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The agony of JSON API testing — Jeff Kreeftmeijer

The agony of JSON API testing — Jeff Kreeftmeijer

I’m a little behind on my blog feeds, so I didn’t read Collective Idea’s article about json_spec until yesterday. They created a gem which provides some RSpec matchers and Cucumber steps to do JSON API testing, since “They can be a joy to build but a ache to test”. Ter this article, I want to take a step back and see exactly how painful it is to test a JSON API.


Since I don’t agree that testing an API with Cucumber is a good idea, wij’ll do it ter plain RSpec. I’ll get back on that at the end of this article.

So, let’s say wij have a Spoorlijn application and our client – or our users – want an API to fetch and create gegevens. Wij’ll need an API with a user index and a create act for that, so let’s get embarked with the index. Please note that I’m not checking response codes and not doing anything with authentication. You’ll most likely have to, so your spec will turn out a bit longer than the example below, but stuff like that is beyond the scope of this article.

Very first, te the before block, wij create two users, since wij need something to fetch from our user index API. After that, wij use the get method to do a GET request to /api/users.json . The response bod it comebacks is a string and wij won’t hurt ourselves by attempting to do comparisons on that, so wij convert it into a Ruby hash using JSON.parse . Since Ruby 1.9 has ordered hashes now, wij can simply compare the JSON response hash to our desired result which wij waterput ter another hash.

That’s fairly plain right? Let’s create a quick API act that permits us to create a user.

Ter our very first spec, wij use postbode to Postbode some gegevens to the same URL wij used above, which will create a fresh user. Wij test if that indeed happens by asking the User monster if its count switched by 1.

Making sure a user is created is not enough, wij need to test if our fresh user has the juist name and login values. Te the 2nd spec, wij do just that by fetching the last user – since wij already know a user wasgoed created – and checking its name and login methods.


The last thing wij want our user creation API to do is to comeback our fresh user. Like the user index spec above, wij parse the response bod and compare is to another hash.

See how effortless that wasgoed? JSON might be a difficult format to do tests on, but hashes aren’t. If you convert that JSON string to something wij can actually work with, the anguish goes away quickly and wij’re off testing our API.

Cucumber? Why?

If you’ve bot here before, you most likely know I’m not Cucumber’s greatest fan, but let’s waterput that aside for a bit. If you ask mij, Cucumber’s greatest feature is what it calls its “business readable DSL”, which permits you to write your tests ter English. Thesis tests are understandable for non-technical stakeholders, so they can read what the code is doing. A test written with json_spec’s Cucumber steps doesn’t truly do that, since it’s total of domain specific stuff:

“A step description should never contain regexen, CSS or XPath selectors, any kleuter of code or gegevens structure. It should be lightly understood just by reading the description.” – You’re Cuking it wrong

If you have to use gegevens structures te your tests, maybe it’s a good idea to waterput Cucumber aside for a bit. No matter how much you like using it.

Spree guide Jobs, Employment

Spree guide Jobs, Employment


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Hej! Konsultbyr&aring, s&ouml,ker plus frilansare som vermag g&ouml,ra plus episk fin grafiska profil. Vi &auml,r plusteken v&auml,xande konsultbyr&aring, inom strategisk och taktisk r&aring,dgivning som nu ska relansera v&aring,rt varum&auml,rke och ta fram plusteken ny grafisk profil. Vi s&ouml,ker plusteken fucking partner som vill hj&auml,lpa oss genom att tillsammans i ett agilt arbetss&auml,tt jobbar fram f&ouml,ljande le.

. write a 40-50 pagina Guide aimed to empower migrants lodging te Melbourne. What does the Migrant Ninja do? My webstek is – [login to view URL] What should the book contain? Affixed is the voorkant pagina of my latest book – Sydney City Guide. Spil far spil content goes, without providing away too much, here is what the Sydney guide contains. This project

. write a 40-50 pagina Guide aimed to empower migrants lodging te Melbourne. What does the Migrant Ninja do? My webstek is – [login to view URL] What should the book contain? Affixed is the voorkant pagina of my latest book – Sydney City Guide. Spil far spil content goes, without providing away too much, here is what the Sydney guide contains. This

Create a how to guide for SSIS ,using AdventureWorks database and SQL server 2014,showcasing the following: (1) How to create a ETL mapping. (Two) How to substitute a plane opstopping source with an ODBC source. (Three) How to transfer ETL code from SSIS catalog database to TFS and from opstopping system to TFS and from TFS to SSIS catalog (Four) How to use a parameter for source

Kwestie Statement: Can basic printer driver software be created using Microsoft Vormgeving Guide and instruments, which would permit users to print spil ordinario but include a background process for gegevens sharing on customer print frequency, print quantity & printer consumable supply status. Project Objective Statement Create printer driver installation software

. step-by-step guide. This needs to include: – how to implement the pixel – how to waterput te place event tracking code (using the ‘lead’ event spil an example) – how to set up and use custom-built conversions This guide needs to voorkant the following platforms: – Wix – Squarespace – [login to view URL] – [login to view URL] – Shopify Facebook offers a loterijlot of the guide content.

I am looking to get a step by step guide written to explain how to install Windows Ten &quot,fresh install.&quot, this task is not for freelancer who has just began, please do not postbode generic proposals.

. and high-net-worth individuals. Wij want a brand-guide to kick-start the vormgeving process. What wij&rsquo,re looking for: Logo + Typeface + Color Pallet + Patterns. Note: Wij&rsquo,re looking for patterns such spil the ones on Pagina Two te the linked PDF to use via out publications. Where wij&rsquo,ll use the Brand Guide: Homepage/Maps/Forms/Excel Opstopping/Powerpoint/Emails/Interact.

wij need someone to Guide Us to ICO an ERC20 Token Clever Contract that is deployed to [login to view URL], wij need to ICO it so wij need professional guide how to ICO is like on [login to view URL] there is add a fresh toke and ICO wij need help so wij can ICO it, wij have let say 20 million total supply wij want Ten million to be ICO’ed need someone to be available [Eliminated

I am looking for a logo/brand picture/ a ordinary style guide from icons, fonts and colours to use, and a structured WordPress webstek. I am blessed to buy the template separately. The purpose is to communicate the services I opoffering, both te Portuguese and English:Travel Conselling / Hosting of Workshops, Events & Transformational Practices/ consultancy

Vormgeving optimization for light guide for interior automotive part, based on requirements given. Tracepro software is preferred. Voorwaarde use the contraptions of interactive optimizer and texture optimizer.

Wij will give user logins for our moodle webpagina, and it’s a very simplified training program. Just need quick Word verkeersopstopping with screenshots displaying how its to be used. This is a very petite project and not expecting super high end work at all. This is for internal company use only te a petite company.

Application Andro&iuml,den J’ai besoin qu’il soit con&ccedil,u et construit jou suis m&eacute,decin plus secteur publique jouw veux faire une appiapplication m&eacute,dicale (un mini guide th&eacute,rapeutique) contenant lesuur ordonnances des pathologies onderricht plus frequentes et onderricht plus graves plusteken medecine avec des options particuli&egrave,res dont j vous parlerai plus d&eacute,tails apr&eg.

Wij have a bin which comes with an accessory for pedal fixing. Wij need a step by step guide of pedal fixing. I will send a movie of it and expect the designer to prepare all other things accordingly. Voorwaarde be a step by step guide with step 1 step Two etc. Line drawings with written instructions. Need te pdf and open opstopping spil well incase wij need to make

looking for someone to write a self-help petite business guide. Opening and running a caf&eacute,, restaurant , restaurant or bakery. Not your typical boring reading guide.. some joy fact, effortless to read guide with pictures and stats. Approx Ten – 15 chapters.

kami memiliki project aplikasi berbasis wij. berbasis web, dan sedang dalam tahap finalisasi namun terkendala pada masalah dokumentasi salah satunya pembuatan user guide/manual. Karena kami tidak memiliki tim yang begitu sobar, maka akan sangat minim supervisi saat pembuatan user guide tersebut dan tentunya dengan durasi waktu yang tidak terlalu moho.

Write a script that will fetch TV Guide gegevens from webstek(s), save them into .json format. A separate folder is require for each day. Example folder structure: TV Channel &gt, 2018-05-06&gt,[login to view URL] TV Channel &gt, 2018-05-07&gt,[login to view URL] Gegevens should be te precies format spil affixed .json opstopping Phase 1: – script

I need a good JUnit programmer who can guide mij ter learning JUnit good practices te ausencia. I know JUnit basics already and willing to learn more. Things I want to learn more 1. Test Suites Two. JUnit ter Desmerecimiento Trio. Result Report viewing Four. Best practices Five. Automating tests ter ausencia * note : I need to learn Junit Five

Update a Spree extension from spree v3.Two, spoorlijn v3 to spree v3.Four, spoorlijn Five.1.6

. are creating a fresh compagny called &quot,Aventure chasse &agrave, l’ours&quot, It’s an hunting bear guide service. Wij bait the bear on blue barrel ([login to view URL]) on the forest to guide some customers. Wij need a ordinary logo that represents our bear hunting guide activities Wij don’t have any special idea, attempt many ideas ! Maybe attempt vitnage and

Hej! Konsultbyr&aring, s&ouml,ker plusteken frilansare som schenkkan g&ouml,ra plusteken episk fin grafiska profil. Vi &auml,r plusteken v&auml,xande konsultbyr&aring, inom strategisk och taktisk r&aring,dgivning som nu ska relansera v&aring,rt varum&auml,rke och ta fram plusteken ny grafisk profil. Vi s&ouml,ker plus fucking partner som vill hj&auml,lpa oss genom att tillsammans i ett agilt arbetss&auml,tt jobbar fram f&ouml,ljande le.

. samenvatting and create the &quot,List&quot, by researching the Assessment Guides -create a list of 40-50 &quot,Sample Documents&quot, for each of the 10-12 subjects -insert the List into the Master Guide – logins to webstek will be provided when contract is awarded Approx time: – 20-30 mins vanaf subject -10-12 subjects -approx 5-6 hours Example: criteria &quot,Communicate

I need person, who have practice ter magento, i need have a migration from spree commerce, shops need a compability with a Insert GT software like subiekt. and integration with websites like ebay facebook etc.

. arrived to Saint Petersburg, Russia to probe the language for a few months. I am looking to hire someone spil an interpreter/guide on an hourly poot. The expectations are basic, I am not looking to hire professional interpreter or guide (I already know where to find one), just someone who understands and speaks Russian AND English very well, to help with

. installation for SpreeCommerce: See If you have worked with Spree already and know the structure of that eCommerce system and can develop it, I might have a featured job for you. I will need a payment gateway for that system also, but at very first, I want to see spree up and running at the uur, without using Heroku. I will provide VPS from

Wij are looking to build a fitting guide similar to [login to view URL] and/or [login to view URL] – Wij basically want a series of questions (like a decision tree) that lead to answers and recommended roller clubs based on

I am looking for someone who has some practice writing about making money online. I have a fine strategy that has bot working well ter ecommerse, and want to waterput a step by step course together to train other people how to do it. I will outline each step ter bullet points, then I need someone to write it and make it effortless to read and effortless to go after. Need to be written te english, (no non-englis.

. need the brand guide redone te the fresh brand style. Proceed the look and feel of the fresh brand and create the fresh files and brand guide All elements ter the fresh brand guide will need to be provided spil indd, jpeg, png and pdf files for use. Please permit for an extra Five hours work to voorkant switches and fresh elements not listed ter the guide. Items provided:

Wij need someone to write an &quot,ultimate guide&quot, about a specific topic that wij will expose to the chosen bidder. It does relate to graphic vormgeving, marketing, and healthcare. Wij will help the bidder with a basic outline of ideas and such, but wij expect some minor investigation on the topic. The document is targeted to a B2B audience – it should be informative

Hello i have clients te USA and Canada want to Hair someone who can treat my bit on line work and visit some people or take our products to where wij say spil wij are directly with them, but i want that they be be more effortless to understand, our work is leather products Jackets Gloves Pants Wallets Belts and Track suite , T-shirts , Pants , Boots , Hoodie and more for dudes and women [eliminated by freel.

I require the latest published Amazon Browse Knot verkeersopstopping from inwards seller central: [login to view URL] Albeit is there a fresh system of Product Classification thesis files are still available ter seller central. Give mij the latest. Affixed is an older one te xlsx format. Thanks Read

Looking for a professionally made 14 pagina quick commence guide for Electronic products. The guide will be made from a 8.Five&quot,x11&quot, folded te half (7 Utter size sheets, folded ter half to make a 14 pagina guide). Example quick guide will be provided to go after the layout/content. Adjustments will be needed merienda the project goes to print.

Carlton Brown, proprietor of HiveID, which is a technology company focusing on RFID/NFC applications. I need a proof reader for Webstek and 15 pagina Installation guide. Have 85% accomplish and need some suggestions.

Job: To Vormgeving an infographic-like brand guide [login to view URL] What wij want to do. Give people information about CBD or THC & how it relates to certain ailments, to penetrate down what Medical Marihuana can & can not help. Who is CannabisMD Our Voice and our Narrative needs to be cautiously crafted and adhered to at all times. Wij are

One of my team members is at a stage now where he can develop WordPress plugins. Wij want to ramp things up and learn about API integration to start. Wij’re able to pull gegevens but not yet able to output to where wij want. I’m looking for someone who is willing to work alongside, help response questions spil they come up and solve problems. Could be just a few hours here and there or something.

One of my team members is at a stage now where he can develop WordPress plugins. Wij want to ramp things up and learn about API integration to start. Wij’re able to pull gegevens but not yet able to output to where wij want. I’m looking for someone who is willing to work alongside, help reaction questions spil they come up and solve problems. Could be just a few hours here and there or something.

I operate a Youtube movie channel, I have low visitor count on my channel, I want someone to guide mij te getting more viewers to my channel. I have attempted the basic things like sharing and keywords, title & logos

Academic Investigate Guide development Wij are a leading South African adult education institution suggesting both Qualifications and Brief Learning Programmes ter the distance mode of education. Spil leaders te the South African distance education market wij are continually looking to develop and enhance our course-ware ensuring it remains both current and relevant

I have a puny project Consists of three functions : 1_shortest distance inbetween two points on Google Ordner and Specify time and distance 2_Search nearby places like Hotel , Gas ,Shop ,ATM . 3_Save dearest places So it is lightly accessible Note : he environment used &quot,Android Studio&quot, &quot,JAVA&quot, Thesis functions are similar to some functions Application &quot,[login to vie.

I am ter need of a accomplish step-by-step compile guide (not a compiled wallet binary/app) for a cryptocurrency that targets the Sierra/High Sierra Mac OSX toneel that when followed will leave behind a functional executable application for those platforms. The guide needs to include: – steps to download, setup and configure a working

I am looking for a rough price to develop a brand logo and total style guide for business cards, letterheads etc.

I am looking to hire a freelancer to help mij build a style guide for my brand and a logo.

i have set up a wordpress webstek and now i need guide . and if i like your review i can hire you

I am looking for a capable writer to write an eBook for beginners who are interested te wood searing but do not know the very first thing about wood searing or how to use a soldering contraption. I want a book that is 5-10 chapters, 30-60 pages printed. Pics are optional.

Wij have a mining equipment and would like to use solar panel to support its tens unit. Wij are looking for a experienced te this field to guide mij through from buying solar panels, Controllers Inverters etc. to installing them. Details will be discussed ter talk if suitable.

Wij want someone to guide us te our research, preferrably someone who’s te the field of A.I. who can give us ideas. Responsilbiities: 1. Help us find documents related Two. Guide us on structure and etc. More will be discussed during talk.

Requirements 1. An advanced filterzakje to be made operable and visible te tabulator &ldquo,Dashboards&rdquo,. Two. The filterzakje is composed by Four sets of searching criteria (key words). Drop-downs have bot set up ter tabulator &ldquo,Dropdowns&rdquo,. Three. The filterzakje vereiste produce all results from the &ldquo,Almohadilla Informatie&rdquo, tabulator, Katern B &ndash, SQM Description that match the criteria of the Four words selected ter orde.

. designer who can help mij ter modifying spree UI based on the requirement 1) Should have sound skill and work practice ter creating UI. Two) Should have practice customizing Spree UI. Trio) Have practice modifying vector opstopping to switch the layout / color te logo depending on web pagina. Four) technical abilities – ROR, Spree ecommerce, html5, CSS3. Five) Freelancer

I need a translation for swimming pool guids . Opstopping and picture will be affixed.. Only PROFISSIONALS SUITABLE TRANSLATION .

I need an iPhone/iPad app. I would like it designed and built.

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Ember and Spoorlijn Five with JSON API: A Modern Bridge – Ember Igniter

Ember and Spoorlijn Five with JSON API: A Modern Bridge – Ember Igniter

Making Ember more effective

The JSON API specification dovetails nicely with the Ember and Spoorlijn philosophy of convention overheen configuration.

Our project is to waterput it to work. Wij&rsquo,ll build a full-blown Ember app hooked to a Spoorlijn Five API using JSON API, step by step.

The app

Wij will create a plain bookstore.

Authors write books. They are published by either a publishing house or the author himself (self-published).

The bookstore sells books and makes money on discounts suggested by publishers. Authors who self-publish suggest a motionless discount of 10%.

Setting it up

Spoorlijn Five API-only

Make sure you are running Ruby Two.Two.Two or newer: that is what Spoorlijn Five requires. Let&rsquo,s install it.

Note down the Spoorlijn version ( Five.0.0.1 te our case). It&rsquo,s possible wij have numerous gems if Spoorlijn wasgoed previously installed te our system. Wij will create our backend API project ensuring it&rsquo,s Spoorlijn Five:

Ember client app

Let&rsquo,s pick a name and create our shiny fresh Ember app.

If you need to update Ember, go after this guide.

Generating models

Now that wij have both apps ready, it&rsquo,s time to define and generate our models.

Book attributes: title:string , price:quebrado , author:belongs-to , publisher:belongs-to(polymorphic)

PublishingHouse attributes: name:string , discount:fracción , published-books:has-many

Author attributes: name:string , books:has-many , published-books:has-many

Publisher is the polymorphic type of PublishingHouse and Author


Using the Spoorlijn generator wij&rsquo,ll scaffold required files and migrate the database to those switches. Inwards the Spoorlijn project directory:

All this is fancy but wij have no gegevens to interact with&hellip,

Sample gegevens can be provided te the db/seeds.rb verkeersopstopping.

Run the instruction to seed the database.

Wij should be set!

Enable JSON API and begin server

Before wij boot wij need to include active_model_serializers:

And configure Spoorlijn for JSON API serialization te two steps:

Create an initializer at config/initializers/json_api.rb with the following code:

Generate adequate serializers for each class:

Run the server and attempt to fetch gegevens with curl :

The server should react something like:

Success? I hope! No other attributes than id are present for now. Wij will add them te a minute.

–binding will make your Puma server listen on all interfaces. This way Ember CLI will work seamlessly when –proxy ing to Spoorlijn.

An alternative to active_model_serializers is the excellent JSONAPI::Resources library.


Generate models with Ember CLI:

(Polymorphic) Relationships!

Reviewing our specimen specs wij notice that an author can have many books and that he can publish. Publishing houses also have a bunch of published books.

Wij voorwaarde ensure our models and serializers are set up correctly. For your convenience, I highlighted the modified lines.

Ember best practices delivered straight to your inbox? Tell mij where:

Success! You’re ter!

(One e-mail every month. No BS. Unsubscribe anytime!)


Book specimen

Nothing to switch here. Note that publisher is not a specimen but a polymorphic interface.


Include author and publisher id s (and type!) te the output.

Author monster

Authors that behave spil publishers offerande a motionless 10% discount. There is no field ter the database: wij will come back a onveranderlijk.

Here wij have to add two has_many :books statements. Very first one because an author authors books. And the 2nd one because he can publish books. Spil both are book collections, wij will alter the name of the published items and call it published . Spoorlijn can&rsquo,t infere those relationship details so wij need to tell it where the table and foreign key are located.

The published books are published by a publisher (our polymorphic interface). Wij associate it using the spil keyword.


Ask the serializer to include authored and published books&rsquo, id s. Additionally, add the :discount property.

PublishingHouse prototype

Te Author wij switched :books to :published . Likewise, wij need to make that switch to PublishingHouse .


Wij simply add the aforementioned published property ter order to get those published book id s te our JSON.


An abstract Publisher is necessary to monster the polymorphic relationship te Ember.

Publisher prototype

Merienda created, wij add all common properties to publishers: name , discount , published .

Relationships like published are asynchronous by default.

PublishingHouse proefje

Not much here. PublishingHouse simply extends Publisher .

Did you notice? Ter the Ember and JSON API worlds, proefje names composed of numerous words will be dasherized by default: publishing-house .

On the other forearm, Ruby on Spoorlijn will default to: publishing_house .

Wij need to create what is called an Adapter .

Ter it, wij will override a function called pathForType that will underscore (and pluralize) the type:

Author specimen

Author extends Publisher , too. The difference with PublishingHouse , is that an author has a collection of authored books.

Book specimen

The code below explains itself. Wij have two belongsTo relationships: one to the author and the other one to a publisher, which is polymorphic.

What is inverse you may ask? Turns out that Author has two book collections: books (authored) and published . Inverse is how Ember Gegevens deals with thesis ambiguities.

Well, that wasgoed a lotsbestemming! (But wij learned a lotsbestemming, too.) Let&rsquo,s get ready to explore our gegevens from the client.

Exploring gegevens with the Inspector

If you still don&rsquo,t have Ember Inspector go ahead now and grab it.

Let&rsquo,s boot Ember CLI server. Wij are going to use the –proxy flag to let it know our backend is listening at port 3000.

Navigate to http://localhost:4200 and open Developer Instruments. Go to Ember and click on the Gegevens tabulator. Leave an active console, too.

Get hold of the application route through the Inspector&rsquo,s $E special variable (here&rsquo,s how). Wij are particularly interested ter accessing its reference to the store .

Loadin&rsquo, stuff

Excellent – now wij have all books loaded ter our específico store.

Time to play around with peekAll , peekRecord , and so on. Attempt promises on relationships. For example:

Saving a fresh record

Te order to save a fresh book, wij will have to configure our controllers to deserialize the incoming parameters – turn them from JSON API into a standard Ruby hash. Ter this example, our BooksController :

Read this if you are nosey about the modification of the :publisher_type attribute above.

Ember adheres to JSON API and sends payload keys ter plural lowercase. For example, authors .

It turns out the AMS key_transform is not very brainy with deserialization. Spoorlijn does not understand that polymorphic type authors refers to the Author class. Without that singularization/capitalization line, Spoorlijn isn&rsquo,t able to find the class and throws an exception.

So, if and only if wij wished to eliminate the singularization/capitalization above, wij could create a serializer&hellip,

Author James Jackson just self-published a fresh book called &ldquo,Ember and Coal&rdquo,. Let&rsquo,s store it ter our system.

Wij know James is author with id 1. Ter order to find him wij will use findRecord which comes back a Promise.

Alternatively, wij could have retrieved James synchronously if wij knew he wasgoed loaded te the específico store. That is what peekRecord is for.

Either way, wij can use the james object to create his fresh book. Reminisce that publisher is polymorphic and will accept a PublishingHouse or an Author . Te this case James is publishing his own book, so that will be an Author .

Calling james.get(‘books’) will get us all of his books (Two te total).

Last requirement

Our UX team has asked us to display the (soon to come) author pagina spil prompt spil possible.

Wij determined that whenever wij explosion an author, it will bring all its books with it – ter the same request. Te authors_controller.rb wij&rsquo,ll define:

Let&rsquo,s reload the browser and then run ter the console:

Wij should see the requested author Amanda Djidjinski along with hier three books.

(Check the Network panel, only one request wasgoed fired!)

I created repositories for both the Bookstore client and the Bookstore API on Github.

Moving forward

Te our next instalment, wij&rsquo,ll use this gegevens skeleton to work on routes and controllers for the Bookstore. Wij&rsquo,ll learn to overeenkomst with metadata, errors, background fetches, caching via shouldReloadRecord , query pameters and much more.

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Were you able to make your app run fine? Any questions or problems along the way? Let mij know te the comments!

Liked this article? Don’t miss my next one!

Leave mij your e-mail for content that will help you master Ember:

Developing overheen the YouTube API with JSON – Treehouse Blog

Developing overheen the YouTube API with JSON – Treehouse Blog

The process to understand API development is generally complicated but should become lighter with practice. Social networks like Twitter and YouTube opoffering XML/RSS/JSON feeds without the requirement of an API key. However, other smaller networking websites like Instagram and Etsy will require developers to sign up for a fresh API key before permitting them to make requests from the server.

Ter this tutorial I want to demonstrate a indeed ordinary HTML/CSS/JS web application building overheen the YouTube API. This demo will list a number of YouTube channels which you may click and pull out all the latest movies, plus their related metadata such spil views and comments. All of this dynamic pagina content will be treated via jQuery so you do not need to host anything on a web server. Check out my sample demo to get an idea of what wij are building.

Getting Commenced

I will skip a lotsbestemming of the boring HTML so that wij can concentrate more deeply on the YouTube response and how wij treat this te JavaScript. The most significant HTML section you should recognize is the navigation along with the inward movies content div. I have used specific IDs so that wij can target each factor and check whenever the user clicks a listig, then display that content inwards #movies.

Te order for the entire process to work wij will need a copy of the latest jQuery library. My demo includes this opstopping from within the ./js/ directory so you won’t need to re-download anything. Also I have kept my custom-written jQuery codes inwards the index opstopping instead of moving them to an outer JS script. It would obviously be lighter to do so when you are running this on a live webstek, but for my demo it is quicker to examine thesis codes from within the same pagina.

Pulling Results with jQuery

The very first step is to define a set of variables which wij need ter the script. Then wij can treat a click event from the user which is interfacing with any of the navigation linksom. Each of the anchor elements is using an HREF value containing a hash symbol plus username wij need. It is significant that wij zekering this default href from loading by using e.preventDefault() and then pull the value out so wij can get the YouTube feed results.

The handy JavaScript substring() method will create a fresh string variable beginning from the character marker 1(marker 0 is the very first character). This eliminates our hash symbol so that wij can now place the username into a generic API call which looks like this:

The user’s channel name can be accessed to query YouTube and pull out their latest uploads. I am referencing a max results value of Ten and since wij are not using pagination. I have not included any other callback methods, either. JSON is the response type wij need so that way it’ll be lighter parsing all this content inwards jQuery.

Building a Loop

PHP and Spoorlijn and other programming languages often use logic loops to iterate through gegevens patterns. While loops, for loops, do loops, and other common ideas are not spil rigorous when you would compare them with JavaScript. However the methods for .parseJSON() and jQuery.each() opoffering the volmaakt system for looping through all of thesis results.

This code block seems very large but the majority of the content is generating variable names. YouTube will comeback a loterijlot more information than wij need so it would be foolish to create an array containing all the keys. Instead wij should make fresh variables stringently for the content which will be used inwards the layout, and then wij create a final HTML string to comeback to the browser.

Each variable block will contain an significant section of the final display. Wij will need the movie title, innovador publishing date, the full-size thumbnail along with each of the Trio mini-thumbs, ongezouten movie URL, view count, and also the comments count. The HTML is displayed using an unordered list of items which finishes by applying the HTML content into the #movies container. This is lightly accomplished by using the jQuery .html() method.

Parsing & Formatting Numbers

One other final point I’d like to bring up is the capability to parse through each view tegenstoot. Terugwedstrijd gegevens for movies which have overheen 1000 views will not include the comma inbetween each set of Trio numbers. I found an excellent solution on Stack Overflow written using zuivere JavaScript. The function name is commafy() which is packaged around each of the view count numbers. This will check if the digits are higher than Four and automatically place a comma where it should be.

Thesis codes are wonderful to use te any number of JavaScript solutions. The questions and solutions on Stack Overflow are always helpful with thesis kinds of matters. I think it is worth noting that you could write a much simpler function using jQuery or treating this method inwards the .each() loop. But if everything is kept inwards a separate opstopping then you may not worry spil much about the syntax or number of lines.

Final Thoughts

Many developers who are not hogareño with JSON should kasstuk Google and read a few articles on the subject. It is basically JavaScript code which is written ter a certain way so that the syntax can be read spil data-value pairs. YouTube can present JSON gegevens from their server and using jQuery it is possible to organize this gegevens into the pagina dynamically. I hope this tutorial may prove useful to anybody who has bot interested te developing overheen YouTube’s API, or any API for that matter. Feel free to download a copy of my demo and see if you can implement a similar method elsewhere te your own projects.

JSON(), jQuery API Documentation

JSON(), jQuery API Documentation

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jQuery.parseJSON( json ) Comes back: String or Number or Object or Array or Boolean version deprecated: Three.0

Description: Takes a well-formed JSON string and comebacks the resulting JavaScript value.

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version added: 1.Four.1 jQuery.parseJSON( json )

Spil of jQuery Three.0, $.parseJSON is deprecated. To parse JSON strings use the native JSON.parse method instead.

Passing te a malformed JSON string results ter a JavaScript exception being thrown. For example, the following are all invalid JSON strings:

  • &quot,&quot, (test does not have dual quotes around it).
  • &quot,<&apos,test&apos,: 1>&quot, (&apos,test&apos, is using single quotes instead of dual quotes).
  • &quot,&apos,test&apos,&quot, (&apos,test&apos, is using single quotes instead of dual quotes).
  • &quot,.1&quot, (a number vereiste embark with a digit, &quot,0.1&quot, would be valid).
  • &quot,undefined&quot, ( undefined cannot be represented te a JSON string, null , however, can be).
  • &quot,NaN&quot, ( NaN cannot be represented te a JSON string, rechtstreeks representation of Infinity is also not permitted).

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The JSON standard does not permit &quot,control characters&quot, such spil a tabulator or newline. An example like $.parseJSON( &apos,< &quot,testing&quot,:&quot,1\t2\n3&quot, >&apos, ) will throw an error te most implementations because the JavaScript parser converts the string&apos,s tabulator and newline escapes into exacto tabulator and newline, doubling the backslashes like &quot,1\\t2\\n3&quot, yields expected results. This problem is often seen when injecting JSON into a JavaScript opstopping from a server-side language such spil PHP.

Where the browser provides a native implementation of JSON.parse , jQuery uses it to parse the string. For details on the JSON format, see

Prior to jQuery 1.9, $.parseJSON returned null instead of throwing an error if it wasgoed passed an empty string, null , or undefined , even tho’ those are not valid JSON.

Json web token book Jobs, Employment

Json web token book Jobs, Employment


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. creating a común user account here: [login to view URL] And then your code should be able to authenticate against our OAuth2 endpoint here: [login to view URL] I will provide public API documentation and client credential(client ID and Secret) for OAuth2 ter private talk. If not authenticated, popup the frecuente authentication pagina

I am looking for Codeigniter Accomplished for plain login. The login should use token based authentication. I need plain login for it. After login I will need to redirect to plain instrumentenbord. after Five minutes straks, the token should be expired, so when i attempt to listig instrumentenbord, it should be redirect to the login pagina again. That’s all Thanks.

MU. can demonstrate that they can target the right users and get engagement. My kickstarter campaign is: [login to view URL] My business is a sports analytics business *framework and application). My target audience are high schoolgebouw, collegium and professional coaches of sports teams.

. have this following code ter Python and I need the variables to come out te a JSON format. Right now, the program gets its values from a device through MODBUS doing by reading coils FC1 – the value is attributed to a variable. I would like thesis values to come out spil JSON ter a format that is similar to OpenXC Spil reference: [login to view URL]

I need a fresh webstek. I need you to vormgeving and build my private webstek. I have a erc 20 token and that token will be creating other tokens.I want a place where all my coin holders can trade not only the innovador coin but all coins that are created by the master coin. Most likely 3-5 coins very first year.I want to be able to add tokens to my exchange spil

I am seeking a fucking partner, someone that is either retired, or unemployed or employed but seeking a private venture to join. Wij need a web webpagina with crypto, (either ERC20, or flagrante bitcoin derivative) to act spil a prize system to a comprehensive news and services webpagina. The webpagina is presently te WP, wij are now embarking to expand, and need someone to help

I need you to work on puny web based project based on json, python and xmlhttprequests. The deadline is 25th June so it’s very urgent please

I would like to build a ERC20 Token .

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Wij planed to create an exchange with 9 major cryptocurrency plus our token/coin and Five FIAT currencies before. The exchange of coins will have pairing with BTC & ETH similar to Binance/livecoin You can see our coin live on [login to view URL] The exchange will have Ten Cryptos + Five FIAT cryptos will have pairing BTC, ETH & TPI

Hi there Wij need a google schrijfmap store locator but it vereiste use a JSON feed to populate the store infomation and the json feed has a long and lat so that will populate the speld I would like to hire someone who has done something like this before

i want to make this android app. u can check informatie here , please read it all before biding and bid with price u will make this app. READ THIS: [login to view URL] just bid if u are developer coz i dont want to talk with middleman

i want to make this android app. u can check informatie here , please read it all before biding and bid with price u will make this app. READ THIS: [login to view URL] just bid if u are developer coz i dont want to talk with middleman

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To develop, test and make operat. and make operational the ERC721 wise contract Token to produce the Zeno Block Verdadero [login to view URL] Token will activate and manage the buying, selling and ownership of physical assets. It will also permit for seamless functioning inbetween the transactions on the Ethereum blockchain and any required Efectivo Token Webstek update.

Necesitaria que cualquiera cree un script y lo integre plus mie web den wordpress. Actualmente tengo los productos subidos con csv, pero el proveedor den productos trabaja con una web plus formato Json y schuiflade actualiza diariamente. Necesitaria un script que actualice el stock diariamente y automaticamente para poder despreocuparme den refrescar el stock y centrarme

I need a JSON API plugin enables to integrate my backend into my talk bots on Chatfuel. Information about JSON API: [login to view URL] I have a webstek with products that I need to listig with a JSON API to CHATFUEL.

This webpagina is part of an ICO release for our token DAL. Our webpagina will be talking about our vision, describing our token parameters, token allocation after ICO, funds allocation, road ordner of targets for our future development, also include our team, white paper and current developments. This webpagina will promote our decentralized sporting competition toneelpodium

I am lookign for a ordinary windows program t. &lt,version&gt,6&lt,/version&gt, &lt,timestamp&gt,2018-06-22 Nineteen:47:22&lt,/timestamp&gt, &lt,success&gt,1&lt,/success&gt, &lt,token&gt,0qvgfbe79h8sfn77l2e19lubt2&lt,/token&gt, &lt,/api_response&gt, //// this is the guideline to switch presets //// [login to view URL]


I’m looking for someone who knew a thing or two about networking. that know what Zabbix is. I’d like to develop an interface to send gegevens do Zabbix. [login to view URL] that suits to preceptor networking environment, server, routers and radiodifusión equipment, fiber optics. I’d like to take gegevens from [login to view URL] And send it overheen to Zabbix Who might help? Thanks..

Wij are suggesting the public to purchase tokens to be used ter our asset management ecosystem. The token can be exchange traded for other digital assets. Wij are looking for a lícito opinion using the Howey test, Family Resemblance Test and Risk Hacienda Test confirming to us that wij are not suggesting a security to the public. Wij have all the information

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The WordPress JSON Surplus API

The WordPress JSON Surplus API

WordPress has a big market share of the web. Surplus APIs are a growing technology and a big chance for developers. Knowing how to create APIs and how to consume them gives you a superb advantage. A Surplus API can be consumed everywhere. On mobile applications, on front-end (web apps) or any other devices that have access on the netwerken.

Maybe your customer already has a webpagina that is running on WordPress and also wants a mobile application. You can create the API using custom-built code and relying on the database but that can cause a lotsbestemming of frustration. Maybe they&rsquo,re te a hurry and want the API spil soon spil possible. Te WordPress, it is spil plain spil installing a plugin.

Te this article, wij will give a común overview of the JSON Surplus API plugin. Wij will voorkant how this plugin works and the basic philosophy of the Surplus architecture.


Grab the latest version of JSON Surplus API on WordPress plugin directory. Install and activate it. Now you have a Surplus API ready to use. You need a Surplus Client to test and explore it. There are many contraptions for that job. Don&rsquo,t limit yourself to just thesis four instruments. There are many other Surplus Clients.

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The very first one is cURL. It is a guideline line implement that can send different requests to the given endpoint. It is not only Surplus API related but it is a militar HTTP Request device. Many test examples on other articles are made using this instrument. It&rsquo,s the universal HTTP contraption that can be translated to any programming language.

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One of the implements I usually use is the PHPStorm Surplus Client. Spil I mainly work with this IDE when developing, it is lighter for mij using a device that I can access quicker. Many other IDE-s come with Surplus Client integrated to make Surplus API developing lighter and quicker.

The third one and the one that I very recommend is Postman. It is the easiest and more intuitive Surplus client I have everzwijn worked with. Unluckily, is only available spil a Chrome extension. If you are using Firefox there is a nice extension called RESTClient.

Exploring the Surplus Architecture

The very first thing you have to do is to check if this plugin works, where is its endpoint, the almohadilla URL that holds all the information about the schema, all the Resources (Collections) and the routes. The plugin adds a fresh field called &ldquo,`Link`&rdquo, on the header so check for that te the header of the Response. If you use Postman or any other GUI clients just inspect the header. If you use cURL execute this guideline to your homepage:

The header option grabs only the header. Te my case the endpoint is . If you left the permalink to it&rsquo,s default value on the settings, then you may have the listig value something like this: http://tó .

It switches only the rewrite rules but not any other essential switches. Everything is the same te the two cases.

The index endpoint (or API endpoint) is the kicking off point. You can explore the entire API from there. It gives you all the information about the API. It gives information about the Collections, Entities and how they are mapped to routes. Make a GET request to your endpoint and see what it comes back. On Surplus Clients it&rsquo,s effortless because you are dealing with GUI interface. Let&rsquo,s see how is done using cURL.

Te my case it comebacks a big JSON verkeersopstopping that looks like this.

Actually the response is too long so I eliminated most of it. The index route (endpoint) gives gives information about the title of the webpagina, the description and it&rsquo,s URL. All the Routes that you can find on the API are also mapped te the &lsquo,routes&rsquo, field. posts, users, media, pages are Collections. Collections are a group of Entities. An Entity is a single postbode or a single pagina with its ID.

Let&rsquo,s say wij want to see the latest posts. The endpoint for the Collection is api_endpoint/posts . This comes back the latest posts. The Entity is api_endpoint/posts/ID with the given ID spil an argument. Using cURL, the guideline would be:

Retrieving gegevens is a good thing but there are times when wij want to postbode gegevens.


I want to share some problems that I got when attempted to postbode or delete gegevens. Very first, you need to authenticate yourself. There are three ways you can authenticate.

The very first one is using the cookies. This is one method not widely used when working with APIs. When a user navigates on the web, pages tend to store gegevens on users side. The cookie method here is a bit different by using the nonces method.

The 2nd one is the OAuth method. This plugin implements the version 1.0a of OAuth. This method is widely used. Google, Facebook, Twitter and Flickr use OAuth for third party authentication. OAuth is te version two but they have chosen to use version 1.0a. There is a big debate for the version two. Some big companies didn&rsquo,t shift te version two for different reasons but mainly worried about security.

The third one is the Basic Authentication. Using this method you have to send your username and password each time you make a request. Client contraptions for Surplus testing usually have this method implemented themselves. This method is mainly used when developing. Is uncommonly used on production. On production consider using OAuth.

Unluckily, the Basic Authentication plugin is not updated to often. They concentrated all their efforts on the OAuth plugin. This plugin can&rsquo,t be found on but only on it&rsquo,s GitHub repository. You have to by hand install it. On the plugin directory execute this directive:

Alternatively visit the GitHub pagina and download the plugin and install it by hand via FTP.

Then go to the instrumentenbord and activate it. This plugin has some problems with non-Apache servers. Spil I mainly use WordPress VVV which is a Vagrant installation, it has problems because VVV comes with nginx. Switch the permalink configuration if yours is default. That worked for mij.

Now that wij have the authentication set up is time to create some posts. Postman has the basic authentication implemented. Insert the username and password if you use Postman and it will recall colchoneta 64 encoding each time it makes a request. To see if it works make a request te &lsquo,index_endpoint/users/mij&rsquo,. It comes back the information about you.

If you attempt to access this URL without using basic auth or any other authentication methods, the API will terugwedstrijd:

Let&rsquo,s attempt to make a request via cURL and also include the Basic Auth method:

The –user option makes the admin:password argument which is basically just 64 encoding of that plain text. cURL builds itself the Request headers for the Basic Auth by adding an extra field. This is what it adds te my case:

This is what is returned when I attempt to access my profile using the given credentials.

Let&rsquo,s attempt to delete one postbode. To delete one postbode wij vereiste know it&rsquo,s URL. It&rsquo,s URL is api_endpoint/posts/ID . Substitute the ID with 1 or any other postbode ID that you want. Don&rsquo,t leave behind that you should use authentication to delete something.

If using Postman or similar send the URL above ( and select the &lsquo,Delete&rsquo, request method from the dropdown list next to the URL field.

And this is what I get back:

Posting a fresh record (postbode for example) is effortless too. Create a fresh JSON opstopping with two fields. One for the title and one for the content.

Send that fresh gegevens to the Collection of that Entity that wij want to create. Reminisce that when posting fresh Entity, you should postbode it ter the Collection endpoint. Here wij used Basic Auth again. -X Postbode makes this request a Postbode Request. –data captures a verkeersopstopping that is ter that folder and sends it spil raw gegevens.

Further Exploration

Don&rsquo,t limit yourself. WordPress Surplus API team has also some other devices that are tightly integrated with this plugin. They have a Client Cli, Client JS and a Client PHP to work with your API right out of the opbergruimte. Also head overheen their documentation for deeper technical information.

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Knowing how to use this plugin is one thing but the best advice I can give te this case is: &lsquo,don&rsquo,t limit yourself&rsquo,. There is so much information out there about Surplus. Here on SitePoint wij have a nice series about building a Surplus API from scrape by Vito Tardia.


Creating a Surplus API on WordPress is effortless. You don&rsquo,t have to create one from scrape if you&rsquo,re using WordPress. Spil a matter of fact, the index end-point tells you everything about this plugin and how to use it. Wij covered Collections, Entities and how to manipulate some gegevens using different verbs (GET, Postbode, Waterput, DELETE).

An significant opzicht when developing is also authentication so wij covered this spil well. Consider OAuth 1.0a when developing for production. You can also use Basic Auth but OAuth is already tested and backed by a number of big companies.

What do you think about Surplus APIs on WordPress? Does it rival with the mitt crafted APIs? Do you know any other WordPress plugins about Surplus? Please let us know te the comments below.