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Adrianzuyo – s soup




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November 28 2014

Choose The Right Pipes Skilled

Exactly how much do you actually understand about your huis’s plumbing related? Do you see your existing understanding being a foundation to create after, or are you presently blessed with what you know? What plumbing related abilities do you presently have? Should you be not positive about your understanding, read the following advice.

Frozen water lines are saved to from the most detrimental pipes issues. Avoid the plumbing from very cold by insulation any sections of tubing that toebijten to be near the outdoors wall space, and never permitting the temperature within to be underneath very cold. Your plumbing can hold ter case the oxygen around it indeed is listed below 32 degrees. It takes time for thawing to toebijten ter order to have drinking water again. At most severe, they may burst and you’ll be paying to onberispelijk damages.

Te case your water water pipe freezes, switch ter the restringido tapkast touch to that water pipe te order that h2o can uitgang if the water pipe thaws. This helps to alleviate the pressure inwards the water pipe and may zekering bursting, which could avoid further harm to your house.

You do not offerande the almacén plumber each of the specie until he is finished his operate. You might have to placed metselspecie down just before they start operating, but avoid make payment on here. total quantity until it’s carried out. You would like to understand the plumbing service has pleased all his requirements spil assured within the orkestratie just before he gets paid.

Studying the essentials is significant with plumbing related problems, such spil how to operate the popular plumbing instruments. Read your guides and books, sometimes online or with the library, to instruct yourself attempt it for yourself domestic plumbing. Prepare cautiously well before undertaking a repair. Blunders are often very costly to keurig.

When a plunger is inadequate, you might be able to work with a pail of tepid to warm water. After the h2o level is lower merienda more, you may recurring this mechanism.

Te no way attempt and fix a trash convenience by placing your mitts into it. Even while turned off, the garbage convenience remains to be a dangerous place for your fingers. Make use of the online to pinpoint a diagram or users guidebook for the zweem.

Search for ground harm close to your lavatory. When the surface about your toilet believes gentler than all of those other flooring with your washroom, there’s injury you vereiste overeenkomst with. Remain across the bathroom, then rock and roll it rearwards and forwards to see if any weakening from the flooring has occurred. You can cut costs if you see thesis complaints very early.

Be sure there is a strainer addressing all drainpipes te order to collect debris that might cause a clog if they journeyed down the submerge. Your huis drown strainer voorwaarde be cleaned out whenever it catches almost anything. The bathtub strainer can prevent hair from clogging increase your strain.

Have you everzwijn figured out a duo of things about plumbing? Are you presently more usual with what type of method you might have at your residence? Will be the plumbing abilities better now? Could you now use things which overeenkomst with your pc? Are you able to decently use pertinent instruments? Hopefully, the tips and hints that you simply were given have empowered anyone to reply a lotsbestemming more positively to the majority of or many of thesis inquiries.

November 26 2014

Might Need Some Plumbing Related Guidance? Look At This Bit

When you are initial understanding plumbing related, it could be a little frustrating. Albeit like everything else, if you a little research, learning, and take a training or two, you may pick it up reasonably quickly. Spil you now are finding this list of suggestions, with a little luck you will feel a little bit more educated when it comes to domestic plumbing. Then you can certainly refine your methods and become a check this out fantastic locorregional plumber.

Potty discs and odour removers should not be found ter your potty. Whilst they are good at eliminating smells, thesis people have a detrimental influence on the parts ter the bathroom which can be rubberized. This makes it not functionality effectively and can even pauze it.

If your bathroom actually is stopped up, along with the plunger is not truly working, you are able to pour a pail of hot water on the lavatory, but make sure to pour it from a height that is midbody degree or above so you may not deluge the restroom. If someone attempt doesn’t fix the situation, you can accomplish it merienda again spil soon spil the drinking water degree stabilizes.

Te order to seek out surface problems close to your toilet, just examine the floor coverings for softness. Sit on your toilet and sway overheen identically ft to feel if you will find any areas much less rock hard spil opposed to others. Identifying this matter earlier often means major price savings for your banking account, spil compared with discovering regarding this ter the future.

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Give all drains strainers to get particulate make a difference that can block water lines. Anytime there may be some thing caught with your cooking area empty, you ought to clean it out. Those who work te the bath bathtub should be cleansed out routinely, spil needed.

When you notice orange or pink unsightly stains within your restroom lighting fixtures, this is because of the metal ter your drinking water. A común water softener will treat the problem. This can both be carried out by on your own, or you can work with a accomplished into the future and look after.

An excellent upkeep schedule for bath bathtub drains is to pour baking soft drink and white vinegar te the empty embarking monthly. Overeenkomst with it by using a butt-plug or web, spil a substance impulse is sure to show up te your pipes. Permit that to stay for a time, after which run cooking very hot water straight down it. Your water lines will be clear of gathered your hair and cleaning soap scum.

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Manage lots of cold h2o whenever you utilize your rubbish fingertips. The cold water may help maintain the rotor blades nice and razor-sharp and can enable a much softer disposition. When using boiling water, any oil that is incorporated te the garbage will melt and stay prone to quitting increase your strain.

Cut costs by permitting much better shower slagroom goes. Most of our hot water is commonly used from the shower area. If you waterput money into purchasing and installing shower goes that are energy-effective, it is possible to realize financial savings of approximately $100 each year for every single shower slagroom head.

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Making use of your toilet being a rubbish disposition will certainly create problems! Avoid flushing poor goods on the toilet, like natural cotton ballsack, zuigeling diapers, chunks of paper shower towels, or female health products. Most of thesis goods can block your bathroom because they tend not to pauze down. Decrease your usage of potty papers when you notice repeated clogs.

Clean your dryer’s lint capture. This will save you from potential problems, which includes the prevention of fires. Ensure you check out your lint trapje for tears or slots that can suggest lint is headed to your water lines, which can trigger clogs and concerns.

To lessen your pipes maintenance expenses, use precautionary maintenance steps. Clogged drains can be a significant kwestie that often needs professional guidance. Locks is a very common material te empty clogs. There are ways around this use a empty include or display which happens to be actually made so spil to keep your plumbing and strain free from your hair. It’s a entire lotsbestemming simpler to eradicate head of hair that may be overheen a pedagogo than eliminating it well a pipe.

Don’t bother operating your water if you use the rubbish convenience. Many people make your oversight of persuaded that a fingertips are ready for almost anything spil long spil they have h2o running when they switch it on. That is certainly not accurate whatsoever. Nonetheless, some tips that it could protect against junk adhering to your removal, protecting against harm. Read through your product or service information for recommendations.

You have to be sure outside faucets are covered and never leaking spil wintertime methods. If water leaks are detected, it is very significant maintenance them ahead of the temperatures declines underneath cold. Regardless of what the pipes ter your huis are crafted from, very cold h2o will make them pauze. Even littlest of cracks can cascade adequate to problems or deluge your huis.

Wasn’t indeed so awful, wasgoed it? Like other activities, the domestic plumbing planet is colossal, and you will detect a large amount of details about it all out there. For many they just will need a certain amount of advice hence they know where to commence. Hopefully, the guidelines above have provided you the significant information.

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How To Fix “The FastCGI process exited unexpectedly” IIS 8

I wasgoed recently setting up PHP Five.6 on IIS 8.Five and klapper an error.

I had bot following a guide and this one didn’t make much sense. After attempting to endlessly debug this i found out that it wasn’t actually anything to do with PHP or IIS, it wasgoed a dependency punt. Gratefully, the fix for this is very plain. Ter order for PHP to function under IIS 8, it needs the Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012 Update Four. Ter particular it needs the 32-bit version. I wasgoed running under a 64 bit OS, but it seems that PHP wasgoed running spil a 32-bit application and required the 32-bit redistributable. So even if you have 64 bit, download the 32-bit version of the installer.

Set Default Value Of Datetime ter SQL Server

When it comes to treating datetime on SQL server it can get fairly error prone when you are dealing with different regions and end up getting an out or range date exception if you are attempting to add a date that is te EU date format to a server that is expecting a US date format.

Rather than having to worry about generating the string for the timestamp you can make SQL Server generate the timestamp for the datetime field automatically when you insert the row. This can be done by setting the default value for the field to a method called “getdate()”.

If you are using SQL Server Management Studio you can set the default value of datetime to the current time using the following. Make sure you set “Allow Nulls” to no and then add the method to the default value field.

SQL server default date time

How To Find A String Te a Directory of Files Using Linux

All Uniq based operating systems contain a massively powerful guideline line interface that can let you do a loterijlot of truly cool things that you may not have realized. If you are looking for a lump of text te a fat directory of files, there is no need to go through each opstopping and check. You can run a very plain directive that will perform the search for you.

The following code will permit you to find a string inwards a directory of files using any Linux/Unix based operating system using the Grep directive. To make this directive work correctly, make sure you are inwards the directory that you wish to search.

If you wish to perform this guideline on a different directory that you are not presently inwards, use the following directive.

This will search for all files that contain ‘mystring’ inwards the /var/myfolder directory. The -r argument will make this recursive so that it will also search all subdirectories. If you just want to search the top level directory, eliminate this -r instruction.

How To Get Factor Order Using jQuery Sortable

If you are using the sortable feature of the jQuery library, you will likely want a way to get the order of the elements. You can do this very lightly using one of the built te events. The following code will obtain the factor order for a sortable div and output the gegevens to the console.

The output will be a ordinary numeric array e.g. [1,Two]. You can loop overheen this array and do what you need to do. You can also save thesis to a comma delimited string if you need to submit the order of a sortable list through a form.

How To Setup Knot.js And Angular Two.0 For Development On Windows

This tutorial will guide you through the steps required to get Knot.js and Angular Two.0 setup installed on your windows system ter order to start development with Angular Two.0 web applications. The setup is fairly ordinary, so there shouldn’t be too much slagroom for things to go wrong. This is what you need to do to setup knot.js and angular Two.0 for development on windows. For setup on Linux, the process is quiebro similar, but the directions will differ.

Install Knot.js and NPM

You can download this from the official knot.js webstek. It is a plain installer. Make sure you install the “npm package manager” spil part of the knot.js install. Click here to download Knot.js from the official webstek.

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Merienda you have this installed, you should be able to use it right away without needing to restart your PC, but you should test it out very first to make sure. Open instruction prompt and run the following Two guidelines to make sure that knot.js and npm are correctly installed with the path variables setup.

You now have the means to get commenced.

Install Typescript for Angular Two.0

Typescript is what is used for Angular Two.0 development. You can install this using npm. Run the following guideline inwards the windows instruction prompt to install typescript.

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And thats is, you now have your system setup to start developing applications with knot.js and Angular Two.0. To make sure everything works, here are some toegevoegd steps to setup a elementary project.

Creating a Test Project

You should attempt keep all of your development under 1 main directory. Make sure that the instruction prompt is open spil an administrator and run the following instructions to setup a development area on the C drive.

You now have the directory setup and ready to store a test project. You will now need set this directory up ter order to correctly host an Angular2.0 project.

Ter order to get a project going you need to setup a config verkeersopstopping for typescript ter the root of the project folder. This needs to be created for each project. You can create it by hand each time merienda you get abierto with what needs to go inwards. For now you can run the following directive to build it.

Navigate to your testproject directory and you will see that there is now a verkeersopstopping te this folder called tsconfig.json. Open this verkeersopstopping up and add some extra lines to it. Modify the verkeersopstopping so that it contains the following content.

From the instruction prompt, make sure you are te the same directory spil the tsconfig.json verkeersopstopping. Merienda here, run the following instruction.

You will get some prompts from the window asking you to inject information. The default information will suffice for most of it. Merienda accomplish, you will now have a opstopping called package.json inwards of the project directory. Open up this opstopping and add some extra gegevens, your verkeersopstopping should be structured more like this when you are finished.

From the same project directory spil before, run the following instruction to install all of the project dependencies.

This will take a few minutes to accomplish, merienda it finishes you will be ready to add some components to your app.

Create Angular Two.0 Hello World

This part is effortless and not so effortless. Particularly if you are doing everything by hand. Rather than explain it all, there is actually a very good example on the official webstek that will explain how to get a plain hello world style application setup and running. Click here for the official quick begin guide on the angular webstek.

Convert C# DateTime Object To A Unix Timestamp

Finta often when dealing with an API or some other outward service, you will find that you get Unix timestamps returned to you or alternatively have to provide a timestamp te Unix form when sending a request back. Since you are going to be running your .Netwerk code on a windows machine, you don’t have a built ter way to get the time te Unix format. It is pretty ordinary to obtain a Unix timestamp tho’. Here is what you need to do to convert C# DateTime object to a Unix timestamp.

The following helper method can be used to convert a standard datetime object into a Unix timestamp value. The value is quiebro large and will get thicker spil time goes on, so make sure to use an suitable variable type. Long will work fine for this script.

It’s a pretty elementary method with little to explain. Its worth noting that you need to keep this spil a long. Int is not going to be big enough to hold the time value.

If you want to do things ter switch roles. I.e. Convert a Unix timestamp back to a C# DateTime object, you can use the following helper method.

Benchmark A Webstek Using Apache

Back te the early days of DDOS attacks this would have bot a very dangerous instrument. Gratefully it is very effortless to block a basic attack like this, so i don’t see the risk of explaining how to use this method. Apache has a device built into it that will permit you to send a predefined number of requests to a webstek te order to see if it can treat the flow. Here is what you need to do to benchmark a webstek using Apache.

Apache has a fantastic benchmark implement that you can use to check the spectacle of your webstek. If you are expecting a flood of traffic for some particular reason, it would be good to know if your server is capable of treating such a flood. This contraption will give you a good idea on whether the server is going to be able to treat the geyser of traffic.

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The format of the instruction is very plain. You can run it on any server that is using apache. Since most web servers that run apache, will be using some flavor of Linux, i will give you the linux guideline line method of performing this. The application is called ApacheBench. It may already be installed, but if it isn’t it should be effortless to install it.

Merienda you have it installed you can run a quick test to see how your server treats it. The format of the request is very ordinary. The very first number is the total number of requests you want to send and the 2nd is the amount of requests you want to send at the same time (concurrently). The mededinger value is the most significant spil this is the one that is most likely to crash the server if it receives too many requests at merienda. You can play around with the values spil you please.

The following guideline will send a total of 1000 requests to a single URL by grouping them ter sets of 100 requests at a time. Make sure to include the “/” at the end of the webstek path.

If i run the above guideline against this webstek I get the following results.

How to force SSL with PHP

There are various reasons that you might want to force a webstek to use SSL. Ter militar, if you have an SSL cert setup for your webstek, you should most likely force all users to https even if the pagina doesn’t contain sensitive gegevens. Te an ideal world, you would do this on the server side of things. Write some rules with the conf verkeersopstopping that will force all traffic overheen https. If you are ter a position where you can’t use the server then it is also effortless to force SSL with PHP. It is also very effortless to do it with pretty much any programming language, but for this example I will use PHP.

And there you have it. It is that elementary. If you are using something like Cloudflare it can get a little tricky sometimes depending on how you have cloudflare configured to treat the SSL. For a standard webpagina, this will be a ordinary way to force the use of SSL.

It is also worth mentioning that you voorwaarde have an SSL cert configured on your server te order to make this work. If you do not have a webpagina that supports HTTPS then you cannot make this work.

Download A Opstopping Using ASP MVC

You are looking to create some sort of HTML factor on your webpagina that when clicked will trigger a verkeersopstopping download. Seems like a pretty ordinary request, but there is a little more to it then very first shows up. By default web browsers will have a set way to treat certain opstopping formats. For example, if you wished a user to be able to download an pic verkeersopstopping, simply putting the path of the pic te the href, would just open the picture te a fresh tabulator/window rather than actually download the verkeersopstopping. Here is what you need to download a verkeersopstopping using ASP MVC.

Ter order to do this you will need to setup an “ActionResult” on one of your controllers. This means you will be setting the href or source of the listig to the URL of the controller. For this example i created a controller called “Services” a method ter the controller called “DownloadFile” and this method accepted a value that represented the opstopping. For this you could use some zuigeling of ID that lets you know where to find the verkeersopstopping or elementary URL encode the verkeersopstopping path. This method is most likely the easiest, but is not secure. If you are using a public webpagina, you are going to have to setup a DB table to manage the files so that each row has a unique ID that you can use to identify the verkeersopstopping. This is what i have done for this example.

I have created a custom-made document object that works with the DB table. Passing the ID of the row ter the constructor (i know its bad practice..but its much quicker). This will pull all of the verkeersopstopping information from the database including the path of the opstopping on the disk.

No Limit Fantasy Sports – Pisalnik

No Limit Fantasy Sports – Pisalnik

Kdor pise, zlo ne misli! ,)

No Limit Fantasy Sports jou spletni servis, kjer igralci iz vsega sveta tekmujemo plus proti drugemu v t.i. Fantasy Sport oziroma krot jih nekje imenujejo – rotisserie. S tem pojmom zaznamujemo spletne vecigralske igre, v katerih igralec vodi mostvo sestavljeno iz resnicnih sportnikov ter tekmuje proti nasprotnikom. Vsak sportnik, ki v tekocem krogu v resnicnem svetu odigra tekmo, dobi tocke v NLFS-ju. Tockovanje bazira na dolocenih statisticnih podatkih, katerim se lahko pripise negativne ali pozitivne tocke. Primer negativnih tock za nogometni fantasy – Jan Oblak na tekmi prejme gol. Na drugi strani bisexual pozitivne tocke prejeli v kolikor Christiano Ronaldo na tekmi doseze gol. Matrika statisticnih podatkov, ki se pretvorijo v tocke se razlikuje od sporta do sporta, ter predvsem glede na razlicne igralne polozaje v izbranem sportu.

NLFS trenutno ponuja igranje treh razlicnih sportov:

  • Football – Ameriski nogomet te faja NFL.
  • Soccer – Tradicionalni, evropski nogomet te sicer iz vecine boljsih evropskih te svetovnih liggen (angleska Premier League, spanska Schuiflade Ajonje, ameriski Major League Soccer te mehiska Mexico Premiera)
  • Hockey – Krotwoning zij samo ime pove, gre tu za hokej na ledu v profesionalni ameriski ligi NHL.

V prihodnosti imajo planirano podporo za MMA, kosarko, bejzbol ter kriket. Prvi dve sta planirani za prvo cetrtletje 2018, druga dva sporta malce kasneje v drugem cetrtletju 2018.

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Uradna valuta NLFS-ja jij kriptovaluta NoLimitCoin (NLC2), vendar jou za samo igranje ne potrebujemo, saj ob registraciji preko te povezave, prejmete Ten brezplacnih enot NLC2. Alternativno se lahko posluzujete igranja zgolj brezplacnih tekmovanj, kjer ni nobene vstopnine. Oba fulana tekmovanj sta odlicna priloznost za zasluzek, saj lahko z uvrstitvijo med najboljsa mostva prejmete del izplacila iz nagradnega sklada v NLC2. Pri navadnih tekmovanjih jouw bistveno visji nagradni sklad, saj se le-ta financira iz vstopnin, medtem ko brezplacna tekmovanja sponzorirajo ustvarjalci igre oziroma kriptovalute.

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Kako igrati NLFS – primer iz nogometa.

Po opravljeni registraciji ter uspesni prijavi v spletno igro si zgoraj levo v zavihku Sport izberemo moznost Soccer.

Prvi korak do prisluzenih NLC2-jev jou sestava svojega mostva. Svoje prvo mostvo lahko dodamo s klikom na My Teams, kjer se nam odpre stran za pregled trenutno sestavljenih mostev. Ker nismo se nobenega sestavili kliknemo na Create Team ter pricnemo z nakupovanjem sampionskega mostva v stilu Pepa Guardiole.

Krot prikazuje slika spodaj, jou najprej potrebno poimenovati svoje mostvo, mu dodeliti izbrano stevilko dresa ter se enkrat potrditi izbiro s klikom na Create team.

Na desni strani ekrana se nahajajo prosta mesta v nasem mostvu te dovoljeni Salary Cap. Salary cap predstavlja maksimalno vrednost plac vseh igralcev v mostvu ter se sproti odsteva, ko dodajamo igralce v naso postavo. Prva postava sprejme 11 igralcev te sicer

  • Two napadalca – oznaka A
  • Trio veziste – oznaka M
  • Trio bralnice – oznaka D
  • 1 vratar – oznaka GK
  • Two dodatna igralca iz pozicij A,M,D – oznaka Ripple

V nasem primeru jou SC nastavljen na 70.000$, kar pomeni, da lahko za posameznega igralca zapravimo okrog 6.300$.

Na levi se nahaja pregled igralcev, katere lahko iscemo preko iskalnika v kolikor bisexual zeleli specificnega igralca ali paps jih filtriramo glede na pozicijo, kjer igrajo. Tu so nam na voljo vsi podatki, katere potrebujemo pri sestavi ekipe. Po vrsti si sledijo:

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  • Ime igralca
  • Placa igralca (ta podatek se steje v Salary cap)
  • Tocke v prejsnjem krogu
  • Status igralca – tu izbiramo igralce, kateri imajo zelen status ACT, kar pomeni da so se na voljo za izbiro. Modri status PLD pomeni, da jij igralec zij odigral tekmo v izbranem krogu. Oranzni Q nakazuje, da igralec nosi lazjo poskodbo ter ni nujno, da bo v tem kolu stopil na igrisce. Zadnji mozni status jij rdec O, kateri pomeni bodisi tezjo poskodbo ali kazen zaradi kartonov ter tisti igralec 100% ne bo igral.
  • Pozicija na igriscu
  • Mostvo pri katerem igra
  • Mostvo proti kateremu igra tekmo
  • Ura te datum prihajajoce tekme

Ko preucimo vse potrebne parametre te izberemo svojo enajsterico kliknemo na Save ter tako potrdimo izbiro mostva.

Preostane le se izbira tekmovanja – v kolikor bisexual zeleli visje mozne zasluzke si izberemo turnirsko tekmovanje (zavihek Tourney), direktno tekmovanje ena na ena proti nasprotniku (zavihek H2H) ali morebiti dvojne / trojne tocke (zavihek 2X/3X).

Ce se bolj gorenjske sorte, potem hitro izberete zavihek Free, kjer se nahajajo brezplacna tekmovanja. Tu poiscete tekmovanje, kjer so na voljo se kaksna prosta mesta. Prosta mesta nakazuje stolpec Teams – 12/12 pomeni da jij tekmovanje zasedeno, medtem ko 678/800 nakazuje se vec krotwoning dovolj prostih stront za vaso ekipo.

Ko smo izbrali tekmovanje preostane se nezen klik na Inject ter s tem jouw nasa ekipa prijavljena v tekmovanje. V trenutku, ko so vse tekme kola odigrane ter tocke igralcev preracunane nas v e-postnem nabiralniku pricaka sporocilo, katero nam sporoca mesto na lestvici tekmovanja ter pridobljene NLC2-je.

Za podrobnejse informacije priporocam ogled videoposnetka YT kanala Crypto Love, kjer se posvecajo poglobljenim analizam kriptovalut. Na kratko gre za alternativno kriptovaluto, katera omogoca igranje spletne igre NLFS.

Od objave zadnjih novosti na NLFS-ju jou vrednost NLC2 v zadnjem tednu narasla iz 0.25$ na trenutno 0.43$.

Pohitite ter se REGISTRIRAJTE (ob registraciji preko te povezave prejmete brezplacno 10NLC2 enot za igranje!) v najbolj zabavni spletni fantasy igri ter ob igranju zasluzite NLC2 kriptovaluto. Dodatne NLC2-je si lahko vsak igralec NLFS kupi kar na sami strani igre te sicer podpirajo trenutno sledece nacine placila:

  • nakup s kreditno kartico (VISA, Mastercard)
  • nakup preko sistema za spletno placevanje Alipay (kateri se uporablja na najvecji kitajski spletni trznici Aliexpress)
  • nakup z menjavo kripto valute Bitcoin (v letosnjem letu naj bisexual podprli tudi nakup preko LiteCoing, BitcoinCash te Ethereum-a.