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The best way to do this is by using migrations.

The best way to do this is by using migrations.

Yii is a rapid, secure, and efficient PHP framework.

Nimble yet pragmatic.

Works right out of the opbergruimte.

Has reasonable defaults.

The primary way of installing Yii is by using Composer.

  • Install Composer
  • Get a basic project template
  • Run ./yii serve

You get a nice template which includes:

  • MVC
  • Some static pages
  • Voeling via email form
  • Login and logout
  • Bootstrap UI template
  • Powerful debugger
  • and more.

While Yii can virtually eliminate most repetitive coding tasks, you are responsible for the verdadero creative work. This often starts with designing the entire system to be built, ter terms of some database schema. The best way to do this is by using migrations.

After it’s done, use the code generator to generate models, CRUD and more.

Then customize the generated code to suit your needs.

Check thesis helpful resources:

Yii adopts SemVer since version Trio.0.0

Since version Trio.0.0 Yii adopts SemVer versioning to achieve better predictability and compatibility with Composer.

Queue extension Two.1.0 released

Wij are very pleased to announce the release of Queue extension version Two.1.0.

Gii extension Two.0.7 released

Wij are very pleased to announce the release of Gii extension version Two.0.7. The release corrects Gii behavior adapting it to switches introduced ter version Two.0.15 of the framework. Additionally there are fixes ter proefje and CRUD generators.

Smarty extension Two.0.7 released

Wij are very pleased to announce the release of Smarty extension version Two.0.7 that fixes widget registration and rendering code generation inwards subtemplates and adds an capability to use SmartyBC class.

Covers everything from very basics to advanced topics. Explanations are very clear. Additionally to the guide-style chapters there are two finish examples. The 2nd edition (for Yii Two.0) is not finished yet, but buyers can download updates spil they are available.

It is a step by step introduction to the framework, which is based around creating a reusable template that can serve spil the ondergrond for your projects.

Based around implementing a actual world CRM following many best practices. It is assumed that reader is experienced enough te OOP so don’t expect OO-basics explained.

Embrace 360-degree testing on your Yii Two projects using Codeception.

The book is a set of individual independent recipes. Each recipe shows how to do something useful with Yii explainig why it’s done, how it’s done, why it works and how exactly it works.

Choosing the right PHP framework wasgoed a básico decision when wij set out to build Craft. With its stijlvol, modular architecture, rich internationalization support, and helpful documentation, Yii wasgoed a volmaakt gezond.

creator of Craft

Yii Framework is our rock solid foundation and provides us with numerous well designed features already out of the opbergruimte. Especially the plasticity te form of modules or the event concept, flawlessly match our requirements. Te and above that, Yii has very active and helpful community!

For us, the well-thought-out, solid Yii Framework is the giant upon whose shoulders LUYA is built. Wij are glad to be a part of the sultry Yii community.

Salve vorrei realizzare un sito che mie permetta di vendere e comprare cryptovalute come bitcoin che calcolando da un exchange quale bitstamp o megliio openleggen possa ricavare il tasso attuale e applicargli una percentuale scelta da mij.

Salve vorrei realizzare un sito che mie permetta di vendere e comprare cryptovalute come bitcoin che calcolando da un exchange quale bitstamp o megliio openleggen possa ricavare il tasso attuale e applicargli una percentuale scelta da mij.


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I have a program that starts to buy or sell currencies te Bitstamp exchange. I get an &quot,invalid nonce&quot, error when attempting to buy or sell currencies. I attempted also to switch the API keys but no success (dont keuze you have solved it if you just switched the API keys ,) ) .. fix the problem.

I have a program that starts to buy or sell currencies ter Bitstamp exchange. I get an &quot,invalid nonce&quot, error when attempting to buy or sell currencies. I attempted also to switch the API keys but no success (dont voorkoop you have solved it if you just switched the API keys ,) ) .. fix the problem.

. besoin den faire une moyenne den prix du cours des cryptos plus prennent l&rsquo,api des sites suivants : I need someone to make an API that will give mij the promedio price from : GDAX Bitfinex OKCoin yobit ANX Openleggen itBit BitStamp xBTCe Binance Liqui HitBTC Exmo Bittrex For the following cryptocurrencies : ETH BTC DASH ETC LTC XRP

I require price history for Bitcoin:USD on Two exchanges: Bitstamp and Openbreken. The gegevens voorwaarde be te 15 minute increments (or less) and shall voorstelling at each period a ondergrens of Open, Close, High, Low, Crimson/Green & Volume traded. The price history voorwaarde be for Two years [kicking off September 2018] The gegevens will be introduced te Excel. If satisfactory

you need to write a console application that get the ticker for the pair ETH/BTC (the last rate) using bitstamp API.

I need android app. money from your CryptoInvest savings back to your checking account next business day. CryptoInvest saving can be used by the clients to buy or sell Ripple XRP currency via bitstamp api toneel. Client can see the CryptoInvest account te Ripple XRP spil well. Client can buy or sell at market price or custom-made the price of Ripple XRP

I need a &quot,plain&quot, script which permits my webstek to automatic create an order on [login to view URL] using their API. The code voorwaarde be written te PHP because I need this ter an already running script on my WordPress webstek. The script voorwaarde do Two things 1- Create a market order for xxx&euro, ter the EURBTC market 2- Make a withdrawal for the amount that wasgoed

I ready have a source code of my bot and I would like to connect my bot to bitstamp and xbtc-e the two exchanges. I want code source for every demo no movie I will pay only overheen freelancer webstek.

I need to scrape gegevens from this webstek: [login to view URL] The gegevens to be scraped: Symbols: Bitstamp (USD), Bitfinex (USD), GDAX (USD), OKCOIN (CNY), BTC CHINA (CNY) Time Period: 2018/06/01 – 2018/07/17 Frequency: 1 minus Deliveries: A web scraper program te Python that scrapes above gegevens and save them into separate CSV files for

. numerous exchanges from this webstek (which offers its own API): [login to view URL] Two) Set price alerts such spil: When Exchange 1 BTC-EUR pair price (e.g. Openbreken) is x % fatter/ smaller (e.g. 3%) than Exchange Two BTC-EUR pair price (e.g. Bitstamp) notify mij via e-mail and on-screen. Any suggestions concerning


. numerous exchanges from this webstek (which offers its own API): [login to view URL] Two) Set price alerts such spil: When Exchange 1 BTC-EUR pair price (e.g. Losbreken) is x % thicker/ smaller (e.g. 3%) than Exchange Two BTC-EUR pair price (e.g. Bitstamp) notify mij via e-mail and on-screen. Any suggestions concerning

. com/coins/btc/markets/EURexchanges Alternatively, I will be able to provide API keys for selected exchanges. I am mostly interested te Three/Four exchanges. Two) Set filters such spil: When Exchange 1 price (e.g. Openleggen) is x % thicker/ smaller (e.g. 3%) than Exchange Two price (e.g. Bitstamp) notify mij via e-mail and on-screen. The aforementiined difference inbetween

. exchange bot (and explain mij how to use it), that uses API keys from both bitstamp and GDAX exchanges. The bot should place a market order on bitstamp exchange when the ask price on gdax is more than 1% higher than the market price on bitstamp. At the same time the market order is placed on bitstamp, a limit order at the current ask price should be placed

. C# code to access the BitMEX API. I want a single class to serve spil entrypoint for the WebSocket and Surplus APIs, exposing methods to retrieve quotes, retrieve orders, retrieve positions and place orders. I will provide an interface for you to program against, and if you are successful ter implementing the BitMEX API I will ask you to do similar

. users add API keys from the best 15 Bitcoin Exhange ( yobit , Bitstamp , Bitfinex , Kritiseren , bithumb, GDAX , OKCoin, YoBit ,Bittrex, . ) for trading cryptocurrency. On webstek voorwaarde be auténtico time chart , 35 best technical indicators, drawing implements, trade history, . Use gegevens from [login to view URL] .

. webstek that: 1) Gets bitcoin price information every minute from the following websites: – Bitfinex – Bitstamp – Openleggen – Coinbase Two) Gets the Five highest bids and the Five lowest asks advertisements from [login to view URL] [login to view URL] Trio) Display this information te a private webstek. You can use wordpress. Four) Stores this

I want to display live BTC rates (BitFinex, BitStamp, ItBit, BTC-E) on my webpagina

I want to display live BTC rates (BitFinex, BitStamp, ItBit, BTC-E) on my webpagina

. the QUOINE verhoging using the QUOINE API which is available online at [login to view URL] However, I would want the ruby API codes to be converted to python language. Taking note that the API MIGHT be slightly outdated. The script should make use of Parabolic SAR indicator and comparison with bitstamp and bitfinex to indicate buy or sell

I have already the layout. 1. The code will be write only HTML, CSS & PHP! Two. Vereiste be inserted API from blockchain, btc-e, bitstamp, etc that will update my btc price. Three. Some inputs into forms will be added. Four. You voorwaarde have a server where to upload the files, and I wanna see the work ter progress so if I wanna switch something I will tell you on

. a Payment Gateway through their API. [login to view URL] a) Merienda the order has bot confirmed by the Payment Gateway, i need the server to send mij and also the customer an email mentioning all the significant details regarding the order. Five) The webstek will also need to retrieve prices from BitStamp and yobit through their API’s

. News feed opbergruimte that fountains automatically from other sites. 7. Top brochure with different pages : Huis / Locations / How to use / Voeling 8. Near folder a live price opbergruimte showcasing bitstamp exchange price of btc ter CAD Pagina Two 1. Location pic Two. ATM pic Trio. Informatie / open from to / address / buy and sell (or just buy) Pagina Trio 1. How to use movie for buy

. News feed opbergruimte that geysers automatically from other sites. 7. Top brochure with different pages : Huis / Locations / How to use / Voeling 8. Near drankbuffet a live price opbergruimte demonstrating bitstamp exchange price of btc te CAD Pagina Two 1. Location pic Two. ATM pic Trio. Informatie / open from to / address / buy and sell (or just buy) Pagina Three 1. How to use movie for buy

. basic skill of python and good skill of gradient math. Practice ter trading and/or Bitcoin would also be useful. For reference: [login to view URL] The python function should very first get the gradient of a trendline by getting the user to input the four crucial variables:- date (of trendline position A) price

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. ADMINISTRATIVE AND EVEN ONE SIDE BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE PURCHASE OF SALE ALSO . ALL administrable WHERE CAN I Switch THE RATES OF EXCHANGE GUARDAGNO . The REFERENCE Voorwaarde BE BITSTAMP Losbreken AND SELECTED FROM Mij . THEN administrative side orders and pages email notifications and verification SMS imaginario pos faq section terms and conditions voeling

. ter practice the webpagina permits you to purchase bitcoin by mij or sell mij . the bitcoin has a volatile rate so if you buy bitcoins from mij the price vereiste be taken by openleggen or bitstamp and add a percentage when you sell . if instead of buying deduct the price of the Exchange spil . when selling openleggen rate + 8% te case of purchase openleggen rate -8%

I want to build Bitcoin Trade webpagina looklike ex. bitstamp, Coinbase, BTC-e, bter if you want to know for more information tell mij.

Salve vorrei realizzare un sito che mihoen permetta di vendere e comprare cryptovalute come bitcoin che calcolando da un exchange quale bitstamp o megliio kritiseren possa ricavare il tasso attuale e applicargli una percentuale scelta da mij. ter particolare dovr&agrave, avere una grafica responsive e dovr&agrave, avere un grande amministrativo dove posso aggiungere o rimuovere

. ripple API and Bitstamp API. User interface can be Windows or Web and will be used to come in Ripple and Bitstamp account credencials or API keys. Bot shall check the following routine for potential profit: Ripple account has an initial xrp balanceo, Buy ripple currency pair xrp/btc-bitstamp for btc-bitstamp, Send acquired ripple btc-bitstamp.

. [login to view URL] Now I do realize that I could go out and buy this but I’d rather get one custom-made developed. For this plugin I need it to utilitario update the btc conversion rate from Bitstamp ([login to view URL]) An example plugin can be found here available for download for free and you could use this spil an example, but I want all of the features of the

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. them – which ideally switch when requested by the user. This means they are able to transfer bitcoins into their wallets and use them ter the webpagina – like on localbitcoins or bitstamp. So if you can write a lump of code for mij which I can implement onto my webpagina, or explain it to mij, I will make it worth your while. Reply before accepting, with a quote

Need all cryptocoins indexed with Live Price and Graph Statistic History Like [login to view URL] I Want all popular exchanges covered. Bitfinex, Bitstamp, ItBit, LakeBTC, BTCChine, BTCe, Campbx. Meteor JS Coding Language Should only Used. I Want Meteor JS. Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Counterparty, DASWH, BitcoinDark, Stellar, Monero

I need a pagina ter excel with liferate cell for Bitcoin according to Bitstamp and other with USD Dollar liferate accouding [login to view URL]

Quiero un hoja den excel plusteken lade que plus una celda se presente el precio del bitcoin plusteken Tiempo Vivo segun Bitstamp y plusteken otra el precio del Dolar segun [login to view URL] plusteken tiempo efectivo.

. tops, sobre. Den que manejo lade pagina? Schuiflade pagina es una HYIP lade cual realiza trading den bitcoin entra lasnaad paginas mas populares den intercambio (BTC-E, [login to view URL], Kritiseren, Bitstamp, etc) y paga unos intereses a tussenvoegsel personas que inviertan plus ella. Que quiero? Un dise&ntilde,o que integre los logos den Bitcoin y den tussenvoegsel paginas den intercambio, cosas den trinding

. system I indeed do not know anything about python. Use spil Linux Debian system, and located a script on github that takes the rechtstreeks quotations of a bitcoin exchange of call bitstamp. It may seem plain, but I just do not know how to use this script github. I wasgoed already installed by pip, but do not know how to use or how to call the APIs. I use

Bitcoin to gbp exchange script Exchan. verified and unverified. Please go to: [login to view URL] Script from that listig is the script i want to get. Price vereiste be adjusted using btc exchanges like bitstamp or bitfinex. on top of price from those exchanges i need to have capability to add % of toverfee. Only registered users can buy btc

Simpel bitcoin verkoper plusteken inkoop webstek zoals bitonic, happycoins, etc. Ie toestemmen. den finish webstek zijn. Ie moeten werken met payment provider targetpay. plusteken Met bitcoin partij bitstamp (bitstamp is te UDS, plus ik wil ie graag werkend hebben op EUR) Graag horen ik watten den mogelijkheden zijn. Alle api’s zijn honingbij targetpay plusteken gedurende bitstamp dominant.:-)

I need to capture the contents of the quotation provided by bitstamp on pagina: [login to view URL] for a mysql database the system should run solely by sheel terminal, te a debian linux system.

. text opstopping. Any of thesis solutions serves. Four) I already have a pagina that receives and displays the gegevens. It works even on localhost. This pagina for the codes, provided by bitstamp is te javascript Five) This pagina is already provided by [login to view URL] at: [login to view URL] 6) the part that matters is where has

. open similar service like [login to view URL] everything will similar to [login to view URL] user registration 2FA authentication bitcoin deposits and withdraws price based on bitstamp terugkoppeling system for every trade public information about user based on his behaviour on webpagina and history of trades. on admin side: capability to block user by username , IP

JOB: I need a web webpagina similar to bitcoin exchange made with bootstrap. my web webpagina purpose is to collect bitcoin for trading btc/usd and btc/share I will use bitstamp api for market depth. btc/usd market + btc/share market investment detail pages invesment pools converting pools from usd to btc or btc to usd. will use a bootstrap theme then

Yobit Is A Scam

Yobit Is A Scam

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Given the sultry dislike that I share for Yobit along with a large number of other crypto enthusiasts, the crimson flags that popped up today are another reason why I’m bringing this exchange to your attention. Any search on Google will give you ample information about the practice many people have had with Yobit, and their understandable conclusions that Yobit is a scam.

I’m not quick te pulling that card normally, spil such accusations can be hurting to an otherwise credible project. However, ter this case, I’m not holding back on telling that you need to be reserve careful if dealing with this particular exchange spil I believe there is substance to the claims that Yobit is a scam.

Yobit is a Scam – Crimson Flag Number 1

Support tickets on Yobit all too often go overlooked, or at best, are answered te an inconclusive manner. Take some time to explore the reviews on Reddit and Bitcoin Talk about the level of service. When you get past the anger that most people have with regard to this and consider what merit there may be, you’ll most likely find yourself thinking twice before engaging the services of this exchange.

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Te my practice, there have bot enormously long delays te communications, and when there have bot replies, they have not resolved the matter. Below are some screenshots of communication I’ve had with Yobit support that, at the time of writing, have yet to be resolved.

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Yobit is a Scam – Crimson Flag Number Two

The 2nd crimson flag for mij that indicated that Yobit is a scam is found ter the alerts on Crypto Compare that Russian Authorities are presently investigating the activities of the exchange. Why is this coming te at number Two? This tidbit of information only came to light when I wasgoed attempting to resolve an punt and couldn’t get support however Yobit’s support voeling.

Back on March 6th, 2018, Coin Telegraph reported that Roskomnadzor, the Russian Telecommunications Regulator, had commenced proceedings against Yobit based on allegations of fraudulent activities. For many of us the sound of Russian Authorities investigating anything with efficiency rings spil true spil an Abbott and Costello skit.

Given the fact that Yobit is still trading some 12 months zometeen, it seems that you would be forgiven for thinking that any form of activity wasgoed taking place te this matter. Roskomnadzor’s reputation may not be that excellent with the locals, but I can say that it sure doesn’t seem to be versiering any merced outside the reach of the Superb Bear. I may be wrong however, this could have layers of complexity similar to that of a matryoshka doll and need more skilled entities to intervene. I’m thinking a group of 12-year-old Russian hackers would be about the right solution.

It is this type of conduct by rogue operators that will cause Governments to step te and regulate what there truly should be no reason for them to be involved te. I can see the cryptocurrency revolution being something that given the disempowered a voice, and may well challenge the relevance of Governments ter the long run. Just calmly, have you everzwijn looked at the entomology for the word Government?

Yobit is a Scam – Crimson Flag Number Three

Outlier activities for some coins occur on Yobit more frequently than on any other exchanges. Arbitrage is something wij can see an chance with at times inbetween exchanges, but when PacCoin goes up by 30,000+% overnight, something is clearly not right.

ClearCoin (XCLR), Powering a Fresh Decentralized Web

ClearCoin (XCLR), Powering a Fresh Decentralized Web

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The ClearCoin (XCLR) Wallet can presently hold XCLR tokens and Ethereum (ETH). The capability to vertoning other ERC20 tokens will be available ter the future.


ClearCoin’s ad podium is creating a means to transact the XCLR token inbetween advertisers and publishers using a brainy contract.


ClearCoin’s explorer helps users find gegevens published to blockchains with a particular concentrate on media and ad quality gegevens.


Marketers who need to bring their message to the world.

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Brands that need to grow their relationships to their customer.


Agencies looking for transparency, security, and modern technology.

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Ad Networks

Ad networks that aggregate request.


Publishers ter the broad digital environment including decentralized applications.

Publisher Networks

Networks that aggregate supply.

Request Side Platforms

Aggregated request platforms that bid on exchanges.

Supply Side Platforms

Aggregated supply platforms that need bids on inventory.

Paid Media Buying With ClearCoin

Digital platforms create an chance for an everzwijn growing number of individuals to see your message. Historically, marketing and paid media buying has bot a means by which to spread ideas through cultures. The connected nature of today’s digital landscape has enabled fresh publishers and creators to garner large audiences. Thesis audience clusters are targeted with greater accuracy given the abundance of information available on each person.

ClearCoin’s paid media buying solutions are geared toward spreading messages to audiences on everzwijn connected digital platforms. Greater communication with your audience means those individuals have a greater understanding of your value. Creative messages should build a relationship with your audience and usually paid media is necessary to get the message ter pui of the right amount of people. Spil your brand’s output grows, paid media is often the avenue that compels fresh people to interact with your brand.

Bitcoin verdienen mit dem Bitcointalk-Account – Der Altcoinspekulant

Bitcoin verdienen mit dem Bitcointalk-Account – Der Altcoinspekulant

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Anmerkung: Dieser Wetsartikel wurde von meinem Vorganger verfasst. Nach der Fortfuhrung des Blogs mit dem neuen Team wurde der name des Hauptaccounts verandert, weshalb altere Wetsartikel nun so aussehen, indien wurden sie von mir, Lukas Fiedler, volksstammen, auch wenn dem nicht so ist. Jeder dieser Wetsartikel ist mit dieser Anmerkung versehen.

Altcoininvestoren haben prinzipiell gerne folgendes Problem: Viele Investitionsmoglichkeiten fuhren oft zu einem au?erst geringen Partner an verfugbaren Bitcoin. Und es stellt eben nochtans wool viele eine psychologische Hurde dar, dann Euro gegen Bitcoin einzutauschen. Ich mochte Ihnen deshalb heute eine Cambio vorstellen, wie sie zuverlassig aber te kleinen Schritten, Bitcoin verdienen konnen mit einem Bitcointalk-Account.


Am Anfang steht zunachst einmal diegene Registrierung bei Bitcointalk. Dies empfiehlt sich generell, da Bitcointalk immermeer noch stropdas Zentrum der Bit- und Altcoinszene darstellt. Dann kann es schon losgehen:

An einer Langzeit-Signatur-Kampagne beteiligt sich mit Sicherheit ein Drittel der Benutzer. Dabei vermietet man diegene Signatur seines Accounts an einen Anbieter. Dazu gibt es hier eine schone Ubersichtsseite. Allerdings: Aller Anfang ist schwer. So richtet sich der Ertrag nach Senioritat des Teilnehmers. Ein Senior Member erhalt z.B. bei der YoBit-Kampagne 30’000 Satoshi jouw Beitrag und ein Junior nur 7’000. Dies hangt auch damit zusammen, dass jeder zusatzlicher Rang mehr Platz te der Signatur ermoglicht. Gro?ere Werbeflache: Mehr Poen.

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Neue Coins mussen bei uber 600 existierenden Altcoins etwas unternehmen um aus der Masse herauszustechen. Deshalb gibt es bei neuen Coins, vor allem wenn ein ICO durchgefuhrt wird, oft attraktive Pramien, wenn man ter seinwachter Signatur diegene Werbung wool diegene Coin ubernimmt. Diegene Bezahlung erfolgt allerdings normalerweise nicht ter Bitcoin sondern te der entsprechenden Altcoin. Lisk war hier ein Beispiel te dennenboom letzten Wochen. Schon hier, dass nicht unterschieden wurde zwischen neuen Mitgliedern und Veteranen. Jeder bekommt hier gleich viel:

Fazit: Beide Varianten konnen Sinn machen. Reich werden tut man davon allerdings nicht. Indien Junior sind es nur wenige Cent jouw Beitrag. Zudem kann stropdas Pic im Forum leiden, es gibt maar einige Foristen welche Signatur-Kampagnen-Teilnehmer des Spamings verdachtigen und mits Wendehalse, sofern sie immermeer einmal verschiedene Coins unterstutzen. Wer etwas aktiver ist, dem rate ich deshalb zu folgendem Vorgehen: Ein offizieller Account wool seriose Postings ohne Signatur-Kampagne bzw. nur mit der Coin, welche man wirklich mits Nr. 1 uber Monate unterstutzt. Ein zusatzlicher Account wool Signatur-Kampagnen. Noch ein kleiner Tipp um greneboom Status des Accounts zu pflegen: Mindestens zweiwochentlich einloggen und wenn moglich innerhalb von zweiwochigen Intervallen 14 Postings – so wachst der Status des Accounts am schnellsten.

Significant Post-940k

Significant Post-940k

This blog postbode will be a collection of all updates that need to be conveyed to the community concerning the latest fork ter the Whirr blockchain. It will be maintained spil the effects of the 940k fork become apparent overheen the next week. Thank you!

Very first, if you have not done so already, please read the Three.0 Update Changelog!

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If you have caudillo questions about the update? Check our FAQ that wij keep maintained based on the frequently asked questions from our #buzzfam.

Updates to this Postbode

Tradesatoshi is presently te maintenance and will be updating soon. Wij will update you when they have updated their wallet decently. Thank you! Please use Coinexchange for now.

Yobit has also begun communicating with us, wij hope that they will update their wallet(s) soon!

Yobit Withdrawals On Hold

Wij are uncertain spil to whether Yobit has updated their wallet to the latest version or not. Until they have confirmed that they are running the latest wallet version and are on the keurig blockchain, please do not do ANYTHING on their exchange. This includes selling, withdrawing, or transferring to their exchange.

Emergency Update Guide

If you have not updated to the Three.0 wallet release before the 940k fork, you have to go after the emergency update guide, which can be read here.

It is CRUCIAL that you go after every step exactly. Please do so spil soon spil possible.

5% Development Toverfee

After discussions for some time te the public Discord channel, our team and active parts of the community agreed that a % toverfee on each stake would be the best way to actively support the development of the Whirr project. Thus, The 5% development toverfee wasgoed programmed into the latest release. More information about this can be read ter the changelog here, spil well spil below ter further detail.

The toverfee activation wasgoed set to activate after the 940k fork, and has acted spil expected. For stakes generated before the 940k that confirmed AFTER the 940k block, a development toverfee wasgoed taken from this.

Therefore, it is only happening after the 17b supply mark. The very first 17b ter stakes that were generated had no toverfee. Wij hope that you have loved your massive werkonderbreking investment.

The 5% ondergrens toverfee wij are taking is going to be used for so much more than simply paying development team! For example, they will be used ter order to fulfil production orders and costs for already prototyped and functioning Brainy HIVE and Energy IoT devices created by 3DFS. Wij are the only coin on the market that is actually moving with speed te bringing about Auténtico WORLD APPLICATION with our blockchain. You have made a wise investment. Learn more about our mission by reading the whitepaper here.

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This toverfee is mandatory and wij will not tolerate any manipulation. Any such attempts will be taken before a court of law.

Significant Notice: Wij have also noticed that some development fees are coming te twice from the same address. Wij are looking into the code spil to why this would be happening and are working on ensuring that this is taken care of. If you believe you have sent a dual transaction, or even a triple transaction, please pack out this Development Fund Duplicate Send Reimbursement Form and wij will get to you spil soon spil possible. Thank you!

The Future of Whirr

This 940k Three.0 update has gone well for the most part, which wij are very proud of. The hard work done by the development team and surplus of the community te the last few months is ultimately coming to a conclusion so that wij can concentrate on our contemporáneo Mission for this coin.

Wij aim to bring a actual Hum into the cryptocurrency world by using the blockchain technologies at our disposition to achieve numerous goals. Very first, wij want to help bring the passive income opportunities of the Proof of Stake algorithm to the masses. Secondly, wij want to gather large quantities of useful statistical gegevens. Wij will concentrate te two niches, both te the Energy and Honey Bee sectors.

Using Clever Energy IoT Masternode Devices connected to the Whirr blockchain, wij will be able to provide residential households with passive income opportunities for sharing their habitual electrical consumption gegevens with the Hum blockchain.

Using Wise Hive Masternode Devices connected to existing or fresh Bee Hives, wij will be able to provide organic bee farmers with passive income opportunities for sharing their hive health and production statistics with the Hum blockchain.

By providing instant insights into thesis two sectors with our live gegevens collection, it is our mission to not only achieve our goals of passive income and gathering of useful statistical gegevens, but to truly switch how the world operates. If more companies can start transitioning to our business specimen, a true concept of universal income could evolve where people can be paid for doing the things they love, or by simply doing the things they do.

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