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This is yo boy, Dougie B, still reppin – Amani!

This is yo boy, Dougie B, still reppin – Amani!

Amani and Media

Spil I have taken a duo of weeks off, my blogging abilities have slightly diminished but I’ll attempt to get back ter the “flow.” The News documentary wij are watching is pretty interesting BUT I have noticed that the concentrate has bot on the development of news and journalism from the customary newspaper to movie news and quick news online. I have not seen any of our causes te this documentary yet but this isn’t to say wij cannot draw conclusions about news and our topic.

Amani doesn’t make news. It is not going to be found te newspapers or talked about on the radiodifusión. It is circunscrito, and when I say almacén, I mean very regional. “News” is what the public wants to hear. Much of this information is crap te my opinion (style, hollywood, etc.) but much of it is also “important” (political issues, general uprisings, crime, the usual). So where are the organizations or movements for social justice ter the news? Well, I’m sad to say that unless you search truly hard (like spend 20 minutes on youtube narrowing down the searches) you won’t find specific causes and up-to-date information on the activities of those causes. To the best of my skill, the “news” of Amani circles within the Amani community. If you are involved with Amani then you will receive emails and make contacts with others who share your passion. However, if you don’t know anything about Amani then it would take something extreme for you to hear about this wonderful organization (like running into mij for example). One of the reasons that Amani doesn’t market itself or show up extensively ter regional papers, ads, broadcasts, etc. is because it is a non-profit organization that runs on a taut budget and cannot afford this.

I think that news today should also concentrate on the issues that are troubling our society. When wasgoed the last time that the HIV/AIDS depressie and its effects on orphans ter Africa wasgoed featured te the newspaper? You tell mij. I can’t recall such a time. Is this not significant here te Indianapolis, Ter, US of A? Evidently not. Wij have more significant things to talk about, like Governor Daniels possibly running for voorzitter (kidding).

News plays a puny role ter my cause because of the way our communicative society is structured. If integral social justice problems appeared te newspapers and television programs more often, more self sustaining switch would go after and the world would be a better place.

Reminisce Alex Brown


Meet Alex Brown

This story is a journey from the utmost tragedy to awareness and grace.

Spoiler bedachtzaam: this is a sad postbode and contains Justin Bieber. If you’re still interested this postbode will also take 20 minutes of your time. Still interested? You should be, cuz this blog is auténtico. Here at Dougie B. Still Reppin’ Amani wij like to postbode meaningful stories, practices, situations etc. and grow by finding meaning through making connections to our own life. If you’re looking for a quick comment, this is not the pagina. Te order to practice this postbode, you will need to read, reflect, and see. Both movies on the Brown family that I’ve posted paint the picture of this tragedy. But this tragedy has given way to a large field of blossoming orchards. It is a beautiful story….with a powerful message. The center of this story is texting and driving. But this particular story is unlike the surplus, for the death of this tiener is not the last chapter. Through the grace and will of Heer, Alex Brown’s parents are speaking to youth across the country. By retelling Alex’s story, they are reliving their worst nightmare…over and overheen again.

If y’all didn’t toebijten to catch the Extreme Makeover Huis Edition scene a few weeks ago about Alex Brown, I’m sorry- it wasgoed such an amazing gig! If you did see it then good. It wasgoed a two hour gig about a lady who died because she wasgoed texting and driving. Alex wasgoed 17 and wasgoed absolutely gorgeous. Hier mom, dad, and junior sister were devastated but made a promise to prevent this from happening again by creating a foundation te Alex’s name. The Reminisce Alex Brown Foundation has taken off and the publicity of being on the Extreme Makeover Showcase brought this message to millions of people. The scene featured guest appearances from Emma Roberts (fascinante) and Justin Bieber (sugestivo?). One of my dearest moments wasgoed when Katrina (Alex’s junior sister) flew out to Fresh York with hier friends and wasgoed astonished by J Biebs. He then proceeded to give them VIP tickets to his muziekstuk, permit them to come early to dance with the squad, AND he donated $1 from every toegangsbewijs to the Recall Alex Brown Foundation (see, he is a sweetheart). But my dearest part wasgoed when he instructed Katrina and hier friends how to Dougie. It wasgoed so funny! and he indeed can Dougie! Witness the very first 30 seconds of this movie.

Now prepare yourself. You are now about to hear the story of Alex Brown. Your life will be switched forever. Mine wasgoed.

Mark McGuinn wrote the song “Til’ You Got Home” about Alex Brown and the song is now on iTunes- I bought it just a few days ago. I’m te LOVE with it! It is a very emotional and catchy song. Please buy this song- half of the proceeds will be donated to the Alex Brown Foundation.

Alex’s family has traveled across the United States speaking to high schools and sharing Alex’s story. Their message is elementary: don’t text and drive. Their internal beauty is breathtaking. The mom is such a heartbreaker. I wasgoed deeply touched by the scene and without thinking I tweeted about it afterwards and got online to take the pledge to never everzwijn text and drive again.

My purpose is for you to make a promise to yourself to never text and drive again. Believe mij, just a few weeks ago I wasgoed like almost every other teenage te that I thought, “I know texting and driving isn’t ok, but it is ok when I do it.” I would never look down for more than a 2nd or two and attempted to limit my texting to when I came to surplus at stoplights. But after watching the Extreme Makeover and hearing Alex Brown’s story, I toevluchthaven’t texted a single word or even answered my phone while driving… and I never will. The loss of Alex and the anguish hier family lives with is enough for my heart to bear… I have promised myself that I will not text and drive because I don’t want my family to lose mij ter that way.


There are also thumbrings that say r.a.b. to remind you not to get out your phone and text while driving. Everyone who observed this scene leaped online afterwards to attempt and figure out how to get a hold of them. I found out on the facebook group Reminisce Alex Brown that if you make a donation to the foundation of $25 or more, ter about three weeks you will receive a opbergruimte of r.a.b. thumbrings. If you’re interested te getting one, just holler.

I will provide y’all with a verbinding to the extreme makeover huis edition’s recall Alex Brown pledge. Just click on this listig, read the paragraph about Alex, and then click on the blue verbinding that says: Print out the pledge, sign it and reminisce Alex Brown.

On behalf of everybody here at Dougie B. Still Reppin’ Amani, it has bot a pleasure- thank you and Godheid Bless.


James Cameron is a boss

This is yo boy Dougie B, now reppin’ the Na’vi

Let’s relate Altibajo to my cause. To refresh your memory, my cause is an organization (Amani) that supports orphanages te Kenya. Let’s establish why there is a need for orphanages te Kenya. The HIV/AIDS virus has wiped out millions ter Kenya and thereby left millions of childrens spil orphans. The way that Kenyans often react to illness, especially te times of economic turmoil, is by making persons with illnesses outcasts. An example is how hospitals ter Nairobi neglect to care for those babies that are HIV positive because their resources are opened up lean and they only want to care for those they believe have the best chance of surviving. Those who are sick te Kenya are often not cared for. Now let’s tegenstelling this with Pandora. On Pandora, the Ometacaya revere life and have a strong sense of community. Wij can assume that there are viruses and communicable diseases on Pandora but wij did not have the time to see them. The Ometacaya react to sickness by asking for strength through Ewya and asking to the Tree of Souls. If one member of the Na’vi people became very sick, the entire Ometacaya tribe gathers ter chanting under the Tree of Souls te asking Eywa to give that person strength. On Pandora, death is not a horrible thing because when you diegene, you became part of Eywa and come in the circle of life. I cannot see the need for an orphanage on Pandora because the Na’vi people are such care-takers of one another.

Now imagine if wij acted like the Na’vi people. The Indians were similar ter a loterijlot of ways to the Na’vi. But unfortuneately wij have at least for the most part wiped out the Indian tribes. Wij have separated them from their homeland much like the “Sky People” separated the Na’vi from Hometree. Spil technology has advanced and the human wedren has modernized, wij have lost all sense of responsibility to the community. Spil individuals ter society today, wij are connected to our family and would react like the Na’vi if one of our family members fell ill. However, the Na’vi are one big family. Imagine if the community of Indianapolis knew everyone and considered each member family. I think wij can learn to love others through watching Cambio and admiring the beauty of James Cameron’s masterpiece. I want to be a Na’vi

Society is Pulling Us Away From the Truth

This weekend I would like to talk about faith, spirituality and the fight to maintain a relationship with Maker amidst the world wij live te today. Let mij very first establish the underlining belief that every human being longs for a sense of spirituality. I truly believe that wij are all born with a spiritual chunk which makes up our “oneness.” Now whether that spiritual lump is kept intact, nurtured or ruined is not the punt I hope to address. I tightly believe that te present day society, it is now stiffer than everzwijn to cultivate a relationship with Schepper. Let’s very first start by codifying our terminology. When I speak of developing a relationship with Heerser, I do not simply mean attending Mass every Sunday and telling prayers every merienda and a while. Having a relationship with Heerser, to mij, means being te touch with your inward spirit, worshipping Him and sharing your most private thoughts, worries, doubts and fears with Him. That to mij defines having a relationship with Heer.

There are several reasons why I feel it is spil difficult to have an intimate relationship with Godheid now than it has everzwijn bot. Technology has advanced drastically even within the last twenty years. I am not anti-technology but feel spil tho’ technology is pulling us away from our inward beings. Wij perceive life-from cradle to grave-externally. The imagination of children is hindered by television, gaming and electronics. Wij spend so much of our time entangled with relationships that do not even exist. Before the television came into existence, I believe that children played with fucktoys, spent time reading and played with kids outside ter the neighborhood. Today, children spend hours staring at the screens of Nintendo DS Gameboys and other forms of gaming entertainment. Television slurps enormous portions of our time spil human beings. I feel that spil wij engage ter the info-glut world of consumerism and materialism, wij lose ourselves ter the process. Where is Godheid ter entertainment, gaming systems or television?Spil youthful adults wij concentrate our time on improving our ranks te Call of Duty and catching up on reality TV shows instead of strengthening the existing relationships te our lives. I am also a strong believer that wij are often inspired by Heerser through others. Godheid works through others ter our lives whether wij accept it or not.

Let mij take one 2nd to point out that not all forms of entertainment are bruising to us. The Internet, for example, is a wealth of skill and resources that has proven to budge mountains. But the majority of time that the youth spends on the Internet today is on Facebook and Twitter. period.

Wij are now going to examine the ways te which the media inherently pull us away from the Higher Power (Heer, Allah, Yahweh, or, at least for now, wij may call him The Truth). I believe that Satan is working masterly to pull us away from The Truth ter every way he can. The messages being spoon fed to youthful kids growing up today regarding drinking, drug use and hookup is absolutely ridiculous. Our society puts celebrities, rappers and millionaires on a pedestal above everyone else. Wij make thesis people out to be Heroes when the truth is that they are often very greedy, empty and selfish human beings. Why is it that wij have things upside down? Wij glorify individuals that lack ético character, self respect and integrity. The human beings worth being applauded for are usually not even recognized. There are so many invisible heroes who truly know what it means to love. They have given up lives of convenience and success to spend painful days working with the impoverished, homeless victims of our caste system today. Thesis are our efectivo Heroes. But our world today is telling us that ter order to be blessed wij voorwaarde have money, success and fame when the truth is that those individuals who have achieved fame and wealth are the people searching for happiness the most.

Let mij point something out. There are two kinds of communication: Confidence and Gossip. Confidence is when a person is talking to someone else about THEMSELVES. Zekering and think for a uur how often you talk to others about your own deeds rather than the deeds of others. Whenever wij speak to a friend about deeds other than our own, wij are communicating Gossip. How often do wij find ourselves waiting for someone to turn the corner so that wij can make a remark about them? It happens every 2nd. Our world today is total of Gossip.

To truly define ourselves from the inwards out, wij voorwaarde strive to speak only about our own deeds. An example would be this: I’m talking to my friend and I tell him, “Last night at baloncesto practice coach wasgoed railing mij for no reason! He is such a wank! All I do is bust my butt off and he yells at mij every practice!” The keurig way to phrase this would be to say, “I had a rough practice last night. I permitted my private problems to interfere with my baloncesto spel. My mind wasgoed not on the court.” Notice how the 2nd response accepts total accountability. Attempt to become aware of thesis instances ter your everyday conversations with friends- attempt to talk only about your own deeds. You will be astonished how quickly wij take the chance to talk about others.

Back to my main idea: where is Maker ter today’s world? 99% of the messages wij are receiving are pulling us away from The Truth. It takes a warrior to stand up for Heer today. Wij are programmed to associate “fun” with partying, drinking and being bad. Merienda everyone reaches high schoolgebouw, there is peer pressure to drink, date, gossip, join cliques and rebel against our parents. Only strong individuals with a solid foundation are able to remain true to themselves and not switch through the stages of adolescence. Because so many of us lack self-esteem and want so badly to feel included, wij permit others to mold us into the persons they want us to be. It is our responsibility and the responsibility of our parents ter raising us to hold onto ourselves because society is working oh so hard to cripple the minds of its youth. Wij get pulled into this imaginario reality which can be detrimental to our journey to better understand ourselves, others and Maker.

Today I would like to showcase you a movie of a truly inspiring youthful dame. She instructs us all to go after our passions and include Aker ter our lives. I hope you are spil moved by this movie spil I am.

Education Today

I’ve liked the last few classes and our discussions on whether schoolgebouw needs to be saved. Haffley shredded that chalkboard, that’s for sure. Everybody’s mind wasgoed movin’ and ideas were sprouting out of lean air. To duo the radical discussions wij’ve had is our reading te LOC (pronounced low-ck, not l.o.c.). Te one of our loke readings a fellow spoke about how wij need to commence earlier. He said that kids should be going to schoolgebouw at age Four and by 16 they should be going off to explore at universities. I think he brings up an interesting idea but I don’t agree with him. Unlike ter China, I’m using stereotypes right now, wij do not love working and studying all day long. Wij are not machine-like ter our work ethic strafgevangenis do wij have the drive to accept the challenge of taking firmer courses sooner. I think that if wij attempted to do what this guy- sorry I don’t want to look up his name- is telling it would be a disaster. At least for the very first twenty years, puinhoop would rule schoolgebouw grounds and children and teacher alike would be fuming. BUT, BUT, I beg to ask the question, what would toebijten after society had made the adjustments of beginning schooling earlier and the problems solved themselves? What would toebijten then, huh? Would it benefit our society if at age sixteen students were beginning collegium? This is a very harsh question because I cannot read the future. However, I think that our education system has its flaws but on a pass fail scale it sneaks by with a final grade of: PASS. BUT, BUT, let mij bring up an significant point: te America are wij pleased with our education system only achieving a PASS? What about a PASS+ or a PASS++? Wij may be doing an ok job at educating the youth and forming leaders for tomorrow but what if wij need to create leaders today? After all, the Europeans, Chinese, and Asians are hammering us out te several areas. Wij voorwaarde not fall behind, right? Heaven forbid India produce the next world renown cancer researcher and not America. Wij voorwaarde be better. Wij voorwaarde be quicker, more efficient, and ultimately THE BEST.

Now that I’ve established that our standards te America are out of the roof, let’s discuss how wij voorwaarde improve our education system so that wij can be at the very top ter every field of examine. I think the government needs to step te. Te what ways? Well, very first off they need to improve state schools (like IPS) by hiring-hold on let mij rephrase that- paying teachers that are more qualified and actually CARE. Te order to improve our teachers wij voorwaarde create committees which oversee the hiring/interviewing process of acquiring fresh teachers. I believe the government voorwaarde buttplug more funds into the schools that are towards the bottom echelon of schools te the US of A- it is joy telling it that way. Te other words, our lowest level needs to improve. I think the response is teachers.

My cause. Well . . . my cause is the Amani Foundation which supports Fresh Life Homes Orphanages te Kenya. Is education related to my cause? Of course! Education is indirectly related to basically everything. How am I able to type here on this webpagina? Education. What am I talking about? Education. See? It is my individual belief that education and thirst go forearm te forearm. How can children learn when they are thirsty? Fresh Life Homes Orphanages supports HIV/AIDS infected babies who grow and develop into children. Without the Godspeed of NLH, many of the children would not still be alive, let alone healthy and strong. So NLH prepares children with a foundation of medicine (to fight HIV/AIDS), food, and love. This combination puts children te homes where they will be able to pursue an education. Wij take so much for granted. Wij are born and our parents know that wij will be educated. It is almost a dumb question to ask. But te Kenya, when a child is born, the very first question asked is, Will they make it? The chances of that child receiving an education are often traumatized by HIV/AIDS, having only one or no parents, and lacking the basic necessities for survival (food and water). If a child can overcome thesis obstacles and reach the age of schooling then he/she voorwaarde hope they parent or guardian can afford paying for schoolgebouw. It is not fair. Wij are so privileged. Sometimes it makes mij sick to think about everything I have and how I do not appreciate it.

So my message is love LIVING, be grateful you are ter America, and if ter doubt, reaction a question by telling, “Education.” You may sound indeed clever.

Creativity, Imagination, and Jelly of the Month Club

I truly liked “shooting” our commercial and I like even better using the phrase “shooting our commercial” because it sounds so professional and legit. Maybe one day I will be able to actually “shoot” footage for a movie or documentary or whatever. The process for mij seemed very well mapped out. I loved having time ter class to work on developing our ideas and commence pulling pictures together and recording the voiceover for our commercials. I felt that since wij used our time ter class very effectively, wij did not have to spend hours and hours on the weekend or during the week at huis working on it. I did anyways. I liked using iMovie again, familiarizing myself with it, and improving my rusty abilities because it’s bot since the Hero Journey that I’ve used it. Ms. Haffley is the source of all good: note to self. I also think the abilities wij are using will serve us well down the road. Being able to waterput together a collection of pictures, movies, and music and coordinating them with text and visual effects is a skill that I think is very valuable. You can’t waterput a price tag on that. I liked how Ms. Haffley permitted us to be creative yet still be productive. By having us come up with pitches and share them to the class, I feel like wij were part of some big company and wij were on the advertising/marketing houtvezelplaat. It reminded mij ter a strange way of the Apprentice. Hier method of providing us the freedom to use our gifts and talents to make something worthwhile is nothing brief of inspiring. While other classes are bored out of their mind by sticking to the writing book week after week, wij are being challenged to think outside of the opbergruimte and wij are acquiring abilities of the likes which wij may not even recognize. I loved making our commercial, watching the final product and feeling a slight bit of satisfaction, and watching the interesting, weird, yet hilarious commercials that others made. I think of the line by Eddy te Christmas Vacation- the movie wasgoed on last weekend that’s why I’m thinking about it- where Clark is hoping to get a check with a yam-sized premie to voorkant the money he already waterput down for the fresh swimming pool but instead he receives a one year membership to the Jelly of the Month club. Eddie says, “Clark that’s the bounty that keeps on givin’ the entire year.”

Eboo Patel

Pictured from left to right, Nate Osborne, Eboo Patel, Dougie Barnard, respectively

This morning I had the pleasure of attending the Interfaith conference held at the Interfaith church of Indianapolis. I heard about the conference from Nate Osborne’s mom. Wij were having refrigerio on Sunday talking about the Kenya Club and she mentioned this interfaith conference at which wij would be able to give a brief presentation. I thought, wow, that could be truly cool, but what would I say? They invited us to come and share because of Nate’s work through the Kenya Carnival, which is a kid-led interfaith carnival which supports students through high schoolgebouw ter Chulaimbo, Kenya. That wasgoed our connection to this prestigious meeting. Merienda wij got the green light, all systems were a go. From there Nate and I met a few times to discuss our presentation. This morning Nate and his mom picked mij up at 7:45 to drive to the interfaith church for the 8:15 conference or get-together. When wij arrived I felt a little out-of-place. Wij walked ter and they asked for our names. They had a name-tag for each of us along with a packet of information. I felt so official, like I wasgoed someone significant or something. Then wij made our way up the stairs and into the slagroom where the gathering took place. There wasgoed an extravagant assortment of breakfast items and juices laid out upon numerous tables. I didn’t have the belly to even think about eating something. I wasgoed thinking about my talk and I had butterflies ter my tummy.

Mrs. Osborne has so many connections and she made hier rounds to greet everyone she knew and introduce us spil well. I felt like an absolute nobody. A nobody who happened to be wearing a gold, brebeuf says yes, ken-ya help us t-shirt. After walking around for a bit, Nate and I determined to scope out our seats. Wij found three open seats ter the vooraanzicht row and parked there. Let mij describe this slagroom to you- it wasgoed an old fashioned wooden slagroom with stain glass windows along one side of the wall. It had a cozy, taut knit vibe. There were rows of chairs lined up all facing the pui of the slagroom where there wasgoed a toneel and a screen along with a projector. I also noticed a ginormous camera set up facing the toneelpodium with the microphone. There wasgoed an American flag standing tall against the wall ter the vuurlijn of the slagroom.

Spil I wasgoed listening to a few of the opening speakers, I had the sense that I wasgoed at some sort of presidential election because of the microphone, toneelpodium, flag, and large mega tripod movie camera. It wasgoed so cool. There wasgoed an older lady who spoke about world peace and she closed by reading a beautiful poem te hier European accent. At least it sounded beautiful- I couldn’t fairly make out all of the words because of hier unique accent. But everyone else te the audience seemed to get a kick out of it, so it voorwaarde have bot a pretty good poem.

Another speaker wasgoed the Dean of Social justice at Indiana University. He spoke about his efforts to pursue ongoing efforts for various movements centered around justice. I wasgoed fairly struck by his words. I felt that he spoke with dignity and power. He introduced one of his friends whose name is Klaus (kuh-lao-se). Klaus is from Cologne, Germany. He looks like the cutest man you have everzwijn seen te your entire life. He seems to be about 75 and walks with his head kleintje of down. He has sort of a hunch overheen stance. He is always smiling. He radiates joy. Anyway, so the dean of social work at IU spoke a few words about Klaus. He said that he had met Klaus many years ago at a conference for world peace. He spoke to Klaus for a few minutes and wasgoed touched by his vision. Klaus tugged the cover sleeve of the dean and said to him, you are going to make a difference te the world through your work ter Indiana. The dean wasgoed very moved and maintained a relationship with Klaus even after they parted ways. After the dean finished talking about Klaus, he walked overheen and talent Klaus a token of appreciation for the work he has done via his lifetime to promote world peace. It wasgoed demonstrable that this act of graciousness touched Klaus. He proceeded to treatment the microphone. When he spoke, I wasgoed absolutely amazed by his accent. It wasgoed unlike any other accent I have everzwijn heard before. The way he spoke wasgoed of the utmost sincerity. His tone of language wasgoed of gentle love. He even gasped up when talking about his vision for world peace. It wasgoed one of the most encantador things I have everzwijn seen.

The next speaker wasgoed the advisor to Viejo Ballard. This strong, tall black man wasgoed yet another awesome public speaker. He collective many of the ideas of Viejo Ballard and how they are working to form our community. Their objective is for Indianapolis to become a world renown center for social switch ter this world. I have to say, it wasgoed pretty moving. I accurately liked his talk. He then introduced the man behind organizing the conference who spoke about what a pleasure it wasgoed to have so many people here today. Next he invited four students from Immaculate Heart of Mary to come up and share about their practices with their diversity dialogue.

After they collective it wasgoed time for mij and Nate. The ogenblik wij had bot waiting for. It wasgoed spil if a wave of pressure crashed into mij. But no need to fear, this wasgoed no different than standing up to give a speech te Mr. Hick’s class right? After listening to a multitude of powerful speakers, I seemed a bit humbled which made the butterflies ter my tummy flap around even more rapidly. But I have always had a way with public speaking. I get jumpy before mitt, which is natural, but when my ogenblik comes, I shine. I feel very comfy ter that uur, when all eyes are on mij and I have a chance to let my light shine. It is such a thrilling experience- public speaking. Especially at this occasion because I had never spoke at an event with so much class and sophistication. It wasgoed truly an honor. Nate spoke very first and then turned it overheen to mij. I remembered all of the points ter my speech and even threw te a quote from Margaret Meade to close it: “Never doubt that a petite group of thoughtful, committed people can switch the world. Indeed it is the only thing that everzwijn has.” Prosperidad. haha.

The next speaker wasgoed the reason why all of us attended this conference. His name is Eboo Patel. He is one of the two Muslims on the faith advisory houtvezelplaat for Obama. To sum up his speech, let’s just say I wasgoed swept off of my feet. I wasgoed gargled away. I had tears ter my eyes. I gazed at him with the utmost respect and admiration, noticing how the zon reflected through the stained glass windows to make his face glow a bright yellow. I had an awakening, a realization, a stirring of emotions inwards of mij to the likes of which I had never experienced before. I have never heard a more powerful speech ter my entire life. His language, eloquence, matter-of-fact manner, wit, intelligence, and passion all came together to take the listener on such a fine rail. He led us back into history and frequently took us inbetween the past and present. I wasgoed astounded by his vast skill of people, books, movement, and faiths. If only you had bot there. I swear to you, it would have deep throated you away. After listening to him speak (it wasgoed 45 minutes long) every single person ter the slagroom spotted very first arm why this boy is on Obama’s faith advisory houtvezelplaat. He is brilliant. I want to go into his speech but it would be a lengthy discussion. So I’ll give you the message of his speech te shortened form. Just spil wij were ripped bijzonder spil a country by the color line (étnico segregation) 60 years ago, so are wij now ripped speciaal today by the faith line. Interfaith world peace is of primary importance today. And he talent facts, gegevens, stories from books, private practices, and hundreds of inspiring phrases along with that. I want to get the movie of his speech. I would love to observe it again and share it with others.

After hearing Eboo speak, I thought about the diversity and religious differences wij have at Brebeuf. I recently attended the diversity dialogue at Brebeuf to attempt to tackle some of thesis issues. One point I would like to make is this: Diversity is not always a positive thing. Our schoolgebouw is looking to increase its diversity but unless wij foster attitudes of love and acceptance of different religious and étnico groups, diversity can actually rip us speciaal. When I think back to Eboo’s speech, I recall him telling that gegevens shows that if a person has a positive practice with a different faith tradition, they are likely to view that faith tradition spil a entire te a much better light. Albeit Brebeuf is a Catholic Jesuit preparatory schoolgebouw, wij have students from several different faith traditions. It is significant for us to recognize that spil a student bod, wij are predominantly Jewish and Christian. Wij have all schoolgebouw masses, Christian prayer overheen the announcements, mass served during the prt’s, and wij recognize Jewish holidays. When it comes to Islam, I believe that wij do not make enough of an effort to include it and learn more about it. Aside from eyeing the names of significant Muslim holidays ter our assignment notebooks, I feel that the religion is excluded from our daily lives spil much spil possible. I know that wij are a Catholic schoolgebouw, but let’s work towards developing positive practices with the religion of Islam. Te doing so, wij will be open to growth and wij will exhibit interfaith values. Eboo Patel spoke about his visit to Franklin collegium the day before. He visioned the voorzitter of Franklin collegium wiggling the arms of his students on graduation day. He asked us, wouldn’t it be nice if the the voorzitter could look into the eyes of every single student graduating and know that they exhibited interfaith values? That would be incredible. To know that every student had bot exposed to positive practices with other faith traditions and would proceed to be leaders and preachers te the future.

Eboo addressed the kwestie of religious differences by telling that there are four ways to overeenkomst with them. The very first is a Bubble of Isolation. Wij can bubble ourselves within our own faith traditions and voorkant our ears from the views of other religions. The 2nd treatment is a Barrier of Division. Wij can acknowledge that others adore differently than us and use that difference to separate ourselves from those people. The third is a Bomb of Destruction. If you turn on the news or read the newspaper, you will notice that every single day people use faith spil a means of violence. Do you everzwijn notice that thesis suicide bombers are always inbetween 18-24 years old? This isn’t a coincidence. The extremist groups are targeting the youth. They are brainwashing kids from an early age to view differences ter religion with hatred and hostility. The fourth method of dealing with religious differences is a Bridge of Cooperation. This is the way wij wish to overeenkomst with all sorts of religious conflict/difference. Te order to work together for the common good not only spil a country but spil a human wedstrijd, it is vivo for us to overeenkomst decently with differences te faith/adore. World peace is the ultimate purpose. Al-Qaeda is our enemy. For every meeting wij hold for interfaith prosperity and world peace, there are five meetings occurring via the world to promote wars and violence based off of religion. Let mij make this clear, wij are not contesting on frío ground. They are winning right now. It is our job to spread messages of love and cooperation through interfaith dialogue. Through our words and deeds wij vereiste work and encourage others to work towards making religious differences into a Bridge of Cooperation.

One of the coolest moments of the day wasgoed when Eboo talent a shout out to mij and Nate. I will never leave behind it. The very first thing he said when he got up there wasgoed that he wasgoed gonna deepthroat us up on twitter (he pointed to us- ter the gevelbreedte row) because he wasgoed mad inspired by us. I couldn’t even believe it. It wasgoed a fantasy. After he spoke Nate and I waited te line to talk to him. He is such a incredible human being. I need a poster of him to string up up ter my bedroom. He is hero of mine. Nate and I also got a picture with him. Pictures last forever. I will never leave behind it.

I took so much out of this practice. After hearing Eboo speak, wij had a pauze ter which everyone walked around, spoke to each other, and grabbed muffins or juice. I can’t tell you how good it felt to have people patstelling mij and Nate on the back and say, you guys are incredible. There were random people who wij had never met before that came up and beginning talking to us. The quality of the people at this petite get together/conference wasgoed out of this world. I mean it wasgoed just phenomenal. I wasgoed ter awe. There wasgoed one lady ter particular that stood out to mij. Hier name is Julie Singer. She is about 25-30 years old. She approached mij, introduced herself, and asked mij about visiting Kenya. She wasgoed very intrigued and she took mij by verrassing when she said, I’m fluent ter Swahili. I go, WHATTTTTTTTT! Instantaneously my jaw dropped and my perspective of this stud just went out of the roof. I wasgoed fascinated to learn that she minored ter African studies and has traveled to several countries ter Africa. But for hier to be fluent te Swahili, the language spoken ter Kenya, that is just too ideal. I said Train mij. She said, I would love to. I wasgoed also astonished to hear from hier that Swahili isn’t truly that difficult of a language to learn. And she told mij, You will be astonished how struck the Kenyans will be when you open your mouth and speak their language. She said they will absolutely love you. So I got hier card and I may email hier to set up a time for hier to instruct mij how to form some sentences te Swahili. I cannot wait! Te my head I can picture myself standing te vooraanzicht of a classroom of students and speaking a paragraph te Swahili (which I memorized) to just gargle them away. I want to do that this summer so badly! And Julie Singer will help mij get there.

One more thing that I learned is to not judge people. From very first glance, and from very first impression, I wasgoed a little skeptical of Julie. When I very first shook hier mitt, and smelled hier cigarette breath which encompassed mij, I thought of hier ter not the nicest way. But after talking to hier, I realized that judging a person before you get to know them is such a shame. Because boy i would’ve missed out on an incredible female te Julie Singer. It is such a lesson to be learned. It is so effortless for us to form opinions te our goes of a person based off of appearance when it is the personality that truly matters. So I challenge myself from this point forwards to take the time to get to know each person that I can. The person who will touch our hearts and indeed make an influence on our lives will often be the person wij least expect to.

Thank you Julie for training mij about love. you were a stranger to mij and only five minutes straks, I felt I had known you for many years. The power of love is remarkable

300% payingmlm: effectively it is same and reduce IB overcharge to half for sure..

300% payingmlm: effectively it is same and reduce IB overcharge to half for sure..

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Humza: sajavalrana, no only eng

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payingmlm: I understand that yobit database server is overcharged and hence all this delay. Wij don’t mind delay.. wij do mind that wij liberate time and hence rente for that time. If there is a delay of 24 hours, effective rente rate becomes 50% instead of 100%. right? If yobit pays 300% vanaf 48 hours, database flow will be half of the current blast..

notes1: Humza, is it permitido?

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notes1: Noticed everyone’s selling btc off

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Oceansmith: MDZ going up for sure, it has bot stable for 1 month

placebo1977: LIZUN still up for a third day

notes1: Nothing happening te the market worth playing with,

placebo1977: can someone please verbod this placebo, he is so brainy

Developer Notes, Practical notes, advises on application development (java, seam, android, google api)

Developer Notes, Practical notes, advises on application development (java, seam, android, google api)

Practical notes, advises on application development (java, seam, android, google api)

Ter a majority number of cases the Java-Persistence API (JPA) to create/fountain/update entities voorkant all your needs. But sometimes you need to do something special inwards the DB with help of stored-procedures. The good thing about JPA is that you still can use it to call the stored procedures and get the results back. Here is two cases of using it

  1. execute the stored-procedure and get the results back spil Entity
  2. execute stored proces and get the result back spil non-entity (for example set of name-value pairs)

For the 1-st case you need to define the stored proces ter DB (syntax depends on DB, I’ll use the Postgre-SQL syntax)

Ter the code example below I’ll showcase how to create a fresh entity using the call to the stored-procedure. It solve the existente problem of how to generate unique-record te DB. If wij’ll attempt to use the standard JPA API wij may end up with the code like that

So, at least Two calls to DB (+1 for each loop cycle). Fairly non-optimal, so why not do that with a single call to DB ?

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Just ter case – no need to inspect SQL code example below

Sorry for that long DB code, I want to showcase the real-life problem solution, not just plain INSERT.

Now, let’s call it from the JPA. Te our example wij generate and insert fresh record into the “unique_code” table. Let’s define that entity and required JPA annotations to call the stored proces.

Now let’s call the Native-Query to generate the UniqueCode

That’s it! This call will terugwedstrijd us fresh Entity which already exists ter DB and can be used by other entities. Please note that wij have to pass the empty-string (not null) spil “prefix”, since DB will not be able to find corresponding db-procedure by signature if wij’ll pass NULL.

It’s too much code already here, so I’ll voorstelling the 2-nd case “using native-query to terugwedstrijd non-entities” te the next postbode.

TinyMCE is on it’s way to release fresh major update to Four.0. You may want to see a demo for a quick highlights of updates.

Well, I just realized that I’m writing this postbode ter TinyMCE Three.Five.8. Four.0 it is still te beta stage but very likely wij’ll see the upgrades to Four.0 te a few months after it will have final release.

Anyway, while doing updates to JSpellChecker (see below for a list) and developing the “usage example” project, I downloaded latest TinyMCE Four.0 release and wasgoed astonished by the error’s I see after attempting to perform spellcheck. The thing is that TinyMCE Four.0 spellchecker plugin has a loterijlot of updates and actually now it’s using entirely different request structure than before (te Three.x). There is no docs yet which document the fresh spellchecker request structure, so I did investigation of requests ter java debug and te Chrome developer console.

The good news about fresh spellchecker API is that it seems to be more optimal, since it execute only one request ter which it sends words he want to check and expect the suggestions back (for all words) for misspelled words. So, user who use editor will be able to see suggestions right after he got response. Not sure how that will influence the server-side of spellchecker, but generally I think that algorithms could be optimized and suggestions to all words could be retrieved quicker (since dictionaries/indexes are already loaded at the uur wij look for misspelled words). At least number of potential requests to server will be much lower.

The bad news (on the ogenblik) is that only one language is supported on the ogenblik (spellchecker plugin always pass “lang”=”en”). There is a bug packed and I believe it will be immobile before final release. But you are welcome to vote for it!

TinyMCE webpagina does not provide documentation on request/response structure for the fresh spellchecker API (actually it does not provide it for previous version too). Information below is a result of switch sides engineering of fresh spellchecker plugin code.

Well, so the request structure is updated and now only one request is done by spellchecker plugin.

See example spellchecker request/response comparison table below:

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“checkWords” request

Check the list of words passed spil a 2nd argument of the “params” array. Very first argument of the params array, define the “language”

Example request
Example Response

“spellcheck” request

It is done by a single request/response now. “params” is now JsonObject not JsonArray and that make request more structured

Example request
Example Response

The “result” will contain mappings where key is misspelled word and value is suggestion list for it. It also may comeback empty suggestion list for a word and that will mark it spil “misspelled”

“getWordSuggestions” request

Get suggestion for single word, passed spil the 2-nd factor te the “params” array

Example request
Example Response

Omzetbelasting, the JspellChecker code is updated to support TinyMCE Four.0 request/response format. It also contains other refactorings, updates and fixes which I will voorkant te the next postbode

Originally I want to explore the solutions to implement Servlet/OutputStream with limited throughput ter order to limit single download to some bandwidth.

It looks to be a flawless article which describe the way to distribute/manage server resources for large downloads.

It help to address a loterijlot of issues, like:

Ter one of the previous postbode I demonstrate an example of how a4j-push and a4j-poll were used together. It help to solve several things and optimize code/requests a bit. But te reality it wasgoed not “real” thrust – it just execute periodic lightweight requests (ping server) and asks him – “do you have something fresh for mij ?”. It has serious cons:

  • number of requests to server is linearly depends on the number of browser windows opened, so more simultaneous users wij have connected to the server – the higher loading it will have. So, actually server can be just “overloaded” by that ordinary requests
  • with regards to previous point wij have to increase the period inbetween requests (to make less influence on the server) – but it is not good for user practice, since it will see the updates with a larger delay

What I expect from Thrust is that server itself initiate the push-notification to the client. So it does that right at the uur he have to say something fresh to the client. There is no need to say that such server-to-client communication open a loterijlot of excellent features and possibilities to web apps.

Here is the diagram from the IcePush docs

It most likely not that visible, but te brief – “It works great”. IcePush client (javascript) send the list of subscribed topics he want to listen, server genberate the unique ID for him, after that client establish the connection with the server which listen for response from server. Server will notify the client merienda he will have notifications to send to him. Client call the callback function ter which you may do anything (you may call any javascript function spil well the a4j:jsFunction if you want to do something through JSF)

Spil a result, the client browser will be notified right after the event will occur on the server. It will be instantly shoved to the client and after that client is free to do anything he want to react to the notification.

The good thing is that it’s fairly effortless to integrate IcePush technology with existent java-web application. The requirement here is just to have a servlet container.

Te my case it wasgoed existent Richfaces/Seam-2/JSF application (I wasgoed afraid that IcePush may conflict with Richfaces, but it is not the case, IcePush can be integrated fully semi-transparent to the JSF/Seam application, since it integrates on Servlet level).

You can find all the necessary information about IcePush integration here. I will showcase the example of integration of IcePush with existent web-application (Seam/Richfaces). I think the integration could be the same for GWT or any other app which is deployed ter the Servlet-Container.

  1. Downloaded jQuery integration package
  2. Added the icepush.jar to the WEB-INF/lib
  3. Added the following definition to web.xml
  4. on the web-page initialized the IcePush with
  5. On the server side call the IcePush ter the places I want to send notification (spil a reaction to some event)

Wij can call method pushToUserList directly, but I packaged it so it become asynchronous call, so it don’t slow-down the http-request processing (it may send notifications to several clients and spil long it is network operation, it’s may cause a significant delay)

It will be not effortless to read and understand this article, so please recall that you always have a choice to not read it ??

So. ter our app wij have few background processes on the pagina which are periodically ping server and update some pagina parts. Now I think this is not the greatest treatment and wij should use a vivo Shove technology instead of periodic ping te every place where it is possible, but anyway. Our problem wasgoed that those requests (if they were treated by Seam Context-Filter) may cause our conversation (the pagina which user open ter the browser) to be demolished because of conversation timeout. And it indeed doesn’t work for us, since that indeed “secondary” requests may kill our primary conversation (especially if wij have several browser windows opened)

So, to summarize the problem – “periodic seam requests (ajax requests) cause the ruining of the conversation”, so, if user don’t do any activity on the pagina during the conversation timeout – the next his act vertoning the “Conversation timed out” message.

Partial solution here could be not use Seam ContextFilter for that requests, but ter that case wij couldn’t use our Seam components (so it don’t work for us)

The better solution (I think) – is to “Avoid timing-out the conversation te our background requests”. It is what will be described below. However the Much Better Solution would be also “Avoiding the background periodic requests by using a efectivo thrust approach” – like it is shown te the IcePush integration postbode. But that not always work, but undoubtedly preferable solution.

So, the workaround for us wasgoed to establish Seam environment for the request but don’t cause the the same environment spil it is done ter the org.jboss.seam.web.ContextFilter but don’t call the Manager.conversationTimeout()

Ultimately solution looks like Two classes (created from Seam ContextFilter and ContextualHttpServletRequest)

pretty plain ContextFilterWithoutTimeout (it just create and run ContextualHttpServletRequestWOTimeout)

and the ContextualHttpServletRequestWOTimeout which is a copy of ContextualHttpServletRequest with commented call to

// Manager.example().endRequest( fresh ServletRequestSessionMap(request) ),

so it doesn’t call the touchConversationStack() and Manager.example().conversationTimeout(session),

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spil the result our request don’t update anything ter the conversation stack and don’t cause the timing-out of conversations

“destroyConversation( conversationEntry.getId(), session ),”

it doesn’t mean that conversations will not be timed out – they will, but they will do it spil a result of primary user request (or request which is working through Seam ContextFilter). So wij don’t switch Seam request processing entirely, but create the way to make exceptions te request processing, so wij can create requests which will not cause our conversations to be timed-out.

ter the web.xml wij announce the filterzakje and servlets which will use it. Wij opbergmap this filterzakje to the servlets which make periodic background calls to the server

Spil I said before – it doesn’t totally switch the Seam request processing, it just let us to avoid conversation timeout for our primary pagina. Te case user will open two pages and leave them for certain time (larger than configured conversation timeout) – only the very first pagina he will interact with will proceed conversation, because on the very first interaction the other conversation 9form other pagina) will be timed out. But that is expected behavior of Seam conversations and wij are not going to switch it. What wij solve here – is that our primary conversation will not be demolished because of our background (secondary) calls and that those secondary calls will have an access to all Seam components.

Scripting Java Phyton Telegram, Bitcoin, Javascript, PHP, Script Install, Scripting

Scripting Java Phyton Telegram, Bitcoin, Javascript, PHP, Script Install, Scripting

Budget 30-250 EUR

  • Freelancer
  • Jobs
  • Bitcoin
  • Scripting Java Phyton Telegram

I need a multilingual HYIP Telegram BOT

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Needs to accept Bitcoin, Etherium

German or English speak

BOT needs following languages included: German English Russian and Indian

Project participation 50/50 or meteen payment after testing Freelancer or BTC

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Looking to make some money?

Set your budget and timeframe

Outline your proposal

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This is Anshuman from Atventus India Private Limited. Wij expertise ter Blockchain and BitCoin development. Wij have lots of practice ter setting up onmiddellijk BitCoin blockchain transactions with all the wallet. features. More

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Web Vormgeving Programming SEO Company India – FATbit FAQs

Web Vormgeving Programming SEO Company India – FATbit FAQs

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FATbit is proud to introduce its daily deals script, YoDeals, for entrepreneurs interested te coming in the daily deals business with a feature rich script. YoDeals helps business owners ter setting up platforms through which registered users can purchase deals and avail discounts. The script comes with powerful admin, merchant, deals and ecommerce features that enhance the deals practice spil a entire. YoDeals has evolved from rigorous research & development work, and wij are certain that our clients will be able to predominate the deals market with it. Visit YoDeals to practice our daily deals product.

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Xopso, A client of FATbit receives nomination at Ecommerce awards- 2013 Spain

Xopso, a daily overeenkomst brand suggesting discounts and deals on products and many such features gets nominated for best daily overeenkomst webstek at Ecommerce awards, 2013 Spain. The company crossed the mark of 130,000 on the very very first day of its launch. Xopso wasgoed facing technical and usability issues before coming to FATbit, which were hindering payments and traffic generation too. FATbit professionals worked upon devising a fresh strategy to eliminate limited functionality and outdated technology. A responsive vormgeving, added features, real-timestock peettante and enhanced products categories klapper anexceptional sales mark.

Bizixx- Project Management System launched

Wij realize that business owners need to be aware about the functioning of different departments to oversee progress of ongoing projects, while keeping an eye on the cost at the same time. To accomplish the same, wij have introduced BIZixx, a web based project management system. Through BIZixx, business owners have access to all the critical information and statistics at one place. This simplifies decision making and leads to better uilization of resources at palm. The project management system is loaded with features and capabilities that will help business owners with details related to total sales vanaf month, project completion status, man-hours spent, timely reports and numerous other useful statistics. Wij are sure our product, BIZixx, will help businesses around the world ter maximizing profits and achieving better decision making.

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Yobit Is A Scam

Yobit Is A Scam

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Given the sultry dislike that I share for Yobit along with a large number of other crypto enthusiasts, the crimson flags that popped up today are another reason why I’m bringing this exchange to your attention. Any search on Google will give you ample information about the practice many people have had with Yobit, and their understandable conclusions that Yobit is a scam.

I’m not quick te pulling that card normally, spil such accusations can be hurting to an otherwise credible project. However, ter this case, I’m not holding back on telling that you need to be reserve careful if dealing with this particular exchange spil I believe there is substance to the claims that Yobit is a scam.

Yobit is a Scam – Crimson Flag Number 1

Support tickets on Yobit all too often go overlooked, or at best, are answered te an inconclusive manner. Take some time to explore the reviews on Reddit and Bitcoin Talk about the level of service. When you get past the anger that most people have with regard to this and consider what merit there may be, you’ll most likely find yourself thinking twice before engaging the services of this exchange.

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Te my practice, there have bot enormously long delays te communications, and when there have bot replies, they have not resolved the matter. Below are some screenshots of communication I’ve had with Yobit support that, at the time of writing, have yet to be resolved.

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Yobit is a Scam – Crimson Flag Number Two

The 2nd crimson flag for mij that indicated that Yobit is a scam is found ter the alerts on Crypto Compare that Russian Authorities are presently investigating the activities of the exchange. Why is this coming te at number Two? This tidbit of information only came to light when I wasgoed attempting to resolve an punt and couldn’t get support however Yobit’s support voeling.

Back on March 6th, 2018, Coin Telegraph reported that Roskomnadzor, the Russian Telecommunications Regulator, had commenced proceedings against Yobit based on allegations of fraudulent activities. For many of us the sound of Russian Authorities investigating anything with efficiency rings spil true spil an Abbott and Costello skit.

Given the fact that Yobit is still trading some 12 months zometeen, it seems that you would be forgiven for thinking that any form of activity wasgoed taking place te this matter. Roskomnadzor’s reputation may not be that excellent with the locals, but I can say that it sure doesn’t seem to be versiering any merced outside the reach of the Superb Bear. I may be wrong however, this could have layers of complexity similar to that of a matryoshka doll and need more skilled entities to intervene. I’m thinking a group of 12-year-old Russian hackers would be about the right solution.

It is this type of conduct by rogue operators that will cause Governments to step te and regulate what there truly should be no reason for them to be involved te. I can see the cryptocurrency revolution being something that given the disempowered a voice, and may well challenge the relevance of Governments ter the long run. Just calmly, have you everzwijn looked at the entomology for the word Government?

Yobit is a Scam – Crimson Flag Number Three

Outlier activities for some coins occur on Yobit more frequently than on any other exchanges. Arbitrage is something wij can see an chance with at times inbetween exchanges, but when PacCoin goes up by 30,000+% overnight, something is clearly not right.

There is no option for numerous account types.

There is no option for numerous account types.

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YObit.televisiekanaal Review

About YoBit

Yobit is a DASH-based cryptocurrency exchange that commenced operations ter 2018. Available spil a multi-lingual verhoging (English, Mandarin, and Russian), Yobit offers users the chance to buy and sell hundreds of altcoin assets te several formats.


Cryptocurrency exchanges are by their very nature, unregulated businesses. Therefore, Yobit is not regulated.


What has bot the practice of users on Yobit?

Yobit features a talk opbergruimte on the right-hand side of its web interface, which gives a sneak peek into the answers to thesis questions.

Te terms of security of the toneelpodium, Yobit offers several security protocols for the security of wallets on its toneelpodium. Thesis include the use of 2-factor authentication for logins and use of token codes for withdrawal transactions.

Customer support is only reachable using a support toegangsbewijs, which for a podium with such high volume of traders, is fairly disappointing. There have also bot a few complaints of missing altcoin holdings, however it is not clear if thesis occurred spontaneously or during withdrawals.

Yobit should, therefore, work on improving its reliability. It has a strong brand name ter the market but it is failing to meet the expectations of some of its customers ter several aspects.

Trading Verhoging

Trading services on Yobit are suggested using two types of trading platforms.

Through the Yobit webstek, an online interface is provided to enable traders to buy or sell altcoin pairings and also view the Order Book to understand where trade flows are headed.

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  • Yobit also offers a mobile version of its podium.

Trade Types/Instruments

Trading on Yobit basically involves two trade types: buy and sell. Traders can profit from rising prices by using buy orders or may profit from selling prices using sell orders.

Altcoins suggested for trading on the Yobit verhoging include:

Account Types

Only one type of account is suggested on Yobit. There is no option for numerous account types.

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Commissions and Spreads

On Yobit, the incurred trade expenses come not ter the form of commissions and spreads, but ter the form of transaction costs and deposit fees. For each transaction, Yobit collects a 0.2% charge irrespective of trade type.

Deposits and withdrawals also come at a cost. The deposit toverfee will depend on what channel is used to effect the transaction. The table below is a summary of fees that you can expect to incur for conducting deposit and withdrawal transactions on Yobit.