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Only English comments will be permitted.

Only English comments will be permitted.

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For all future releases Just for the upcoming release Send mij a reminder 1 trading day before

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For all future releases Just for the upcoming release Send mij a reminder 1 trading day before

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  • Only English comments will be permitted.

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Humaniq (HMQ) Exchange

Humaniq (HMQ) Exchange

Humza: Ankitdagar51096, i heard different china and india will lift their bans

Ankitdagar51096 L1: You are gonna regret your decision of taking mij spil joke

Ankitdagar51096 L1: There’s is no news of lifting bans by now

Humza: Ankitdagar51096, I have lambo, corona and plaza boxes

Humza: Ankitdagar51096, if they sell wij will buy

moneywire: Ankitdagar51096, there is no need to fright bro. Supreme court will hear all crypto petitions on 20th July and It will lift all verbod and business will be usual again

Humza: moneywire, yeah and btc will rise and all alts will rise too

Humza: moneywire, my lizun boxes paid buy the way

moneywire: Humza, Lizun is worthless because difficult to sell and after denom sureshot loss

Ankitdagar51096 L1: That’s what wij all think brother. But government is rigorously against it. Also there are some other desperate people who don’t know much about crypto currencies. They are going to sell it despairingly.

moneywire: Ankitdagar51096, yes there will be interim funk inbetween 5th july to 20th july and all oobs ter india will sell and sob hard on social media but Supreme Court will lift the geobsedeerd on 20th July for sure

Humza: moneywire, the amoun of lizun i have will certainly get mij into the IB spil soon spil it happens so not stressed about it, even if its denom by quad trillions

Ankitdagar51096 L1: I sold my arena. But lizun is like unlikely to be sold lol.

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Humza: Ankitdagar51096, good for you,

jameshardy: Ankitdagar51096, fudder of the week

Humza: why would you sell contorno so cheap?

toukit L2: lbtx from 15 to Sixty-nine !! can someone explain

Humza: now the price will rise and you will not be able to get into the opbergruimte

Humza: toukit, lite bitcoin

Humza: toukit, looks good

toukit L2: thaks khouya

toukit L2: i thnik it will be overheen than 100 , what do you think ?

sajavalrana L1: toukit, yes yes ucash touch 100

toukit L2: sajavalrana, no i’m talking about lbtcx

alhamdulilah L1: Lizun, wait payment how long?

sajavalrana L1: lizun payment waiting

Humza: alhamdulilah, just wait it will pay, mine paid this am

sajavalrana L1: Humza, ur pm recive butt i dont know

Humza: sajavalrana, do you have aureola and lambo boxes

Humza: sajavalrana, combate inflation and cheap palms affect the value

sajavalrana L1: Humza, please pm again butt effortless

sajavalrana L1: do u know urdu ? hindi?

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Humza: sajavalrana, no only eng

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sajavalrana L1: Humza, please observe ucash coin

Thomas111 L1: alhamdulilah, 12 hours

budi98 L1: wow combate make mij rich

notes1: Palenque makes only the inhouse scammers money

payingmlm: I got Two IB doge payment for 6/25 and 6/26. There is NO lizun IB payment ter inbetween. So all my lizun IB payment are te wait state for more than 24 hours.

otokoam: payingmlm, same here

Humza: guys dont sell your contorno cheap, sell overheen 2btc

Humza: if you a ribete and lambo opbergruimte holder please send mij a PM have a kick butt strategy

Advanced Actionscript Programming

Advanced Actionscript Programming

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Engañar’s Dice is live and available at the stores, visit for more information.

Mr Ludo is already live and available at the stores, visit for more information.

Traffic Wonder is already live and available at the stores, visit for more information.

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Hi, thank you very much for visiting Labs. This is my private kitchen where I make and publish all experiments I do playing around with Adobe Flash. Feel free to navigate through the sections, commenting about the things I do and why not helping mij to improve ter those things I may doing wrong or could be done better.


Very first of all I’m NOT here to impress someone with my demos or experiments, and perhaps it is true you’re a far much better developer than mij (I’m challenging with nobody). I’m here just to discuss programming subjects and exchange skill. Be sure that the content you read is appropriated to your programming abilities ter order to avoid feeling disappointed, I always write a geschreven description about the article pointing its complexity level on its header.

2nd of all I do appreciate all the time that I have spent attempting to figure out the best way to do things (hours, weeks, months, which means sacrifices when wij have strong commitments). So spil I’m a inebriated programmer and at the end of the day after paying taxes and bills the spare specie left is not much, I hope that you before downloading any source code from this web webpagina don’t feel upset if it asks you for making a puny contribution (a mannetjesvarken), wij are here to help each other.

And ultimately I would like to say that I’m not responsible for bad interpretation or manipulation of resources you might find and download from It is all about sharing the things I do which they are not always totally finished and they can contain some errors, especially those that were not hardly tested.

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If you want to find out more about mij, please click on this listig. Note that english is not my mother language so I do apologize te advance if some of the content here is tricky to interpret (weird sense), please feel free to write mij any comment, any question of a subject that you would like to clarify or why not give mij a sugestion about how to improve what I’m doing. Use the voeling form at any time.

Keep ter voeling (RSS feed)

If you would like to be notified every time I publish an article or write down something te my blog that could be of your rente, just add YoAmbulante ter your RSS feeds. Just te case you’re not corriente with RSS feeds, Te outlook (version 2007 or higher) it is so plain, Te your Mailbox folders, right click te RSS feeds and then click ter the option “Add a fresh RSS feed. “, that’s all, I think it is spil ordinary spil it is te any other software.

Thesis are the things that I have done te my spare time and worth to be collective, I think

PeopleMundi (Fix Planet Earth)

Duo of weeks ago, by chance I read some articles (from different sources) about general heating, overpopulation, worldwide resources, world’s education and that entire thing you might have heard already about humans demolishing the planet leisurely. I know that you may be feeling a bit tired about this subject but I wasgoed actually thinking what if you have a actual chance of making instant-huge switches on earth, what would you do?

Ultimately yesterday I got a chance of working ter some reports and enhance the results of people’s decisions and bombs dropped around the globe, basically you can now click on any affected country and see where the different bombs were dropped and also where they were triggered from based on people’s IP address (don’t take it too serious, they can be tourists from different places, lol!), here is the verbinding results, also I have enabled comments.

Unity and Flash marriage (Tetris3D ter Two.Five days)

Recently, there is a loterijlot going on regarding to games development. Mainly speaking about how vooraanstaand Unity3D is becoming, wij can hear more and more people speaking about it everywhere, even my wifey (who doesn?t understand anything about games development) asked mij thesis days about it, she said, hey! what?s that unit 3d plug-in for? Is that a zuigeling of Adobe Flash competitor? I said, well to be fair I don?t know enough about it for calling it ?competitor?. more.

Traffic Wonder wasgoed made ter Flash

This is a funny thing, nowadays, even te this very first quarter of 2012 when I speak with developers sometimes they get astonished when I say that I am working ter an iOS project using Adobe Flash, people say, ehh? Hmmm? How come? Adobe Flash is not supported on iPad, strafgevangenis on iPhone. To be fair I can’t understand how Adobe has not made this very clear, people still think Flash is banned from iOS and only few of us know that this is finish a misunderstanding (this is wrong). Flash is not supported on safari browsers (ter Apple mobile devices), so are not other plug-ins such spil, java applets, unity3d, etc. but people don’t see this, the only thing they see is Flash can’t run on iOS. I have spent innumerable hours testing adobe flash on iOS (yes using adobe air), my final conclusion is that it will never be (te terms of show) spil good spil an app natively made ter Objective C, but hey, this is not fresh for us, it wasgoed always like that, same on PC, same on MAC, wij can’t compare Flash with programs made natively ter C++ and other languages that work closer to hardware. So wij are ter a very similar position to where wij were before, depending on what wij would like to achieve Flash will ideally sate all our needs, spil usual. more.

A good comparison inbetween HTML5 and Flash

HTML5 is here to stay, it is for us, and it is for helping us with that boring monkey job nobody likes to do like making a movie player with scroll progress and navigation buttons, or making a basic photo gallery with enchanted options, etc. If you are attempting to do something more complicated than that, I am afraid you are going to waste a lotsbestemming of time dealing with very annoying things like cross browser inconsistencies, spectacle issues, plus you never know if that thing will work ter fresh browsers te the future. The main problem of HTML is and will be always consistency, it looks different among browsers when you are dealing with advanced features, careful, it could be a big ache, keep it ordinary if you want to sleep well. more.

Acoustic recording and playing back te Flash

Here wij are merienda again speaking about midi files and how to use them ter flash through actionscript. Ter my previous article “from fruityloops to actionscript” where I am explaining deeply my treatment of loading midi files and play them with a certain predefined samples set, I did mention that dealing with acoustics instruments could be a waste of time due to the complexity of waveforms and how wij verbinding them making transitions sleekly. What I meant is that all samples of an acoustic muziekinstrument recording rely each other and they have to be played te the same sequence order otherwise it sounds just violated. Well, that’s true but it is not too bad at all and there are some things wij can do with it. more.

From Fruity Loops to Actionscript

About Trio years ago, when actionscript Three wasgoed born, Andre Michelle came with the idea of injecting audio gegevens into a ByteArray (binary SWF structure) for generating dynamic audio, I did have a go with this treatment for creating my own music dynamically (on the fly) based on pulses previously stored ter a MIDI verkeersopstopping, which it worked fine but it wasn’t too good ter terms of voorstelling and synchronization, especially creating long sequences by linking audio files where lightly all of them get out of synch ter slow machines. So I left behind about all this till Adobe has introduced into the flash player toneelpodium (FP10) the very famous SampleDataEvent.SAMPLE_DATA, providing us lots of ways for generating dynamic audio. more.

The word is ‘interpolation’

Before demonstrating some examples about interpolation, I would like to explain a little bit what it does mean and why it is so significant. Interpolation is a mathematic magic process, it consists ter construct fresh gegevens points within a range of known gegevens points. There are some mathematic patterns (algorithms) for generating missing gegevens inbetween points, I’ve learned some of them when I wasgoed working ter an application which required scaling, resize bitmaps. I don’t know if you have notice that when you resize an photo through Activity Script It doesn’t look spil good spil it looks when you do the same te Photoshop more.

The mystery of parallel lines

This is an algorithm I did for detecting the distance inbetween parallel lines, no matters their positions or rotation. This is a fairly ordinary and light algorithm that can be implemented on any programming language. Just few weeks before the cup I have received an advertisement email speaking about of a competition, a flash spel competition with subject spil “the largest flash competition everzwijn”, then I took a quick look on it, and well after I read it what I can say is that it took my attention because of the big amount of people participating on it and of course because of the excellent prizes. more.

Elastic Collisions Inspiration.

Very first time I worked with elastic collisions wasgoed using activity script Two, after many tests I did the vertoning of all thesis formulas were fairly good due to its simpleness of how it works. The main concept is fairly elementary, an elastic collision is a collision inbetween two objects (bods which have mass) where the total momentum of the objects colliding are preserved. Ter other words, none of the energy involved ter the collision is lost, it is distributed inbetween the activity objects depending on their mass and speed they got when the collision happened. more.

The verlet integration te 9 minutes!

The very first time I heard about Verlets wasgoed about Ten years ago I think, when I wasgoed working on a C++ program building a dynamic animated bridge, at that time all documents and resources I found about Verlets were truly confusing and at the end I talent up on it (sometimes people are too complicated for explaining ordinary things). Last year 2009 te flash on the beach (Brighton, UK) when I wasgoed attending the session of Keith Peters, he came with some indeed good ideas about how to implement the “Verlet Integration” te flash using actionscript Three te a very, very effortless way that makes my imagination fly. more.

Balloon algorithm ter actionscript Three

Ter this proef I made a cable (string) based on 30 dots linking them each other by using Splines kinks. There is not mystery on this project, it can look complicated but it is not, it is based on the natural behaviour of Verlet particles. Verlet concept is very ordinary but looks like a phat monster engine running behind when what it does is basically moving dots on the screen based always on their previous positions, so the speed and direction of each dot is defined just by using the difference inbetween its current position and the previous one and at the end all wij need to do is just stick all dots together again attempting to maintain same distance they got from the beginning to maintain its form (polygon made of thesis dots). more.

The fastest poker arms evaluator everzwijn

Few months ago I’ve bot working te a project where I had to validate poker arms (based on Five cards) and also calculate what the chance is for all possible mitts depending on their rank from highest card to straight flush and then voorstelling percentages for each possible future mitt type. Well, it looked to mij a bit elementary before embarking but merienda I took a quick look on the web and I began building up the logic of it, I just realized that it is something truly, truly complicated. A poker mitt of Five cards can have lots of different combinations which mean that it might need lots of validations and conditions depending on each mitt rank (I’m not speaking about few more.

Mr Grass, The grass movement algorithm

When YoAmbulante idea came to my mind I just embarked thinking ter how the webstek will look like more than the content itself and programming features. From the very beginning my idea wasgoed making something elementary and clear and then it wasgoed here when I made the header of the web based on a grass algorithm. Why grass and not something else? Well, it wasgoed always tricky for everybody making things looking natural, especially animations based on nature things, they are hard to achieve. more.

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Predicting the landing position

It wasgoed one of the most interesting experiments I have everzwijn done. It is about of a ball falling down hitting everything on its way down like a pinball spel ball, pui the begining my fattest question on this project wasgoed if it is possible predict the landing position of the ball when its path is not actually predefined, it is start defined on the fly entirely at random te every single framework of animation. Why would wij need to know the landing position of it? Well, te most of the cases when wij are working ter client/server architectures absolutely everything is processed (te terms of records, operations and results) te the server side and the front-end (client application) is not more than a gimp user visual interface more.

On Feb 25, 2018 the Cryptopia Exchange also reopened for trading of GEO.

On Feb 25, 2018 the Cryptopia Exchange also reopened for trading of GEO.

The Qubit Proof of Work Mining Phase for GeoCoin wasgoed finished at block number 1,568,125. All the GEO balances were snapshot at this block number and migrated overheen to the Ubiq Network. GeoCoin (GEO) can no longer be mined using CPU or GPU mining. Any mining pools that are still operating are doing so on the flamante POW blockchain which is now considered developer abandoned.

Fresh cool features After receiving some input from the community, wij added some arousing features to our fresh MapBox interface.

Camera Perspective Controls

Get the best view of your GeoCoins with our fresh controls to tilt the facet down or up and spin your camera view left or right.

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3D Buildings

Get a better sense of your surroundings with the fresh 3D buildings, powered by OpenStreetMap and MapBox.

Movie Spel Sound Effects

Have a laugh with the classic movie spel coin sounds and fresh gps pings.

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Share with Facebook

Wij have combined our camera perspective controls with facebook sharing to voorstelling your friends where to find the next GeoCoin. Make sure to get the camera angle just right!

Proof of Location

Commence GeoCashing to earn existente money with our fresh MapBox interface. Proof of Location simplifies obtaining cryptocurrency ter a joy and active way!

GeoCoin Demo Movies

Find a Trackable GeoCoin

Find a physical trackable GeoCoin

te a geocache near you!

Are you a member of Track down a GeoCoin GeoCasher Travel Bug and help it travel across the globe bouncing from cache to cache. Thesis trackables are joy to find, and they help promote the GeoCoin project to the already massive community which has millions of geocaches and users worldwide!

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Wij are glad to announce that the Bittrex GEO market has finished the interchange process and has reopened on Feb 11, 2018. On Feb 25, 2018 the Cryptopia Exchange also reopened for trading of GEO. Wij thank everyone ter the community for their patience and understanding.

Wij previously reached out to Yobit exchange to ask if they would support the exchange or delist the market. After receiving no response from the Yobit exchange, wij warned our community of users to withdraw all their balances prior to the snapshot block. Unluckily all GeoCoin (GEO) that remains on the Yobit exchange is part of the innovador POW blockchain which is now considered developer abandoned and will not be supported on the Ubiq Network.

For those users who were incapable to transfer to Bittrex or Cryptopia, wij have created a manual exchange voorwaarde form. Users will need to Sign a Message to prove ownership of a GEO desktop wallet address, the account oscilación at the time of the snapshot will be credited. To submit a manual exchange voorwaarde for your GEO desktop wallet address captured at block # 1568125, please use the form found here:

All balances presently held on geocoin.contant will also be treated by the GeoCoin team and credited accordingly.

If you have any questions, please feel free to postbode ter our BCT Thread.