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Need To Know 2001-12-28

Need To Know 2001-12-28

Kieren McCarthy Christmas tits tribute special

  • 2001-12-14
  • Demon learns a lesson, mh for Mac, twat or anti-twat?

  • 2001-11-30
  • Black Ice and other signs of Autumn

  • 2001-11-09
  • Throttles of gear, chunks of eight

  • 2001-10-05
  • With laws like thesis, who needs fresh ones?

  • 2001-09-28
  • Terugwedstrijd of the straw man argument, curiously Big black cock obsessed otherness

  • 2001-09-21
  • `hostname` security department, semi-annual LIVE slagging

  • 2001-09-14
  • The “You should have seen what they *dreamed* us to waterput” Edition

  • 2001-09-07
  • Opinions permitido, irrational, and prejudicial

  • 2001-08-31
  • Back to schoolgebouw Searing Man bonanza

  • 2001-08-24
  • Imagine there’s no money left, it’s effortless if you attempt

  • 2001-08-10
  • Death of everything predicted, .mpg at 11

  • 2001-08-03
  • More Dmitry, dancing Ballmer, cheeky brass monkeys

  • 2001-07-27
  • Squishing bugs, muffling critics, coveting your neighbour’s cache

  • 2001-07-20
  • Adobe Incriminator, RBL quibbles, T-Shirts Classique

  • 2001-07-13
  • Casualties of Browser War, Stupid Hash Joke

  • 2001-07-06
  • future attractions, usual distractions

  • 2001-06-29
  • Free mannetjesvarken, stuff wij don’t want to hear

  • 2001-06-22
  • Wonka Oompas, more Fruit of the Moon

  • 2001-06-08
  • No, I said Doug Rushkoff *above* Constrict Backdoor 100 Times Malarkey

  • 2001-06-01
  • Monkey minifigs, free-the-Henson workshop

  • 2001-05-25
  • Especially vindictive bday edition

  • 2001-05-18
  • waterjuffer sell-by, interface bye-bye, mah-lah borg-ay

  • 2001-05-04
  • Wireless’ next trick, Shockwave Scalextric

  • 2001-03-30
  • Registering the troublemakers, troublemaking The Register

  • 2001-03-23
  • Yay, downturn and stately Xanadu

  • 2001-03-16
  • Vorderman rude, despicable Motley sued

  • 2001-03-09
  • Nickers and Breaches, Shirts and “Pants”

  • 2001-03-02
  • Keymasters of the Gateway, Manic Nostalgia Miners, Finnish Filmrolletje Roundup

  • 2001-02-16
  • Dirty domaining, Dodgy Demon, and Dimwit Mail

  • 2001-02-09
  • Pissy Noho, Alleged Ali, and the Sputnik

  • 2001-02-02
  • putting the “Jumpy” into DNS, Schnews, and those damn dirty apes

  • 2001-01-19
  • WjSZtN9N7 Check out photos of Fresh Year celebrations from around the world via

    WjSZtN9N7 Check out photos of Fresh Year celebrations from around the world via

    Fresh Year 2018 Celebrations from Around the Globe

    Thursday, December 31, 2018

    Stadionring te the fresh year with the one you love.

    Check out photos of Fresh Year celebrations from around the world via

    Crazy photo from #DubaiFire (on the left). Burj Khalifa fireworks went on spil planned.

    Zekering the Hate: Do Better ter 2018

    Thursday, December 31, 2018

    This beautiful Nubian sista found Love. But spil usual, haters will hate. Let’s do better te 2018. Don’t wij get enough hate directed at us from outside of our communities? Wij should Love and uplift each other.

    Make a Fresh Year’s resolution to zekering the black on black (hate) crimes. Let’s kill each other with kindliness instead of guns and knives and hateful words. Wij are all beautiful te Schepper’s eyes!

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    See you te 2018! Be safe and drink responsibly.

    Movie of Dubai Hotel Fire On Fresh Year’s Eve

    Thursday, December 31, 2018

    Fire at The Address hotel, Downtown Dubai (KT movie by Rahul Gajjar)

    A massive fire broke out at a luxury hotel and residence ter downtown Dubai spil Fresh Year’s Eve revelers observed a fireworks display several blocks away.

    14 people were treated for minor injuries. The entire building wasgoed evacuated quickly. The source of the Dubai hotel fire is unknown.

    Carmelo Anthony Calls for Stricter Gun Control After Teammate Slok Leaving Stripverhaal Club

    Thursday, December 31, 2018

    NY Knicks strak Carmelo Anthony is calling for stricter gun control ter Fresh York City after one of his teammates wasgoed slok leaving a strook club.

    Knicks player Cleanthony Early wasgoed slok and wounded ter the knee by a gunman who robbed him outside a Queens stripverhaal club early Wednesday.

    Starlets Attend Rehearsal for Pitbull’s Fresh Year Muziekstuk

    Thursday, December 31, 2018

    Slimmed down talk vertoning host and media guru Wendy Williams wasgoed spotted leaving ‘The View’ te NYC before hopping a flight to Miami to prepare for rapper Pitbull‘s Fresh Year’s Revolution Muziekstuk at Bayfront Park. Wendy accessorized hier $75,000 Hermes alligator Birkin handbag with colorful miniature handbags and figurines. Doesn’t she look superb?

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    Photos: JLN Photography/ and Fortunata/Splash News

    Medical Minute: Ovarian Cancer (RIP Gina DePalma)

    Wednesday, December 30, 2018

    Famed pastry chef Gina DePalma, 49, passed away earlier this week after a long battle with ovarian cancer.

    DePalma wasgoed 41 when she wasgoed diagnosed with ovarian cancer ter 2007. 80% of women diagnosed with ovarian cancer are overheen age 50.

    Frail Bill Cosby Leaves Court After Schrijven Arraignment Hearing On Pescador Charges

    Wednesday, December 30, 2018

    Bill Cosby leaned on a cane spil he exited a Pennsylvania courthouse after he wasgoed arraigned on felony alacrán marino and indecency charges today.

    The frail comedian wasgoed flanked by a man and a woman.

    Cosby, who wore a gray sweater and carried a briefcase, entered the Elkins Park, Vader. courthouse and posted 10% of his $1 million bail te Specie.

    Open Postbode

    Wednesday, December 30, 2018

    Related movie: Yobit netwerk Trade for free Bitcoin (Tutorial finish)

    While she fights to lose hier kind weight, socialite Kim Kardashian spends hier days tweeting photos of hier addable 2-year-old daughter, North Westelijk. The little tomboy wasgoed dressed casually te a fox wool glaze, designer jeans and a fitted cap.

    This is an open postbode, where you can discuss any subject matter. This postbode will not be censored or moderated. Disqus may automatically moderate certain words considered offensive. There are no rules te Open Posts. So inject at your own risk.

    Zeerob Kardashian Diagnosed With Type Two Suikerziekte

    Wednesday, December 30, 2018

    Zeerob Kardashian wasgoed reportedly rushed to a Los Angeles area hospital where he wasgoed diagnosed with adult onset Type Two suikerziekte.

    Gossip tabloid tabloid reports that the 28-year-old only son of Kris Jenner is resting at huis.

    Rapper Fabolous Spoils 7-Year-Old Son by Gifting Him With TWO Rolexes Worth 34K

    Wednesday, December 30, 2018

    Fabolous, 38, is being criticized for gifting his 7-year-old son, Johan Jackson, with Two lady Datejust Rolex witnesses worth $34,000!

    The rapper, whose efectivo name is John David Jackson, gifted his firstborn with Two women’s Rolex wristwatches which are petite enough to gezond the youngster’s wrist.

    The agony of JSON API testing — Jeff Kreeftmeijer

    The agony of JSON API testing — Jeff Kreeftmeijer

    I’m a little behind on my blog feeds, so I didn’t read Collective Idea’s article about json_spec until yesterday. They created a gem which provides some RSpec matchers and Cucumber steps to do JSON API testing, since “They can be a joy to build but a ache to test”. Ter this article, I want to take a step back and see exactly how painful it is to test a JSON API.


    Since I don’t agree that testing an API with Cucumber is a good idea, wij’ll do it ter plain RSpec. I’ll get back on that at the end of this article.

    So, let’s say wij have a Spoorlijn application and our client – or our users – want an API to fetch and create gegevens. Wij’ll need an API with a user index and a create act for that, so let’s get embarked with the index. Please note that I’m not checking response codes and not doing anything with authentication. You’ll most likely have to, so your spec will turn out a bit longer than the example below, but stuff like that is beyond the scope of this article.

    Very first, te the before block, wij create two users, since wij need something to fetch from our user index API. After that, wij use the get method to do a GET request to /api/users.json . The response bod it comebacks is a string and wij won’t hurt ourselves by attempting to do comparisons on that, so wij convert it into a Ruby hash using JSON.parse . Since Ruby 1.9 has ordered hashes now, wij can simply compare the JSON response hash to our desired result which wij waterput ter another hash.

    That’s fairly plain right? Let’s create a quick API act that permits us to create a user.

    Ter our very first spec, wij use postbode to Postbode some gegevens to the same URL wij used above, which will create a fresh user. Wij test if that indeed happens by asking the User monster if its count switched by 1.

    Making sure a user is created is not enough, wij need to test if our fresh user has the juist name and login values. Te the 2nd spec, wij do just that by fetching the last user – since wij already know a user wasgoed created – and checking its name and login methods.

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    The last thing wij want our user creation API to do is to comeback our fresh user. Like the user index spec above, wij parse the response bod and compare is to another hash.

    See how effortless that wasgoed? JSON might be a difficult format to do tests on, but hashes aren’t. If you convert that JSON string to something wij can actually work with, the anguish goes away quickly and wij’re off testing our API.

    Cucumber? Why?

    If you’ve bot here before, you most likely know I’m not Cucumber’s greatest fan, but let’s waterput that aside for a bit. If you ask mij, Cucumber’s greatest feature is what it calls its “business readable DSL”, which permits you to write your tests ter English. Thesis tests are understandable for non-technical stakeholders, so they can read what the code is doing. A test written with json_spec’s Cucumber steps doesn’t truly do that, since it’s total of domain specific stuff:

    “A step description should never contain regexen, CSS or XPath selectors, any kleuter of code or gegevens structure. It should be lightly understood just by reading the description.” – You’re Cuking it wrong

    If you have to use gegevens structures te your tests, maybe it’s a good idea to waterput Cucumber aside for a bit. No matter how much you like using it.

    Skorosilena matka: Jak se zije na pokraji silenstvi aneb zena

    Skorosilena matka: Jak se zije na pokraji silenstvi aneb zena



    patek 23. zari 2018

    Jak se zije na pokraji silenstvi aneb zena/matka zvladne vse

    V lonskem roce se mij a cacorce otocil zivot vzhuru nohama. Rodina se nam rozpadla, stehovaly jsme se, menily skolku, zily samy dve v garsonce a bojovaly. Trenink sel pochopitelne do pozadi, kondicka upadala a vaha rostla. Stres byl neuveritelny, kazdodenni tlak mij zabijel. Od prosince jsem se placala v bludnem kruhu depresi z narocne prace a pocitem uvezneni mezi Four stenami garsonky. Pak prislo jaro a ja se rozhodla udelat zmenu. Zbavim se toho, co mij vysava. Ne, neposlala jsem dite na celorocni pobyt ve skolce, dala jsem vypoved a nasla si noveho a lepsiho chlapa 🙂 ditko se zklidnilo, protoze citilo, zij se zklidnila matka. S novym partnerem jsem “vyvdala” i dalsi dve deti, raubire kluky dvojcata. Kazdy druhy tyden mam tedy na krku domacnost o Five clenech a reknu vam, zij oproti zivotu “ja&cacorka na 27m ctverecnich” jouw to rozdil. Ale snazime se to vse nejak zvladat a fungovat ,)

    Pokousim se zas najit ztracenou kondicku, ale jde to pomalu a tezko. Neni moc cas a energie. Ac mam kazdy dennenboom volno v dobe skolky, stejne se mie nedari trenovat jak by hlava chtela. Posloucham totiz sve telo a to si rekne samo, kdy chce behat a kdy se na to neciti. Zacala jsem zas vic cvicit, protoze jsem na InBody zjistila, zij nejen zij sly tuky nahoru, ale sly i svaly dolu a to se mihoen opravdu nelibi! Vahove jsem ted na 65kg, uplne spokojena nejsem, ale stesti v osobnim zivote mie za tu trochu diskomfortu v podobe spicku na brise stoji!

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    Tento soudek jouw prazdny 🙂 po maratonu jsem bezela jeste Behej lesy Karlstejn, ale tam jsem se trapila a usoudila jsem, zij letos to na zavodeni neni. Bohuzel. Pri kazde vetsi akci se FB hemzi natesenymi fotkami mych rozesmatych pratel v modroduhovem, ale ja se drzim sveho predsevzeti a beham jen charitu (Teribear, chystam se na 24beh).

    Dobra kamaradka mij oslovila s tim, zij by se mnou chtela absolvovat B7. Mame rok na to, se pripravit. Mam rok na to, se dostat zpet do kondice a zvladnout to. A to bude muj cil 🙂 makat, abych Jitce neudelala ostudu. Momentalne jsem se rozhodla zamakat na svalovem zakladu, aby telo melo cim tu zatez odmakat. Dal budu pridavat vic objemoveho treninku ve smyslu chuze/behu 20km+. A uvidime jak to pujde 🙂

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    Plain X Response, Find ordinary answers to your ingewikkeld questions

    Plain X Response, Find ordinary answers to your ingewikkeld questions

    ServiceNow / Update Github State When ServiceNow Incident State is Updated

    Update Github State When ServiceNow Incident State is Updated Objective: Whenever a ServiceNow incident is closed, I want to update its corresponding Github kwestie with a comment and close it&hellip,

    ServiceNow / ServiceNow – Resolve Incident via Surplus call

    ServiceNow / ServiceNow – How to Get sys_id of an Incident

    ServiceNow – How to get a sys_id value of an incident The Surplus call below would terugwedstrijd every incident that’s bot created: Details included te the response message will&hellip,

    Militar Skill / Block xfinitywifi From Network List

    Liquidate xfinity Wi-Fi From Network List I had a case not too long ago where my windows system wasgoed defaulting to xfinity wifi every time my Wi-Fi signal wasgoed lost.&hellip,

    Cryptocurrency / F*** yobit.netwerk

    F*** yobit.netwerken Hey guys – Do mij a gracia and stay the f*** away from yobit.netwerk crypto currency trading webstek. Don’t fall for their vast list of trading pairs. They&hellip,

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    Db2 Database / Update DB2 table With a Join

    Update DB2 table With a Join Acknowledging that DB2 doesn’t permit JOINS ter the update statement, utilizing MERGE INTO is the key to achieve what wij want. Let’s say wij&hellip,

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    Java / Java wasgoed embarked but returned uitgang code=13 – Solved

    Java wasgoed embarked but returned uitgang code=13 Step 1: Locate your javaw.exe verkeersopstopping javax.exe is located te the java bin folder. Mine happens to be placed ter Program files like&hellip,

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    Java / Connect to DB2 ter Java – Solved

    Connect to DB2 te Java – Solved A solved example of how to connect to the db2 database ter Java, run a query and retrieve its results. Then traverse through&hellip,

    JavaScript / Intersection of Two Arrays ter JavaScript – Solved

    Intersection of Two Arrays te JavaScript – Solved Spil the webpagina name suggests I’m going to keep it elementary. If your objective is to take an intersection of two arrays,&hellip,

    Nudimo jim napredne oglase te inovativne vsebinske resitve.

    Nudimo jim napredne oglase te inovativne vsebinske resitve.

    Aktualne, kakovostne te ekskluzivne vsebine, ki vsakodnevno pritegnejo najvec slovenskih spletnih uporabnikov.


    Vodilni slovenski digitalni medij

    Telefonski imenik Slovenije

    Edini uradni te univerzalni telefonski imenik

    Vstopna tocka v slovenski splet

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    Zunanji digitalni zasloni

    Kljucne informacije te dinamicni oglasi na 254 zaslonih


    Multimedijske vsebine za odrasle

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    Edina telefonska stevilka, ki si jo jij potrebno zapomniti



    Postali bomo vodilna medijska hisa te posrednik informacij v Sloveniji.


    Usmerjamo z uporabnimi informacijami.

    Soustvarjamo medijski prostor

    Na vodilnem slovenskem digitalnem mediju Siol.netwerken nudimo uporabnikom raznolik nabor relevantnih, objektivnih, aktualnih te raznolikih novic ter pozitivnih zgodb.

    V ospredje postavljamo uporabnika

    V osrcju vseh nasih dejavnosti jou uporabnik. Z neprestanim razvojem te prijazno komunikacijo mu omogocamo odlicno uporabnisko izkusnjo te vedno nove vsebine.

    Zagotavljamo nepogresljive informacije

    Prek Telefonskega imenika Slovenije te kontaktnega centra 1188 uporabnikom na vsakem koraku ter v vsakem trenutku posredujemo nepogresljive kontaktne ter druge informacije.

    Razvijamo digitalne vsebine te storitve

    Nasi strokovnjaki so neprestano v koraku z najnovejsimi digitalnimi trendi. S svojim znanjem ter ustvarjalnostjo razvijajo digitalne vsebine te storitve, ki uporabniku ponudijo nekaj vec.

    Smo vstopna tocka v slovenski splet zij dolgo ni vec spletni iskalnik, ampak bogat vir informacij na slovenskem spletu. Uporabnikom ponuja zbir novic iz vec krotwoning 130 virov, zemljevid, recepte ter se veliko vec.

    Nudimo najnaprednejse oglase

    Zadovoljstvo nasih oglasevalcev jij na prvem mestu, zato vedno upostevamo njihove zelje te se trudimo izpolniti vsa njihova pricakovanja. Nudimo jim napredne oglase te inovativne vsebinske resitve.

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    Uspesno zgodbo druzbe TSmedia skupaj z direktorico soustvarja 150 sodelavcev.

    Zanimiva dejstva

    spletnih uporabnikov / mesec

    zunanjih digitalnih zaslonov

    Osebna izkaznica


    V TSmedia prepoznavamo ter nagrajujemo ustvarjalnost, zavzetost te sveze ideje. Svojim sodelavcem zagotavljamo nenehen razvoj ter profesionalno rast, saj lahko le tako presezemo zastavljene cilje. Vedno vader smo pozorni tudi na vrhunske talente, ki lahko nasim uporabnikom ponudijo vec.

    Tysiac dwiescie czterdziesci cztery wyspy, zwirowe, kamieniste i piaszczyste plaze otoczone krystalicznie czystym Adriatykiem, piekne parki przyrody, niezwykle parki narodowe i pyszne tradycyjne jedzenie, to powody dla ktorych wielu gosci Matchbanker, czyli jak odniesc sukces w e-biznesie Internet daje wielkie mozliwosci, takze na polu biznesowym.

    Tysiac dwiescie czterdziesci cztery wyspy, zwirowe, kamieniste i piaszczyste plaze otoczone krystalicznie czystym Adriatykiem, piekne parki przyrody, niezwykle parki narodowe i pyszne tradycyjne jedzenie, to powody dla ktorych wielu gosci Matchbanker, czyli jak odniesc sukces w e-biznesie Internet daje wielkie mozliwosci, takze na polu biznesowym.

    Od ostatnich kilku lat, Chorwacja jest jednym z najbardziej popularnych miejsc wypoczynkowych nad Morzem Srodziemnym. Tysiac dwiescie czterdziesci cztery wyspy, zwirowe, kamieniste i piaszczyste plaze otoczone krystalicznie czystym Adriatykiem, piekne parki przyrody, niezwykle parki narodowe i pyszne tradycyjne jedzenie, to powody dla ktorych wielu gosci

    Matchbanker, czyli jak odniesc sukces w e-biznesie

    Internet daje wielkie mozliwosci, takze na polu biznesowym. Choc moze trudno sobie wyobrazic sytuacje, w ktorej ktos zdetronizuje takich potentatow jak Google czy Youtube, to jednak wciaz powstaja innowacyjne firmy, ktore odnosza wielki sukces w sieci, takie jak na przyklad Matchbaner. Warto poznac koncepcje takich

    Konto firmowe a konto osobiste. Poznaj najwazniejsze roznice

    Przymierzasz sie do zalozenia firmy i szukasz odpowiedniego rachunku dla przedsiebiorcow? A moze juz prowadzisz dzialalnosc i korzystasz z konta osobistego? Poznaj roznice miedzy rachunkiem indywidualnym a kontem firmowym i wybierz rozwiazanie najbardziej dla Ciebie korzystne. Zgodnie z przepisami, przedsiebiorca zobligowany jest do prowadzenia rachunku


    Szal mundialu w co powinien wyposazyc sie fanatyk pilki noznej?

    Mundial za pasem, dlatego prawdziwy kibic powinien juz teraz przygotowac sie do tych niezwyklych pilkarskich emocji. Podpowiadamy, w co nalezy sie zaopatrzyc, by godnie celebrowac to pilkarskie swieto, ktore jest jednoczesnie doskonala okazja do udania sie na boisko i zagrania samodzielnie! Project to podstawa Jak

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    Dofinansowanie unijne w zasiegu reki

    Srodki unijne to duza szansa dla srednich, malych oraz mikro hard. I wlasnie do nich skierowanych jest w tym roku kilkadziesiat programow finansowego wsparcia w calej Polsce, a przykladowa pomoc siega kilkuset tysiecy zlotych. Aplikacja wcale nie musi byc trudna i zmudna wrecz przeciwnie,

    Pozyczki ratalne online -nowe firmy na raty miesieczne i tygodniowe

    Coraz wiecej osob poszukuje rozwiazan finansowych dla budzetu domowego jak i firmowego poza instytucjami bankowymi. Nie nazywamy juz ich parabankami jak to byl do niedawna. Dzieki dobrym regulacjom prawnym rynek pozabankowych pozyczek ratalnych ustabilizowal sie i jest bezpieczny. Pozyczke ratalna mozna dzis otrzymac przez internet,

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    FileZilla – The free FTP solution

    FileZilla – The free FTP solution


    The free FTP solution.


    FileZilla Server




    Other projects

    Welcome to the homepage of FileZilla, the free FTP solution. The FileZilla Client not only supports FTP, but also FTP overheen TLS (FTPS) and SFTP. It is open source software distributed free of charge under the terms of the GNU Universal Public License.

    Wij are also suggesting FileZilla Voor, with extra protocol support for WebDAV, Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure Blob and Opstopping Storage, and Google Cloud Storage.

    Last but not least, FileZilla Server is a free open source FTP and FTPS Server.

    Ter addition, you will find documentation on how to compile FileZilla and nightly builds for numerous platforms te the development section.

    Quick download linksaf

    Pick the client if you want to transfer files. Get the server if you want to make files available for others.

    2018-06-18 – FileZilla Professional adds support for OpenStack Swift

    Open Source Cloud software verhoging joins Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Microsoft Azure, and other Cloud protocols supported by popular verkeersopstopping access and transfer system.

    2018-06-17 – FileZilla Client Three.34.0 released

    Fresh features:

    • After deleting files, the concentrate rectangle now stays near the previously deleted opstopping

    2018-06-08 – FileZilla Client Three.34.0-rc1 released

    Fresh features:

    • Refactoring of the Webpagina Manager internals
    • Moved protocol selection to the top te the Webpagina Manager
    • Adjusted spacing te the Webpagina Manager
    • Slightly diminished height of certificate details dialog

    Related movie: Brutus: Setting up API for Yobit.televisiekanaal

    Bugfixes and minor switches:

    • MSW: Decently quote the uninstall directive te the registry
    • Updated builtin pugixml to version 1.9

    2018-05-29 – FileZilla Professional Celebrates Very first Anniversary

    2018-05-08 – FileZilla Voor adds support for Google Cloud storage

    Responding to growing user rente, FileZilla Voor is quickly expanding its protocol support to provide users effortless access to an enlargening number of cloud services, including Amazon S3, Azure, and WebDAV.

    2018-05-07 – FileZilla Client Trio.33.0 released

    Bugfixes and minor switches:

    • MSW: Microsoft broke the ICopyHook interface te Windows 1803. Until Microsoft fixes the bug te Windows, haul & druppel from FileZilla into Explorer will not work on Windows 1803.

    2018-02-26 – FileZilla Professional adds support for Microsoft Azure Blob and Opstopping storage

    Expanded feature set provides Web developers and designers verkeersopstopping access and transfer abilities across growing number of Cloud protocols.

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