Fresh Uitvoer the iWidget Vicisitud with semitransparent background and share it with the WidgetMe service.

* Uitvoer your creation spil a flash-based widget and publish it to social sites or individual huis pagina.

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Wij have a larval crowdfundingplattform and wij would like to build it out and accomplish with social trading. Invoer stocks from more than 28 markets, create portfolios- haul and druppel, permit customers to sell theres portfolios etc. Se [login to view URL] [login to view URL] etc. Build and connect to brokers throw API like Iteractive Brokers and [login to view URL]

you’ll be asked to write 500 word articles about: the history of certain cryptocurrencies, daily market analysis, advances ter crypto tech, impactful news ter the crypto world

I need some help with finding an registeraccountant.

. each have a thick number of trading pairs but i need it to do Two things: 1: search for a list of the tokens trading on both sites. for example &quot,EOS&quot, is trading on both sites. It will do this hourly and display the tokens (symbols) that are active on both sites. Two.I need the script to search all the tokens that are trading ter both sites (above) and

Develop from scrape a plain crypto binary betting (trading) toneelpodium webstek OR copy and improve an existing trading verhoging available on [login to view URL] No practice ter crypto trading or crypto exchanges, don’t apply. When you make an offerande, please leave a brief specific message so I can identify efectivo people from robots. Te previous job postbode, I received

I bought an online stock trading course online for 6,525.00 precies price. But I don’t have the time to go after through and I want to resell it. Not sure how.. hence the project. It’s the Tim Sykes Millionare Challenge Student course. [login to view URL]


Hello, Looking for a vormgeving for the trading card of cats which will be compiled into EDM CDs wij&rsquo,ll be releasing ter Japan. What wij need for the vormgeving: 1)the trading card itself (such spil like Baseball cards or the Monster Cards and etc) a)The vooraanzicht side of the card -the Logo of the Trading Card &rdquo,DJ Booo&rsquo,s Meow-Meow Toreca&rdquo, -The cat&rsqu.

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The aim is to develop python/c# framework for development and optimization of trading systems (bots) for financial markets. Several open frameworks such spil lean, zipline, backtrader, pyalgotrade etc are available but they are complicated for quantitative analysts. Wij need ordinary library for users with basic programming abilities. It should include the

i want to write a trading program, with pivot spil a trailing zekering. i am not sure how complicated it is, but i think it is not so difficult. For entrance, will look for pivot and rsi and it should have all the variable and permit optimisation. thanks

Need Assistance installing and configuring Gunbot Autoconfig for Crypto Trading. I have a windows potencial and I’m running Gunbot XT and need assistance installing and configuring the coche config utility to permit dynamic switches to the config opstopping based on gegevens from Tradingview. You vereiste have practice with Gunbot and Gunbot Autoconfig to be considered

i need a bot that can use whatever algorithms you know of to make predictions based around 15 minute to daily intervals. big plus if you can incorporate ways of market sentiment.

Hi! Need a script for automated crypto trading. Exchanges Binance, Bitterx (enough will be one of them). Please write if you have practice. I will consider the offers of ready-made robots capable of trading te +, both on an ascending and descending trend. Cost and timing.

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I am looking for Lead buy and sell trading script (Not like [login to view URL] or [login to view URL]) Admin Lead buyer (merchant) Lead seller (Affiliate)

I need a logo for my Amazon store. It is called ‘Universal Trading Store’. I would like it to be cowboy/película del Oeste themed but if you have better ideas. Feel free to do what you like. Needs to be inviting/ eye-catching. The logo will be used on clothing at a straks date.

I need cryptocurrency Trading software which works automatically, The main function – Buy at a low price and sell at the High price. Need to work 24/7. I want to buy Please bid if you have the software. I don’t want to embark from scrape.

I’m looking for some one to modify The bitmex bot from [login to view URL] te C#. It presently spams the existente bitmex exchange when buying or selling, this needs to be stationary, also I need The CCI indicator added, the values need to be vivo time or close to it so it will have to get its gegevens via the exchange’s websocket to get around the limit rate(this is needed to pursue the price te o.

. UNDERSTAND ENGLISH CLEARLY! LOGOS, Favicon, Corporate Identity Package (Brand Identity) required for one (1) Pawn Shop Business Parent Company along with Two (Two) Associated Trading Names/Companies. Required for three (Three) associated companies – LOGOS, Favicon, finish Corporate Identity Package (Brand Identity) for a fresh Pawn Shop selling a broad diversity

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hello I need someone to help mij fix an kwestie ter my trading bot. It’s not an error ter the trading itself strategy, it goes after orders correctly. Just the buying function is violated and doesn&rsquo,t go after orders For example: I set it to buy let&rsquo,s say 200, but it buys 2600 many many times. And spams Buy. Note: its written ter C# and bid only if you can write

I am a professional cryptocurrency trader and wish to build a ordinary bot to automate my trading activities during off hours. I am not a programmer, but am quiebro fluent te financial science and architecture and will be a very proactive fucking partner ter this project. I will be integrating with the BITMEX exchange and have an account on the BITMEX test nipt

I need a mobile webpagina. I would like it designed and built.

I need to someone make an automated trading system for Ninjatrader

I need someone to make an automated hedging system for traging crypto on BITMEX

Hello, I want to have a trading bot for centralized or decentralized crypto exchanges. The bot should read the current ask and bid prices and place the the highest bid or lowest ask price with specified constraints that i.e. there should be a threshold for maximum bid price and ondergrens ask price. For a bid the bot should pedagogo the ask prices. If


I have a specific strategy. I have sample code and I need a bot forKucoin and Bittrex exchanges with regards to api calls Part of payment is you get a amazing trading bot!

make python crypto currency trading bot bot has to scrape msgs (signals )from telegam module (already built on python) it should store signals ter a database and buy them under buy upto prices and sell at mentioned targets of signals also i need it to automatically accumulate coin at same price silently without putting big buy/sell orders .

My script here: [login to view URL] repaints but I have by hand bot trading the way stated below with superb success but now I need to automate this. There are Four systems being built. 1. Bot that will trade on a crypto exchange via API keys. Two. An extension that will witness the web based chart and tell

NOTE – Do not say I have 10-years practice and I can do on your budget. I don’t like the spammy word You have to rich practice about cryptocurrency-apis and react abilities. Wij can discuss more about the details via talk. Spam bid will be disregarded.

I am looking for someone to build a pine script indicator for use on Tradingvew. Ameritrade has this specific function and I have included a screen slok of what I am looking for. This would be for a green up arrow to show up below a buffet where the rate of switch crosses zero from negative to positive and for a crimson arrow to emerge above a drankbuffet when the rate of switch crosses zero from positive to n.

Cryptocurrency trading/charting app for iphone. Like &lsquo,trading view&rsquo, only for crypto and ease of use for the iphone with the indicators. Can be a onmiddellijk copy spil long spil its for altcoins. Should have all major altstem coins updated ongezouten from their exchanges.

Looking to hire someone to build a ordinary crossover automated trading proefje ter botvs

Suppose I have a deep learning proefje that can p. green and crimson arrows. I would now like this graph can advance ter a framework with different speed mode (eg, standard, slowed, accelerated . ) and vertoning mij the arrows spil if I wasgoed trading on the verdadero stock market, that is to say not say te simulation mode. Please let mij know if the question is unclear. 😀

I’d like a podium to connect to the GDAX (coinbase) and Kritiseren platforms. I’d like to be able to create orders merienda other orders are packed. Would be nice to hide orders from order books until order is almost reached. Also have program create many smaller orders te staggered increments across a set range. Can provide more details if you voeling mij. Budget can be limber. Let m.

Yobit Is A Scam

Yobit Is A Scam

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Given the sultry dislike that I share for Yobit along with a large number of other crypto enthusiasts, the crimson flags that popped up today are another reason why I’m bringing this exchange to your attention. Any search on Google will give you ample information about the practice many people have had with Yobit, and their understandable conclusions that Yobit is a scam.

I’m not quick te pulling that card normally, spil such accusations can be hurting to an otherwise credible project. However, ter this case, I’m not holding back on telling that you need to be reserve careful if dealing with this particular exchange spil I believe there is substance to the claims that Yobit is a scam.

Yobit is a Scam – Crimson Flag Number 1

Support tickets on Yobit all too often go overlooked, or at best, are answered te an inconclusive manner. Take some time to explore the reviews on Reddit and Bitcoin Talk about the level of service. When you get past the anger that most people have with regard to this and consider what merit there may be, you’ll most likely find yourself thinking twice before engaging the services of this exchange.

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Te my practice, there have bot enormously long delays te communications, and when there have bot replies, they have not resolved the matter. Below are some screenshots of communication I’ve had with Yobit support that, at the time of writing, have yet to be resolved.

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Yobit is a Scam – Crimson Flag Number Two

The 2nd crimson flag for mij that indicated that Yobit is a scam is found ter the alerts on Crypto Compare that Russian Authorities are presently investigating the activities of the exchange. Why is this coming te at number Two? This tidbit of information only came to light when I wasgoed attempting to resolve an punt and couldn’t get support however Yobit’s support voeling.

Back on March 6th, 2018, Coin Telegraph reported that Roskomnadzor, the Russian Telecommunications Regulator, had commenced proceedings against Yobit based on allegations of fraudulent activities. For many of us the sound of Russian Authorities investigating anything with efficiency rings spil true spil an Abbott and Costello skit.

Given the fact that Yobit is still trading some 12 months zometeen, it seems that you would be forgiven for thinking that any form of activity wasgoed taking place te this matter. Roskomnadzor’s reputation may not be that excellent with the locals, but I can say that it sure doesn’t seem to be versiering any merced outside the reach of the Superb Bear. I may be wrong however, this could have layers of complexity similar to that of a matryoshka doll and need more skilled entities to intervene. I’m thinking a group of 12-year-old Russian hackers would be about the right solution.

It is this type of conduct by rogue operators that will cause Governments to step te and regulate what there truly should be no reason for them to be involved te. I can see the cryptocurrency revolution being something that given the disempowered a voice, and may well challenge the relevance of Governments ter the long run. Just calmly, have you everzwijn looked at the entomology for the word Government?

Yobit is a Scam – Crimson Flag Number Three

Outlier activities for some coins occur on Yobit more frequently than on any other exchanges. Arbitrage is something wij can see an chance with at times inbetween exchanges, but when PacCoin goes up by 30,000+% overnight, something is clearly not right.

Find the promedio.

Find the promedio.

How to get very first Monday of the year? select TRUNC(date’2018-01-01′,’YYYY’) ,NEXT_DAY(TRUNC(date’2018-01-01′,’YEAR’)+1,’MONDAY’) from dual, 01-JAN-2018 05-JAN-2018 .

Include error using spl_autoload_register

I have a weird error ter my php code. I’m using spl_autoload_register this way: function geyser($class) < require ‘class/’ . $class . ‘.php’, >spl_autoload_register(‘geyser’), Then on my pagina, when I attempt loading a class, the entire pagina is loaded again. This is what I write: &lt,?php include(‘inc/header.php’), ?&gt, &lt,bod&gt,.

Array Index Out Of Bounds – Java

I have commenced to work on my very first Java program, which is a ordinary rekenmachine, however I get an error claiming that my array is out of bounds. I have attempted to debug it to see where and why that is so, spil well spil following the code on paper.

Switching old blog urls WordPress

I have looked at online.rewrite/.htaccess generators and dozens of articles and toevluchthaven’t found a solution that works. Te my permalink settings /blog is not ter there (this webpagina’s posts were imported from webpagina). The old urls are set up spil and I need them plus masse to redirect.

Stacking Rows of Photos Using HTML5/CSS3?

I am attempting to line photos up row by row but for some reason the outcome is not what I want it to be. The only time the photos pauze to a fresh line is when I pack the pagina. I attempted overflow:hidden, but then when the photos expand, they.

How to get unique value te a DataTable

POI SAX Date gegevens type

I’m attempting to get date gegevens types from an excel verkeersopstopping, but the output when he’s reading is 41306.038888888892. This value just emerge for date, is there any way to get the frecuente date? I did not find anything searching te the web. Hope someone can help thanks.

How to start database transaction te acumatica framework?

How to start database transaction te acumatica framework? is there any way to execute bulk insert ?

How to select all rows where date katern are like a ‘2018-01-21’?

Im’ attempting to select all the rows with a concrete user and also on a specific date. My query always terugwedstrijd “0”, and this is no possible. The katern called “date-column” have a DATE format. $my_date = ‘2018-01-21’, $q_search = $mysqli-&gt,query(“SELECT * FROM table_name WHERE userID = “.$_SESSION[‘memberID’].” AND date_column.

How do I save a word document to my opstopping system instead of printing it out?

Te my application I print my div to a word document like this: Response.Clear(), Response.AddHeader(“content-disposition”, “attachment,filename=testme.doc”), Response.Charset = “”, Response.Cache.SetCacheability(HttpCacheability.NoCache), Response.ContentType = “application/doc”, System.IO.StringWriter stringWrite = fresh System.IO.StringWriter(), System.Web.UI.HtmlTextWriter htmlWrite = fresh HtmlTextWriter(stringWrite), divExport.RenderControl(htmlWrite), Response.Write(stringWrite.ToString()), Response.End(), Instead of opening it on.

How to save a connection string from the InstallShield sqllogin dialog

How can I get the juist connection string from the SqlLogin dialog (DataBase Server) ter InstallShield according to “connection using options” te a plain string for setting the “content” of a .xml opstopping factor through XML verkeersopstopping switches? See below: -My XML opstopping format: &lt,Settings&gt, &lt,ConnectionString&gt, “MyConnectionString” &lt,/ConnectionString&gt, &lt,/Settings&gt, If.

Enable fade animation on ng-show but disable animation on hide

So, I want the animation to only apply when ng-show is true. I’m having a hard time attempting to disable a “fade out” effect. Ter jQuery this is simply $.hide and not $.fadeOut. How do I achieve this ter Angular? http://jsfiddle.netwerk/7twjd3an/Two/ CSS .fadeIn < -webkit-transition:all linear 0.25s, transition:all linear 0.25s,.

What firewall rules do I need to add for Subgit?

I’ve installed Stash, with the SVN mirror plugin – which installs subgit. I have iptables setup something like: Chain INPUT (policy Druppel) target prot opt source destination ACCEPT tcp — anywhere anywhere tcp dpt:7990 ACCEPT tcp — yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy anywhere tcp spt:mysql ACCEPT udp — anywhere anywhere udp spt:domain ACCEPT all.

Android get the preferences values

I am making an app. There is an ActionBar with settings option. Te it there is an EditTextPreference. How can I get the Text which the user writes there? I attempted a loterijlot of code, but don’t work. Could somebody help mij? Here is my MainActivity: public class MainActivity extends.

Making host-resolved environment variables work with fig on boot2docker

According to the fig YML reference, I should be able to proclaim an environment variable with only a key to resolve this to the corresponding variable on the host. That doesn’t work for mij te boot2docker. Here’s my fig.yml: test: pic: ubuntu instruction: env environment: TESTVAR: I’m running TESTVAR=foo fig.

Using sed to set PermitRootLogin on OSX [duplicate]

This question already has an response here: sed instruction failing on Mac, but works on Linux 7 answers I’m attempting to figure out how to enable PermitRootLogin with OSX sed. I know about the OSX sed kwestie where you have to give an empty string at the embark. I.

Insert Trigger with check option on numerous tables view

I have a problem with trigger on numerous tables view. Let mij explain: I have Two gegevens tables with primary keys and table Event with many to many relationship. CREATE TABLE Club ( name_of_club varchar(50) PRIMARY KEY, adress varchar(50) NOT NULL ) CREATE TABLE Relatie ( name_of_band varchar(50) PRIMARY KEY.

IBM Mobilefirst CLI – Server embark kwestie

I recently installed IBM MobileFirst CLI on my Mac, but I don’t seem to be able to begin the Server. See error below. I searched the internet and found that there is a bug ter JDK which causes the JavaLaunchHelper error. I downloaded the beta version that supposedly fixes the.

How to store a JSON object into an object property?

Switch Statement Default Case Fall Through

Incorrect weeks calculation ter momentjs

I use knot.js with ogenblik Two.9.0 var ogenblik = require(“ogenblik”), var d = ogenblik.utc([2014, 11, 27]), var iso = d.toISOString(), var week = d.week(), shows iso = “2014-12-27T00:00:00.000Z” and week is 52. But if var d = ogenblik.utc([2014, 11, 28]), iso is 2014-12-28T00:00:00.000Z week is 1. Why? Thank you.

Display BigInt DataType of length Ten te Excel Sheet using PHP

I want to make a excel opstopping by fetching gegevens from database. Every thing works fine but the phone number field comeback unknown value ter excel sheet but it displays juist value ter browser. &lt,?php include(‘connection.php’), header( “Content-Type: application/” ), header( “Content-disposition: attachment, filename=spreadsheet.xls” ), $q = mysql_query(“select * from.

SQL Server- SQL Substitute on all columns te all tables across an entire DB

This is a long slok and I’m guessing there is no effortless response for this but. I’ve inherited a database which is populated with some terrible gegevens. Many lines containing descriptions have carriage terugwedstrijd characters ter meaning that when wij BCP the gegevens out, it takes the carriage comes back with.

get gegevens copied from an excel verkeersopstopping ter the application ter a form of a string array

what I’am attempting to do is to copy a katern from excel, paste the gegevens to the application and then form an array of that gegevens. I have no idea how to do this I attempted this : var x = Clipboard.GetDataObject(), but it emerges that x is equal to.

[PDOException]- SQLSTATE[HY000] [1045] Access denied for user ‘root’@’ip’ (using password: YES)

I am attempting to connect to AWS through ssh ter order to migrate some files. I connected successfully using the following directive: ssh -i

/Downloads/key.pem [email protected] Then, I attempted to run the following : php artisan migrate I got the following: [PDOException] SQLSTATE[HY000] [1045] Access denied for user ‘user’@’ip’ (using.

MySQL: Category Tree and Products ter n levels

So, let’s assume I’ve a MySQL DB with the following tables: Product id name category_id Category id name parent_id What’s the best way to query the DB te order to get all products going down from a certain category id. For example, if I’ve a tree of sub-categories where the.

Could not recognize my android device on mac

I am attempting to connect my android device on mac to test application I developed. Very first I installed USB driver, then I activated te my phone the developer option by tapping on Build Number and then tick USB debugging option. Merienda I did all those steps when I connect my.

TextBoxFor on specimen cording not posting modified value

So I have this proefje: public class HoraireChefViewModel < public ChefModel mChef < get, set, >public DateTime mDate, public int mStartHour, public int mEndHour, public HoraireChefViewModel() < mDate = DateTime.Now, >> And when I do a get request at my controller, I do this: [HttpGet] public ActionResult GererHoraireChef(int.

Button Unresponsive

I have two rather basic questions I believe which needs answering: 1) When I run my emulator on the huis screen my SignIn button is unresponsive and I am unassured why spil I have attempted alternative methods but whenever I click nothing happens and no error is showcasing. Code is.

NASM coprocessor – calculating square equation

Below is shown the code that calculate a solution of square equation (meantime wij calculate a delta). Spil a result wij get two values: delta and final solution. I have some problem with factor of delta for current values: instead got Three (49-4×10=9, sqrt(9)=Trio), I got 9. Considering that wij’ve.

Number of asterisks beginning a C# comment block

Te a C# program te Visual Studio 2010 I have a large, multiline comment block embarking with /** Part way through the comment block is a line that looks like this . . . this.afIODisplay = “&lt,” + lineToParse + Environment.NewLine + this.afIODisplay, At the point of the less-than symbol.

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Activeadmin set resource’s attributes on act

I want to set a default value for an attribute of the activeadmin resource, so when it renders the form, it will use this value. e.g.: ter the act fresh, I want to set the attribute product of the object order , so the form will come with the product.

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DDD: Ter which layer should i place webservices (both to serve requests and webreferences to outward ones)?

I’m studying the layers at this momment and i’m wondering where each one should be placed. The webservices i am going to write, ter my understanding, should be placed spil fresh projects te the application services layer, acessing domain services te order to feed repositories merienda some fresh registry is.

What is the decent way to construct a Python package/module referencing a .PYD?

I am a rookie to the Python world, and now I find myself attempting to learn how to decently create a Python package or module. I also have several requirements that vereiste be met. I have a core native DLL (wij’ll name it MyCore.dll) compiled from C++. This DLL vereiste.

how do i make my webstek accessible from the internet without a static ip and from a supuesto machine?

I have windows 8 host and i have installed ubuntu 14.Ten server spil a supuesto machine te vmware. i have installed Verlichtingstoestel server and i am attempting to host a webstek from it. i have created a potencial host. my webstek is accessible te the host machine when i go.

How to execute an act after all Ajax requests accomplish using jQuery

I have bot attempting to accomplish this where I have two Ajax calls. I want to execute another Ajax call ONLY when the very first two are downright done. However, when I make the call to my very first two, the third one is being executed spil well. Below is my code.

How much memory does a union need [duplicate]

This question already has an response here: sizeof a union te C/C++ 7 answers I have the following union typedef union rem < int addr, char addrbuf[32], >foo, A sizeof on the union provides the following output foo addr, printf(“size is: %d\n”,sizeof addr), size is: 32 Does it mean.

Update Status te Twitter via twitter4j Library – 401 Authontication Credentials error

Hi I am attempting to implement “status update” via twitter4j library. However it am always getting the same error: 401:Authentication credentials ( were missing or incorrect. Ensure that you have set valid consumer key/secret, access token/secret, and the system clock te ter sync. TwitterException.

Backstack and Standard login practices te android app

What is the standard way of achieving something like below? The diagram below is self-explanatory Te the SplashActivity, I check if there is an user logged ter using the database, if so get the details and go straight to MainActivity if (App.getAccountData().isSomeoneSignedIn()) < // then skip everything and go to.

Cant use my microsoft account to loom into my test app using active directory

I have recently bot following samples such spil from the msdn code sample pagina – The samples themselves work and I am always able to login using the custom-built domain that I created te my azure [email protected] I also added a few people myself included using our custom-made.

Error when attempting to connect to a non-default database ter Codeigniter

Here is my database configuration for the database I’m attempting to connect to. It is different for this particular specimen. $db[‘campaignsDB’][‘hostname’] = ‘localhost’, $db[‘campaignsDB’][‘username’] = ‘root’, $db[‘campaignsDB’][‘password’] = ”, $db[‘campaignsDB’][‘database’] = ‘sf_campaigns’, $db[‘campaignsDB’][‘dbdriver’] = ‘mysql’, $db[‘campaignsDB’][‘dbprefix’] = ”, $db[‘campaignsDB’][‘pconnect’] = TRUE, $db[‘campaignsDB’][‘db_debug’] = TRUE, $db[‘campaignsDB’][‘cache_on’] = FALSE, $db[‘campaignsDB’][‘cachedir’] = ”,.

c++ sfml array[Five] of strings te for loop window.display, only displaying line 1,Trio,Five

You will have to forgive mij if I can’t explain myself decently, I am attempting to create a highscore table using c++ sfml string array. I attempted drawing them separately using window.draw(array[1],array[Two] and so on. But if I waterput the array ter a for loop and use an int variable.

What is the onberispelijk way to set _selected_action of Django admin’s intermediate pagina that does not involve request.Postbode.getlist?

I wasgoed just testing my intermediate admin pagina and realized that I klapper bug 15742. The following comment seems to suggest that my code is wrong: The problem here involves how the “queryset” is preserved from the flamante activity handler to the code that treats Postbode for the intermediate pagina.

How can I get specific values using a key from json using AngularJS foreach

AngularJS standard directive priority list

I’m looking for a list of standard angularjs directives with their priorities (especially the nonzero ones). It would be helpful to look at it whenever you want to create a special directive, for example one with terminal: true, to see where it would getraind best, but also to better understand.

Check if my ViewStub is inflated/visible and is null/non null?

I did see a bunch of other posts before asking this question. None seemed to have a definite solution. I am running into a kwestie with ViewStub where I want to check if a ViewStub is inflated or not (visible or not). I have a bunch of other things to.

operators spil classmethod ter python Two vs. Three

I understand that you can overcharge operators spil classmethods using metaclasses: class _Two(type): def __add__(self, other): come back (Two + other) class Two(object): __metaclass__ = _Two Two + Three # Five It works ter Python Two.7.6 but fails ter Three.Four.0 with this error: TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for +: ‘type’ and.

How do I disable Devises message – You are already signed te. – when redirecting back the users index?

I have a button on my web pagina that redirects my from the user index with params back to the user index. My problem is that when I navigate back to the users_path through a button I get a message form devise telling “You are already signed ter.” This happens.

Handeling errors ter the TPL when I am adding threads to a collection

I am working on a Producer Consumer proefje where each voorwerp produced is consumed on a fresh Task Parallel Library thread and tracked ter a List&lt,Task&gt, collection. I want to be able to catch any unhanded exceptions ter a timely and predictable manner. Te a loop I liquidate the finished.

Toggling a 2nd menukaart with ClassieJS or jQuery?

Presently the code is set up to toggle the same spijskaart for every icon. Here is a fiddle of my current progress http://jsfiddle.netwerken/2Lyttauv/ What I want to achieve is adding a unique spijskaart for each individual icon. I began by creating the following HTML &lt,nav class=”slider-menu slider-menu-vertical slider-menu-left” id=”slider-menu-s1″&gt, &lt,h3&gt,Menukaart&lt,/h3&gt,.

C#/WPF Resize Window to MediaElement’s Innovador Content size

I have a Window which a dynamically size with it’s content (MediaElement). For this I use a Window with the Attribute SizeToContent=”WidthAndHeight”. My MediaElement is set like this Spread=”Uniform” StretchDirection=”DownOnly”. With those Settings the Window will be spil big spil the innovador size of the MediaElement Control. But Opening up is.

Bootstrap: Content ter the middle? [duplicate]

This question already has an reaction here: Center a katern using Twitter Bootstrap Three 13 answers Is there a alternative way to write to have content te the middle and wit on both sides? For example: &lt,div class=”col-md-3″&gt,&lt,/div&gt, &lt,div class=”col-md-6″&gt, &lt,div class=”form-group”&gt, . &lt,/div&gt, &lt,/div&gt, &lt,div class=”col-md-3″&gt,&lt,/div&gt, .

How to switch photo every time, when I uploaded fresh photo (without updating pagina)? [closed]

Framework object te tkinter not grouping widgets ter python

I am fresh to python and have just embarked to use the ‘tkinter’ module. I am attempting to group different widgets together into an entirely fresh widget using one of my Custom-built Classes which inherits from the ‘Framework’ object and want to stack Four such fresh widgets vertically. Each of.

Pass variable ter GET method to PHP verkeersopstopping on server [closed]

From my Android App I use HTTP GET to access a Php verkeersopstopping on my server. The Php opstopping contains a MySQL query to select gegevens from my MySQL database. I want my App to pass a variable to the Php verkeersopstopping. To select a specific row, and only get.

use custom-made Go packages

I have written some custom-made packages which I am fighting to reuse. My code is structured spil goes after: $GOPATH/src/ Ter myfirstrepo I have Two different packages: myfirstrepo |–somefolder1/package1 |–somefolder2/package2 Now I’d like to invoer my package1 te package2, I know I can use my published code on github using go.

Why do processes spawned by the multiprocessing module not duplicate memory?

My impression with python multiprocessing is that when you create a fresh process with multiprocessing.Process(), it creates an entire copy of your current program te memory and proceeds working from there. With that te mind, I’m confused by the behaviour of the following script. WARNING: This script will allocate a.

R Programming- Need to calculate upto three most common values of an attribute te sorted order

I have a katern Yes_No ——- No No Yes Yes Yes No No Yes Yes No No No Yes Then output should be MCV ———- No(7) Yes(6) If the gegevens is Yes_No ——- No No Yes Yes Yes MayBe No Yes Yes No MayBe No Yes Then MCV ——– Yes(6).

Fineuploader addFiles ie 8/9

I have bot building an audio recorder which falls back to flash for browsers which do not support the getUserMedia api (which is then passed to the pagina via an outer interface). I am wondering if it is possible to upload arbitrary Blobs/Files ter ie 8/9 while using the iframeSupport.

Keeping track and progress of various ajax postbode requests

I’m using jQuery to make various ajax Postbode requests. I need to keep track of the success or failure of each one of them, along with the overall progress of the accomplish batch, so that I can update the UI with a progress buffet and informatie about how many requests.

Getting (and appending) keurig verkeersopstopping path te Python Two.7

I have a previously defined verkeersopstopping name te a string format, and a previously defined variable called value. I am attempting to store a variable that looks like: C:\Users\Mij\Desktop\Value_Validation_Report with the syntax below, I instead get: C:\Users\Mij\Desktop\Value\ _Validation_Report target_dir= os.path.dirname(os.path.realpath(FileName)) ValidationReport=os.path.join(target_dir,value,”_Validation_Report”) print ValidationReport Every other combination I have attempted leads.

Picture (Numbers/Letters) recognition

I’m learning C++ for half a year now (so programming ter genérico) and this webpagina always had the answers I wasgoed looking for. But now I came to the point where I need to ask spil I couldn’t find anything related to my question. So I want to write a.

Create user MongoDB

I’m attempting to create a mongoDB user on a DigitalOcean droplet. I attempted a lotsbestemming of combinations, but basically, I can’t make this work. To commence the service, I use mongod –noauth. Below is the guideline I used: use admin db.createUser( < user: “userhere”, pwd: “passhere”, roles: [ < role.

Checkbox with false value ter form

I need send with postbode false value of checkbox witch is not checked by default. My checkbox is defined like this: &lt,label&gt,&lt,input type=”checkbox” id=”rez” name=”rezerwowanie” value=”false” /&gt,Rezerwowanie&lt,/label&gt, And after submit I use that code to check if checkbox is checked or not: $Reservation = $_POST[‘rezerwowanie’], if ($Reservation == false) <.

How do I make a certain sprite budge te pygame?

I need to make the player stir continuously when I press a certain key.The problem that I have is that the pic of the player is moving merienda (when I press one of the defined keys) and then it stops. inject code here invoer pygame invoer sys invoer os invoer.

After content switch canvas wont concentrate [jframe, java]

I have three canvases and one JFrame spil a window. The very first canvas added to the window works like a charm. But when I liquidate the canvas and add another, the fresh canvas will be painted right, but it wont react to any events. window.eliminate(menukaart), RoomView rv = fresh RoomView(window.

Ruby style practice for multi-line arguments followed by a block [closed]

What’s the militar reccomendation for styling and indentation te ruby when you have a method call, with arguments on numerous lines, and a block. For example collection :available_surveys, exec_context: :decorator, class: Survey, skip_render: lambda <|object, opts| opts[:show_all_surveys] != true >do property :name, spil: :survey_name property :id end The method.

RegEx works te tester not on webpagina using JavaScript

I’m attempting to write a RegEx that comebacks true if the string starts with / or http: and only permits alpha numeric characters, the dash and underscore. Any white space and any other special characters should fire a false response when tested. Below works fine (except that it permits special.

Using characters te Javadoc

I have bot writing up Javadoc comments and have run into a problem. If I attempt to describe a list te the form: List &lt, String &gt, (Assume no spaces) the &lt,&gt, characters are recognized and hide the entire portion of the comment within the Javadoc. I have looked at.

Incapable to get past a java exception on host = null

I am attempting to determine if a url is good or bad. I am incapable to get past the exception from HttpURLConnection that host is null. My code is below: URL url, UrlValidator validate = fresh UrlValidator(), if(validate.isValid(rs.getString(“url”)))< url = fresh URL(rs.getString(“url”)), System.out.println(url.getHost().length()), if(url.getHost().length() == 0)

Display WooCommerce variable product price on other pages

I’m using WooCommerce on a WordPress webpagina that I’m building and I need to be able to display a specific product’s price via the webpagina. Normally that wouldn’t be an punt, but te this example it’s a product which has Two variations, so I need to demonstrate both of them.

MVVM – Display messages from numerous monster entities ter the view

Good afternoon, Ter my project I have a view that contains a listview object. Now I have a class (prototype) called ControlUnit that needs to report its progress to the view. Most of the time, there will be numerous ControlUnit objects at a given time. For example, ter my view.

How to click anywhere and close a panel?

I am have a spijskaart voorwerp that If I click it opens a panel fullscreen. Merienda this panel is open I want to be able to click anywhere to close it. The panel is top of everything with z-index and placed absolute. This isn’t working: jQuery(“.fa”).on(“click”, function()< jQuery(“.my_search”).addClass(“opensearch”), jQuery(“.my_search”).vertoning(), >),.

Merging Two git repositories

I have two git repositories – One – with directory structure src/com/yadavvi/stringsearch Two – with directory structure src/com/yadavvi/prettyprint, src/com/yadavvi/tree, src/com/yadavvi/treewoq. I want to merge both thesis repositories into a single repository One, such that the final directory structure of the resulting repo would be – src/com/yadavvi/stringsearch src/com/yadavvi/prettyprint src/com/yadavvi/tree src/com/yadavvi/treewoq However.

How to add a dynamic act that will redirect to another pagina by executing JavaScript Code?

I have buttons on my apex application that executes custom-built PL/SQL codes upon being clicked. They have names APPLY (Acknowledge) and Switch (Count Keurig). I need to have it so that when APPLY is clicked, it redirects to the same pagina (with the PL/SQL code implemented) and when Switch is.

perl, samenvatting TOC from PDF verkeersopstopping

I have checked through CAM::PDF and other PDF related modules, but can not figure if there a way to samenvatting table of content from a clear PDF opstopping. If there any ideas I would be grateful.

django send_email() shows success but no email received

I am learning how to send an email te Djgnao. I have configured # EMAIL_BACKEND = ‘django.core.mail.backends.console.EmailBackend’ EMAIL_HOST = ‘’ EMAIL_HOST_USER = ‘&lt,my username&gt,’ EMAIL_HOST_PASSWORD = ‘&lt,my password&gt,’ EMAIL_PORT = 587 EMAIL_USE_TLS = True and te django shell I attempt to send an email to my self (and my.


How to Close an open email using Applescript

I’ve bot able to achieve 95% success using the following script on my Mac OS X Ten.Ten.1 However, I can’t get the email that I’ve opened to “Close”. Any suggestions. Here’s the Applescript: using terms from application “Mail” on perform mail activity with messages theMessages for rule theRule tell application.

Finding the promedio te an array ter Java [duplicate]

This question already has an response here: How to manipulate arrays. Find the media. Beginner Java 7 answers I have to find the media value of the elements ter an array that are different from a specific number (example: <Two,6,Four,7,7,Four,Two,Five>is the array. How to find the media of.

Effortless generic print Dictionary to Excel Worksheet using VBA

I’m working with truly intricate gegevens. Because of this I wrote this indeed nice function to print gegevens to the debug area – the imediate window you can reach with Ctrl + G on the VBA, inwards Excel. I need a similar function to print this generic gegevens (that has.

How do i validate a text field for ondergrens characters?

I’m am attempting to Validate my text fields to only submit with the right number of characters. I attempted the function below but it’s being fiel, only letting the number “Ten” submit and not characters less then or equal to it. How do i decently do it? function validateForm()< var.

Scrapy ProgrammingError: Not all parameters were used te the SQL statement

The problem i am facing is that Scrapy code, specifically pipeline presents mij with a Programming error mysql.connector.errors.ProgrammingError: Not all parameters were used te the SQL statement’ This is my code for the pipeline: invoer csv from scrapy.exceptions invoer DropItem from scrapy invoer loom invoer sys invoer mysql.connector class CsvWriterPipeline(object).

Print only a specific part of a string

I have a jsp program(using scriplets) that generates the output te a string. My JSP Code: &lt,HTML&gt, ——- ——- &lt,% ——- ——- a=fresh String(tmp, 0, i), out.println(a), ——- ——- %&gt, ——- &lt,/HTML&gt, Here I am getting the output successfully. But there is a loterijlot of unnecessary gegevens that I get.

How to select different template depending on different angular js route value

Gulp Autoprefixer Not Working

I’m incapable to get Autoprefixer to work with Gulp. I’m using opacity te my CSS, gradients, and converts and there aren’t any vendor prefixes displaying up. Otherwise, everything else is working. Here’s my gulp verkeersopstopping: var gulp = require(‘gulp’), var lr = require(‘tiny-lr’), var jshint = require(‘gulp-jshint’), var sass =.

HTML5 Everything vanishes after clicking a button

I’m fresh to html5. I’m not sure what happened here, I’m attempting to make it so whenever the button is clicked, a quadratic function emerges te the canvas. But ter what I wrote, whenever I click the button everything vanishes right after actually plotting the requested curve. Here’s the code.

PHP MYSQL Automate Create Value

How to get JSON verkeersopstopping ter knot.js?

Ter my app I have directory server and sub-directory x and within this directory there is a opstopping called x.js (written using knot.js). Te another sub-directory of server there is a y.json opstopping, I want to use its content te x.js. It vereiste be very effortless, but nothing yet has.

Run method async with pantalla support

I have to call a method from an outward library. I have no control overheen it and it blocks the UI for Five secounds+. It is just one method. Because I truly like async/await, my code looks like that: SoundSource = await Task.Run(() =&gt, CodecFactory.Example.GetCodec(Path)), The problem is that it.

Lazarus OnKeyPress on OS X

I’m using Lazarus 1.Two.6 on OS X Yosemite, and my problem is, tha when I disabled TabStop ter every object, and I wrote a pretty little code for that myself( because of need of circular tab-ing) , but using #9(tabulator) it won’t work. Does work with any other key. proces.

Store method parameter names for some classes when compiling te Java 8

Desmerecimiento has an option te Java Compiler tabulator: Store information about method parameters (usable via reflection) If I checked on the option. I am able to get method parameter via Parameter API. It is good. If I turn on the option, Compiler will stored method parameter information ter All my.

Does Akka obsolesce Camel?

My understanding of Akka is that it provides a proefje whereby numerous, isolated threads can communicate with each other ter a very mededinger style. It uses the “actor specimen”, where each thread is an “actor” with a specific job to do. You can orchestrate which messages get passed to which.

Can Morphia cache query results to produce the same example each time

Is it possible to get the same example of an object when querying Morphia. This is the query which I am presently performing to find ServerInstances ter my database. Database.get().getDatastore().find(ServerInstance.class).field(“_id”).equal(id).get() The Database.get().getDatastore() comes back the Morphia datastore that I created earlier. If I run the Query twice, both of the results.

Why is this initializer_list constructor a viable overcharge?

Padding-left not working te QListWidget

I’ve created QListWidget: QListWidget *list = fresh QListWidget(), list-&gt,addItem(“Voorwerp 1”), list-&gt,addItem(“Voorwerp Two”), list-&gt,addItem(“Voorwerp Trio”), Then i’ve applied my stylesheet: QListWidget::voorwerp < padding: 5px, >QListWidget::voorwerp:selected < background: qlineargradient(spread:padachtige, x1:0, y1:0, x2:0, y2:1, zekering:0 #369, zekering:1 #147), color: white, >But padding not working te the left side. So i have.

Is there a way to see the underlying error when a yum_package directive fails?

So here’s something that irks mij with Chef, and I’m wondering if there’s a way to improve it. When a resource fails to execute on a knot, for example a yum_package resource, wij never see the underlying error. All wij see is for example: [2018-01-21T11:51:18-05:00] ERROR: yum_package[expat-devel] (git::default line 14).

Plain generic function which doesn’t compile

Please take a look at this function ter Scala and tell mij why it doesn’t compile. def alternative_identity[A &lt,: Any, B &lt,: Any](obj: A): B = < obj >I know that the function itself doesn’t make sense, however I am attempting to solve more ingewikkeld problem and this example.

How to re-arrange QTableView’s Columns Order

The code below creates a single QTableView driven by Prototype/Proxy framework. The self.headerNames list-variable proclaimed ter source-model stores the names of the Header’s Columns. The number of names te this list is used by the same source prototype’s columnCount() method to come back the number of katern te a view: def.

Xcode 6 missing required Architecture te custom-built SDK build, how to include all archs decently?

I’ve got a framework opstopping that I inherited and manage ter Xcode6, spil well spil a demo application that uses the framework opstopping. I generally build the framework project, copy the created .framework opstopping into said demo app, and compile that demo app. Recently I’m running into problems where the.