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Twitter API 1

Twitter API 1

Why does this exist?

Recently I wasgoed quiebro frustrated to find out that the old API on Twitter wasgoed depreciated and the overhead te setting up a system to perform OAUTH just to get my already publicly available tweets wasgoed too damn high (see

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Even worse I couldn’t find any ordinary solutions for JavaScript. All code examples were server side. So after much thinking I invented the following solution. It makes use of the overheen bloated widgets Twitter gives us to waterput on our sites, cuts out all the nonsense (and non semantic markup), and comes back to you your raw tweet text so you can do with it spil you please and style it how you want on your own webstek – like it should be. Instructions on how to get it working with your tweets are te the code comments, just do what it says! Love!

Browser support

All popular browsers supported. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer 7, 8 and 9.


See latest verbinding at top right of the pagina to grab the latest build. Dont leave behind to check back soon for updates.

Voorstelling mij the sexy code kindje

Please read comments te JavaScript for examples on how to use and how to generate a widget id to use with the component – it is indeed effortless! Here are some examples on CodePen:

Voorstelling mij it te activity!

Below is the very first example above – reminisce you can switch the style to anything you want just by switching the CSS:

Switch loom

  • UPDATE 1: Very first version released!
  • UPDATE Two: Due to popular request, you can now specify how many tweets you want returned which can be any number inbetween 1 and 20, spil the third parameter to the function call đŸ™‚ Let mij know if you have any other requests below.
  • UPDATE Three: Due to even more requests, solution now gets latest tweets for user, favourite tweets, list tweets, or hashtag search
  • UPDATE Four: Script now treats writing HTML to an factor with an ID of your choice making it even simpler to use and permits you to queue up many requests so you can have many items on the same pagina doing different things eg one might vertoning latest posts with a specific hashtag, whilst the other shows your latest Five tweets.
  • UPDATE Five: Script now supports grabbing who posted the tweet, their profile photo, and listig to profile. Also adds the time they posted at the end. All customizable with CSS to look how you want.
  • UPDATE 6: You can now specify a custom-made date formatting function to format the twitter postbode date however you wish! See comments for how to use.
  • UPDATE 7: Now supports IE 7, 8 and 9, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera.
  • UPDATE 8: You can now not display retweets via a fresh parameter ter function call. See comments ter code.
  • UPDATE 9: Now supports a custom-made function callback when gegevens is ready permitting you to have utter control overheen its output.
  • UPDATE Ten: Now supports Replying / Retweeting / Favouriting.
  • UPDATE 11: Due to popularity of this component and number of requests I have now moved its source to GitHub.

Got suggestions? Terugkoppeling? Feature requests? Tell mij!

At time of writing I have made overheen 132 switches, and many are the result of feature requests from people like you! I want to help all the developers out there get tweets on their sites merienda again – with ease, spil it should be. Talk to mij: Via Google+, twitter, or my webstek.


This is by no means an official solution – it is something I created to solve a problem I had, and has now grown ter to a total component. Twitter may switch its system ter such a way to cause this to zekering working. I of course will attempt my best to adapt to any switches and all future versions of this code shall be posted here, on this webpagina. I suggest you check back regularly for any updates. This is however the only solution I know of to date to get public gegevens from Twitter without using the fresh 1.1 API which otherwise requires OAUTH tokens with every request and is a lotsbestemming stiffer to set up. Lets keep it ordinary!

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With that out of the way, I hope you love this component, and that it makes your life a bit lighter. Jason Mayes

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You can now play Pokemon on the blockchain Developers are finding fresh joy ways to test blockchain technology.

You can now play Pokemon on the blockchain Developers are finding fresh joy ways to test blockchain technology.

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Expiring statuses! Better DMs!

Google Assistant’s Continued Conversations feature makes voice guidelines less awkward

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Microsoft relaunches its news app to take on Google and Apple’s offerings

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IGTV is Instagram’s response to YouTube

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Google’s no frills Podcasts app is the begin of something beautiful

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Adobe’s Project Rush is a fresh all-in-one app for movie creators

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Yelp uses machine learning to create Popular Dishes list

Yelp’s latest update will compile a list of Popular Dishes for each restaurant, using AI to figure out what everyone chooses .

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EOS freezes 7 accounts te disturbance of its own constitution

EOS is struck with another controversy just days after the launch of its blockchain. The 21 block producers (BPs) of the .

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You can now play Pokemon on the blockchain

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FuturoCoin – make money on cryptocurrency and mining packages

FuturoCoin – make money on cryptocurrency and mining packages

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A brand-new cryptocurrency

from the company FutureNet,

officially introduced on 25th of November

Number of users more than

Number of bonuses from recommending

WARNING! Wij are NOT the official support and please do not send technical questions about your accounts! Wij ARE INDEPENDENT Vrouwen OF FutureNet!

FuturoCoin is a coin that has all the features of a cryptocurrency. The features that certainly distinguish it on the market are its own blockchain and open source code. It gives you the chance to mine it with your own mining software, so the company will not have any controllability, which means a decentralized system. Wallets have also bot created for storing and transferring funds inbetween users connected to the FutureNet verhoging. For those not registered te FutureNet, there are outer wallets with both desktop and smartphone version. An undoubted advantage is also transaction time of less than Four seconds. You can check the technology on your own by looking at White Paper and tracing the source code. The total supply is 100,000,000 coins and until the embark of the Futuro blockchain, 30,000,000 coins have already bot mined and designed for playmates with the Royal matrices and for marketing activity.

FuturoCoin payments will include shops, portals, cafes and any products appearing te the FutureNet. Each user will be free to offerande their own goods and accept payments te FuturoCoin. It will also create extra rente for people who do not indeed know about FutureNet and FuturoCoin yet, but would like to trade on the podium. Another brand are also FutureNet cafes and restaurants. The possibility of paying with cryptocurrency will certainly intrigue the community around the world. If you are interested ter such a project, you can buy a franchise te 2018.

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The community at the embark of this cryptocurrency is more than Two,500,000 people, which effectively affects its request and preparedness to own it. Imagine an increase ter potential when at least half of this number will buy it.

The cryptocurrency will be able to be exchanged on many exchange markets. The very first crypto exchange that listed FuturoCoin is YoBit. It is available also on Piyasa, SouthXchange, Coindeal.

The company offers the purchase of mining packages of different value and computing power: $100, $250, $500, $1000, $5000, $Ten,000, $25,000. Each of them will work for us for two years and mine FuturoCoin every 1 minute.

Until January 7, 2018, there wasgoed a promotion to get 50 FuturoCoin for the purchase of the Royal position te the Matrix program, Five coins for every meteen referral at this position and 1 coin from any person with the Royal status ter our structure. Now the promotion is overheen!

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Learn How Blockchain Actually Works.

Learn How Blockchain Actually Works.

Yobit Exchange is most likely a scam, if hundreds of internet comments can be trusted. A common thread across thesis furious posts is that user funds were stolen, withdrawals permanently blocked, and intentional instances of fraud suffered. Yobit is a Russian cryptocurrency exchange which, like a number of other Russian blockchain schemes overheen the past duo of years, seems to be fleecing unwitting users of their precious crypto, then evanescing with the profits.

Yobit has overheen 6,000 coins listed on their webpagina, and they emerge to list any coins that’ll pay them for inclusion, even if thesis coins are clear-cut scams. Perhaps it’s this treatment to exchange curation that has led Yobit away from the days when it wasgoed a reliable exchange. Perhaps it’s other related factors. There’s indeed no way to know.

It’s unlikely to check every opzicht of Yobit’s service, strafgevangenis is it possible to expect that one’s own practice mirrors that of Yobit’s other users. This ter mind, te this Yobit review wij’ll demonstrate you how to spot scams among crypto exchanges like this, spil well spil a good Yobit alternative, eToro, which makes life effortless for beginners, rather than preying upon their lack of practice.

What is Yobit Exchange?

Yobit is a cryptocurrency exchange that wasgoed introduced on the Bitcointalk forum back ter 2018. Today, it’s generally regarded spil a scam exchange, with hundreds of users claiming to have lost funds using the service. Ter almost all cases, Yobit customer service is regarded spil all but non-existent, so issues that arise are uncommonly resolved and users tend to complain on the internet, to little avail.

So what’s the overeenkomst? Yobit didn’t begin out this way. The theory of this author is that the decline of Yobit is due to two factors: 1) genĂ©rico neglect, and Two) fraudulent activity on the part of Yobit’s owners.

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Spil for the very first, Yobit is one of hundreds of cryptocurrency exchanges on the internet. Step by step, most exchanges become disused and eventually go defunct. Yobit is clearly te this cycle, with low trading volumes and amazingly slow transaction resolution times. Yobit also features many coins which are not considered active. While dead projects like thesis might be liquidated from a webpagina like Bittrex, they soldier on on Yobit, even however no one is buying them.

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Spil for the 2nd negociador, spil institutions near their demise, it’s often that those who remain employed will often take advantage of the inefficiencies of the system for their own private build up. Due to differences ter national regulations and enforcement, it would seem that this is lighter to do ter Russia today than ter some other parts of the world. There’s no way to know what’s the extent of Yobit’s theft, and how much is due to malice or mistake, but Yobit should be avoided all the same.

Wasgoed Yobit Everzwijn Good?

That’s the thing. Yobit, at its core, isn’t a bad exchange. And for many months, it wasgoed a reliable service.

Yobit permits fiat payments, which is a very useful service when the toneel is workin spil advertised. Most other cryptocurrency exchanges require users to very first buy Bitcoin or Ethereum somewhere else, before they’ll be able to trade for other currencies on the exchange webpagina. Being able to buy te with fiat is superb, but if those funds then get locked up or stolen, it’s not so good.

At the best of times, Yobit’s security is wasgoed also finta good. 2-Factor Authentication wasgoed standard, and users could even freeze withdrawals if they feared their accounts had bot hacked. Several layers of encryption security were te place, and users could even choose inbetween hot and cold wallets. Wij like the old Yobit for thesis reasons, so it’s a shame that it has decayed.

Yobit’s merienda intuitive and streamlined vormgeving has bot marred by endless coins, most of which add no value for the user. Spil mentioned, there are overheen 6,000 coins which can be traded on Yobit, most of which are not high quality projects. Further adding to the confusion is the “Invest Box”. It’s never explained what it is, how it works, or how much users can hope to build up. Not a confidence-builder.

Whatever Yobit merienda wasgoed, it is no longer. Some users report good practices, but thesis are ter the minority, at least if wij are to trust online forums. Wij advise users to stay away and to use any of the dozens of more reputable exchanges and service-providers, such spil Bittrex, Binance, and eToro.

Why Use eToro Instead?

When wij very first start our journey with cryptocurrency, the sheer amount on information and services available can be breathtaking. And while there are slew of blockchain projects and exchanges which want to provide sound services to fresh users, there are many others who understand that fresh users are prone to making mistakes. Thesis bad actors take it upon themselves to create confusing and deceptive services which prey upon the ignorance of their users. Wij are sad to say that it looks like Yobit is now te this camp.

Then there are services like eToro which are above-board, and very effortless for fresh users to attempt. eToro is what you might call “idiot-proof”. Where conventional crypto exchanges require users to maintain independent wallets, keep up with private keys, and generally learn through trial and error, eToro does all of the hard work for you. All you have to do is sign up.

eToro accomplishes this by not requiring its users to buy Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) ter order to make profits. Instead, eToro sells what are called CFDs, or Contracts for Difference. Basically, you pay the market price for Bitcoin, but instead of receiving contemporĂ¡neo Bitcoin, you simply make profits and losses exactly spil if you possessed Bitcoin, without the bother of actually keeping track of it.

That’s what the “contract” part of the CFD refers to. It’s a contract inbetween you and eToro that says that $X entitles you to $X worth of Bitcoin, and that if that amount of Bitcoin gains value, you will receive that profit, and if it loses value, you commit to pay the losses out of your contracted funds. You can use stop-losses and other instruments just like with a regular exchange.

Sure, if you want to own Bitcoin for the long term, budge it to exchanges, and especially spend it, you’ll need an exchange like Coinbase. But for plain speculation and investment, you can’t do a lotsbestemming better than eToro.

How to Stay Clear of Scams Like Yobit

Now let’s talk about how you can spot cryptocurrency scams. Very first things very first, it’s significant to understand why there are so many scams and schemes te this space. There are several primary reasons.

  1. Crypto is not well regulated, or even regulated at all, ter most parts of the world. Most world governments are right to wait on harsh regulations, because blockchain is so misunderstood by many of the powers that be. What’s more, it’s not developed into a fully functioning industry by any estimation, so putting fetters on it now could cramp meaningful innovation. On the other forearm, this same lack of regulation makes it effortless for scammers to steal without reglamentario consequence. Most crypto enthusiasts are appreciative that regulation has not bot premature, but wij also understand that this reality makes it all the more significant for us to be cautious when using crypto platforms of any kleuter.
  2. Crypto is the fresh gold rush, the fresh Wild Westelijk. There is so much money pouring into this industry that it’s only natural that people looking to get rich quick by any means necessary would come right along with the surplus. Greed breeds schemes and scams, and often the greedy are the ones ensnared by thesis scams. Beware of that which seems too good to be true (just Google “Bitcoinnect” to see how that works out). Invest with solid platforms te meaningful projects, and you’ll be well on your way to staying safe.

Now that wij understand why cryptocurrency scams develop, let’s learn how to stay safe. Here are some of the most reliable methods.

  1. Do Your Own Research! This precept is so fundamental to crypto investment that it has bot turned into its own acronym: DYOR. There are uncountable examples of deceptive marketing being used to sell fraudulent crypto projects to the masses. They can all seem wooing. To see through the lies, read diverse sources, and talk to actual people whenever possible, using platforms like Bitcointalk and Reddit.
  2. Learn How Blockchain Actually Works. It will be much less effortless to take advantage of you if you have the skill to see lies and scams for what they are. People who simply get into crypto to make quick metselspecie, without taking the time to learn the ropes, are the ones who are going to lose their money. If you can’t take the time to learn the industry, don’t risk your money because you’ll most likely lose it rapid.
  3. Use Projects That Are Semi-transparent. There is a concept te crypto known spil “auditing”, which means that code, platforms, and other facets of crypto and crypto verhoging vormgeving are opened up for authorities to inspect. Companies like Tether have lose legitimacy because they won’t permit themselves to be audited. Any crypto podium that holds your money should be see-through. The best wallets (Uittocht, Jaxx) do it, and the best exchanges (Binance) do it. Yobit does not submit to audit or practice transparency, and are thus not worthy of your business.
  4. Don’t Skip Steps. It’s effortless to let research slide after you get a little bit of practice under your stortplaats. Wij like to think that because things have worked out te the past, they’re going to work out ter the future. However, letting your guard down is a good way to get te trouble. Scamming methods only get more sophisticated. Yobit is an example of an exchange that looks legit from the outside. It’s only when users embark to attempt it out for themselves that they find that their funds get stuck or lost.

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Final Thoughts on Yobit

It’s a shame that users of Yobit have commenced to lose funds and have other major problems with the toneel. For awhile, Yobit wasgoed a trustworthy exchange, but spil the months have gone on it has lost that reputation. With little to no transparency and a mounting list of user complaints, wij’ve got to recommend our readers to stay away from Yobit.

There are many other quality cryptocurrency exchanges, like Bittrex, Binance, Coinbase, and more. Don’t get packaged up ter a scheme that could lose you hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of currency, spil has bot reported by so many others.